Is Ambit Energy a Scam? Can You Make Money Selling?

what is ambit energy for

Name: Ambit Energy.
Industry: MLM And Energy Distribution
Genre: Retail Electricity & Natural Gas Provider
Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, USA.
Joining Fees: $75
Ambit Energy FAQ: Ambit Energy FAQ
Founders: Jere Thompson Jr. & Chris Chambers.


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Do I Recommend Ambit Energy?

You are welcome to my Ambit Energy review.

Do you want to know if you can really make money with Ambit Energy?

Then you are in the right place. This is a complete review of Ambit Energy and how you can possibly make money with it.

A lot of people are making this claim that they are making money selling Ambit Energy.

Ambit Energy is the leading company in the provision of a clean source of energy for homes and commercial businesses in America.

It was named as the best place to work as well as the fastest-growing business in America. I would recommend the business to any potential affiliate and individual consultant since it is legitimate.


What Is Ambit Energy For?

Ambit Energy supply an affordable source of energy in America having being founded in 2006 by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless.

The energy through their cheap source of energy plan provides homes and commercial businesses with a cheap source of power.

The company has a very upright status regarding treating workers modestly, in fact, it was named as the best place to work in the recent past.

Of great importance to their success story is being ranked by the Dallas Morning News as America’s fastest-growing private business, marking it the perfect company for any potential workers


What Does Ambit Energy Sell Or Promote?

Ambit Energy sells clean sources of energy to homes at an affordable price thus its products cuts across all economic classes.


The Costs/Price Of Ambit Energy.

At the moment the company is priced at $ 75 for installation of the package to a household.


Is Ambit Energy A Scam?

Ambit Energy is a good business for individuals who work as independent consultants either working as affiliates for the firm or making sales directly to customers.

Sales made from advertisements of products from the company are paid on commission to the affiliates


What Is Good with Ambit Energy?

  1. The company is legit sources of income for people who are into affiliate programs thus earning a stable flow of money. Individual consultants who would love to sale the gas and energy too are likely to benefit from working with the
  2. The company has been ranked as the best growing private energy company in the US thus the future perspective is positive for both the affiliates and the direct consultants.
  3. The company is a source of affordable electricity reaching out across all economic classes in America. Of great importance is the dedication of the company to stick to the integrity of the energy sold.
  4. Free website for all customer or member and consultant Ambit Energy for referral purpose
  5. Energy Credit rearward and free energy for referral earned

ambit energy pay bill


 Issues With Ambit Energy

  1. The company has had a good number of lawsuits in the past which has hampered the growth of the business and tarnished the brand’s name.
  2. In the recent past, the media attention directed toward the business portrayed a bad name for it branding it a scam thus making it lose more customers and consumer loyalty.
  3. Like most affiliate programs from MLM, the income from affiliates should be a supplementary source of income rather than the main source due to uncertainties in the sector.

Who Is Ambit Energy for?

Ambit energy is focussed on providing a cheaper source of energy across all economic classes in America.

Its main target niche is people who are in the lower economic class as they provide an economical home energy source.


How to Make Money With Ambit Energy?

  1. For one to be an affiliate of the company, you have to sign-up for membership first. However for individuals who are direct consultants they can operate without membership.
  2. Secondly, once members have been registered, they are required to recruit other members that are reaching out to potential consultants who would love to sell the Ambit Energy products. The more the consultants recruited, the more the money that will be paid through profit spillover.
  3. Then once the efforts to recruit members have been fruitful one is required to make a sale in order to earn some discount in the form of payment for the product sold.


Payment Method on Ambit Energy Site?

The company pays its members the profit spillover from new recruits and the profit from the sales made through the advertisement efforts.

It is the work of the affiliate to market and sells the product either online or by word of mouth. Consequently, the profit from the sale is split between the company and the affiliate or the individual consultant.

Payment is made either through bank checks or PayPal.


Alternative To Ambit Energy?

Alternatives to Ambit Energy include other energy companies such as Viridian Energies, ComEd Bill, Pacific Gas, and Energies Ltd.


Online Opinion of Ambit Energy.

From public reviews, it is evident that the company is a genuine source of income for people who are involved in affiliate marketing and individual consultancy.


Is Ambit Energy worth It?

Thanks for reading my Ambit Energy review? Can you now make money with Ambit Energy?

Is Ambit Energy a scam?

Personally, I think that Ambit Energy is a good opportunity for affiliates who wish to earn extra income.

Moreover, the energy sold by the company is clean and affordable across all the economic classes. And it is good that you know also that Ambit Energy is NOT a scam.

Are you making money with Ambit Energy? What do you think of my Ambit Energy review?

Is there anything you want me and my audience to know?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will revert to you in good time.

How to Make Money with Ambit -Video

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7 thoughts on “Is Ambit Energy a Scam? Can You Make Money Selling?”

  1. I am a Senior Consultant with Ambit Energy. I have made a considerable income part-time. My residual income is steadily growing at an exponential rate.

    This opportunity has changed my life and I am amazed to see such success.

    To sign on as a consultant you only need $75 to start a business and 28.99 monthly for your biz in a box. I never thought I could do network marketing but Ambit proven system works.

    • Dear Dr Hope,

      Thanks for reading my Ambit Energy consultant reviews. I am glad you came.

      I can assure you that you can improve your earnings with Ambit Energy by learning the art of using your website in the right way. Many people are chasing their Family, friends, co-workers just to convert them to be using Ambit Energy so that it can count for them.

      You don’t need to run after people to make money or even with MLM products like Ambit Energy. You just need to know how to sell to the real people that need this product.

      You will learn how to isolate them, how to create a niche in the market place for your business. With Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Certification Training.

      You will know how to write on your website that your article will be on page one of all the search engines. As people are searching for the best energy to adopt in the US, they will see your blog, read your offering and subscribe to Ambit Energy through your link.

      You can also make them contact you. You can also learn the art of incorporating another resource like WhatsApp for Business ( How to Make Money with WhatsApp) to your online and MLM business.

      You will learn how to make people that need Ambit Energy look for you online. People will sign up even why you are sleeping. I went thorugh this training and they taught me everything that you see on this website.

      The good news is that you will do and implement everything by your self by following the step by step training video and text instructions.

      Another good thing you should know is that you can now focus just a page in selling Ambit Energy why you can become a guru online selling other products and making huge money daily.

      What do you think?

      Kindly check out those links. They will change yourself.


  2. I have never heard of Ambit Energy but I know people who are associated with companies like it and they all have nothing but good things to say about theirs. I’ll be looking into this company as a serious business pursuit.

  3. This looks like a really interesting opportunity. Especially if you are building a business around affordable energy.

    From their website, it looks like their services is only available in 17 states. Any ideas what their expansion plan looks like? Also, since I live in Oregon, would you see any problems selling to those states that offer Ambit?

    Anyway, very unique idea and seems like it has potential…especially for someone with experience in the power/utility sector.

    • Hi KMV,

      Thanks for visiting my website.  Ambit Energy is yet to be the n Oregon state.  They continue to expand daily.  I am sure they will soon get to your state. 



  4. I really like that it is the best growing private energy company in the US and I know very well that it does not come easily since I had a project before and I researched it thoroughly. I wonder how much I can make with the affiliate program. Do you think I can make full time income with it?

    • Dear Furkan,

      Yes, you can make a lot of money with the Ambit Energy. People are making a living and full time income with the Affiliate program. It all depends on how far you want to go with it and how prepare you are ready to work. 

      Thanks for coming by. 



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