World Global Network Rebranded to VYVO: Can You Really Make Money?

make money with world global network

You are welcome to my World Global Network review. Can you still make money with World Global Network MLM? Is World Global Network a legit or scam?

Please know that World Global Network is now rebranding to a new name called Vyvo.

You must be making your findings of the World Global Network. It is how to discover a legitimate online program and also avoid scams.

I am not associated with the World Global Network in any way, therefore expect an unbiased review of World Global Network.

Please keep reading.

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World Global Network at a Glance

Product Name: World Global Network
Owners: Fabio Galdi
Product Type: MLM (Life-Sensing Tech. Market)
Year Founder: 2011
Price: Startup cost ($349 to $3,499)
Rating: 30
Recommended: No

Summary of World Global Network Review 

World Global Network is a direct sales company that is into Wearable Technology sales and distributions. 

The one major issue with the World Global Network is the MLM business model adopted.

But, is World Global Network legit, scam or a pyramid scheme? 

World Global Network is legit and not a pyramid scheme or scam in any way. Most people will call out any MLM company as a scam or pyramid scheme.

But, know that you may not make money with World Global Network MLM as a distributor.

Why is that?

Over 20 years of investigation and research of over 600 MLM companies across the world by Mr. Jon Taylor has shown that 99.7% of people that join any MLM will lose their money, i.e., only 0.3% will make money. 

He came up with a book to state his findings and fact behind his Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked figures.

What is the meaning of that?

It implies that MLM companies always reward the top 0.3% of its members while the other people in the MLM scheme will lose their money.  

It is only the company owners, the people at the top of the scheme, and special investors.

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World Global Network Rebrands to Vyvo

***What is VYVO?***

VYVO has its head office in Singapore. The company has other US offices in the following locations Utah, Provo, Florida, and Miami.

VYVO is a fast-growing direct sales company with offices distributed across the world.

The company is equipped with great minds and is highly motivated to take the company to the next stage and deliver value to its worldwide distributors.

With creative and innovative wearable products and an MLM business model, VYVO delivers value to its distributors worldwide.

***Vyvo BioSense Band Wearable Device***

BioSense band is the Vyvo new wearable tech device. It claimed to be the world's first Ultra-thin tech band that will help monitor your bio parameters.

Foxconn Technology Group is a manufacturer of Vyvo wearable devices. Foxconn Technology Group is a well-known name across the world of electronics.

The company is a significant electronics contract manufacture that is based in Taiwanese.

Foxconn is a major manufacturer of prominent brands globally, such as Apple, BlackBerry, Kindle, Nintendo, etc.

***Smart Subscription of Vyvo Model***

Vyvo just introduced one of the company's best subscriptions so far.

The new subscription encompasses Vyvo Smart, a monthly AI Oracle report, a nutritional supplement customized to subscribers, and NutraPak.

The new subscription model is said to boost the company's compensation plan, and residual income is a great way.

What Is World Global Network?

World Global Network is for people who would love to live a healthy lifestyle; the products include such as Hello Wellness Band, Fitbit, and Booze, which aims at improving people’s lives.

The headquarters of the company is in the UK, and it was established in 2011 by Fabio Galdi. But currently, the company operates all over the world.

Although the company is still relatively new in this field, it has built itself a reputation with affordable products that are sold all over the world.

The products sold by the company aid in the general health of the users, such as providing functions such as measuring the heart’s ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, daily steps calories burned to keep a person’s health in good shape.

Do I Recommend World Global Network?

World global network is a leading innovator in wearable technology, which helps people to better their lives.

I would recommend the company to anybody who would love to do affiliate marketing since the company sells all its products through its many affiliates.


Who Is World Global Network For?

The world global network is for people who would love to improve their health wellbeing as its products promote good health.

Moreover, the company is for affiliate marketers who would like to sell and promote products for a profit.

What Does World Global Network Sell Or Promote?

World Global Network sells wearable’s, which promotes wellness of which supports a healthy lifestyle.

Their products include Hello wellness band, fit bits, biozen, lifelong, which promote a healthy lifestyle among users.

The Costs/Price Of World Global Network

The cost of goods on the site is quite reasonable, making them affordable to its users since they sell their products solely through affiliates avoiding the expenses that come with advertisement and traditional selling systems.

Is World Global Network A Good Business Opportunity?

World Global Business is an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers who share the profits they make with the company.

Thus being an affiliate of the company is a sure way of earning a steady flow of income. Given the rate at which the company is growing, it is the next cash cow in the online source of income.

What Is Good About World Global Network

  1. The site does not require one to pay for the affiliate programs. Thus, setting up affiliate links is easy and cheaper for the marketers as the site provides its website to users.
  2. The company is focused on improving the health of its users through the various products which it sells. Using the company’s products reduces the chance of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which could cause cardiac arrest.
  3. The company is a legit source of income for people who are into affiliate programs, thus earning a stable flow of money.

 Issues With World Global Network

  1. The company pays low rates than its competitors, thus not a good option in a competitive field.
  2. The company is still young in the industry; thus, profitability is still low, but this should be an advantage since the prospect looks good.
  3. The income which one gets from marketing by affiliate links flows throughout the year. Unfortunately, the pay is low thus not a good source of income and should not be taken as the primary source of income but a side business

How To Make Money With World Global Network

  1. First, the company allows marketers to access their affiliate sites where they register as members.
  2. Secondly, the affiliates need to market and advertise the products being sold to potential customers.
  3. Next, if the customers are convinced to buy the products sold, then the company pays a commission and profit spill over to the affiliate who made the sale.



How to Get Paid By World Global Network

The company pays its members the profit spillover from new clients. It is the work of the Affiliate to market and sells the product.

Consequently, the profit from the sale is split between the company and the Affiliate.

Online Opinion of World Global Network MLM

From reviews online, it is evident that the company is a good source of income for people who are involved in affiliate programs.

Moreover, their products promote health wellness, thus an excellent company to work for.

World Global Network Review BBB Rating is “F”

The Better Business Bureau review rating for World Global Network ( VyVo) is “F.” Currently, there is no known world global network class-action lawsuit.

The negative BBB rating does not make this company a scam.

It shows that the company cannot take care and respond to its various customer complaints.

It currently has 32 complaints in the past three years on the BBB website with just two complaints closed. That is not a good reputation for such a company that is just rebranding to a new name, “VyVo.”

BBB does not also accredit the world Global Network. That implies that they are yet to standardize their operation to always respond to customers'
complaint with excellent turn around time.

What do you think of my world global network review? Is the world global network legit or scam?

Is World Global Network Legit or Scam?

World Global Business is legit and not a scam. It is an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers who share the profits they make with the company.

Thus, being an affiliate of the company is a sure way of earning a steady income flow.

Given this company's growth rate, it is the next cash cow in the online source of income.

Though they have problems with their top USA leaders, i.e., Jeremy Roma and Romacio Fulcher, the WGN later terminated their appointment and issued a press released to explain their actions.

It shows the public that they are on top of the situation, and any appearance of a scam will not be permitted.

Is World Global Network MLM Worth It?

What do you think of the World Global Network review? Can you make money with World Global Network? I believe that a world global network is an excellent opportunity for affiliates who wish to earn extra income.

Moreover, the products promote a healthy lifestyle, thus making it worth investing in the business. But there are better ways to start making money online.

Don't get me wrong World Global Network is very legit, but it may not make you the kind of money you think want to make.

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You will know how to promote products and services of different organizations as related to your chosen niche.

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The good news is that you can be working from your home or anywhere in the world.

Are you with the World Global Network? Are you making money with World Global Network? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I promise to get back to you ASAP.

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