Global Domain International Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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What is Global Domain International About, Exactly?

You are welcome to my Global Domain International Review. Are you wondering if it is possible to make money with Global Domain International?

You are in the right place. Global Domain International – GDI is a typical domain registry company like renowned service providers, GoDaddy and NameCheap.

It was established in 2000 and offers its customers quality top-level domain extensions including .com, .net, .org, as well as Country code top-level domain extensions.

Its core product, however, isn’t any of the popular TLDs but the less known .ws domain extension, which is the code of the tiny Island Nation, Western Samoa.

The founders of the company, Michael Starr, and Alan Ezeir collaborated with the Samoan Government to make the .ws extension available to customers interested in owning a domain name with this peculiar extension.

The establishment also offers other fundamental services apart from domain registry, some of which include: website building services, web hosting services, and of course, email forwarding.


Global Domains International at a Glance

Name:  Global Domains International


Price: $10 monthly

Owners: Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir

Rating: 55%

Verdict: Legit


Is Global Domain International A Scam?

While the consensus on MLM-themed opportunities is that they are too good to be true, Global Domain International, GDI for short, offers a perfect albeit limited avenue to make money using the MLM template.

Global Domain International is not a scam because they will deliver the product to you i.e. the domain.

The problem is will it help you to make money? The domain you can even get free on another platform with better value additions.

If you’ve been searching for a domain registration company that also operates with the Multi-Level Marketing framework, then Global Domain International comes highly recommended.

It is important to know that focusing on the MLM element of the company’s services isn’t advisable unless you have a readily available network of prospective partners.


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Features of Global Domain International

GDI’s peculiarity is reinforced by its marketing strategy, which doesn’t incorporate conventional digital marketing mediums but instead applies the right old fashion networking tool, MLM, to reach out to prospective clients and deliver its services.

The .ws domain extension it also offers is perhaps one of the most obscure extensions on the domain registration market.

It does, however, come with some perks, e.g., buyers of this domain extension are exempted from paying a $12 maintenance fee; a gesture that isn’t extended to the purchase of other popular TLDs.


Benefits of Using Global Domain International

The company does offer some of the most competitive rates for the registration of TLDs even though that doesn’t say much since their prices are similar to what can be found elsewhere.

Another benefit of using GDI’s services is the opportunity it grants its members to participate in the company’s MLM scheme, a program that rewards existing members with a $1 commission for every new member referred to the company.

This scheme makes it possible for a site owner to earn extra income from a source that isn’t even related to the website.

Global Domain International’s Service Availability

The services rendered by the company is accessible by prospective customers located anywhere in the world as long there they have access to reliable internet connection.

What Products Does Global Domain International Sell?

Global Domain International is a domain registration service that deals with the trade of popular TLDs as well as the less known .ws domain extension.

Is Global Domain International a Scam

The Costs/Price of Global Domain International

GDI has one of the cheapest subscription charges among the numerous MLM companies operating right now. With a token of just $10, you can enjoy necessary membership privileges.

The company also has a premium package that has more lucrative offers. This can be accessed with a subscription fee of 40 dollars.


Is Global Domain International Legit or Scam

It is a decent income earning opportunity since it creates an avenue for you to make some extra cash after procuring a domain name.

The only challenge I am having with GDI is the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that is built into their marketing strategies. A lot of people will assume they can make huge money via MLM program but they will be disappointed at the end of the day.

In my opinion, I believe all MLM program is a scam.

What is Good about Global Domain International

It is domain registration service that gives its customers the opportunity to earn some extra cash with its referral program.

The subscription cost is way cheaper than most MLM schemes you can find around.

You are guaranteed a commission for every successful referral that you make.


Issues with Global Domain International

Its core service centers on the .ws domain extension, which is a very obscure domain name with a value that is dwarfed by much-popular TLDs

Its commission of $1 per referral is quite meager

You only get to earn serious money when you reach the top of the pyramid, which is a herculean task.

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Who is Global Domain International for?

If you’re into the commercial trade of domain names or an active investor in the web property, it doesn’t hurt to make extra from your purchases by using GDI’s services to earn some money from the referral program.

If you also wish to build a website, you can use GDI’s domain registration services and earn some side income while running your site at the same time.


How to Make Money with Global Domain International

The process is basic and straightforward.

Step 1

Simply subscribe to the basic package, which costs $10 and gets both a domain name and hosting service.

Step 2

You are then free to partake in the company’s referral program that earns you a commission of $1 per referral.

Once you’re given your referral code, you will be able to provide it to prospective customers who then use to subscribe to their packages.

Alternative to Global Domain International?

Most web hosting service providers now offer referral programs to clientele, which vary both in application and reward.

Two well-known companies with referral schemes that offer a percentage of the income as a commission are GoDaddy and NameCheap.

While the referral programs of these companies are lucrative, they are hindered by the fact that they are already established brands with large followership.


Public/Online Opinion of Global Domain International

Global Domain International is recognized as official domain registration and web hosting service provider with a referral program that is reasonably profitable.

The reason for this assertion is the fact that the primary focus of the company’s service is a domain extension that is far from appealing.

Global Domain International Reviews | YouTube


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My Final Opinion of Global Domain International

What do you think of this Global Domain International Review? Can you see the limitation you have in making money with Global Domain International?

My opinion is this Global Domain International may not make you money consider my #1 recommended the online business. You will start the training for FREE for over 7 working days; if you now feel that it is not for you, you then can opt out. Start with Wealthy Affiliate here. 

Global Domain International doesn’t provide money making opportunity that will change your financial status immediately; it, however, is a smart way to make some money on the side while maintaining your core online business.

Are you a member of GDI already? How are you making money with Global Domain International?

What do you think of this article? Kindly drop your thought and contribution in my comment area below. I will gladly get back to you with my response.

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2 thoughts on “Global Domain International Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this review. I have been in the TLD market for awhile. It’s interesting how this domain registration company also operates with the multi-level marketing framework. I feel like there is lots of money to be made here. Do you find their prices are competitive with those of other domain registrars?

    • Dear Sam,

      Thanks for visiting my website. Global Domain International is not a scam. That is the most important information you really need.

      The MLM aspect of this domain registration is helping members earn $1 fir every referral.

      The only challenge with this domain registration is that of its extension and also the pricing. Domain you can get free at Wealthy Affiliate ( Which is my #1 Recommended Online Business) is sold at ridiculous price.

      Also the MLM features of this program is also a stigma, because I termed all MLM products as a scam.

      Thanks fir visiting my site again.




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