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Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews. Can you make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs? Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

But, is Melaleuca an MLM and Pyramid Scheme? Can you easily renew and cancel your Melaleuca subscription?


I am sure you are here to research Melaleuca, the wellness company? You are doing the right thing. This is how people discover legitimate online businesses and avoid many scams.

Please know that I don’t have any association with this company, therefore expect a neutral Melaleuca Jobs reviews from me.

Please read on to discover all about this MLM company.

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

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Melaleuca the Wellness Company at a Glance

BBB of Melaleuca Review: A+
Product Name: Melaleuca
Founder: Frank L. Vandersloot
Rating: 37%
Recommendation: No

Summary of Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews

The first question that comes to the mind about Melaleuca is its products. Are Melaleuca products safe and healthy?
The other common questions online are:

I am here to answer all these questions about Melaleuca, the wellness company.
Melaleuca is legit and not a scam.

But the business model is direct sales or better call multi-level marketing business model.

The Melaleuca MLM Business Model

Yes, Melaleuca is an MLM company.

Research has shown that this business model will reward the people at the top of the scheme and the business owners.

Mr. Jon M Taylor did a detailed investigation of direct sales companies, and the result of his discovery is not a good one.

He concluded that only 0.3% of any direct sales members of any company will make money. That is, 99.7% of any men and women that decide to join any MLM will lose their money. You can read up his MLM review conclusion here.

In my work as a blogger, I have written many articles about MLM companies; I can confirm that Mr. Jon M Taylor is 99.9%.

Just ask for any income disclosure statement for any direct sales company, you will see the trend. If you get it in the public domain, most of them will not release it.

Therefore, if you join any MLM, your chance of making money is hugely narrow. I will advise you to avoid this company.

The 2018 Melaleuca income disclosure statement reflects what Mr. Jon M Taylor concluded.

80% of the Melaleuca distributors (they claimed 9% of that 80%) made between $115 and $ 564 in a whole year.

While going up the rank, you can see the top people making good money, such as the Corporate Directors (0.1% of all the distributors made an Average of $1,113,753, National Director rank made $308,399, etc.

2018 Melaleuca Income Disclosure Statement

My Recommendation

You can make money if you decide to run your own business online; and will have the opportunity to achieve the following with your own business and platform:

  • Then have your website
  • Opportunity to promote thousands of products from different companies
  • You can easily target audience for each product or companies
  • Leads and sales are organic and global
  • No need to run after family and friends to get sales
  • You can now make money while you are sleeping.
  • It is your own business with your won website
  • No company can revoke your access because you are now in control and decide which company and products to promote.

The best way you can achieve this is to start this affiliate marketing training now. Level-1 with ten lessons is FREE to start. You will not need your credit card to access this training.

This training changed my life, and you will thank me later for this.

So, what do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews? Do you still think you can make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

What is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca is best known as a network marketing company selling health and wellness related products.

It is a multi-billion dollar company with its operation ranging from almost twenty countries worldwide.

More than 400 products are being sold by Melaleuca, many of which include nutrition, medicine cabinet, household, essential oils, and body lotion.

Melaleuca is trying to head towards a unique selling proposition; that is environmental-friendly and health-related products.

It is a wellness company that provides organic-based products.

Melaleuca products majorly focus on the health and beauty industry.

Melaleuca was founded and launched in 1985 out of Idaho by Frank L. Vandersloot.

It is a multi-billion dollar company having its operations in almost 20 countries worldwide; this is sure to increase as time goes on.

This business opportunity is open to all. Melaleuca is interested in health and beauty. Melaleuca reports that they have products purchased from over 1 million customers worldwide every month.

There is no doubt that these products are profitable. Melaleuca’s mission drives towards enhancing the lives of different persons by enabling them to reach their goals.

Melaleuca allows its customers to start a business with virtually no risks and unlimited upside potential, but this could apply effectively to an average person.

They also relate to us that it is a proven system where persons with meager financial investment can improve their finances.

All they have to do is to refer to customers. You can read more about Melaleuca on Wikipedia. Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? What do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews?

What is Melaleuca Oil?

Also known as tea tree oil, Melaleuca oil is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the native Australian plant ‘Melaleuca Alternifolia.’

It possesses anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties. It should never be swallowed.

Melaleuca Products Line

These products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Although an online reviews of Melaleuca products gave them an average score of 4.4/10, this was entirely based on customer’s feedback, and it does not include many details.

They offer products from the household cleaners to skincare and almost everything your household needs.

Some customers testified that they also got some goodies in addition to the products they purchased.

Some of them are laundry detergent, fabric softener, renew lotion, tub and tile cleaner, some vitamins, granola bars, and beauty products.

These products are beneficial as they cure skin and body infections. Can you make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

 the wellness company

Is Melaleuca Products Affordable?

The price of Melaleuca products all depends on the level you wish to enroll in.

There is no cost for a regular member; all you need to do is submit a customer membership agreement.

But enrolling as a preferred member, you will need to submit a customer membership agreement and pay the sum of $19.00 plus applicable sale tax; you will also need to renew it every year with the amount of $19.00.

How to Become a Melaleuca Distributor

Becoming a Melaleuca distributor does not require much stress.

There are three types of membership in Melaleuca;
·The Direct customer
· Preferred customer
· The Distributor (aka Independent Marketing Executive)

Before you can become a distributor, you should have been able to purchase a good number of goods and work with their company for at least two years.

You should also be reliable and trustworthy as the company would only work with those that share its views and insights. Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

How Does Melaleuca Work?

Melaleuca works with a point system to simplify the shopping experience of those living in different countries.

Every Melaleuca is assigned a point value.

A preferred customer simply agrees to purchase a minimum of 35 points worth of product in a calendar month.

In American dollars, 35 points are almost equivalent to $60, making the purchase seamless with the chance to choose from a selection of 500 products, or 5000+ reward points worth.

These are the type of day-to-day products that shoppers at Walmart, Costco, and other local stores sell as well.

Customers who may find it a challenge to purchase 35 points worth of products are those who still shop at local stores for products they could have bought at Melaleuca.

How to Make Money with Melaleuca MLM Jobs

Melaleuca uses an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) business model.

That is to say that if you want to make money, you will need to pay $29 and then become their “Independent Marketing Executive,” a term mostly used by Melaleuca to describe their customers.

You can only earn a commission based on the amount you can sell. There are many ways to make money but here are a few ideas;

  • You sell products to other customers and then earn a retail commission. That is, 7% + a 30-40% discount for those products you purchased yourself. Summing it all together, you could earn up to a maximum of 47%.
  • Enroll persons in down lines and be sure to coach them to be able to make sales on their own; then, you can also earn based on product sales, not on the enrollment.
  • Earn bonuses. For example, advancement bonus, mentoring bonus, leadership growth bonus, etc.

These ways to make money are very common in MLM business and other companies as well.

There is only one notable difference, and that is the fact that some companies enable you to earn a commission directly from recruiting members.

Since these products are beneficial to people’s health and well-being, it is of great benefit to customers during advertisements and referrals.

Gain from these products majorly comes from the number of persons a customer can introduce to the business.

Therefore, customers who want to make money from this business should consider one of the three ways they are listed above and pick whatever one suits their interest.

Can you make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs? Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Melaleuca’s Compensation Plan

The new Melaleuca compensation plan was created in its customers’ interest.

They work towards enabling their customers to achieve their goals.

Customers are more beneficial to this plan because its mission is to enhance and improve the lives and standard of living of their customers.

This plan allows its customers to start a business with virtually no risk and unlimited upside potential.

It is also a proven system where a person with a little financial investment can improve their customer(s).

Melaleuca Compensation Plan Break Down

There are many different ways to earn from Melaleuca. They are;

Introducing Product Commission

You will earn by enrolling a customer and making them purchase a pack. 

Payment usually is $25 unless in cases where a customer purchases a value pack of $50 or an essential package of $100. 

Also note that if your customer purchases two packs in the first two months, you will only be able to get a commission on the first pack.

Quality Customer Enrollment

If a new member is to sign up, their membership kit is on file, and the member will have a fulfilled monthly product point commitment.

Personally Enrolled Customer

For the first two months, your customers order for products, you are eligible to earn 7%, 14 %( with 8-19 customers), or 20%(20+ customers up to 150 points) of the product points they can purchase monthly.

Commission Organization

Earning 7% on the product points purchased in each month by customers of your downline is possible.

A 20/20 Bonus

You should be able to develop 20 quality customers in the 1st five months of your enrollment to enjoy the 20/20 gift.

One-Time Advancement Bonus/Pacesetter ($200): 

For you to qualify for this bonus, there are three significant steps to be carried out: 

Becoming a Melaleuca marketing executive, buy essentials or a value pack, and be a Director( this should be possible within the 1st two calendar months after your month of enrollment). 

As long as you can advance one level a month, you will continue to receive a one-time bonus for each Director status, as you grow your business.

Leadership Development Bonus

Once your downline hits director and above, you are eligible for an amount equal to 50% of their one-time bonus. 

Your status must either be higher or equal to your member’s status to gain this payment.

 Leadership Pools

You can only enjoy these pools based on the increase of new members your business can offer.

Leadership growth bonus

After taking over three months for an average, you should have a net growth during that month. 

The senior director’s payments are $500, $1000, and $2000 for executives and corporate directors. 

Car Bonuses

Strictly for senior directors and executive directors only. As a senior director, you can make $400 towards a qualifying car of your choice. 

Executive directors get $1000 for their cars. Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? Can you make money with the Melaleuca compensation plan?

Melaleuca Compensation Plan 2021 – Video

How Much Can You Make with Melaleuca MLM Jobs

Making money with any direct sales company is a complicated situation. Most of the time, the amount of money you can make with Melaleuca depends on you. 

But you can look at how much the current distributors are making averagely to determine if you will be able to make money if and when you join. 

Most customers are not purchasing the Melaleuca products despite joining the Melaleuca job compensation plan. 

Less than 20% of Melaleuca distributors are making money, and that amount of money is pennies to 99.9% of those making money. 

It shows from the 2018 Melaleuca income disclosure statement that only the distributors at the top of the scheme and the company owners are making money.  

See the breakdown of the 2018 Melaleuca income disclosure statement. You will observe that only very few people at the top of the scheme that is making money.  

The lower level status rank made an average annual income of between $115 to $564 for a whole year. 

Consider the starter pack fees, the annual membership fee, and any other costs that you must take care of to sell Melaleuca products. 80% of Melaleuca distributors made no money in 2018.

Therefore, if you are just joining Melaleuca, you will not make money. 

What do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Melaleuca Customer Services Details

Melaleuca operates a reliable customer service; you can reach them anytime. Simply call 1-800-522-3172.

To place orders: 1(800)282-3000


6am-10pm, Sat 8am-5pm

To enroll customers: 1(800)262-0600


6am-10pm, Sat 8am-5pm

For web assistance: 1(800)742-2444


6am-10pm, Sat 8am- 5pm

For general questions: 1(800)282-3000

Mon-Fri 6am-10pm, Sat 8am- 5pm

Note:Response to customers may be relative.

Melaleuca gives its customers the best it can and enlightens them on how the business works and how they can benefit greatly.

What I Like About Melaleuca


The health of the employees and customers are insured, and they have excellent benefits.

Flexibility at work

Having a flexible schedule and having to work from home is also included.


You have the opportunity to go on vacation while on Melaleuca Jobs. It is paid time off and comes on slowly.

Financial perks

The company often gives a bonus call longevity regularly. 

Tuition assistance

They pay for your schooling if you have been able to work for more than two years.


You will get a free lunch if you can work on Saturdays. 

My Issue with Melaleuca


Some customers and members manipulate individuals into joining through network marketing rather than focusing on the products and their sales.

Online Complaints

There are lots of complaints online concerning Melaleuca jobs and products.

Membership Maintenance

They often force persons into an auto-ship to buy products every month for at least $50 to maintain your membership.

Tests and Experiments

They carry out their experiments and tests on animals, which could be detrimental to the animal’s health.

Online Opinion of Melaleuca

The opinions of customers are critical if you want to consider enrolling in this company. There are many reviews of Melaleuca jobs online.  

Below are various online comments about this company:

Work-life Balance

“This place has many interesting people.” “It is an excellent workplace.” “Very positive place.” “Productive workplace with a low priority value of job work/life balance.”

Pay and benefits

“The products are amazing.” “They have hundreds of products to offer that are all of the top quality.” “They give product incentives, great benefits, and gifts.” “Customer-driven.”

Job Security and Advancement

“it is incredible.” “Very fair.” “Job security is intact.” “Health-conscious company looking out for its employees.” “Awesome benefits and career opportunities, they have a ton of offers to grow individuals in their professions locally and internationally.”


“it is a good company as long as you can follow their politics and are on the same side as them. If not, you will be considered unfit and unable to work with them”. “Management takes care of employees.” 


“Amazing company with a great culture.” “Excellent place.” “Strategy meeting with my team.” “I’ve been impressed with the atmosphere and culture at work.” “The culture here is awful.”

Is Melaleuca Safe?

Melaleuca is safe, legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme

It aims at creating the best lifestyle for persons and drives towards ensuring a better life both financially and health-wise.

Melaleuca products use natural biodegraded ingredients and formulas that are safe for the environment.

What do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews? Can you become a distributor for Melaleuca wellness company?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

How to Cancel Melaleuca Membership

All you need to do is to let the company know about about the cancellation or exit from Melaleuca Jobs is to take the following simple steps:

·By phone
Via email
·By fax
·Via regular mail
·By mobile app

But membership can be canceled at any time. There are a few reasons why a customer would like to cancel their membership.

Amongst them are;
·What about a situation where a person has to move to a country where the products are not available.
·The situation where a person goes away on vacation for an extended time and wouldn’t want their packages sitting at their property.
· A situation where a person no longer needs products due to death.

Melaleuca MLM Company BBB Reviews Rating is A+

The Melaleuca, Inc Better Business Bureau rating is A+.

Melaleuca, the wellness company rating, is a result of the company’s good turnaround time to the customer complaint issues and fast resolution to any disputes that are log against the company.

The company BBB accreditation is already also in place since the 22nd of October 1987.

There is a difference between accreditation and the BBB rating such that the certification is a commitment by any company to put resources and tools in place always to resolve customer disputes in a good time.

A company may be accredited but still have a terrible rating. You can see many comments about Melaleuca Jobs on the BBB website.

A positive and good rating does not imply that you can make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs?

What do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? What do you think?

Is Melaleuca An MLM

Yes, Melaleuca is an MLM company.

The right question should be this; Is Melaleuca a direct sales company?

Yes, Melaleuca is a direct sales-run model company with compensation plants. But Melaleuca Jobs is legit and not a scam.

Therefore if this company adopts a direct sales business model, then Melaleuca is an MLM company.

But, Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? Melaleuca is not a scam but a legitimate company.

But Melaleuca is 100% MLM company.

Is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme?

Melaleuca is safe, legit, and not a scam a pyramid scheme. 

Many people mistake MLM or direct sales company as a pyramid scheme. No, they are not. 

The actual pyramid scheme has nothing to do with products or services. People make money from commission earned from a referral fee that is paid. 

People make money from another individual that join by paying a fee that is purposely for joining the scheme.

But, Melaleuca is not a pyramid scheme because there are physical products distributed by the independent distributor that takes Melaleuca’s job full time. 

The distributors make money with Melaleuca from the commission made for every product sold and from commission earned by their referral.

So, is Melaleuca a pyramid scheme? No. Is Melaleuca legit and Scam? Melaleuca is a legitimate direct sales company. 

Are you thinking of taking Melaleuca Jobs? Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

What do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews?

Is Melaleuca worth It? 

Thanks for reading my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews? Can you make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Is Melaleuca an MLM and a Pyramid scheme? What do you think about this company?  

I am sure you can now renew and cancel the Melaleuca membership. 

It is important to note here that Melaleuca is not a scam, nor is this company a pyramid scheme. 

But, Can you make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs

You will make money, but you can not make profits. 

The 2018 Melaleuca income disclosure statement shows that over 80% of distributors lose money that year.  

It is only the people at the top of the scheme that that is making money. 

Therefore, if you are just joining this Melaleuca MLM company, you will not make money. 

So, what do you think of my Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews?

Can you make money with Melaleuca MLM jobs?

Is Melaleuca safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? What is your take? 

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4 thoughts on “Melaleuca MLM Company Reviews? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hi 

    A very good review of Melaleuca that you have convinced me that it is a programme that is not worth investing  for. I am also amazed that there are a lot of MLM companies that are based on the wellbeing and health niches. All of them seem to work on a similar pyramid  scheme that only rewards those who are on the highest rung of the ladder, which most certainly  will not be you. Tea tree oil has a lot of benefits but I believe that some of the benefits  have been overstated, like the company that sells it. Why is not the health sector better regulated so that MLM companies cannot start their scheme? Why not nip them at the bud?



    1. Dear Antonio,

      Thanks for reading my Melaleuca reviews. This article is all about how to make money with Melaleuca the wellness company and its great product ” Melaleuca renew”. Please know that Melaleuca is legit and not a scam company. 

      Is Melaleuca an MLM? Yes, It is. Melaleuca is a direct sales company.  Many mistake direct sales companies for the Pyramid scheme. 

      Melaleuca is not a Pyramid scheme. Why is that? Because they have a product that distributors sell. I observed that this company has a cancellation problem. i.e. Distributors and buyers have a problem with canceling orders.  It is difficult to get a melaleuca cancellation 

      What do you think of my Melaleuca job review? 

      The take-home is this, Melaleuca the wellness company is a legitimate company.



  2. What a great Melaleuca the wellness company review. I am glad to come across your page. Great work with lots of facts and figures. 

    This company offers good products, however, when ordering products to try would like the option of ordering a couple to try without membership fees and having to order more than I want. 

    Most of the Melaleuca complaint I have come across online in Quora forum is that of Melaleuca cancellation problem. It is even difficult to get the melaleuca cancellation form download. 

    Their products are interesting and look safe to use as it is important to me to be made of all-natural ingredients! I will have to think about it a little more before making a decision to purchase their products.

    I agree with you that the distributors making money with Melaleuca are the top rank status and the owners (obviously).

    Thanks for writing a great Melaleuca review. 

    Great work.


    1. thanks for reading my Melaleuca wellness company review. It is all about how to make money with Melaleuca the wellness company.

      Melaleuca is legit and not a scam. It is also not a pyramid scheme. Because sales and distribution of products is involved.  It is also important to know that the Melaleuca products are great to consume. 

      The problem is with the Melaleuca jobs  It is only the top level distributors that are making money with this company. If you are just starting out, the record are clear from Melaleuca 2018 income disclosure statement that over 80% of the distributors made average of lesss than $600. Most made less than $200. 

      By the time they deduct the cost of the starter pack, the annual fees and the cost of running the business; most will not make money at all. 

      Thanks again for reading my melaleuca reviews. 

      Really appreciate. 


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