ZynTravel Review: Can You Really Make Money?

what is zyndio for

You are welcome to my ZynTravel review.

Are you here because you are thinking of making money with ZynTravel?

But, can you make money with ZynTravel? Is ZynTravel a scam?

Has anyone tried to sell ZynTravel to you, and you want to know how legitimate they are? Well, you are in luck.

It is good to research your options online; this is how to discover a legitimate way to make money online.

This is a detailed review of ZynTravel, and it's business model, compensation plans, and money-Making opportunities.

Scroll down to find out if you can make a residual income from ZynTravel


ZynTravel at a Glance

Product Name: ZynTravel
Founder: Andrew Powel
Price: Set up fee of $49.99, $199.99 or $499.99 +$19.99 + $12.99/mth
Rating: 15%
Recommended: NO


Summary Review of ZynTravel

ZynTravel is a travel booking service company that operates with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure.

ZynTravel is centered on recruiting new members into its MLM system rather than the services it offers.

In truth, they do not provide direct services. Instead, the services that they propose are provided by a third party.


What is ZynTravel about, Exactly?

ZynTravel has managed to mask what they are indeed about. However, like most MLM companies, their primary objective is to recruit new members into the system.

It is key to note that ZynTravel is own and run by Zyndio Holdings, LLC.

They provide third party booking services like trips, hotel bookings, cruises, airline bookings, concierge services, and car rentals.

A good MLM company should be concerned about the product that it offers rather than its membership.


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The fact that ZynTravel centers on a membership model are already a red flag. That's not all.

There's little or no information about the initiators of the scheme, however, Anthony Powell is regarded as the biggest investor.

This is another red flag because Powell is notorious for his involvement in numerous defunct pyramid schemes.

He has been involved in schemes like; Herbalife and Vemma; with these lousy reputations, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the new romance between Zyd Travel and Powell ends well.


How Much does ZynTravel Cost?

ZynTravel sells travel booking services. However, there's a serious complaint because of how expensive it costs to book with ZynTravel. This is probably because it is an affiliate booking service.
If you want to become part of its MLM structure, you'll have to pay for membership.

There are four products levels:

  • ZynTravel Products and Services

  1. Silver cost $49.99,
  2. Gold goes for $199.99, and
  3. Platinum goes for a whopping $499.99
  4. Black Diamond for $999.99


Zyn Travel Products and services


That's not all, members of every level will pay $12.99 for monthly subscription and $19.99 setup fee.

Who is ZynTravel for?

Everybody wants to go on a luxurious vacation, travel with first-class tickets, and lounge in five-star hotels.

But how can you achieve all these without going bankrupt?

This is where ZynTravel comes in; they promise members a huge discount for their travel expenses and an opportunity to earn from its compensation programs.

Are you thinking of investing in a Multi-Level Marketing? Are you considering ZynTravel?

You should know that most travel MLM don't have substantial initiative, and many have failed to achieve their objectives.


How to Make Money with ZynTravel

According to ZynTravel, there are eight ways members can get paid which are;

  • Affiliate Travel Site Commission
  • Affiliate Referral
  • Affiliate Cycle
  • Affiliate Travel
  • Affiliate Matching Bonus
  • Affiliate Lifestyle Bonus
  • Affiliate Marketing Bonus
  • Affiliate Global Bonus

ZynTravel is no different from other Multi-Level Marketing companies.

However, Zyn Travel has a pyramid structure with three levels, each with a bonus percentage, the three levels are:

  • Silver 25%,
  • Gold 50%, and
  • Platinum 100%.

The bonus ZynTravel gives is not a fair reward. You have to remember that ZynTravel itself is a third party company floated by ZYNDIO Global.

So, you are earning a commission from the commission ZynTravel receives.


Zyndio Compensation Plan 

Before you, you can subscribe to ZYNDIO/Zyntravel and start to make money with Zyntravel

Compensation Plan you must complete the following agreement forms:

  • Online Customer Agreement
  • Online Preferred Customer Agreement
  • Online Promoter Agreement

With the above documentation completed, you can start earning some Zyntravel bonuses and will help you get access to the Zyntravel back office dashboard.

Once Zyntravel accepts your application, you will have your referral link and all the tools and resource to start your Zyntravel promotion.

The different membership gives you various opportunities to access more bonuses and rewards.

The below are different membership of Zyntravel you can subscribe for:

7 Ways to Make Money with ZYNDIO (Zyn Travel)Zyndio Scam


  • Travel Promo Code Commission

This Promo Code Commission will earn you 25% of profits and money made from your website.

This is calculated as the difference between travel cost and the retail travel amount paid on the Zyntravel website by your customers minus the value of the operation.

Zyndio Products and Services

  • Customer Referral Bonus

The Customer Referral Bonus will earn you a 20% incentive for every customer and referral you bring to the Zyntravel.

If you refer and make any person join Zyntravel and become Black Diamond membership, that cost $999.99 will earn you $200.


ZynTravel Leads


  • Customer Cycle Commission

This bonus will reward you for the volume of customer membership accumulated.

The cycle bonus depends on the filled pod.

Both proffered and ordinary customers are qualified for up to two Customer Membership Pods, but it depends on the type of membership each purchased.


How to make money with Zyn Travel


  • Customer Travel Bonus

The bonus made will make ZYNDIO pay you more than 10% of the amount you made on your cycles.

This bonus is credited to your back office for your travel usage.

The good thing is that you can use the whole (i.e., 100%) of this bonus at a go towards a travel transaction.

It can be either for any of the following type of travels:

  • Hotel accommodations,
  • Luxury resorts,
  • Cruises,
  • Airline Tickets, et cetera

Note that all ZYNDIO/Zyntravel members qualified for 5% Customer Travel Bonus of the 10%, while the Platinum customers will receive an additional 5% as long as they registered two other personal Platinum customers within their first 15 days.

The Customer Travel Bonus is for the whole period of your membership.

  • Customer Matching Bonus

This Matching bonus is paid only after the achievement of Executive rank.

The revenue you will earn will be based on the cycles generated by both your first and second-tier customers, promoters, and preferred customers.


How to make money with Zyndio


  • Customer Lifestyle Bonus

This bonus is for people that are achieving the result in succession.

The first bonus is called Exclusive Rising Star Club; you will get this bonus when you achieve your first cycle within the early 15 days.

A plaque will be awarded to you, and your name will be displayed ZYNDIO website.

You will also be recognized at ZYNDIO big event. You will also be made to sit among other rising star club members.

As platinum, when you attain 1 Diamond Executive, you will earn a Mini iPad.

On attaining 2 Diamond Executive, you will get a GoPro Hero Camera, and as you continue to be exceptional in your referral and conversion, ZYNDIO could reward you with any of the following:

  1. Cruises
  2. A Rolex watches
  3. $10K and $20K Exotic Vacations
  4. Taken a trip to the Great Wall of China


  • Customer Bonus Pool

50% of total sales in ZYNESCAPES has been set aside by the management of ZYNDIO.

This amount is used to reward those members of Zyntravel that have decided to go extra miles to share Zyntravel membership with family and friends.

It is a way of giving back to the best performer in terms of conversion and sales by ZYNDIO. The bonus pool you can earn will depend on the number of points awarded to you for that month.


Bonus Pool Earn = Points Earned x (Total Payout / Total Points Awarded)

You need one of the following to qualify to earn Bonus Pool:

  • When a retail sale occurs with travel within that month.
  • The target is a travel customer in the qualifying month, which is based on either reservation of hotel or cruise and subsequent travel completed for the qualifying month.

Definition of Zyndio/Zyntravel Compensation Terms

  • Zynescapes

ZYNESCAPES is 50% global profits set aside to reward you for exceptional performance in terms of sales and referrals.

It is a global pool that is paid out monthly to qualified members.

  • Cycle Pod

What Is A Cycle Pod? The pod is a 2×2 matrix filled independently from left to right. Every customer’s pod is made up of the people he or she enrolls and their customers.

When a cycle happens, a pod is born.



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How to make money with ZynTravel


  • ‘Follow Me’ System

People, you enroll, and people referred by people under you will form your pod of six people. This will follow you whenever you cycle.

  •  Cycle

What Is A Cycle? A cycle takes place when all your six positions are complete in a pod.

Your cycle can be completed either with an established customer that already cycles or a new customer.

Cycle payment is made every Monday.


ZYNDIO Affiliates Program


  • Active Customer

A customer is said to be active when he or she pays its monthly travel portal fee of $14.99.

An active customer must remain diligent in qualifying for any bonus pay and in having access to the travel portal.

No benefits can be accumulated during the period of inactivity.  Please, not that you will lose all your organization and structure after a year of inactivity.

Note, make sure you go through Zyndio Terms and Condition before subscribing to ZynTravel. It will save you a lot of money.

ZYNTRAVEL Compensation Plan Explained

==> PDF format of the ZYNTRAVEL Compensation Plan.


How Much Money Can You Make With ZynTravel

You can earn directly as an affiliate marketer through commissions and bonuses; this varies based on your level. You can also save money from discounts.

As a travel company, ZynTravel promises its members a discount on their travel package.

This is how ZynTravel works, if you are a platinum member and you purchase an $800 travel voucher, your discount will be within 15 to 30%.

A 30% discount seems like a reasonable offer, but I feel there's no discount at all.

The prices ZynTravel charge is high, so with the cut, the price becomes similar to what's obtainable on other platforms.

Earning is limited, which is not suitable for its members. The best you can come up with is a recurring income of $1,350; this includes matching bonuses and affiliate cycle bonuses.

Membership bonuses are not as enticing as they seem, because your commission is from a commission.

Finally, you will be paying $499.99 plus $19.99 setup fee and $12.99 for a monthly subscription to get an offer that is precisely what is sold on other travel platforms.

This means ZynTravel has little concern for competing with other travel agencies; their primary concern is recruiting.


How Does ZynTravel Work?

ZynTravel focuses on recruitment. First, you need to bring in 3 people before you can move to the next leg of membership.

There are three levels of  ZynTravel silver, Gold, and Platinum, and each level has 12 steps to achieve in it.

However, there are commissions to be earned for each level, which we have discussed earlier.

Also, ZynTravel members get to save 85% on their travel packages


ZynTravel Support/Customer Service

The support system is sound.

You can reach their customer service through any of their social media handles, either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or periscope TV.

You can also reach their customer service desk directly via their contacts:

Phone: +1 800-605-3738
E-mail: support@ZynTravel.com.
Address: 15333 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States

The website has a direct portal for you to make inquiries directly, it's the first thing you'll see on the homepage.


Why ZynTravel Is a Pyramid Scheme

What is a pyramid scheme?  It is a business model that focuses on recruiting people through the promise of getting paid instead of selling products or services.

Below is a screenshot of definitions of a pyramid scheme.


zyntravel scam


Below is a red flag why, in my opinion, ZynTravel/Zyndio is a pyramid scheme.

  • Zyndio/ZynTravel Is All About Recruitment

It is all about recruitment. You cannot make money without having a passion for recruiting people.

No referral, no commission for you. If you are not good at engaging people, don’t bother to sign up for ZynTravel.

See many complaints about Zyndio/ ZynTravel:

Is zyn travel Worth Joining_

Zyndio Travel Reviews

Source of Zyndio/ ZynTravel complaint.


Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Zyndio Holdings, LLC. Is “F”

what is zyndio about


This is one main reason why ZynTravel is NO for me. You should know that the owner of ZynTravel is Zyndio Holdings, LLC.

The BBB rating for ZynTravel is F rating. That is the worst rating ever.

Why would you do business with a company with such a customer service rating record?

The implication is that if and when you are in a problem, you may never get help. The company could only close two complaints in the last three years (according to the BBB rating platform).

See one of the complaints below:

Zyn Travel Compensation Plan


What is Good About ZynTravel

ZynTravel is a Multi-Level Marketing company, so you have a good chance of making money.

To start, you have to invite just three new members.

It proposes amazing discounts.


Issues With ZynTravel

Its offers are unrealistic; 85% discount, which is impossible to achieve.

ZynTravel is centered on getting recruits rather than the product it provides.

Recruiting new members is difficult, and you have to keep up with the monthly fee.


Public and Online Opinion About ZynTravel

ZynTravel does not have encouraging online reviews.

There is barely any success story from any member. Most reviews are either negative or cynical.

With Anthony Powell's name attached to the company, it has a bad reputation; his name is associated with pyramid schemes and failed projects.

One member complained about how she canceled her request for Platinum and was still debited. According to her, the '15 days money-back guarantee' was a lie.


Is ZynTravel or Scam?

The business model ZynTravel operates is faulty.

This is because to become a travel agent, you need a lot of experience, and Zyn travel offers no training for its members.


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Also, just booking a travel ticket on your own is way cheaper than using Zyn Travel.

The perks Zyn Travel offers are not as attractive as it claims.


Do You Still Sell Scraps to Your Friends?

Selling any MLM that won’t add value to your friends and family will not make you money in the 21st century.

This is the age of the internet. If you are to build a lasting business, you must have an online presence, or your business will be gone within five years.

All those MLM products you are pushing that can be bought on Amazon or any online eCommerce will not make you money.

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You can start making a commission from 5% to 80% of any of your chosen products.

You won’t need to talk to your buyers or audience, instead, they will come looking for you via your website.


Is ZynTravel worth It?

What do you think about my ZynTravel review? Is ZynTravel a scam.

With this review, can you make money with ZynTravel now?

Transparency is vital for me when investing in a new product or program.

And ZynTravel doesn't seem to have it.

If you are tired of programs where the founder keeps making bogus claims, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

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What are your opinions on ZynTravel? Kindly share them in the comment section.

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  1. Wow! What a great review, in this online platform, there are many options where someone can make money online but I very sure there very limited platforms that are real and legit, having gone through this ZynTravel I think it’s position to make money but with a lot of struggle, I think it might take long period of time before making even a single sale from them, they also have expensive fees, and the fact that one has to make specific sale to be promoted to the other level makes it even harder. Personally I don’t think it’s worth trying, I really agree and also can testify about wealthy affiliate as I am a member too, I believe wealthy affiliate is the best place to be.

  2. I am in India, Even I am poor in grammar. The article “ZynTravle Review” is nice. Your previous article “The Wealth Network is a scam”,help me lot . You give a lot of information about the company, membership, cost, commission and ZynTravle plans. It helps me to decide easily. And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites. and keep doing more article for people use.

  3. Being highly interested in travel I thought seriously about joining ZYN Travel.  However I decided against it when I discovered it was nothing more than a pyramid scheme.  Having been involved with MLM in the past I know from experience the only winners are the founders.  Thankfully I learned to make money online via affiliate marketing which has not only made me money but kept me out of the no friends left club.  As MLM was all about harassing your family and friends.  I am happy that I stumbled across your article as it only confirmed my suspicions.  Keep up the great work!

  4. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i recent times I have come across many websites like this and most of them were scams.first of all the start up price is too high and most people won’t be able to afford it but the fact that one could make money can make one take the risk,like I always say don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose

  5. This honestly sounds like a mix between good old fashioned time shares….and Amway (or something). Even after reading the full article, I don’t understand how they really work, with regards to offering travel discounts. It sounds like you just try to convince people to join, so you can get a cut of their membership fees in your “pod,” and there really isn’t much of a product behind all of it. No thank you!

  6. So many set-up fees for so many of these types of programs! Why do people fall for this? Why do they pay so much money without having the proof they will get it back or/and make some money from their initial investment? There are free ways to start making money so why do people still feel the need to pay money upfront for something they aren’t sure about?


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