Is Royaltie Gem a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?


You are welcome to my Royaltie Gem review.

I am sure you here to know if you can make money with Royaltie Gem.

Royaltie Gem is a Proximity Bluetooth Marketing Device.

But, Is Royaltie Gem a Scam? Are the Gems really working? Can you even make money selling Royaltie Gems?

It's a good thing that you have taken the time to research this product; this is how to discover a legitimate business online.

I am not affiliated with Royaltie Gems and will be giving you a detailed analysis of the products, its compensation plan, and its money-making opportunities.


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Royaltie Gem at a Glance

royaltie marketingProduct Name: Royal GEM
Founder: Justin Belobaba
Price: Signup is Free, a monthly fee of $47-$267
Rating: 35%
Recommended: No


Summary Review of Royaltie Gem

Royaltie Gems are very small wireless Bluetooth devices that can connect to mobile devices within a signal range of 100m.

Since its an MLM product, affiliate marketers have to convince store owners to get on board the innovation.

Can you make an income selling Royaltie Gems? Keep reading to find out!!!


What is Royaltie Gem?

Royaltie Gem is a Bluetooth device that can broadcast messages of about 40 to 50 characters to all nearby Android smartphones. The Royaltie Gem is also used as a tool for the promotion of proximity marketing via your Bluetooth device.

Royaltie Gem comes with excellent prospects; it offers a medium for businesses to market and advertises directly to people within the range of 100m.

The idea behind this innovation is to market and advertise businesses within the set signal range locally.

Justin Belobaba invented Royaltie Gem in 2014; within just four years, the product has witnessed steady growth.

The gem has a Bluetooth wireless technology of about 2.4GHz and transmission power of -30dBm to 4dBm, 32-bit ARM ® main processor, and a battery life of up to 2 years.

There are still many questions unanswered. The company claims that it’s operation is located in Ontario, Canada.

However, there’s barely any background information about Justin Belobaba of the company, not even an “about” page on its website.


What is Royaltie?

Royaltie is the name of the company that produces the Royaltie Gem. This company is usually miss-spelled as Royalty or Royalty Gem. It is spelled as Royaltie with an, ie.

This is the first company to come up with a device called Royaltie Gem, that can transmit ads message to all the nearby Android smartphones.

The device will help you to easily promote your business to every holder of Android smartphones near you.


Royaltie Gem Product Line

Unlike a lot of direct selling companies, Royaltie is the first of its kind.

The company manufactures a tiny wireless device that can be used as a marketing device.

The device broadcasts your promotional message to every Android smartphone within its radius.

This makes it a suitable way of promoting your business as it is FCC compliant.


How Much Does Royaltie Gem Cost?

The Royaltie Gem device comes in different packages. The price of the various package varies and depend on the impression offered.

As we all know, the impression is essential when it comes to digital marketing.

It’s like a confirmation that the ad message has delivered.

Here’s a breakdown of the different prices

  • Starter

$57 per month with Activation Fee of $30. Starter pack gives you:

  1. Three Websites,
  2. 5,000 Online Ads,
  3. 2,500 Marketing Emails.
  • Entrepreneur

This package will cost you $87 per month. It provides the following:

  1. Unlimited Websites
  2. 10,000 Online Ads,
  3. 10,000 Marketing,
  4. Emails,
  5. Priority Support,
  6. Team Chat,
  7. File Sharing and Analytics.
  • Small Business

Small Business package will cost you $327 per monthly, with the following:

  1. Unlimited Websites,
  2. 50,000 Online Ads,
  3. Unlimited Marketing Emails,
  4. Super Priority Support,
  5. Team Chat,
  6. File Sharing & Analytics.


what is royaltie gems


Who is Royaltie Gem for?

Royaltie Gem is only for people who own business and are willing to advertise to an audience within their local environment.

So it has little or no use for people without a company except if you want to become an affiliate marketer.

Royaltie Gem is not capable of advertising to a broad audience, let’s say people outside your region.

It also useless for businesses looking to expand internationally.

On the bright side, if you have a coffee shop, your prospective customers will be people living around.

In this situation, Royaltie Gem can be a perfect advertising medium.


Royaltie Gem Bluetooth Digital Proximity Marketing

Royaltie Gen Is a proximity marketing that is aided by Bluetooth.

Proximity Marketing is a localized wireless content marketing often associated with a location or particular places.

It involved setting up of Bluetooth of the Royaltie Gen device to broadcast an advert in a specific location targeting one specific set of audience.

The content and information sent via the Bluetooth can be text, images, audio, or video-based, but it must be broadcasted within specific ranges of the Royaltie Gen broadcast server.

The transmission content sent can only be received by anyone in a location who wish to receive them, and they have tools and equipment to do so.

The sender of the advert has beacons that communicate with each receivers’ phones. Content that can be sent via this medium includes a coupon, product information, and any other relevant material.

Royaltie has a powerful virtual billboard broadcasting technology that can send content within a range of half a mile and cover an almost over a 500-mile radius.

This changes the way local business lead generation (small business and entrepreneurs) are executed; that shows case businesses, services, websites, and many products.

Royaltie is the first company to provide advanced software technology that aids proximity advertising and marketing that help business owners turn their smartphones into a virtual billboard.

The Royaltie ads can target audience and local leads by broadcasting content to many of the popular websites and apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and many others.

You can now reach your targeted customers directly from your mobile phone.


Royaltie Gems Device Specifications

The specification of Royaltie Gem device are:

  • Signal Range: 100m
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 years
  • Sensitivity: Bluetooth: -93dBm
  • Bluetooth Processor: Nordic nRF51822
  • Data Rates: 250kBs, 1Mbs, and 2Mbs
  • Transmission Power: Bluetooth: -30dBm to 4dBm
  • Transmission Power: Bluetooth: -30dBm to 4dBm
  • Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex™ M0 CPU core
  • Communications: Low Energy wireless Bluetooth technology 2.4GHz RF


Eligibility to Use Royaltie Gem

You must be at least a minimum age of eighteen (18) years old (this is the age you can enter into a contract).

  • The registration process is a must
  • You must provide your accurate and complete billing information
  • It is a must to agree to the TERMS OF USE of Royaltie Gem.
  • You must not be based in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or all governments and countries under the US embargo.

Learn more from Royaltie Terms and Conditions of Use.


How to Make Money with Royaltie Gem Compensation Plan?

There are two ways business owners can earn from Royaltie, first from direct sales, second through compensation programs.

  • Direct Sale

We cannot underestimate the importance of advertising and lead generation in a business.

However, running ads and generating a lead by yourself can be very stressful and time-consuming.

This is where Royaltie Gem comes in; with the Gem Bluetooth device, you can smoothly and efficiently run ads and generate leads.

You will have to create a promotional message. It should be within 40 to 50 characters; your Gem device will help you transmit the signal through Bluetooth to mobile phone devices around you (not more than 100m).

If you own a coffee shop, and you want to advertise to get more sales.

First, buy the Royaltie Gem device and set it up, then you create a custom message of not more than 50 words.

After transmitting people living within 100m of your shop will get the message and may likely patronize your shop.

It is important to read the Royaltie Affiliate Agreement before you venture into it.

  • Royaltie Gem Affiliate Program & Compensation Plan

Royaltie Gem is an MLM company, and just like every other MLM out there, Royaltie Gem also offers affiliate programs.

If you become an affiliate marketer for Royaltie, you will be able to earn a whopping $250 bonus for selling ten gems to new customers.

There is an emphasis on “new” customers. If one new customer buys two gems, it counts as one.

  • Monthly Commissions

This commission is paid to its affiliate marketers based on their rank, the monthly commission range from $120 to $85,000 depending on the marketers’ rank.

Features of an independent Affiliate Marketer to Royaltie include:

  • There is a one-year cookie on anyone that clicks your affiliate link
  • You will earn 60% commission, and it is two-level down
  • Also get paid your commission via PayPal monthly
  • You also have an additional bonus for every ten successful sales.

Please download Royaltie Compensation Plan – PDF Format Here.


How Much Money Can You Make With Royaltie Gem?

Your earnings are tied to the number of people you recruit and your sales as well.

You can make as much as $85,000 as an affiliate marketer, if you reach the ranking peak, here’s the affiliate marketing rank.

  • I-3 |requirement: $100 sales | reward: 3 free gem subscription
  • I-2 |requirement: $300 sales | reward :$120 commission
  • I-1| requirement: $1,000 sales| reward: $360
  • S-I2| requirement: $2000 sales| reward $720
  • S-I1 |requirement: $3,000 sales| reward $1,200
  • VS-2| requirement: $7,500 sales| reward $3,000
  • VS-1| requirement: $15,000 |sales reward $6,000
  • VVS-2| requirement: $22,500 |sales reward $9,000
  • VVS-1| requirement: $30,000 |sales reward $11,000
  • Flawless- 2| requirement: $60,000 |sales reward $21,000
  • Flawless-1|requirement $120,000| sales reward $41,666
  • Eternity |requirement $180,000 sales |reward $60,000
  • Centenary| requirement $240,000 sales| reward $72,000
  • Hope| $300,000 sales |reward $85,000.


How Does Royaltie Gems Work?

Royaltie Gem is a Multi-Level marketing company focused on advertising and lead generation strategy for businesses.

However, they do this with a Bluetooth device. Once you get the device, you create a custom message that can be used as an advertisement.

It must be between 40-50 characters long and can include a link to your website.

This message is transmitted to all Android phones within 100m through Bluetooth.

The company markets the Gems through affiliates who get a commission for selling the products.

Royaltie Gem Support and Customer Service

The customer service is pretty responsive; you can reach them via mail on or their social media handles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

However, there is no visible phone number on its website.


Royaltie Gem BBB Review Rating Is ‘A-‘

Royaltie Gem Better Business Bureau review rating is “A-. “ This is a good rating; it is not B but A negative.

It is important to note that BBB does not accredit it. There is a difference between getting BBB accreditation and getting rated.

Royaltie Gem scam

BBB accreditation implies that the company is ready to commit to adhering to lay down principles and practice of resolving customer issues.

The A- is a sign that Royaltie is doing great in supporting and resolving its member issues.

As at the time of writing this Royaltie review, twenty complaints were reported to BBB for the last three years. Fifteen complaints were treated and closed in the past twelve months.

The question is ‘Is Royaltie Gem a Scam?' No, the BBB rating is A- and even if it is ‘F'; BBB rating won't make it a scam.


What is Good About Royaltie Gem

  • It offers a cheap, strategic, and efficient advertising medium.
  • It offers affiliate marketers an opportunity to generate income.
  • Progress from one rank to another is based on merit.


Issues With Royaltie Gems

  • Unavailability of Company Information

There is no clear information about the company on their website. You cannot see the page of the company.

The implication is that you cannot contact the owners.

This is a red flag. It is essential to know everything about the company and its headquarters before you join such an investment opportunity.

  • Many Take It to Be a Bluetooth Spam Tool

Royaltie Gem is an excellent tool with an excellent idea. But a lot of user thinks it is another spam device.

Since it comes in the form of notification that must be accepted or rejected, I don’t know if it infringes on people’s privacy or not.

I am sure that its method of delivering ads looks spammy

  • A Lot of Emphasis on Recruitment

Selling Gems is a must to make money with Royaltie, and according to the compensation plan, you cannot start earning until you sell to ten people.

You must hit the ten sales thresholds to get paid the $250 bonus.

As an affiliate marketer, convincing people to buy the Royaltie Gem device is going to be pretty hard because it is an unfamiliar product.

  • Terrible Customer Complaint Inside BBB Rating

Though BBB rating for Royaltie Gem is currently A – (A -Minus), which is not too bad for a company that has been around for a while.

There are many customer complaints about Royaltie Gem. They are a complaint that a prospect must not read about.

See some of Royaltie Gems complaint in the screenshot below:

royaltie gem affiliate program

royaltie gem reviews

what is the royaltie gem



Public and Online Opinion About the Royaltie Gem

Based on reviews online, Royaltie Gem has received mostly positive feedback from its affiliates marketer.

A lot of accolades are given to opportunities it offers affiliate marketers, the fair commission, and its efficient management team.

However, some people feel marketing that much Royaltie Gem device to earn a decent pay is not realistic.


Payment Method Accepted By Royaltie

Royaltie accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover and American Express.


How to Delete Your Royaltie Account

Yes, it is straightforward to cancel and delete your account with Royaltie Gem.

To delete your account, you need to send an email to the Royaltie support team (

Another thing you can do is to maintain a monthly subscription termed as pay as you go.

You decide not to pay the very month you plan to discontinue.


Royaltie Gem FAQ


  • What is the best alternative to Royaltie Gems, and what is the difference?

Uplink is my best alternative to Royaltie Gems. The difference is that Uplink uses WIFI for the broadcast of their ads why Royaltie Gems uses Bluetooth signal technology. 

  • Where can country Royaltie Gems work? 

Royaltie Gems will work in any country and anywhere where Android smartphones are allowed to operate and function. 

  • Will Bluetooth Proximity Marketing work with another mobile brand? 

No. It is only on Android as of this time. I am sure with time, nothing is impossible. 

  •  What is the target audience for Royaltie Gems and its population?

 The target audience for Royaltie is Android smartphone users. Android has over 80% of smartphone users in the world.

  •  What is the condition for anyone to receives Royaltie Gems ads messages on the smartphone?

 They must have their Bluetooth enable and connected. 

  •  What is the cost of delivery of Royaltie Gems?

The delivery cost for the USA and Canada is FREE but will cost $25 to deliver to any other country. 

  •  Is Royaltie an MLM or Networking company?

Yes and No. Royaltie affiliate program will pay you a bonus for every 10 GEMs sold, and you will earn from commission for every GEMs sold. But you cannot receive from any sales of your referrer. 

  • How many Royaltie Gems can I buy?

 No limit to the numbers of Royaltie Gems you can have or purchase. 

  •  Are Royaltie Gems supported only English language Ads?

 You can use any language for the message of your ad. All language is supported. 

  •  Can the Royaltie Gem be turned off and on?

 Yes, Royaltie Gems has on and off switch. It will take just your click. The red light indicates off while the green light indicates on

  •  Is it a must to have Android Smart Phone to send and broadcast Message with Royaltie Gem?

No, you don't need Android Smart Phone to use Royaltie Gem to send ads message.

It can only hit the targeted audience with the Android SmartPhone device.

  • What is the coverage radius of Royaltie Gem message ads?

 Your message will reach a 100-meter coverage area for Royaltie Gem message broadcast.

You can only push ads message to only Android smartphone devices.

  • What is the best part of the city to put Royaltie Gems into usage for maximum coverage?

You need a location that is full of people. Mostly where people are cluster together. Places such as: 

  1. Restaurants, 
  2. coffee shops, 
  3. clubs, 
  4. football stadion, 
  5. parks, 
  6. concerts, 
  7. festivals, 
  8. beach, 
  9. cruise ships, 
  10. hotels, 
  11. shops, 
  12. companies, 
  13. seminars, and much more…
  • What is the maximum character of the ad's message that is allowed by Royaltie Gem?

 You can push a maximum of 40 characters, and a link redirects to your website or business page.

Your website must be a secure site with a padlock symbol and (https://).

  •  Which are the platforms compatible with Royaltie Gem Ads pins?

 You can pin Royaltie Gem on the following social media platform:

  1. Instagram
  2. Forbes
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook
  5. Google
  6. CNN
  7. ESPN
  8. Twitter, and
  9. Yahoo
  • What kind of business is best driven by Royaltie Gems?

Royaltie Gems are good with the following business:

  1. Small business owners
  2. network marketers
  3. entrepreneurs and
  4. Any product sales business. 
  •  Do I need specific technical skills to use Royaltie Gems?

Royaltie Gems are simple to use. There is a step by step video training on how to use Royaltie Gems.

It is quite straight forward to use. 


Is Royaltie Gem a Scam?

No, Royaltie Gem is not a Scam. It is an intelligent device and would make a great promotional tool for store owners.

Also, the company has been in existence for almost a decade now.

The only downside to the Gem is that if the target audience has their Bluetooth switched off, you cannot send your ads to them.

My other concern is the legality of pushing messages to people ‘s Android phones for marketing. Is that even legal?

Using Royaltie Gem can also lead to spamming people!

To be successful and make good money with Royaltie Gem, you must have a great lead generation technique and excellent ability to recruit people.


Is Royaltie Gem Worth the Money?

What do you think of my Royaltie Gem review? Are people making money with Royaltie Gem?

Do you think Royaltie Gem is a scam?

Royaltie Gem may have a great product, but there are a thousand and one ways to generate leads today. So, why should a store owner choose Royaltie Gems?

Affiliate Marketing is the best alternatives to direct selling and any MLM marketing. I have been able to make headways financially.

I make a six-figure monthly income with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. A training program that has helped me to be financially independent.

If you are tired of stocking up products, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Do you have any MLM product you would want me to review? Then send me a message.

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16 thoughts on “Is Royaltie Gem a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. One thing I learnt when I was studying web design about 15 years ago, was that if a website doesn’t have a proper address and phone number then it should be treated as a scam. This has helped me over the years! Royaltie Gem sounds like it has the potential to actually work but, as you say, there are many other better ways to make money!

    • Dear Hollie,

      Yes you are right. Why would a business not have a phone and address in place for its audience? It is a serious red flag. 

      And the question is how much money can you make with Royaltie even if it is not a scam? In my Kindeed opinion Royaltie does not worth the stress. 



  2. Bluetooth proximity marketing is the FUTURE and it is here and NOW.

    Royaltie has created an amazing platform to build an online presence for my small business. Royaltie has made it possible for the small business owners to market and advertise like only the big corporations have been able to do because they have huge advertising and marketing budgets.

    • Dear Ruby,
      I can see that you are confirming that Royaltie Gem is not a scam? Well thanks fir reading my review about Royaltie Gem. 



  3. A very thorough and well done review! I enjoyed reading this article and finally learning about the Gem. I appreciate you including the subscriber comments that are having problems and the less-than-perfect actions of the owners.  Sounds like there is some room for improvement with this product as well. Thanks for the education!

    • Dear FranEllis,

      Thanks for reading my review of Royaltie gem. 

      The truth is that many people does not know what Royaltie Gem Is, and that includes me. 

      I came to know Royaltie Gems by an accident and I was curious to know more about Blue tooth marketing.

      it is amazing that it is every where and in every region and every country. 

      Thanks again fir reading my review.



  4. I really enjoyed your post.  I can not believe there is a device like this that actually allows you to promote your website with ads locally within 100 m.  That is crazy to me.  This is amazing for local businesses that is for sure.

    Technology continually seems to push the bar of what we can do with a small mobile device.  I never like a company that doesn’t publish the face of who they are, so that would concern me a bit. I agree with you that because it is such a new device, people maybe a bit cautious about spending one of the 3 monthly fees required. 

    Great job on bringing something new like this product to review.

  5. I’m not sure how effective Bluetooth ads would even be, I have my Bluetooth turned off on my phone unless I’m connecting to something in particular.

    The idea behind the technology is pretty cool and I do like the theory behind this, I’m not sure that it is something I would actually use in my bricks-and-mortar business though.  I feel it may be a bit spammy.  I could also see people putting them somewhere other than their business for guerilla marketing, which is probably the most effective use of the technology to be honest.

  6. I have never heard of the royalties platform before or how it works at all but a friend told me about it some few days ago and told me to come and join as well, I guess she thought that she could really make so much with the platform as calimed. I guess she doesn’t know that it is not one she should try. I have to share this post with her to warn her.

  7. Whenever I am looking to relate a platform, one thing that I am always concerned about is the BBB rating and this one doesn’t really cut at that at all. I like the fact that you can tell us what the specification of the product is. I must tell you that it is very sad to see this. I think I should share this because some people might have already joined the platform. This is very nicely written with so much details. Great work.

  8. I’m also concerned with the legality of this whole thing. It doesn’t seem like it would be a scam but you could get into trouble for sending unwanted messages to people. I don’t like this. I hate receiving messages from unknown numbers.

  9. As annoying as this sounds, I can see how it might work on me (as a consumer) if I was shopping downtown and suddenly got a text from a coffee shop nearby. I can also see the benefit in lawn care and repair services using this when they send their techs out to people’s homes. “X Company is in the neighborhood! Do you need your hedges trimmed? [CTA]” But overall, it still just seems….a little intrusive?


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