Various Ways to Make Money Online While Blogging.

Ways to Make Money Online By Blog

You are welcome to my article on Ways to Make Money Online Blog. I am sure you are here to learn how to make money online blog.

This dream can be real for you right now!

Knowing how to make money with your blog can make a lot of difference in your blogging business.

A lot of people are making huge money blogging daily online, you may not start making money initially with your blog.

But if you are consistent and keep on writing high-quality content that meets the needs of your readers you will eventually make good money blogging.

In this article, you will learn how to make money online blog.

You have so many options but I can assure you that all the suggested ways of making money with your blog stated here are those that can make you over $5,000 monthly within two years if only you are consistent and hard working.

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how to make money blog

Best Ways To Make Money On Your Website

Below are various ways you can start making money with your website or blog right away:

***Ad Placement For Money***

You can make a lot of money through selling space on your website or blog for advert placement. This is one of the most profitable ways of making money on your blog.

You, however, need to have quality and great traffics for this to make you good money online.

Most institution that will be placing these ads will need to know or verify the quality of your traffics and quantity before they sign you up.

The task here is enormous, you will need to find good advertisers that are ready to pay for rates and you will need to come up with monitoring and tracking tools to measure your website performance.

***Join An Advertising Network***

Another way to make money via your website or blog is by joining an ad network is a strategic way many websites make money online, a lot of website owners make huge revenue online through this medium.

This is the best option if you don’t like to look around for your own advertisers.

Joining an ad network will make available to you good advertisers that are ready to pay good enough money for driving traffics to them.

Advertising network brings together advertisers and website owners also referred to as the publishers, they display ads for a fee in return and they get paid directly by the advertising network.

The advantage here is that it helps you avoid looking for advertisers.

Ad networks make available to you trusted advertisers that they dealt with over a long period of time.

You will get paid through the advertising network, so the fear of not getting paid is eradicated. And this helps you focus on producing high-quality content to meet the needs of your readers.

The major downside to this method of making money through your blog is that you will have to share your ad revenue with the ad network.

***How to Join a Wealthy Affiliate***

You can join Wealthy Affiliate University and start making huge money monthly. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform on the web.

You will be thought about how to turn your passion and hobby into a thriving business online.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you will be earning money as you are learning.

They will take you how to make money with any idea you have online. It is the most legitimate online learning platform I ever knew.

How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?  You can affiliate to Wealthy Affiliate and be promoting the program. See the benefits graphically:

earn money your blogog
how do you make money blog

***Sign Up For Google AdSense ***

My number one and most reliable ad network today is Google AdSense.

It is one of the most sorts after ad networks. When you are talking about the reliability and legitimacy of ad networks Google AdSense is number one.

Google AdSense pays in time and every 15th of every month, they satisfied their numerous clients in every country.

Why this ad network is my number one way of how to make money with a blog is that you can earn a huge amount with them.

A lot of bloggers make a whole living via Google AdSense. This is one tricks to learn how to make money online blog.

Google AdSense should be your number one choice because the rate of payment is better than others and you can get your money easily directly to your account in your country.

Because of the popularity, a lot of bloggers and website owners rush toward subscribing to this network. Therefore the approval is so very strict. If you can get approved you better thank your stars.

Your web-page must be experienced enough traffics and it must not be a new website or blog to get approved by Google AdSense.

Though there are some exceptions, some bloggers get admitted into Google AdSense with as low as twelve articles and as new as three weeks.

If and when you get approved all you need to do is to copy the code and drop in your website and you will start making money.

***Join An Affiliate Networks***

Affiliate Network has a book of affiliates programs that you can join. Affiliate Marketers promote other people’s products and they receive a percentage commission on every sale whenever a product is bought through your affiliate link.

An affiliate network is like a middleman between various affiliate programs whenever you promote any product and make sales you will get pay through the middleman i.e. Affiliate Network

Common affiliate network includes Click Bank, Amazon Associate, Rakuten Link share, Apple and Commission Junction, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is a reliable way of making money through your website or blog the challenge is that you must be ready to work very hard to meet the demand so as to get a result.

You must offer quality content that helps people solve the problem. You only get people coming back to your website or blog when you offer quality help via your content.

Affiliate marketing is not only through website or blog you can always affiliate products through other mediums like social media etc. This is Ways to Make Money Online Blog.

For you to identify or discover products you can affiliate to, just visit Google and type  “product name + affiliate program”; ensure your website niche is related to what you are promoting. This will help you rank better in the long run.

***Start a Private Membership Group ***

As soon as your blog or website has a lot of traffics (followers or visitors); you can start a private member group.

This is why you need to associate your website with your social media platform in the early age of the establishment of your website or blog.

Private member group can only function well via your social media platform when you associate your blog or website to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it will help you have members that believe in your course and ways you make money.

It will then be easier to make people pay before they gain an invitation to your membership area. An example of this is Facebook private membership programs that Facebook users have access to.

This is a medium you discuss new discoveries to your subscribers, this private and restricted area are where you can make people learn and replicate your secret of making money online.

***Engage In Consulting Services ***

If you are an authority in your niche and you are very successful with your website or blog. You can offer your expertise as a consulting service. You can engage people and make them pay for your expert advice.

A lot of people make huge money through their website or blog offering consulting service either for a local business or in the form of conferences or workshops.

People get enroll before they can participate in such workshops or if it is a consulting service, you can make people pay for every one of your consulting hours.

You can get a lot of patronage through your website visitors and traffics.

***You Can Be a Drop Shipper***

A lot of people with eCommerce websites always try to avoid dealing with the physical handling of the product itself.

eCommerce is a tedious process such that to be selling goods online and be handling the shipping of such products.

What they did is to engage drop-shippers who liaise with both the manufacturer and the wholesaler. This is one great way to learn how to make money online blog.

Drop shippers handle the shipping of the products to the buyers, while the seller (the eCommerce owner) pay the drop shipper for his or her services. Learn all about dropshipping here.

***Make Your Own Digital Products***

Becoming an owner of digital products can make you financially independent for life; it can make you very rich suddenly if you get it right the first time.

As soon as you become an authority in your niche, the next target you need to focus on is having your product. Creating a product or most especially, your first product is not a peace of Cake.

A well-structured product will make you earn residual income and if done well you will be okay for a long while financially.

The good thing is that it has to be the focus on your area of specialization, which is your niche.

A lot of your followers and your audience will like to know more about how you make money and if you can package your product well it can be easily sold on your website, social media, and via your email promotion.

Conclusion on Ways to Make Money Online Blog

What do you think about ways to learn how to make money online blog? Making money online is now highly competitive, but with this article, you now know how to make money with an online blog.

People are taking turns of money through their website or blog daily. You can replicate this if you follow the steps highlighted in this article.

We have other various ways of earning money through your website or blogs but the above are where you can rake in a lot of money.

We have a lot of scammers online tricking you to believe you can make money fast. There is nothing fast about making money online.

It takes a lot of work and energy with proper planning. Don't succumb to various tricks online to have access to your money.

Do you know other ways to learn how to make money online blog?

Do you have any questions? Or a better way of making money via your website. Please do well to drop a comment for me in my comment area.

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  1. Thank you John,

    Is it a must I employ website in making money online? The question is that is there alternative to using website to make money online?

    Please revert


    • Hi King,

      You can also make money in various ways like through social medial platforms like Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram. But the only secure and consistent way to make money is by having your own website (s); when you do it become your property.

      Policy changes on social medial platform will have little or no effect on your monthly income online.

      To answer your questions, there are alternative to making money online aside having website. Social Media, Freelancing, Through Forum etc



  2. Hi John,

    My thinking before now was that I will just be playing video games and somebody some where will be paying me automatically. Now I know that I need a website to express my niche idea so as to be relevant to million of people that are interested in gaming business.

    My question is this . Do I have alternative to Wealthy Affiliate and how do I go about it?

    Thank you

    Emmanuel q.

    • Hi Emmanuel ,

      Thank you for visiting my website. Now you knew you will need to have a website and you may need training to be the best in your gaming niche. Foe me i am recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

      But my best Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives is Affilorama. You can even sign on with free trial.

      Please go through the two link above.


  3. Thank for your article. I have read so much about Wealthy Affiliate but I never take steps towards becoming a member. You article convince me.

    I will still take my time to think about this whole making money.

    Is making money realy real? How much money have you made? How long have you been with wealthy affiliate?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for visiting my website. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to make money online. They will help turn your hobby and passion into a thriving business online. i can assure you that you wont regret joining.

      How can you make money at wealthy affiliate? You can make a lot of money with wealthy affiliate. i knew people that are making over $30,000 monthly. Many more are making under $15,000 monthly.

      You can make money with wealthy in many ways it depends on what you want to do with the training they will provide for you.

      Thanks Rachel


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