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Is AmeriPlan USA Jobs Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my AmeripPlan reviews. Can you make money with AmeriPlan USA jobs and careers? Is Ameriplan legit or a scam MLM and Pyramid scheme?

It is great you are making your findings of how to make money with AmeriPlan USA jobs. It is the best way to discover legitimate online businesses and also avoid many scams.


Is AmeriPlan a legitimate company? Yes, AmeripPlan is a legitimate company and not a scam. Just like every business, you have to be ready to work smart and hard at it. It involves earning commission while you are marketing the company’s products and services. The more you sell, the more money you make in the form of commission.

Would you please read on to see how it works?

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make money with ameriplan opportunity

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Ameriplan USA at a Glance

Product Name: AmeriPlan USA
Product Type: MLM business offering discounts for healthcare services
Founder: Dennis Bloom (CEO) and Daniel Bloom (President)
Price: Packages range from $24.95 to $269.95 + monthly and yearly installment fees.
Rating: 38%
Recommended: No

Best For Americans in certain States of The United States and also for the few Benefits Consultants at the top.

Summary Review of AmeriPlan Business Opportunity

AmeriPlan is an MLM business whose primary focus is on recruiting new members into its system.

Can you make money with AmeriPlan Opportunity? The company offers discount plans on different medical services ranging from dental care to prescription plans.

Is AmeriPlan legit or a scam?

AmeriPlan USA is a direct sales company that employs the MLM business model to drive its sales.

Because of this, people will always mistake or call any MLM company a scam or pyramid scheme. Please know that AmeriPlan USA is not a scam or a pyramid scheme.

But, you may not be able to make money with the AmeriPlan opportunity. Why is that?

Findings and investigation of direct sales companies have concluded that it is only 0.3% of members of any direct sales company that will make money. That implies that 99.7% of any MLM company will lose its money.

You can investigate any MLM company by searching for their income disclosure statement; they always hide it from the public domain. Those that make it available have shown that the conclusion of that investigation is suitable even for the AmeriPlan MLM.

Mr. Jon M.Taylor concluded the years of investigating MLM companies by producing a book endorsed by many regulators worldwide. You can read the book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked. “

So, will you make money with AmeriPlan Opportunity? I doubt it much.

Please know that this applies to all MLM companies, and it has nothing to do with AmeriPlan USA.

***My Recommendation***

I recommend you start your own business online. I mean something you can call your own. Most of these MLM companies will make you chase your family and friends for recruitment.

There is a better business model that will help you add value to your audience.

You can become an affiliate marketer, selling services and products for big companies for a commission.

It will target people and audiences who need your services and will not need to run after people.

Can you to this website? In the same way, you will make people all over the world visit your platform while you then pitch to them.

You can transform your passion and hobbies into earning big online. You can turn market demands into making a full-time income.

It will help you partner with big companies like Amazon.

You can then own a website that is your own. Also, you can also sell it at 10x the price after some months or years.

You can start this affiliate marketing training now. The first level, with ten lessons, is free to join. No credit card is needed. You have nothing to lose.

What do you think of my AmeriPlan reviews? Is AmeriPlan USA legit or another MLM pyramid scheme scam? Can you make money with AmeriPlan jobs and careers?

What is AmeriPlan USA?

Ameriplan USA is a global company based in Texas that offers dental, health care, and prescription plans to people living in parts of the United States.

AmeriPlan was formed in 1992 by twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom.

The company’s primary specialization is providing discounted healthcare, dental packages, and hospital stay among several other services.

Most people make the mistake of seeing AmeriPlan as a health insurance company; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

AmeriPlan USA acts merely as a middleman between the general populace who are uninsured and need healthcare services and health service providers, such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc.

To make it easy, they liaise with healthcare service providers to provide discounted services for AmeriPlan members.

The discount they offer depends on the health service needed. In general, though, discounts range from 15-50% except in some few services like teeth cleaning and X-ray where the discount can be as high as 80%.

AmeriPlan opportunity offers discounts for services such as Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Vision, Prescription, Hospital Advocacy, Lab tests, Physician, and X-rays. The question is this, can you make money with Ameriplan?

I have reviewed over 500 making money online programs; many of them are just scams and them just good for the owners. You can learn more about AmeriPlan USA on Bloomberg here.

How much Does AmeriPlan USA Cost?

AmeriPlan opportunity offers its users a membership plan which they will have to pay a specified amount monthly depending on the health care package they applied for.

You will have to pay a $24.95 enrollment fee annually and a $20 registration fee to become a Benefits Consultant for AmeriPlan.

Using the Dental Plus Package as an example, you will need a total cost of $69.90 ($24.95 + $24.95 + $20) to start the business.

You will need to continue paying a monthly fee of $24.95 and a yearly fee of $24.95.

AmeriPlan has three major packages which cost the following;

  • Dental Plus ($24.95/month)
  • AmeriPlan MED Plus ($24.95/month)
  • AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus ($39.95/month)

Who is AmeriPlan Opportunity For?

I believe that these incentives are for a few members at the top. The majority of the members will not be able to get to such height and enjoy such benefits.

However, it is a good idea for a stay-at-home job, as well as for those who would like to cold call and enjoy talking on the phone for hours at a time.

How to Make Money with AmeriPlan USA Jobs and Careers?

There are two ways to earn money via AmeriPlan Careers, they are;

  • Earn profits by selling healthcare packages
  • Recruit people to become AmeriPlan Careers Benefit Consultants (BC).

AmeriPlan has a good commission rate, incentive, and bonus plans; they pay 40% commission to all members qualified for the commission.

You can earn commissions from your downlines, down to the fifth generation.

This is why AmeriPlan is referred to as an MLM business because it is “Multi-level.”

One of the best forms of incentive in AmeriPlan is the Cadillac Club; a Cadillac is given to any member who can earn $50,000 within a year as well as maintain a monthly income of $4,000.

AmeriPlan USA Product/Customer Services.

As a member of AmeriPlan, you can keep in touch with your recruiter and contact them directly when you have questions or need clarifications.

AmeriPlan also has an FAQ page, where you can get answers to questions.

What is Good About AmeriPlan

  • AmeriPlan Has Been Around For More Than 25 Years.

AmeriPlan was formed in 1992 and has been in business for more than 25years.

I see this as a plus because there must be a few good reasons for it to have survived in business for so long.

  • They Run A Relatively Cheap MLM

AmeriPlan Careers has one of the cheapest MLM available when compared to other existing MLM companies.

Their plan is quite reasonable as most of their packages provide coverage for the entire family.

So you can safely pay $24.95 for discounted healthcare services for your whole family monthly.

  • Great for Uninsured Persons

AmeriPlan discounted health care options are great for uninsured persons.

  • Mouth-Watering Incentives

AmeriPlan has several incentive programs, bonus plans, etc that help to keep members motivated to try to make more sales.

  • Great Way to Make Money from Home

If you are for example a stay-at-home mom and you don’t mind talking on the phone to strangers, then you could earn extra income from home via AmeriPlan.

  • They Run A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the AmeriPlan service, you can always ask for a refund within 30days.

  • Fair Rating

AmeriPlan has a decent enough rating on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Online Complaint About AmeriPlan Jobs

  • Limited Healthcare Partners

Many healthcare providers do not accept AmeriPlan despite their claim to have over 200,000 healthcare providers.

So most times members find it challenging to locate healthcare providers that will take their discounts and bonuses.

  • They Run a No Cause  Contract

This means they can terminate your contract at any time for no just reason. There have been several complaints about the insincerity of the company.

Several people have accused that their contract was terminated after they have built up a sizable income.

  • AmeriPlan Jobs and careers Claim They Are Backed up by BBB

Also, Ameriplan claims being backed up by BBB (Better Business Bureau), but this is a lie because there are over 200 negative reviews about them.

  • AmeriPlan is an MLM Company

It is set up in a pyramidal form with the few members at the top enjoying all the benefits.

  • Ameriplan Careers Poor Business Strategy

The only business strategy you are equipped with by AmeriPlan is cold calling.

You will have to call random numbers and try to sell Ameriplan to them.

This is an old strategy; they still have a lot to learn concerning generating leads and pulling traffic via their online marketing strategies.

  • AmeriPlan jobs and Careers Is Available Only In the Certain States In America

American Careers is only available in the United States of America. There are also several states in America where AmeriPlan does not offer its services.

They include Alaska, Guam, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, US Virgin Islands, Utah.

Online Opinion of AmeriPlan Jobs and Careers

One user claimed that the product was a great way to save on health and that the commission had no deductibles or waiting periods.

On the other hand, another user claimed her son was scammed as he didn’t get paid his commission.

One lady also argues that the sales agent who convinced her to join scammed her of $40. In defense, a user stated that the product in itself is, but you get paid based on commissions.

So, users were to put in the work to get paid.

Is AmeriPlan an MLM and Pyramid Scheme?

American is legit and not a scam MLM and pyramid scheme. The company is an MLM company. It is always challenging to make money with any MLM company. 

It has been verified that only 0.03% of people who join MLM companies will succeed and make money. Over 99.7% of people that join multi-level marketing companies will fail and lose their money.

When people fail and lose their money, they then call MLM has a scam. No AmeriPlan is legitimate and not a scam pyramid scheme. 

The only people making money are the owners, the investors, and those at the scheme’s top. If you are joining now, you will be working for those at the top, and you will get frustrated and fail woefully. 

What do you think of my take AmeriPlan reviews? I am an affiliate marketer. I market eBay, Amazon, and Walmart products and earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make big online while you work from home. 

Do you think you can make money with AmeriPlan jobs and careers? Is AmeriPlan legit or another MLM scam pyramid scheme? 

Is AmeriPlan Legit or a Scam? 

American is legit and not another scam MLM pyramid scheme. American is a multi-level marketing company. You will earn a commission for every one of your sales. It is challenging to make money with any MLM company. 

The people that make money with MLM companies are the very few at the top. The owners, the investors, and those at the top of the scheme. 

American has been around for years. Therefore, it is not a scam. But the direct sales business structure makes it very hard for marketers to make money. Many people conclude that they are a scam when they can not realize their money. 

First, you need to have great people skills and be ready to talk on the phone for long hours, which might not be favorable for many people; it is also expensive.

However, the Ameriplan dental & health discount program is legit, and you might save a bit on dental and other health services.

what are good side hustles

In my opinion, the AmeriPlan opportunity is no for me, not because it is a scam and pyramid scheme. But because of its MLM and direct sales business model that rewards only a few people. 

What do you think of my AmeriPlan review? Do you still want to make money with AmeriPlan Is AmeriPlan legit or another scam MLM and pyramid scheme? What is your take? 

Is AmeriPlan USA Worth Your Money?

Thanks for reading my AmeriPlan reviews. Do you still like to make money with AmeriPlan jobs and careers? Is AmeriPlan USA legit or another pyramid scheme and MLM scam?

Although AmeriPlan is not a scam, I still would not recommend it because just like most MLM companies, its main aim is recruiting more people to join the system.

Their business strategy also sulks! If you enjoy talking for long hours on the phone trying to talk strangers into buying something, then AmeriPlan is probably going to be your gig.

For me, I think it is too risky, and it would take you too long to climb up its pyramidal structure and start enjoying the cool benefits available to those at the top alone.

However, I have an alternative to paying to save on your health benefits, and it is called Wealthy Affiliate, a product I have used to gain economic liberty and create a four-figure passive monthly income without spending time convincing anybody over the phone.

I will like to know your thoughts about my AmeriPlan Review. And also, I will love to read your comment and feedback in the comment area.

Ameriplan Business Opportunity Review – Video

6 thoughts on “Is AmeriPlan USA Jobs Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Most MLM businesses are considered scam as they just create hype to excite the individual into buying them and signing up with them.

    Once the person signs up for the program, they then have to invite other users and basically scam them into buying the service.

    There are only a handful of programs out there that actually earn you a decent amount of revenue and earnings.



    1. Dear Rosie,
      Thanks for reading my AmeriPlan review. You are right that most people are wary of most MLM networking business.

      Even if they are not a scam program; they are often classified as one.

      AmeriPlan is not a scam. However, I am not recommending the program to anyone. Majorly, because of the mlm marketing structure or model they run for sales.

      It is only the people at the top that will most of the profits.

      Another grey minus is that I can not see any value addition in this business.
      People are always expected to visit hospital no matter what I.e. when and if they get sick.

      You don’t need to market anyone to buy an healthy care.

      Thanks for reading this article again


  2. I’ve been looking into joining this company.

    The enter price is pretty decent and I think I would be able to sell these plans if I put the time into it.

    Although, do you have any ideas on how to sell a product like this?

    Would you recommend to use a website to drive sales leads?



    1. Dear Dillion,

      Thanks for reading my article on AmeriPlan review. AmeriPlan is a medical service insurance product.
      And it’s business model is multi level marketing.

      But, you ar3 actually right. The best way to effectively sell and add value for such a services is to have a website and promote such product service online to those that required them

      Marketing through content and website is just the best way to market any mlm products and services.

      You just need to First Identify yiur audience as relate to such product. You then need to start writing quaility content that address the needs of your targeted audience.

      With a proper ranked and SEO guided content your work will be found online by your audience via search engines.

      The objective is to draw your targeted customer or audience to your website where you can make sales to them.

      I hope my illustration is clear?

      Thanks fir checking on my website again.



  3. I’m pretty sick of pyramid schemes. I guess AmeriPlan might be fine for a consumer without health insurance, but as a way of making money, I think I’ll pass on it.

    1. Dear Josh,

      You can actually make money with AmeriPlan and people are indeed making money with it.

      It is the marketing model that is faulty in my opinion.

      If you can employ another selling model that can actually add value to your targeted audience where by you won’t need to be chasing your friends and family all over town just to make sales.

      The best way to sell any multi level marketing is via website by come up with quality content that address the needs of such audience.

      What do you think?



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