Why Multi-Level Marketing is a Scam

What is MLM About, Exactly?

In this article, you will learn why multi-level marketing is a scam and you will also know what made a scam a scam! (i.e. what online scam is all about?). You will learn what scam is all about and how to avoid them.

You will also watch a YouTube video of an insider of an MLM program that has been scammed before and has been involved various MLMs and now concluded that all MLM is a scam.

And finally, I will offer you the best alternative to MLM schemes, and why you need to be promoting your own business online instead of other people's business which could have been a scam.

I will also offer you how to come up with your own business online and show you how you can participate in a training that will help you discover a business that you love. The step by step training will help turn your passion into a thriving business online.

You will learn the following in this article:

  1. What MLM Marketing is all about
  2. How MLM turns people into a slave
  3. Why MLM will never reward you without over-charging you
  4. Why MLM Companies always pays the rating agency to remain relevant
  5. Why MLM will always make you make money off your friends and relative
  6. YouTube | Signs that show your job/program is an MLM
  7. Why MLM will always make you promote other people's business and not yours
  8. YouTube of why all MLM is a scam
  9. A program that is NOT an MLM that will Earn You $20k Monthly


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What is MLM Marketing?

We've all heard of MLM, but have you actually wondered what is multi-level marketing about? Well, to give a definition of MLM, it is a controversial marketing strategy where the people that generate sales are not only compensated for them, but also for the sales that other people under them (in the MLM hierarchy) generate.

The recruited salespeople are called “downlines”; there can be multiple levels of compensation in Multiple Level Marketing.

Other Terminology used in MLM includes pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing; many pyramid schemes make efforts to present themselves as legitimate MLM business.

MLM is classified as illegal in Mainland China. According to US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a lot of MLM companies are made up of illegal pyramid schemes that exploit its members.

Most MLM involve in direct selling, the salespeople sell products to a consumer through relationship referral and word of mouth method of marketing, MLM salesmen and women not only sell the company ‘s products but they also motivate others to join the company as a distributor. These are why multi-level marketing is a Scam

Unfortunately, MLM is usually associated with scams (See what is a scam and how to avoid them) and since this is a very sensitive topic for some, below I am going to take a closer look at this and explain why MLM is a rip off scheme.


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MLM Turns You Into A Slave.

Who is a slave, according to Thesaurus Dictionary “a person who is the property of and wholly subject to

what is a scam and how another; a bond servant”. If a condition makes you work like a slave or makes you work in a routine, unimaginative ways then you can be classified as a slave or drudge.

Since all MLM is all about making cold calls and convincing others of how great the product or products you sell are and why they should buy as many of them as possible.

So basically, you are hustling and at the same time, you put your reputation at risk. After all, there are few things in this world that are as annoying as having to listen to someone's MLM pitch about products that you may not be interested in and have never heard of.

Unfortunately, if you don't hustle in MLM, you don't get to make money and if you don't make money, then you're not going to hang around for too long.

MLM Will Never Reward You Without Over Charging You

If those already in the MLM wouldn't overcharge others to buy their products, then they wouldn't be able to make any money. What this means is that in order for you to make money, you have to always sell

overpriced junk to people. In many situations, what you're selling may be poor quality or downright useless for the buyer.

You are always required to sell the product to remain relevant to such MLM program, most of this time this is usually a must. Otherwise, you are not moving forward.

In order to join an MLM scheme, you usually need to pay a fee and purchase some products as well.

The modern MLM scheme may even entice you to join free but after you either pay some little amount to go forward or you remain dormant in that system.

Unfortunately, MLM programs usually make money by selling poor quality products and by forcing those who are already in the scheme to keep selling the products to other people. It's a never-ending chain, this is why multi-level marketing is a Scam.


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MLM Always Pays Rating Agency To Remain Relevant

Getting “credentials” that they can eventually flaunt to their potential customers is something that most MLM companies consider.

In fact, there are so many awards out there that they can pay for (such as the Stevie Award) that it's a piece of cake for them to gain people's trust, even if most individuals have never heard of those awards or know what they mean.

In fact, many of these schemes even pay good money to the BBB in order to go up the ranks and clear their name, regardless if they're a legitimate company or not.

So if you're still asking yourself “is multi-level marketing a rip off scheme?” then the answer is a resounding yes.

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MLM Make You Make Money Off Your Friends And Family Members

In order for people to make money after they join an MLM scheme, they need to consider recruiting as many people as possible, this is why I classified multilevel marketing a scam

In fact, there are some MLM programs, you can only join the program only if you can promote and win people under you before you can join.

Most of the time your family is easy reached on,  you tend to reach out to or engage people that trust you because they are the first point of your calls and since they trust you they effectually buy into the so-called product.

An instance is  MMM Global, all MLM work with a similar structure and objective to scam its victims.

It's not only the fact that in most cases your friends and family will continue buying the products just so that you don't feel bad but in the end, you actually get tired of it all.

You get tired of having to recruit new people every week, of trying to sell poor quality products and of the perception that others have concerning your so-called job.


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Signs That a Job/Program is a Scam | YouTube


MLM Make You Promote Other People ‘s Business But Not Yours

You may think you're the king of the world because you are making money with the MLM program you're in, but the truth is that you don't own the website, the business and anything else than the product you bought. In fact, one of the biggest lies with MLM is that you're building a business, but that's not true at all.

This is not affiliate marketing where you are the one that creates a product, a brand and then a website and a following.

With MLM, you need to always hustle and keep looking for people that would join the program so that you can eventually turn a profit.

Regardless if you're a distributor, a sponsor or even a type of boss in the scheme, at the end of the day these are all words with non-intrinsic meaning.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and think about it for a second, you realize that you're just one out of the thousands of blocks in the pyramid.

The very day all your down-line decides to opt out of the MLM program that is the day your income stopped.

If you are into a real business, your business should never depend on any down-lines; when you decide to sell value and products that people really need, people will be mandated to purchase your products because they need it to survive in one way or the other.


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MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

If you really want to make money without having to hustle others and shamelessly promote poor quality products to people (usually) in desperate financial situations, then you may want to consider getting into affiliate marketing.

This type of marketing basically allows you to promote any type of service and/or product you want regardless of the niche

Down the line, if you're successful, you can even come up with your own product, get a website, build a brand and a following and then make even more money.

What MLM does though if you want to consider it is that it forces you to stick to a single program? You don't care about your buyers at all and you're always stressed out because you need to sell as much overpriced junk as possible.

On the other hand, when you compare this to affiliate marketing, the differences are very clear. Not only will you promote great products and a lot of them, at the same time you have the opportunity to grow a lot along the way and even start your own business.

MLM and affiliate marketing can never be confused since one of them is an ethical practice and the other is very unethical. Now that you know more about the difference between multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing, we also hope that you have gotten your answer to the question “is multi-level marketing scam?”

As expected the answer is a resounding yes as you would be able to see if you were to go online and do a little bit of research. I hope you now know why all Multi-Level Marketing is a scam. MLM is always a scam!

Why Network Marketing is a Scam | YouTube


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Do you have any opinion on MLM program? Are you doing great as an MLM program? Do you think I am wrong? Please drop your comment and let me know about your program, maybe it may change my thought about it all.

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5 thoughts on “Why Multi-Level Marketing is a Scam

  1. While I don’t agree with some of your ideas here, there are points that I am with you. Like for example, when you said that MLM makes you a slave, that’s true. I have friends in the industry they are so successful that they no longer have time for other activities except for hosting meetings, appearing in gatherings, and speaking in conferences. Although they look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing, to me I don’t like that set up. It’s really like the MLM company has already owned you! lol

    Another thing that I agree with you is, when you said that MLM distributors don’t really own a business, but rather promoting other the MLM company which they never own. Contrast with affiliate marketing, especially the one being taught by Wealthy Affiliate, people are being trained to really start own businesses.

    • Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for those my point you agree with. We are no meant to agree on all stuff. 

      The best job online is to have your own business that can run with or without you. Can you imagine making over $25k monthly without disturbing your family or friends about referrer. that is what a legitimate business online that is not a MLM will earn you, Wealthy Affiliate is the best example of this. 



  2. Hello John,

    You make me scare of working online, most especially on social media platform.

    Are you saying that people bait friends on face book to be friend them so as to get access to their system?

    Please revert.


    • Hi Isreal,

      Yes, we have a lot of fake people online. This is so very common on Facebook these days. You can easily identify the fraudulent individual by the profile pictures they use (most naked and beautiful girls ); you accept them as your friends at your own Perry.

      Then they will be the first to chat you starting a conversion. They may send a link to you via FB chat. If you click on it that may introduce malware to your system.

      The malware will help them gain access to your system.



  3. Thanks a lot for the information, it is really helpful. I am now a fan fan of your website. Great job.

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