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Stream Energy Reviews: Can You Make Money with Stream Energy Jobs?

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You are welcome to my Stream Energy reviews. I am sure you are here to know if you can make money with Stream Energy Careers. What are Stream Energy Careers like?

It is ok that you are doing your research about Stream Energy Jobs; this was how I discovered how to turn my skills into a full-time business online blogging.


But, is Stream Energy a scam? Or, Is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

Please know that I am in no way affiliated with Stream Energy MLM, therefore expect an unbiased review of the Stream Energy App from this article.

Please read continue reading.

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

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Stream Energy MLM at a Glance

stream energy MLM Careers Jobs

Product Name: Stream Energy MLM
Industry: Retail Electricity Provider (Plus MLM)
Founded: 2005
Founder: Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajiki
Price: $199 Registration Fee.
Rating: 19%
Recommended: No

Summary of Stream Energy Review

Stream Energy is legit and not a scam company that deals with the sales of energy and the provision of wireless, protection, and other services. 

Stream uses an MLM model to substitute for direct advertisement, which opens an earning avenue for interested affiliates to enroll more customers and extend its reach.

But, can you make money with Stream Energy Jobs? 

***You May Not Make Money with Stream Energy MLM Jobs***

It will always be challenging to make money via any direct sales company. It is discovered that only 0.3% of MLM members of any company that makes money. The other 99.7% will lose their money and investment. 

This is a finding by Mr. Jon Taylor. He did years of work with hundreds of direct sales companies in the USA and around the world. 

He concluded that only the very few at the top of the scheme, the investors, and the early joiners would make money with MLM. These are 0.3% of the people that make money in any MLM company. 

Please read his famous book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked. ” This book has been endorsed by regulators of many countries, including the USA. 

You have a full understanding of this if you look at the income disclosure statement of any MLM company. You will observe that only people at the top of the scheme are making money.

This is why they do usually put the income disclosure statement in the public domain.

You can only get a soft copy of the Stream Energy Income Disclosure Statement for 2015. 

You can observe that almost 0.001% of the distributors (i.e., National director) earned a whopping $366,899.68 in 2015, while over 78.12% of other distributors (Qualified directors) earn $49.52 for the whole year.

Get the download and read it up from the link above.

This does not make Stream Energy a scam. But you may not Make Money with Stream Energy jobs if you are just joining them.

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What Is Stream Energy?

The only flaw with Stream Energy MLM is that the company is yet to spread more than the following territories: D.C., Georgia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and now, Delaware, Illinois, and Ohio.

This is since the company was built in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajiki.

Indeed, starting from a base that had them selling their energy by oral agreements.

Stream Energy MLM quickly grew into an Energy giant that has paid out earnings to the tune of millions.

Nevertheless, Stream Energy Careers has benefited more than $8 billion in revenue since 2005.

Partly because, on paper, Stream Energy jobs gives one of the most flexible contracts for wireless, home, and security services, as well as electric and gas supply; at very appealing rates in the current energy distribution market from their headquarters in Texas.

Although, a lawsuit in 2008 shows that three out of every ten customers are distributors.

In 2015, they burst into the fore of public consciousness by proposing that residential and commercial property caretakers can get their energy taken care of every month at prices as low as $30.

This was a sequel to a “Clean Energy Nation” movement they started three years prior; where Renewable Energy Certificates were meant to be sold nationwide, but the program failed. 

Learn more about Stream Energy via Wikipedia.

What do you think of my Stream Energy Review? Is Stream Energy a scam? Or, is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

Stream Energy MLM Product Line In Texas, Dallas Texas, and Georgia.

The company proffers up to 10 different energy solutions for willing customers at competitive prices involving both electric gas and green energy.

These are three energy solutions products that Stream Energy App can sell and promotes:

  • The Simple and Secure Plan,
  • Stream Free Nights, and
  • The Green and Clean Plan

Of the three, the Simple and Secure and the Stream Free Nights are the cheapest and most expensive plans respectively. 

There is a difference of one cent per kilowatt-hour between them; as the Stream Free Nights cost 12.9 cents per Kilowatt-hour. The Simple and Secure plan costs 10.9 cents per Kilowatt-hour, and the Green and Clean plan cost 11.9 cents per Kilowatt-hour.

There is also the service choice that reduces your carbon footprint by offsetting 1MWH every month for a little cost of $4.95 that you play along with a $2.48 connection fee. 

The most successful plan is the new Budget Power Plan. It allows customers to pay subscriptions for power at the same rate that they use monthly.

Apart from energy, Stream Energy App is also about promoting other technical accessories for residential and commercial households like:

***Security Services***

The Stream has a line of protective alternatives, including Roadside Assistance, Identity theft protection, technical support, credit monitoring, and Virtual MDs.

***Smart Homes***

The Stream has also inducted its customers to the convenience of controlling their house spaces, utilities (like smart Thermostats); and energy consumption monitoring using their smartphones with the Stream Platform for Smart Homes.

*** Wireless Network***

Stream also has some wireless network connections for cellular phones and international phones. 

***Stream Energy MLM Compensation Plan ***

To convince people to part with $199 to register with the company, you can expect that there’d have to be juicy bonuses on offer, and there are.

***Immediate Income***

Potential distributors start to drool when they hear that they can make as much as $200; just by referring enough customers to Stream Energy’s App services within the first three months.

This is where the simplicity ends with the Stream’s compensation plan.

If you enroll ten customer points within that same period and sell enough Stream services, you can also earn up to $500 at once.

***Monthly Earned Income (MEI)***

After walking into the $200, the real work starts as a distributor.

For every customer that a distributor enrolls, there is a compensation bonus from $0.50 to $3.00.

The distributor must work hard to get enough people to the energy service to get any reasonable amount from the MEI. 

*** Stream Energy Careers Incentives ***

A year of driving a brand-new Mercedes, Streamcation, travel stipend, plusses at the annual Stream conferences; are just a few admittedly lavish bonuses that Stream dare their affiliates to earn. 

The affiliate must reach above the rank of Regional Director at the very least for one year; as well as meet some other qualifications. 

There have been very few complaints about Stream failing to keep up with their ends of the bargain. Like any other MLM, the problem is always getting there.

***Stream Energy MLM Bonuses***

Making money from people you recruit to your team will depend on how well you perform in the field.

If you don’t get the required customer points from enrolling customers or selling energy yourself, you can say goodbye to your team bonuses.

Also, your recruits must be equally active. The recruits must close sales within the first month of joining the Stream Energy App ground force before you can make cash off them.

Stream uses a list of ranking positions with the lowest area being an associate, and the highest position being a National Director, as seen below:

Making a move up each rank requires the affiliate to fulfill a sales requirement every month while paying a necessary enrollment fee.

Nonetheless, earning from customer bonuses presents the best opportunity for affiliates to really make money from Stream, simply because making energy sales is not a fast-moving market.

What do you think of my Stream Energy Review? Is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

***How to Join Stream Energy Jobs? ***

Interested Affiliates just need to join the MLM branch that is known as ‘Stream Ignite.’

For you To join Stream Ignite, the affiliate will pay the prerequisite $199 fee and fill the required fields. 

With all you have read about the compensation plan; what do you think of my Stream Energy review? Is Stream Energy a scam? Or, is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

How Much Does it Cost to Join Stream Energy Careers In Dallas Texas, and Georgia?

It will cost you a membership registration fee of $199 to join Stream Energy jobs. The Multi-Level Marketing business branch called Stream Ignite, there are no extra packs

Also, the affiliate must remit a token of $24.95 every month to keep up the website and the Stream Marketing System (SMS). Do you think that Stream Energy is a scam?

This SMS fee avails all the tools and services that an affiliate would need to make sales and recruit seamlessly for the month. 

Who Is Stream Energy Jobs For?

Only people that have confidence in their proximity with people that need flexible energy contracts, and the ability to turn those customers into very active distributors should think about investing in Stream Energy Careers.

This is because the amount you can make from energy sales are not usually up to scratch, the bulk amount you will make will come from bonuses from recruitment and ranking up. 

How to Make Money with Stream Energy MLM Career Jobs

Like every other MLM business out there, making money from Stream Energy Careers depends on the pulling power you have with recruits for bonuses.

The bonuses are not much, but they serve a whole lot better than relying on sales. 

Of course, the irony is qualifying for the bonus requires the affiliate to enroll more customers.

This is precisely why people don’t make much money with Stream Energy jobs, except they live in an area teeming with people that are dying for the energy plans that Stream Energy Careers offer.

Which, unfortunately, rarely is the case. 

How Much Can You Make with Stream Energy?

To put it all in perspective, Stream Energy Careers can earn between $100 and $25 from team bonuses, with the bonus distribution dependent on rank. If you’re ranked higher, you can get up to $100.

However, most of the rewards depend on how well the associate performs when it comes to customer enrollment. Sometimes, the requirement for bonus qualifications is up to 10, or even 15 customer enrollments.

As for energy sales, making $0.50 per customer is a recipe for disaster, which is why some affiliates turn their attention to trying to enroll commercial outfits in the hope of getting better returns.

Unfortunately, retail accounts pay between $10-$25 every month for energy, which is not exactly the top dollar either.

Ultimately, the biggest winner in the contract is the 245 officials of the company. Since they realize that advertising by word-of-mouth is more likely to yield results than other marketing choices.

In essence, they have $8 billion of generated revenue to prove that point.

So, while satisfied customers think they are earning a little side cash by promoting the source of their flexible energy plans, all they do is pay to advertise Stream Energy Careers Services.

stream energy legit, scam or pyramid scheme

What do you think of my Stream Energy review? Is Stream Energy a scam? or do you think Stream Energy is a pyramid scheme?

Are Stream Energy Distributors Making Money In Dallas Texas, and Georgia?

While it became public knowledge in 2008, that the company took a sum of $9 million from distributors from the sign-on fees and monthly payments the affiliates pay.

Despite this generous contribution from the affiliates, the average annual earnings for affiliates in that same year was $174.

That’s not even up to the registration fee.

Stream Energy MLM Customer Service In Dallas Texas, and Georgia

The customer service personnel are available via Stream Energy App and Phone Number 866-447-8732.

What is Good About Stream Energy Jobs?

***Green Energy is the Future of Energy***

Since its inception, the company has championed the use of cleaner energy for its audience with plans like Stream Green and many programs they have set up to improve awareness of the need for cleaner energy.

This will always be a huge plus in any book, especially when there are many energy companies out there taking the easy route by ignoring the difficult and nigh impractical sources of eco-friendly energy.

***Established Company***

Many must have laughed at the company when it was just an oral movement calling for more flexible energy in 2006, and expected it to fold up sooner or later.

They must have turned their noses up further when the company adopted an MLM strategy for the affiliate association.

Stream Energy App has defied those odds to grow into serious consideration in the energy market, and that’s a big deal.

***No Major Lawsuits in File ***

It has not had to step in court as much as most Multi-Level Marketing companies do.

That’s not to say there’s not been the odd complaint here and there, but it never really gets bad enough to get into a full-blown legal issue.

The only lawsuit against this company recently was regarded as a massive scandal, where other MLMs treat lawsuits filed against them like medals.

Issues with Stream Energy MLM

***Shameful Income Statement ***

This is one case where hiding an income statement would have been a smarter choice than disclosing such horrific details.

The data in Stream’s IDS of 2017 revealed that the average income of affiliates at the Director position takes home 4 cents on average every year.

Four Cents a Year! What’s worse is that 58 out of every 100 Stream Energy jobs are at the Director Position.

Twenty-five of the remaining 42 affiliates from that ratio is in the Qualified Director position and an average annual income of $47.93. It’s all just horrible.

***High Cost of Investment?***

Imagine registering as an affiliate with $199! It is too costly. 

Considering the expected returns from that nasty Income Disclosure Statement, does it look worth it?

***Expensive Energy in Dallas Texas, and Georgia***

Stream Energy jobs’ offer to customers is usually a cheaper option, that is only for the period covered in the agreement, once the period ends, the customer pays at a wild rate that could even be double of the initial deal.

This has sparked outrage among the customers, enough for a lawsuit to be filed against Stream Energy. 

Complaints About Stream Energy Careers Jobs in Dallas Texas, and Georgia

Most of the customers have left furious complaints about how the energy they paid for was more expensive than the initial agreement.

The company has a responsive customer support service.

Still, most of the customers have insisted that the responses make them even angrier since the “Customer service agents continue to be rude and condescending,” according to one customer.

They refuse to notify the customers about the change in tariff after the initial contract expires; which makes the customers surprised when they see doubled or tripled bills come to the end of the month.

There are so many complaints about this issue online. Have you seen any negative Stream Energy review online? Is Stream Energy a scam?

Stream Energy BBB Reviews Rating Is A+

The company has been accredited with BBB since the 8th of August, 2010.

Despite the 224 complaints placed against Stream Energy App in the last three years (84 of which are about the service), Stream still enjoys an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

The positive BBB Stream Energy review is a declaration that the company has a good policy in place to engage and resolve various customer complaints that may come up.

Stream Energy Lawsuits 

They agreed to a settlement fee in 2018 as they pled guilty in a class-action lawsuit filed against them by Steven Basile in 2015.

Basile Claimed that he had been overcharged for the energy he entered a contract with Stream over.

In that same year, Stream was faced with a charge that labeled the company as a Pyramid Scheme, which put them in the firing line for breaking federal racketeering laws, acclaim that Stream refuted.

Again, in 2015, Stream enjoyed the right side of the law, as they received $346,00o in compensation from a lawsuit filed by Solavei for misappropriation of trade secrets.

Stream ignite was faced with a lawsuit recently for overcharging its customers again, this time by the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan for electricity and natural gas services.

Morgan & Morgan have put out a bounty on this company, asking for customers that have crossed by Stream so they can apply for due compensation. 

Stream Energy App

Stream Energy App is a mobile application for this energy and Gas electricity LTD.

You can use the Stream Energy App for the following:

  • View your bill
  • Make payments
  • Manage AutoPay preferences and payment methods
  • View billing and payment history
  • Sign in with your fingerprint

The Stream Energy App is available and compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Is Stream Energy a Pyramid Scheme?

Though the company is a direct sales company that distributes and sells energy via its various distributors, it is not a pyramid scheme.

Notwithstanding a pending lawsuit Federal, that alleged that the company is a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid scheme work such that it uses a fraudulent way to make money by continuous recruitment of investors. The initial investors make money via recruitment, while the people that are also recruited also must recruit more people to make money.

The company is an energy distribution-based company. Therefore, a service that is a product is involved. It is why Stream Energy is not a pyramid scheme.

Many people can easily mistake MLM business with a pyramid scheme, and most especially here, the products here are not a physical one but energy consumption.

99.7% of MLM members will lose their money. It is based on a research work of years of investigation by Mr. Jon M.Taylor.

Is Stream Energy Legit or a Scam?

 This is a legitimate energy-selling business and not a scam.

It is based on their legitimacy that they earned a place as a Direct Selling Association Top 20 company in 2017.

A year before then, it was awarded the title of the” Most Innovative Marketer of the Year” at the Energy Marketing Conference.

Because the company is using a direct sales model to promote its business; many are referring to it as a Stream Energy scam and some even call it a scam.

How I Make Money Online. . .

I make money with this website by selling other people’s stuff. That is called affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is a process of making money every time you promote other people’s goods and services.

If you make sales for a company, the company will pay you a commission in a percentage of the number of your sales. You will not get paid if there are no sales.

Example: If you click on any of my link and my link take you to another website and you buy something from that site.

That website may pay me a commission (maybe 10% or more) of the amount you pay without any extra cost, you the buyer.

You can start the same business right now. Start this affiliate marketing certification training. The first ten classes are FREE. No credit card is needed for you to start. Click here to learn more.

Stream Energy FAQs

***Can You make money with Stream Energy Careers in Dallas Texas, and Georgia?***

Yes, you will make money with stream energy careers in Dallas Texas, and Georgia. They sell and distribute services via its many Independent Associates.

To make money, you will have to join the Independent Associates.

The Independent Associates opportunity will help you sell various Independent Associates services.

At the same time, you earn rewards and income in the process by recruiting more people who will be selling the products and services.

***Is Stream Energy an MLM?***

Yes, Stream Energy is a multi-level marketing company that sells and distributes gas and electricity services via its Independent Associates in some selected states in the USA.

They are a subsidiary of a retail electricity company called NRG Energy. What do you think of my review of Stream Energy? Is Stream Energy a scam? Is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

***What states is Stream Energy licensed in?***

The company is available and licensed to operate and provide sales; and distribution of energy in the following states in the USA: New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

what are good side hustles

Texas was where the company first offered energy services, followed by removing regulations in Texas’s electricity market.

***How do I Pay My Energy bill in stream energy Dallas Texas, and Georgia?***

You will pay by Phone. You can use your debit and credit card. Payment can be made by calling 866-447-8732.

You get the same-day value for payment made by Phone.

***Who Bought Stream Energy?***

NRG Energy purchased this company.

This move is said to add over 700,000 residential customers to the NRG’s market share in Pennsylvania and other USA locations.

Is Stream Energy Worth It?

What do you think about my Stream Energy review? Can you make money with Stream Energy Careers Jobs in Dallas Texas, and Georgia?

Is Stream Energy a legit or scam? Or is Stream Energy a Pyramid Scheme?

From the complaints above, then it’s clear that buying energy is not precisely cheaper than state-owned energy alternatives.

This, you can agree, makes it harder for distributors to pitch their sales.

Many people will have a problem with facing customers that feel aggrieved about the overcharging that the company force on their customers.

As a distributor, that’s not a problem you face directly, though.

Distributors save at least 25% from their previous energy bills, but that’s usually as far as money recouped goes for a distributor.

With an average annual take-home of $174, there’s no need for a soothsayer to tell that is not worth the affiliation.

What is your take? Is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

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10 thoughts on “Stream Energy Reviews: Can You Make Money with Stream Energy Jobs?”

  1. Hi John,

    I carefully read the whole review, but since your site doesn’t allow select/copy text, I have to admit that I could misunderstand something because retyping your statements in the Google Translate does not appeal to me like a time well-spent. English is my second language, and even though I speak fluently, my vocabulary is still limited compared to my native language.

    So, forgive me if I’m off-point, but how is Stream Energy still in business? Aren’t Rob Snyder and  Pierre K. supposed to be behind the bars by now? If the company was charged as a “Pyramid Scheme” in the lawsuit? From everything I’ve read in your article, it’s obvious that this IS a Pyramid Scheme and not a legitimate multi-level marketing company: high membership cost, skyrocketing prices, miserable earnings (if they can even be called so).

    BBB rating is A+ Ah? How? Were they bribed? How can consumers even trust BBB then? Is BBB a scam?

    How could Stream Energy be a legitimate company if it was formally labeled a “Pyramid Scheme”? Top 20 companies? Award? This all is outrageous! What’s wrong with American law? 

    No wonder that truly good MLMs have such a horrible reputation if companies like Stream Energy are in the Top 20 of the Direct Sales Association!

    Your review is very detailed and sounds unbias. 
    Thank you for the warning!


    ~ Julia

    1. Dear Jewelia, 

      Thanks for reading my Stream Energy reviews. The purpose of the article is to let my audience know how to make money with Stream Energy

      Ok, about the BBB rating. BBB rating is a measure of how an organization handles its customer complaints. The company not handling a compliant well or right does not make it a scam.

      In this case, the BBB rating of Stream Energy is A +; which implies that the customer handling is excellent and exceptional. 

      Stream Energy could be mistaken for the Pyramid scheme if there is a recruitment and there is no product nor services involved.

      Stream Energy does not have a physical product but they render  Utility services which can still be call products. 

      I hope I am clear. 


      Stream Energy

      Stream Energy

  2. Thank you for this excellent review of Stream Energy.  Although it’s almost impossible for people to make money from ANY MLM, it seems that Stream is going out of its way to make this so.  When you consider the yearly fees, These people are barely making $25.  Then they go and over-charge their customers.  This is a company I would definitely stay far-far away from.

    1. Dear Feochadan, 

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Stream Energy.

      It is public knowledge that 80% of multi-level marketers will not make money. It is only the top people at the top of the pyramid that are earning big. 



  3. I recently joined a similar program with the company Ambit, and I am beginning to regret it already. It sounded like a great idea, but just getting customers to sign up for electricity isn’t going to pay you much, it is about getting people to work for Ambit underneath you, and people under them, and so on. This sounds a lot like that, I would stay away if I were you!

    1. Thanks for reading my Stream Energy review

      This article is all about how to make money with Stream Energy.



  4. Hi thanks for the wonderful review,I personally love steam energy, because like I read,it creates room for good networking there for also aiding good earning…also gives room for is a legit platform with aids free and good flow of good energy,it pave way for making money and can help turn skills into full time business

  5. Andy Zeus Anderson

    Stream energy threw up red flags with the fact they charge you a fee to start your MLM that is purely cash for cash with no energy credit. That puts them outside US laws related to online business. They have to give value for the initial fee such as printed materials, sample packs, or energy credits. They also are not pure Utilities, and they don’t specialize in one market so one has to wonder if the energy cooperative is so good then why are these other programs needed to make money.

    I am also wary about Utility Commission authorization for this out of the normal scenario for energy funding. Bonds and tax subsidy typically cover what an energy company fails to earn from rates charged. A Community or taxpayer-funded Utility is seldom allowed to dip into funds like those from MLM considered high risk because of bond repayment obligations. MLM Fails all the time.

    1. Dear Andy, 

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Stream Energy.

      Really appreciate.



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