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The Wealth Network Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to the Wealth Network review. Can you make money with The Wealth Network? Is the Wealth Network legit or a scam?

It is excellent to do these findings; this is how I discover how to make a full-time income with my skills, passion, and hobbies.


Please know that I am not affiliated with The Wealth Network.

We shall be looking at this program in detail to know if it’s worth your time or money.

Join me as I review this program, the Wealth Network.

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The Wealth Network at a Glance

The Wealth Network Review

Product Name: The Wealth Network – TWN
Founded by: Jesse Singh, Josh Jacobs, Sean Agnew & David Arnett.
Year Established: July 2017
Product Type: Amazon FBA course
Price: $3 — $67/ monthly + a mountain of upsells up to $10 000.
Best For: For anyone new to e-commerce.
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommendation to Partner with Amazon}

Summary of The Wealth Network Review

Fair enough the products offered by the wealth network are not devoid of good content.

The training provided is a pretty decent platform for teaching newcomers about earning money online legitimately, specifically through Amazon FBA.

However, as we know in the world of online money making that all that glitters is not gold, there are some issues with The Wealth Network that makes it unfit for a wary beginner.

This includes some bogus claims made in the sales video.

We shall, however, be looking at all the intricate details of the Wealth Network. Read more about the Wealthy Network on the BBB website.

What do you think of the The Wealth Network review so far? Do you think you will make money with The Wealth Network?

Is The Wealth Network legit or a scam?

What is The Wealth Network?

The wealth network was founded by a group of experienced and professional marketers; Jesse Singh, Sean Agnew, Josh Jacobs, and David Arnett.

These are real people who have made it in the spheres of blogging and internet marketing.

According to its sales pitch, the product claims that it provides entrepreneurs with “a world-class educational platform” and tools that will help them transform their businesses.

But in the real sense, the Wealth Network is a program that is centered on Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA).

When it was launched in 2017, the program was based on different e-commerce information before updating its platform to what it is now.

The Wealth Network provides its user’s training that will help them build an online business through E-commerce.

They teach their members how to search for and buy products at low prices and then sell them at a higher price on Amazon.

The Wealth Network also provides its members with marketing training. In particular, it equips them with a tool called Smart Funnels with which they can build landing pages.

Users are also provided with blog training and information on how to start a business using the training they have acquired.

All these make the program sound like a great deal.

Can you really make money with The Wealth Network? Is The Wealth Network legit or another scam FBA?

What do you think of many positive review of The Wealth Network?

But let’s find the loophole…

How Much Does The Wealth Network Cost?

The problem with the whole ruse is that the system is designed to pitch you upsell after upsell.

Initially, you have to purchase the program for just $3.

However, the Wealth Network has only two training modules. (We will talk more about this later

  • The E-commerce Wealth Center
  • The Marketing Wealth Center

The E-commerce Wealth Center has a product called the “3 Day Pay System,” which you can purchase for just $3.

It is supposed to help you start making profits in only three days for the mere token of $3. On the other hand, The Marketing Wealth Center costs $67/month, and its supposed to help you build your landing pages and sales funnel.

To help its members make a profit, there are five products offered by The Wealth Network, all of which come with commission provided for every new member referred:

  1. 3-day pay system which costs $3, members get a 40% commission of $1.20
  2. The Explore package which costs $497, members get a $25% commission of $125.
  3. For the Journey package which costs $1997, members get a 25% commission of $500.
  4. The Legacy package, which costs $9997, members get a 25% commission of $2,500.
  5. For the Marketing Wealth Center, which costs $67/month, members get a 40% commission of $28.80/month.

If you intend to join this bandwagon, I would like to inform you that it was designed to make you pay through the nose as the first product is lightweight and can be found on the web for free.

With the high cost of subscription above, is The Wealth Network legit or a scam FBA? Will The Wealth Network make you money?

Who Is The Wealth Network For?

The product is targeted at reeling in anyone who has no experience with e-commerce and is looking to make some side cash.

The Wealth Network is all about e-Commerce business. Below are other eCommerce programs I have reviewed.

How to Make Money with The Wealth Network

The Wealth Network training platform is meant to help you build an online business selling physical products on Amazon for a profit.

This is their e-commerce training package.

There is also a marketing training package that comes with a tool called Smart Funnels where you can build landing pages as well as blog training to put your landing pages on.

Now, these are the two paths/lines offered by The Wealth Network.

The E-commerce package is the training product that teaches beginners about Amazon FBA.

This package is called a 3-day pay system because it promises to help you set up and making money in three days for three dollars.

The whole e-commerce package consists of the following:

  • Amazon Training
  • Profit Spy
  • Webinars
  • Some resources, and
  • The link to join a secret Facebook Mastermind Group

On the other hand, the marketing training package, which costs $67/month, comprises a collection of tools which provide you with the following:

  • TWN Blogging System (Subdomain WordPress website with themes and plugins installed)
  • Smart Funnels (Landing page builder)
  • Another Facebook Mastermind Group
  •  Search Engine Optimization training by Jesse Singh

Do you think that The Wealth Network is legit or another scam?

Support /Customer Service of The Wealth Network

You are provided with a coach to guide you through the whole process.

There is also an email provided if you have complaints and inquiries.

What is Good About The Wealth Network?

  • Real Founders

Unlike many fake products and programs that I have reviewed here.

The creators of The Wealth Network are real people, not some scammer hiding in his/her underwear behind the anonymity the internet affords.

  • Sound Business Model

Amazon FBA has been around for quite some time now and works for anyone who knows what he/she is doing.

It is not uncommon to see someone a millionaire with Amazon FBA through hard work, perseverance, and loads of investments (time, energy, and sacrifice).

  • Good Training

The training offered is useful if you want to get your feet wet in e-commerce and internet marketing.

You can learn some valuable lessons to help you get started with Amazon FBA, but the earnings are likely to trickle.

To strike gold with the training, you have to invest a truckload of cash.

  • Coaching

Every new member is assigned a coach whose role it is to guide you step by step on how to set up your business.

Although, I have a lingering feeling that the primary function of the coach is to nudge you towards the high-end products.

The Wealth Network Compliants

  • Refund Policy

You have to decide with one week if it is the right product for you or not.

Yes, you heard that right. Seven days, I find it hard to pick the right cloth in that same time frame.

There are also raised concerns by former customers who described the process as problematic and that The Wealth Network seldom honors their refund policy.

  • Hidden Upsell

Here is where you have to pay attention.

You will agree with me that the product offered for $3 can be gotten for free on the web.

The training will leave you dissatisfied and with a nibbling thought to how high the other products are.

As you can see, the main product will cost you up to $10 000. This makes me cringe at how big a rip off it is.

  • Hidden Risk

The Wealth Network teaches a risky strategy in its Blogging Course called the grey hat strategy.

Jesse Singh, who owns several affiliates leads the blogging course.

The strategy commonly referred to as the “Private Blog Network (PBN)” this strategy involves linking a network of high authority websites to your leading site to manipulate search engine rankings.

Most PBNs are made of expired domains that can pass link equity to a particular site you own.

What makes this strategy risky is the fact that Google penalizes sites that use PBN as Google will cut you off their search engine.

However, Jesse Singh still uses and teaches this risky technique.

Is The Wealth Network Legit or a Scam?

No, The Wealth Network is NOT a scam.

The training, tools, and resources are real, which makes it ideal for newbies who want to learn how to sell on Amazon.

The truth is that the cost and the fee you are expected to pay is too high as a newbie, and you will still accrue other expenses when you start Amazon FBA.

You may also never get your money back because it does not fulfill its refund policy.

Another major issue with The Wealth Network is that of many upsell that will cost you heavily.

See below to see my best alternative to eCommerce business that will earn you big online.

I have reviewed over 400 online programs. Below are a few of them:

How I Make Money Online. . .

With the current business model that makes me money online, you can be making huge money online with Amazon without getting into purchasing products.

This applies to all the retail stores you can think of.

eCommerce will restrict your options, but this business model will help you make money from virtually all retail stores from anywhere in the world.

This includes Big retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, Target, and other substantial eCommerce stores across the world.

This business model is what is earning me a four-figure monthly via this website. Will you want to know how I do this?

There is a comprehensive training that helped me to succeed, and it is FREE to join. You don’t need any credit card. Click here to learn more about it.

You will learn everything about how I make a consistent monthly income.

The training comes with everything you need to be successful online. You will learn how it works, what makes it so unique, why it works, and how you can get started now.

It is not a business that will make you quick money online.

This is a real online business that you will have to build. It will be required real work, effort, and time just like every other mortal business.

If you are ready to make it worthwhile, you also can build a six-figure money-making machine online.

Below are other online stores you can make money from without buying the products themselves.

Is The Wealth Network Worth It?

Thank you for reading The Wealth Network review? Is The Wealth Network legit or scam?

Can you make money with The Wealth Network?  Or is the Wealth Network a Pyramid scheme?

With all everything you now know, do you think you can make money with The Wealth Network?

While it is easy to believe that a product of $3 will usher in millions for you, I do not buy into a product with massive upsells.

Instead of getting a 20% commission for referrals on an Amazon FBA business, I recommend you to check out another much better affiliate marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to make a passive income that is both consistent and real, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

What do you think about The Wealth Network Review?

Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I will like to read what you think.

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13 thoughts on “The Wealth Network Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I have heard of the wealth network and was curious if it was as good as the claims have made it out to be. 

    Thank you for reviewing this site and informing us of how it actually works. 

    The $3 to start seems appealing, but the $67/ month not so much. I dislike these sites that try to trick you to joining them and then charging more after you do. 

    A monthly charge that’s realistic might be a different story, but that’s a lot of money to pay on a monthly basis. 

    1. Dear Travis, 
      Thanks for reading my Review on the Wealthy Network.

      Thank you for the commendation for my write up.



  2. So you are saying that this program the Wealth Network will work but has a lot of added costs involved.  Doesn’t sound like a good place to learn how to do business online.  I went and read the review of the Wealthy Affiliate program which does sound like a good program that has lots of extra help and training for anyone starting out in the internet business world.  Great info and review but looking like i’m headed for the Wealthy Affiliate program instead.


    1. Dear Douglas,

      Thanks for reading my review about how to make money with the Wealth Network. I am happy you visiting my website.

      The wealth network actually covers two major topics. 

      The Ecommerce Wealth Center and the Marketing Wealth aspect. It is the combination of the two training that made up the  Wealth Network. 

      I did the write up trying to know if the Wealth Network is a scam or legitimate online program. So, what do you think? Do you think that the Wealth Network worth it? 

      Can you still make money with the Wealth Network? What is your take after reading my review?

      Thanks again for reading article. 



  3. First, the upsells threw me off right away. What if you can’t afford the upsells does that mean you get behind in the Wealth Network. I went to the site, and the only way you can learn more about them is by getting an account, how does that make them trustworthy. 

    As much as I am interested in eCommerce, I feel being an affiliate has less stress involved. I enjoyed reading your review, which goes to show with some research, a person can save some fair amount of money. 

    1. Dear Jagi, 
      thanks for reading my review of the automated wealth network review.

      I wrote this review because of so many claims online that The Wealth Network is a scam?

      I can confirm to you that Wealthy Network Training program is not a scam but about how to make money with the Amazon FBA online program. 

      Thanks again.




  4. Actually, the cost to join or the cost to maintain this wealth network is actually not too much but then, I just do not too trust this platform that can really help in getting what I needrighy.

    Thank you so much for sharing all these little details about wealth network here. It is a big time welvome

  5. Hi John,

    you are correct wealth network is not scam but we have to pay more compared to your other alternative. I found your alternative is best in my views. I will go for it and hope it will work fine in every way. So I also suggest who want to earn from amazon without buying products wealthy affiliate is the best platform for them. I got an idea from it. It is very helpful for me. I think we must have website to earn online what you think John?

  6. Hi dude,

    Thanks for giving the reviews about “The Wealth network”.My WhatsApp friend recommended me to join this program and i see your reviews about the websites it gives clear information about overall site and then only I realized the  truth of wealth network and it is waste of money. And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites.And keep doing more article for people use. Your friend yoge


  7. So, basically this is not a scam but if you’re a newbie there are others out there that are a much better investment, right? I am a newbie and I won’t be pursuing this avenue. I will take a closer look at wealthy affiliate and see if I can join them. Heard good things about this and it seems more trustworthy

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