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28 thoughts on “Is InteleTravel a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. in all honesty i would say that engaging in this platform is just like a waste of valuable time that should be invested into other great platforms. thank for this review

  2. I would like to give heartfelt thanks to the author of this article. Actually this article has made me clear about the InteleTravel. I became really surprised by reading this article that the InteleTravel agents are making huge money, but the workers who are the major moneymakers, get a little bit. It is really an unhumanitarian issue. This article is very helpful for everyone to make a decision that, is InteleTravel is really a Scam? 

    I appreciate this article very much. I offer everyone to read this article with care.

    Thanks a lot to John for your article.

    • Thanks fir reading my InteleTravel review. 

      InteleTravel is legit and nit a Scam, but it is not recommended by me because you won’t make a full-time income.


  3. Thank you very much for sharing informative article. 

    I have heard first time about intele travel. I was looking online business for a long time. I have read full writing and found it very good for online business. this business has a lot of advantages. I will do this kind of online business soon. 

    Thank you again. It is really educative and informative article. It is really helpful for freelancer. So i will share the post with my friend. I hope they will engage them in this way of income.

    • Dear Tashibaarzu,

      Thanks for reading my review of InteleTravel. It is all about how to make money with InteleTravel.

      Please note that InteleTravel is legitimate but I am not recommending this program fir any one just because it is a waste of time and it won’t make you money. 


  4. Hi John

    It amazes  me that people  think they can make more through  a MLM scheme based on travel, as you  are not seen as the experts. When people book holidays they tend to give through well known travel agents and not through total unknowns, as there is no trust amongst you. It is not a scheme for me, as in general I hate MLM as often  you do not make money  but only for those on top of the tree, which does not apply in this case and for those owners promoting  the scheme. It may seem like a good opportunity  but only for the owners who promote it. 

    It is hard to know  what scheme  to trust and only from reviews like yourself we know.



  5. Thank you for an interesteing write up.  Reading this I’m even more sure that this does not sound legit at all even if it is as there are too many red flags which you have also helpfully pointed out.

    You have given a comprehensive break down and comparison of the opportunity which I’m sure many of us have found very useful.

    I love the way it’s laid out and is very easy to read, thank you.

    • Dear Lee,

      Thanks fir reading my article on how to make money with with InteleTravel. 
      I appreciate your comment.


  6. “Do you love traveling or is traveling your hobby? Then this program may be for you. But if you are chasing this for the money, you will fail woefully.” Well said. I think with any make money hustle, e.g. a job, a blog, an app, etc., we should always be doing it because the job is our passion and not just for the money. That said, I believe that even if traveling is someone’s hobby, they shouldn’t join InteleTravel. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate can allow one to pursue their passions while earning much more than InteleTravel.

  7. Hi John:

    Thank you so much for providing this very informative information about InteleTravel. It seems like very hard to make money with InteleTravel even it is a legit company with a long history. And you’re right, we have more options than InteleTravel.

    With the same amount of the effort and time, we should put in something that is rewarding and benefits us in the long run.

    And thank you so much for taking time to write this detail review, it will help people who want to start a real business online to save their time.

    Because with so many programs on the internet, it is very hard for people to know which is the truly opportunity which is not.

    I really appreciate your effort to write this post.


  8. Detailed assessment of InteleTravel, very informative.  Great content for anyone who is thinking about joining this MLM which seems to follow the path of every other MLM, recruitment!  Anytime a company stresses recruitment over product it is a bad sign and people should avoid.

    I love the other content on the site!  Look forward to future visits to read some genuinely good stuff!

  9. So would you recommend a person just go to travel agent school instead of they want to be a travel agent?

    I seen the InteleTravel includes the IATA number.

    Another thing is that how do I cancel my InteleTravel membership?

    I am thinking seriously about joining InteleTravel, but Is Inteletravel ABTA registered?

    Thank you for great InteleTravel reviews


    • Thanks for reading my InteleTravel travel agents reviews.

      The main reason why I wrote the article is to expose the notion that the InteleTravel agents are making huge money.

      Yes, they are making money but the people making money are fewer members and they are at the top of the scheme.

      They are the first joiner of the mlm pyramid scheme.

      InteleTravel is an MLM program, but is it a Pyramid scheme.

      What makes an mlm turn to a pyramid scheme is when the member of such multi level marketing are no more selling products and services but they now concentrated in recruiting more people to joining the program.

      I can only recommend you to become a travel agent if you are ready to have your own website to drive your audience and visitors for conversion.

      That implies that people can search for you organically. You won’t need to run after people to earn an income.

      On the cancellation of your InteleTravel membership. You can cancel your membership by doing and email to:customerservice@inteletravel.com.

      Or mail an hard copy mail to the InteleTravel using this address:

      777 East Atlantic Ave,
      Suite 300, Delray Beach,
      FL 33483.

      You can also faxing your document to (561) 2720813.

      The US based InteleTravel home group are granted the ABTA satatus.

      ABTA permit travel agents that are not qualified with licence and without experience to practice as a Travel agent

      So what do you think about InteleTravel?

      Thank again for reading my InteleTravel reviews.

      Really appreciate



  10. This sounds like a fairly typical MLM, with a few making great money and most making pocket change. Seems a bit too good to be true, though people who got in at the right time and built a big downline before the market was saturated probably are doing fine.

    • Thanks for reading my review on how to make money as an InteleTravel Travel agents.

      Yes you are right. InteleTravel is an MLM program and the people that are making huge money are the people that join in the early days of the program.

      They are earning very big. If you jojn now you just be a worker earning peanut.

      I won’t and can not joing.



  11. Hmm… I had heard good things about InteleTravel and was thinking it could be a good way to earn some income online but, after reading your review I did a little more digging and found a lot of bad reviews for them.

    It seems we always have to dig deeper, don’t we?

    I still want to know the truth about InteleTravel. There are many people asking online “Is InteleTravel legit?”

    Also, How much do InteleTravel agents make?

    Please help with detail answer for the two question above.



    • Thanks for reading my review about InteleTravel. Thanks for the two questions you ask.

      Is InteleTravel Legit? Yes, InteleTravel is legitimate travel site that help its member makes money from home as a Travel agents.

      Therefore InteleTravel is a legit company.

      The question I read from many fora is relate to how InteleTravel makes money.

      Are the InteleTravel agents really making money? If yes, how much can you make as InteleTravel agent?

      Yes, InteleTravel are making money. It is important to know that InteleTravel is an MLM company, just like every MLM companies. InteleTravel makes money in two ways:

      1. InteleTravel makes money by recruiting other people to the company. And
      2. InteleTravel agents also sell various travels for a commissions

      About your lasy question on how much InteleTravel agents are making?

      The average InteleTravel Travel agents in the United State makes roughly above $40,000 yearly.

      That amount is a little below 10% of the national average salary of employ in the United State of American.

      What do you think? Do you plan to become an InteleTravel travel agents?

      If yes, it is important to know that you can build your website to manage your audience and convert, sell travels.

      Check my number recommendation menu on how to attend a free training on how to learn the art of building a website for your online business.



  12. Thanks for revealing this article about inteletravel. It’s a multi level marketing not a scam, it deals with travelling and pays commission to its agent meanwhile it’s only paying a stipend not a huge money. This article explain most things and reason a newbie can’t make it big in inteletravel. 

    Wealthy affiliates is an online program that helps and train member to achieve their aim for success. It offers live training on a weekly basis. Am a proud member of this program. 

    My question is this what is the major different between InteleTravel and Wealthy Affiliate structure? 

    Thanks for this article, best regards 

    • Dear Adamuts, 

      Thanks for visiting my website and for reading my article on how to make money with InteleTravel. A lot of my audience in my forum usually want to know if InteleTravel is legit or scam. 

      But I can well assure you that InteleTravel is not a scam just as I stated in the body of the article. 

      The two major issue with this program is are: 

      1. They run multi-level marketing structure 

      2. You can make good money with InteleTravel reasons is that the average annual earnings of members is less than $300. 

      To answer your question on the major difference between InteleTravel and Wealthy Affiliate.

      Wealthy Affiliate is in another class of its own. Wealthy Affiliate is about helping people while you make money. 

      WA will required you to first identify what you love doing, what you have a passion for or what you call your hobbies. Wealthy Affiliate will then help you turn and convert your passion/hobbies into an online business. How is that possible? 

      Let assume you love to sleep and sleeping is your hobbies. Million of people are searching online daily on how to sleep well. We can call this people your targeted audience. 

      WA will teach you how to come up with the needed information that will be beneficial to these set of online audience (i.e. people that don’t sleep well). 

      You learn the art of blogging and come up with great content that will serve your niche market. As you help many of these people with what you do that is helping you to sleep well, and you became an authority with your website. 

      Your audience will be confortable with time and be ready to pay you for the needed information they get from you. 

      What I explain above is what makes WA ticks. Both WA and InteleTravel are incomparable.

      is my explanation okay? Do you have any other question about InteleTravel? 

      I hope you will visit my website again? 



  13. This was such a detailed and well written article that I actually read it twice to be sure that I completely understood all of the reasons why you decided to write such a review. It obvious inteletravel is not a scam but its cons outweighs its pros 

    I tend to be leary  about everything that I come across online. I have been scammed a time or two myself and I really can’t afford it any longer. The red flags you raised are quite significant. i wouldn’t have gotten past the fact that there are no conviction of not finding it difficult as a newbie

    • Dear Ola, 

      Thanks for reading my InteleTravel review. I hope you can now decide for yourself if InteleTravel is a scam or legitimate online product? 

      Thanks again 



  14. The fact that intertravel will make one travel around the world really got my interest. But since you didn’t recommend it for a newbie , I think I need to follow your guidelines. The features of this platform is really convincing,and it is not really expensive but I’m a newbie and you made mention of wealthy affiliate,I will try that out. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Thanks a lot Lok for reading my article on how to make money with InteleTravel. Yes, you are right .

      I decided to not recommend the program because you can really make money. It is a peanut you will be making at the end of the day.
      Also, the marketing structure employed by InteleTravel is multi level marketing that I am well wary of.

      I once write an article on why all MLM run programs is a scam. You need to read it up. It is mind blowing.

      I hope you will visit my site again? 




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