Is Evolution Travel a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

evolution travel is a scam

You are welcome to my Evolution Travel review.

Do you like to make huge money while traveling the world?

Travel and earn at the same time- this seems like a fantastic opportunity, right?

I am sure a travel sales agent must have approached you with such an idea before now?

How would you like to find out if Evolution Travel can present you with the ticket to satisfying your wanderlust while still earning a passive income?

Is Evolution Travel a scam? Can you make money as an Evolution Travel agent?

This is an unbiased, sincere and non-affiliated review about Evolution Travel. I am not a member nor a distributor of Evolution Travel.

Continue reading to find out the hidden perks of Evolution Travel and if it's a business opportunity is indeed legit or NOT.

I will cover the following in this article:


Evolution Travel at a Glance

my evolution travelProduct Name: Evolution Travel
Founder: David McCovy
Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company Selling Travels
Price: $30 One-Time Payment With $69.95 monthly.
Rating: 15%
Best For: Travel Agents that are good in networking business.
Recommended: No.


Summary Review of Evolution Travel

Evolution Travel is a travel agency founded by David McCovy in 2015.

McCovy had been linked with pyramid schemes such as 5Linx and Paycation, both of which ran into the ground.

After this, he decided to create his own company; it seems like it still seems shady.

In this review, you will discover that Evolution Travel is a can of worms and is probably most suited for existing and established, travel affiliates and tour guides.


What Is Evolution Travel?

Let’s face it; everyone loves to travel. To see the sights and live freely while at it.

Then you hear about an agency that helps you book your flights at a cheaper cost; this sounds like awesome stuff especially the extra cash to spend on souvenirs.

In addition to this, you also get the added advantage of earning as an affiliate.

This is an opportunity no one would like to pass over which is why you are here to do your due diligence, and I commend you for that.

Evolution Travel is an MLM travel agency founded by David McCovy in 2015. He started this MLM travel agency after his previous stints with 5Linx and Paycation.

The company is partnered with Archer Travel Group. Archer Travel Group provides Evolution travel with access to discounted flights, hotel reservations, car rental, cruise, and vacation booking.

Technically, Evolution Travel doesn't have a product line. What they do is liaise with travel companies and sell discounted travel coupons and packages.

However, Evolution Travel offers a membership program to its users to become Travel Agents or an independent distributor.

While the membership Evolution Travel sells cannot be considered a product, it is the way the company makes its profit.

As a Travel Agent, you are eligible to receive a free cruise, travel agent discounts, familiarization points, travel points, and cash and merchandise rewards.


How Much Does Evolution Travel Cost?

The previous commitment was $299; however, it has been discounted by 90% to a $30 one-time enrollment fee to become a travel affiliate. After that, it costs a monthly fee of $69.95. This gives you access to:

  • Exclusive Travel Offers
  • A free personalized affiliate travel website (that will earn you commissions on every booking)
  • Social media assets.
  • Insider travel knowledge.
  • Discounted travel rates that can help you win customers.


Who is Evolution Travel for?

Although Evolution Travel pitches itself as an opportunity for everyone who loves to travel and earn at the same time, the affiliate business is probably most suited for existing and established, travel affiliates and tour guides.

This is because these people already have a pool of loyal customers who patronize them.

As a newbie, you probably won't make enough to pay for coffee for all the time spent hustling.


Evolution Travel Compensation Plan 

You can make money in different ways and levels via Evolution Travel. You can either go part-time and full-time.

Below are stages, rank and various levels of Evolution Travel:

  • Consultant

You will become an Evolution Travel Consultant as soon as you enroll, and you also become a Professional Travel Agent (PTA) or a Contractor.

  • Executive Consultant

You become an Executive Consultant as soon as you sell three Professional Travel Agent (PTA) packages.

  • Bronze Consultant

You will earn a Bronze Consultant level if you sell six Professional Travel Agent (PTA)

  • Silver Consultant

You will be rewarded with Silver Consultant with the sales of nine Professional Travel Agent (PTA) packages.

  • Gold Consultant

You will have to sell Fifteen Professional Travel Agent (PTA) packages with a minimum of three Silver Consultant in three separate legs or levels of your business.

  • Platinum Consultant

You must have a minimum of three hundred (300) active Professional Travel Agent (PTA) packages in your downlines; with a maximum of one third from a particular lineage.

The Incentive of Professional Travel Agent (PTA) Packages

The incentives of PTA packages include the following:

  • Online Training Program
  • Support Services
  • Discount Directory
  • Access to Wholesale Resorts and Condoles
  • Personal Website for Bookings
  • Commission Tracking Tools
  • Evo Reward
  • Access to Major Suppliers, Tour Operators, and Vendors.

Evolution Travel Commissions

The travel commission on all travels booked; 90% of the various commission is paid to the consultants.

You will also earn an 80% commission on Hotels, Cars, Cruises, and Packaged Tours and also earn 10% on every personal booking as a consultant.

Evolution Travel Residual Income

evolution travel agent

Source: 2018 Evolution of Travel Compensation Plan PDF

Leadership Bonuses

Only Gold and Platinum Consultant positions are entitled to the monthly leadership bonuses.

You must attain and consistently be on Gold and Platinum status at the end of every month.

You must also be on this position as on the 7th of the following months to be entitled to the leadership bonus of between $750 to $1,000.

The health benefits offered initially to Gold consultants will no more exist effective from July 1, 2017.

Company Share for Consultants

Every Consultant at the Gold level will be rewarded with 20,000 shares of the company.

You will be rewarded with additional 20,000 shares when you reach the Platinum Consultant level.

The only condition for this share reward is that you must be a qualifying Gold or Platinum consultants for the three previous months without losing the status of your rank or level.

evolution travel login

Requirements for Evolution Travel Residual Residual Income

For you to qualify and get paid for the monthly residual income, the following requirement must be met:

  • Any such consultant must be active and also qualified to earn the commission.
  • You will need to have attained a minimum of executive position and above to be considered for the residual pool at the end of the month.
  • Be entitled to a payment in that month the remaining is earned.
  • You must not have missed your monthly payment due, i.e. you monthly 30 days payment must be constant before you are considered active.

It is mandatory for the Professional Travel Agent (PTA) to comply with the monthly fee payment whenever it is due.

He or she has the responsibility to contact the support and the office when and if there is any challenge with such payment.

All the necessary payment requirements must be met before the residual are processed and paid; otherwise, your payment will not be included.

More Recognition And Incentives for Consultants

The following are additional motivation in term of incentive that has been put in place by the Evolution Travel management to influence performance:

When you achieve the three-star Platinum level; you will be rewarded with a Platinum and Diamond Breitling Watch.

You will be awarded an income achievement ring which is based on your monthly income. This position must be maintained for two consecutive months.

  • 100K ring – $8,333 monthly
  • 250K ring – $20,833 monthly
  • 500K ring – $41,667 monthly
  • 1 mil ring – $83,333 monthly

Evolution Travel Scholarship Awards

A $1 is always deducted by the management of Evolution Travel from every Professional Travel Agent (PTA) subscription sales of $99.

This amount is put into a scholarship pool and donated to a chosen Evolution Travel consultant every half a year.

The requirements that qualified consultants to be eligible for this scholarship include the following:

To be chosen for the award, you must have been active for a minimum of six months with no default in payment of your monthly due.

The member of your family that may qualify for that scholarship benefits must be fully enrolled in their chosen college or school.

Before your relative can benefits from the scholarship scheme, you must have attained at one point an executive consultant level.

Please know that the scholarship pool is entirely based on $1 awards to the contribution pool.

If in any way any Evolution Travel promotion is not set to the regular $99 fees; such decision will affect the contribution of the $1 into the pool.


How to Make Money with Evolution Travel 

If you love to travel, you'll love receiving a commission on your private bookings as well as those of family, friends, and friends of friends.

However, bear in mind that the commission is self-motivated. You have to hack it to make it.

Evolution Travel partners with Archer Travel Group by white labeling its booking engine. This enables them to offer travel packages and discounts to their customers.

These partners include airlines, cruise lines, hotels and resorts, car rental services, (travel) insurance companies and many more.

As an Evolution Travel affiliate, you earn commissions when your customers book through the company.

Your significant earnings come when you recruit new Evolution Travel affiliates. So here is the list of commission potential:

  • Travel Commission

Evolution Travel receives 90% of all bookings (10% goes to the Archer Travel Group).

Of this, you earn up to 80% while the affiliate who recruited you (your sponsor) gets the remaining 10%.

  • Residual Commission

You have to be at the big table to get this.

The company puts a certain percentage of monthly revenue into a pool which is shared among top-level executives and high-ranking affiliates.

  • Leadership Bonus

You have to have either a Gold or Platinum rank to be eligible for this monthly bonus.

Even at this, there is a statutory time-frame under which you qualify.

  • Company Shares

You must also hold a Gold or Platinum rank (for three consecutive months without defaulting or losing the status of the rank) before receiving 20,000 company shares.

Evolution Travel splits 80% of the chicken feed commission Archer Travel Group pays them not 80% of the booking fee.

If you want to find out or know more about Evolution Travel’s Compensation plan, click here and you can also watch this video to learn more about it.


Evolution Travel Support  And Customer Service

Clients who book for travel through Travel Agents will have to contact them if they have any dissatisfaction.

However, the company Contact for support as listed on the website is stated below:

  • Phone Number: (800) 272-4377) and
  • Email Address:
  • Headquarters: 6671 Las Vegas Blvd South; Suite D-210, Las Vegas NV 89119

The feedback about their customer service is not a pleasant one.

See screenshot of complaint below:

what is about evolution travel


What is Good About Evolution Travel?

Though, Evolution Travel is not recommended as a business by me. But the company still has some good things I like.

I will not hesitate to state them below:

  • Association with Archer Travel

Archer Travel Group has been in business for a long time. The company was founded in 1952, and it is still an established company today.

This association is a plus to Evolution Travel, and it is a mark of a great thing. Every business will always consider the partnership and whom the company is business with.

  • Evolution Travel Founder Is a Business Guru

The founder of Evolution Travel (David McCovy) is a successful business person and an established entrepreneur.

He founded a high clothing store, he has the largest independent concert event company in Las Vegas, He has a great restaurant, and he also invested in the Hollywood film industry.

He is also an expert in the Multi-Level Market domain, before the establishment of Evolution Travel, David Mccovy was a top member of other multi-level market companies.

One of such companies includes 5Linx.

  • A Lot of Positive Review

I was looking out for a negative review of Evolution Travel, but I was amazed at what I discovered. The company has many positive reviews online.

This is a positive discovery despite the business structure being MLM models. See some of the positive reviews below:

what is an online travel site

what is an online travel


Many RED Flags of Evolution Travel 

  • ***Evolution Travel May Be Going Down***

The website of Evolution Travel is currently not secure, i.e. The website is without https, and this has a lot of implications.

what is my evolution travel

  1. One such effect is that there is no responsible official to maintain the site again.
  2. The site is not secure for visitors anymore
  3. Your information is not saved with the Evolution Travel website.
  4. If they are actually in business, then they currently have a big problem for not being able to secure such a site with less than a $100 yearly.
  • ***Evolution Travel Employ MLM Models For Sales***

I once wrote an article on why all the Multi-Level Marketing program is a scam.

Evolution Travel Employ is all about recruiting and selling Professional Travel Agent (PTA) Packages using MLM models.

The reason for that article was that you don’t need to disturb your son, wife and entire family before you make sales in a business.

MLM program will make the whole world hates you because you don’t have anyone to make a sales pitch to than your immediate family and friends and that is wrong.

The best way for you to start making money in this age either online or offline is to discover how to solve just one of many of the world problems.

When you have a solution to a problem, millions of people will be ready to pay you to solve it for them. You will not need to chase people around to subscribe to a useless program anymore.

The world is full of problems; discovering just one that relates to your passion and hobbies will change your life.

This unique training helped me discover mine, and I am making four full-time figure income online assisting millions of my audience daily online.

Check this training out; it is FREE. No credit card or PayPal is needed to join. Click here to start now.

  • ***Evolution Travel Is Too Costly***

Revolution Travel has a one-time subscription fee of $30 and a monthly payment of $69.95.

Even the best affiliate marketing training in the world “Wealthy Affiliate” is not as costly.

You can easily create a four-figure full-time income online with just $49 monthly. And the cost is so less if you pay half or yearly.

Why would any human being be losing much money into an MLM program and the compensation plan is so not worth the trouble?

In my opinion, the package is so poorly put together with a horrible website that is no more secure.
Many Negative Complaint Online

  • ***Evolution Travel With Many Customer Complaints***

When the number of happy customers is less than the unhappy one, then such a company will soon go down.

See some extract screenshot online below:

evolution travel pillow


  • ***Evolution Travel is Not BBB Accredited***

The screenshot below is showing A+ for BBB Ratings for Evolution Travel.

If you also observed the underline keenly in red, it states that customers review is not employed to arrive at that ratings.

Evolution Travel is yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau; because they are however to meet the requirements to do so.

evolution travel agency training


  • ***Low Earnings***

Evolution Travel shares 80% of the chicken feed commission Archer Travel Group pays them not 80% of the booking fee.

This does amount to much.

The company’s revenue is without doubt sourced from affiliate signup and monthly fees, which is why you should’t join.

  • ***Complexity***

At the entry-level employees usually, struggle to understand the process flow and how to build a business for themselves.

Let’s face it; not everyone is a great marketer and most people who love to travel


Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

Technically, Evolution Travel is yet to be declared as a scam by FTC, but they do not sell a legit product; all they sell is a membership that might leave you stuck in the mud with angry clients.

From a veteran’s angle, it is a pyramid scheme in disguise due to its focus on recruitment.

However, I can assure you, and you can see for yourself, that its affiliate program is not a decent one-time stand.

Some people are still making money with this company just the same way the fraud stars and scammers are still out their making money from their various victims.

I can confirm to you that you have a high possibility of failure than to succeed with Evolution Travel.

But you know it will not be okay for you to lose not only your money but that of your friends and relative.

evolution travel scam


Is Evolution Travel Worth It?

What do you think of my Evolution Travel review?

Is Evolution Travel a scam? With what you now know, do you think you can make money with Evolution Travel?

Most often it is easy to believe that a product worth almost $900 yearly will usher in millions for you; however, with a product like Evolution Travel, I do not buy into it.

However, if you want to make money online from a real product, I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate, this product enables you to create passive income that is both consistent and real from affiliate marketing.

I have created a monthly four-figure passive income from Wealthy Affiliate.

You can click on my link to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Id like to hear from you let me know what you think about my Evolution Travel Review. Kindly share your thoughts in my comment area below.

evolution travel reviews

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6 thoughts on “Is Evolution Travel a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. There are cons and pros Evolution Travel, but I would rather not go in the business with them.

    I am a bit conservative and also look at the year the company was founded.

    For me, one of the good indicators of the trustworthy company is 10 years being on the market or when the company survived during the crisis.

    But, i still love to know some things about Evolution Travel. Many are online comments in several fora claimed that it is an MLM program.

    Is Evolution travel an MLM?

    Also, who do you think own Evolution Travel? I am just interested.

    Also, if i join Evolution Travel right now. Because I am seriously thinking about joining this travel program. How do I cancel my membership of Evolution Travel?

    Please help with those questions.



    • Dear Oleksii,

      Thanks for reading my review about the Evolution Travel.

      I appreciate your time for the long comment.

      I will try to summarize my attempt to answer your questions.

      The first question:

      Is Evolution Travel an MLM?

      Yes, Evolution Travel an MLM company that is into the travel business.

      They help people earn money by selling various travel products and majorly to refer more people to become a member of Evolution Travel.

      The claimed to have an excellent compensation plan as regards the Evolution Travel affiliates programs.

      Some people refer to the company as a Pyramid Scheme just because they seem to concentrate on getting more people than selling travel products.

      Okay, now, the next question.
      Who owns Evolution Travel?

      Evolution Travel was founded by DAVID MCCOVY and RON ARCHER, who also is the President of Archer Travel Service, Inc. Archer Travel Group is a well-known name in the traveling industry.

      Archer Travel Group bring a lot of experience to the running of Evolution Travel, Archer travel was established in 1952.

      The partnership of Archer Travel in the running of Evolution Travel makes the establishment of great home business for every member of Evolution Travel.

      The last question is,

      How to cancel your evolution travel membership?

      Every member of Evolution Travel can only cancel their membership in writing. Some else can not cancel your membership for you but yourself.

      To cancel your membership, you will write your cancellation request to this email address

      You can also help people cancel their membership by sending their original cancellation request to the same email address.

      Thanks for the time to write such a long comment. I hope I answered all your questions?



  2. The One-Time startup price of $30 looks good, I would spend that much money to learn something new, but the $69.95 monthly fee is a bit too much!

    This deal is also not for the daily user who is not much into travelling.

    But is Evolution travel a pyramid scheme? There are so many comments online about Evolution travel being a Pyramid Scheme.

    I hate to join any Pyramid scheme program. Please clarify for me.

    Thanks for this detailed review and giving the heads up! Is there any system that actually works?

    • Thanks for reading my Evolution Travel Review.

      You are right about the cost of Evolution Travel, you can channel that amount to learning something like Affiliate Marketing as a course online.

      To your next question “Is Evolution travel a pyramid scheme?”

      I thought I addressed this in the body of this article.

      You can easily mistake Evolution Travel to be a Pyramid scheme just because of the way the program is so focus on the recruitment of people rather than selling of travel products and packages.

      When a network program is focusing almost 100% on the recruitment rather than selling and marketing of value-able products then such program is a pyramid scheme.

      So, is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme? I will Term Evolution Travel as a pyramid scheme disgusting as an MLM travel program.

      All the efforts of members are completely on referring people rather than selling traveling packages.
      FTC stated clearly that if a program that claimed to make people money focus on recruiting people rather than selling products then such program is a pyramid scheme.

      Do you know that World Ventures (Similar to Evolution Travels) is being restricted and also banned in many countries?

      What do you think?

      Thanks again fir reading my review about Evolution Travels



  3. How I want to believe that Evolution Travel is a treasure! Travel and still earn money! How sweet it sounds! It’s like a dream! I thought… but no… not all the gold that shines! But the author of the article has clearly worked here. The article includes 100 % of key and important information, from relevant small details to colourful examples, videos, charts and diagrams. I love this approach!
    So, folks, trust but check!

    • Thanks for reading my Evolution Travel review. Do I think that the Evolution Travel is a scam? No.

      Can you make money with this Evolution Travel? Yes. But it will take you a lot of work.

      And you must have resource and great skill to employ the 21st century marketing method to Excell in this travel niche.

      You will need to have you own blog and learn the art of making money blogging online.

      Converting prospect organically and not chasing people.

      This is how to excel online in this age.

      So what you think about the Evolution Travel? Is Evolution Travel worth it?

      Thank you


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