Optavia Review: Can You Really Make Money with Optavia MLM?

You are welcome to my Optavia review. Can you make money with Optavia MLM jobs? Are the Optavia Coaches making money? Is Optavia a pyramid scheme? 

Likely, you are here because you want to make money as an Optavia Coach. It is a good thing that you are researching if Optavia is a pyramid scheme or not. 

It is good to do your investigation on any online business; this is the best way to discover legitimate online business and avoid many scams. 

Please ensure you check out the summary of this article, because this Optavia review will be a long read.

Please keep reading. 

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

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Optavia at a Glance

optavia review

Products & Services: Weight Loss and Lifestyle
Year Founded: 1980
Industry: Weight Loss and MLM
Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland. United States
Optavia Review BBB Rating: A+
Product Name: Optavia
Founder: William Vitale
Price: $300+ per month
Rating: 35%
Recommended: NO (Check Out My #1 Recommendation)

Summary of Optavia MLM Jobs Review

This is an MLM company with a focus on weight loss via dietary supplements. Its consultants are called Optavia health coaches, which is quite funny.

While it claims to help you lose weight, it might do the same for your money if you do not have any experience with MLMs, i.e., you may lose your money.

But why?

This is a company that is driven by a multi-level marketing business model.

But is Optavia MLM jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Optavia MLM jobs? What do you think of my Optavia mlm review?

Why You May Not Make Money as an Optavia Coaches 

It is now public knowledge that 99.7% of people in any MLM company will lose their money, i.e., 0.3% of people will make money in any MLM company.

The 0.3% is the MLM companies' owners, major investors (particular interest), and the MLM scheme's top ranks.

Mr. Jon Taylor researches hundreds of direct sales companies for years, and he came up with a book called “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.

The book stated that the only people making money in any MLM companies are the companies' owners, the top rank people in the scheme, and the major investors.

Is this related to this MLM company?

You can validate this from the Income Disclosure Statement of the MLM companies.

Looking at the Optavia Income Disclosure Statement for 2019, see below:

You can see that 21.66% of Optavia Coaches made nothing in 2019, and the 7.32% made between $2,500.01 – $5,000.00. The total percentage between these two sets gives a total of over 85% of Optavia Coaches.

While the total number of Coaches made between $2,500.01 – $5,000.00, i.e., 3.11% and those that made over $200,000, i.e., 0.21% of Coaches are less than 15% of the whole Optavia Coaches.

Summary of the Optavia Income Disclosure Statement for 2019 is this, over 85% of Optavia Coaches made less than $5,000 in the whole of that year; why less than 15% of Coaches made well over $5,000.

You can see that only 0.21% of Coaches made over $200,000, while 21.66% made nothing in 2019.

It implies that if you join and become a Coach with this company, you are likely to lose your money as claimed by the Years of study of Mr. Jon Taylor.

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What is Optavia?

This is a weight loss or maintenance diet company that designates eating a combination of purchased, refined food called “fuelings” and homemade “lean and green” meals. 

Instead of counting carbs or calories, consumers mix their powdered food with water or eat a bar as part of six mini-meals per day. 

Health coaches are available to offer guidance to the clients and teach their trademarked “Habits of Health.” 

what are good side hustles

The plan additionally recommends doing about 30 minutes of moderate-intense exercise per day.

The philosophy behind this company is six-small-meals-per-day. It is to help people with weight issues by taking in small portions of calories per day. 

So, this MLM company helps them achieve this through its “fueling” (shakes, bars, and other pre-packaged foods).  

The company does not use stimulants, questionable pills, or supplements. 

Its recommends frequent small meals and snacks throughout the day. 

“Fuelings” are made without abnormal pigments or sweeteners, and their selected product line is also preservative-free. 

They have a robust built-in network of one-on-one coaching and social support. 

The customer service is informative, and they do not pressurize callers to sign up or buy anything.

The diet was initially called Take Shape for Life (TSFL), founded in 1980 by a medical doctor named Dr. William Vitale. 

Take Shape For Life was a subsidiary of Medifast Inc.

Medifast changed the name from taking Shape For Life to OPTAVIA in July 2017 by introducing a new business line. 

The company has a history of success as it ranked 18th on Forbes list of America's 100 Best small companies in 2014 and number 1 in 2010. You can also learn more about Optavia on Wikipedia.

The company was also listed on Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America in 2016 and 2017.

Medifast as a brand owns five subsidiaries:

  1. Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  2. Optavia                                
  3. Jason Enterprises, Inc.
  4. Jason Properties, LLC
  5. Seven Crondall, LLC. 

Optavia Product Line 

The company has different components that make up its business model. 

There is the Weight loss program, Meal replacement products, Health education, and coaching service.


It offers the following supplements probiotics, omega-3 and digestive enzymes. 

However, they do not propagate these supplements as they claim that “fuelings” are already fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Diet Pills

No stimulant pills or other types of diet medications are prescribed, the company also offers meal replacement, and they include:

Optavia Complaints
  • Crunchers, poppers, and sticks
  • Shakes and Smoothies
  • Bars
  • Brownies
  • Pancakes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Puddings
  • Chewey bars
  • Drinks
  • Popcorns
  • Crackers

Aside from meal replacements and fuelings high in fiber, High in Fiber, Gluten-free, and Low in Sugar & Carbohydrates, the company has other offerings. 

A community helps you build consistency on your weight loss journey and a $29.95 guide from the founder, Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson. 

The guide will provide information on sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Optavia Compensation Plan 

The business model doesn't bank on conventional retailers to sell their products. 

Instead, their members or coaches, who are also known as independent distributors, promote sales.  

Making money with Optavia summarises its compensation plan, a simple and easy to understand the document. 

You can earn through the following means;

  1. Client Acquisition and Support
  2. Coach Sponsoring and Team Building
  3. Leadership Development

With the first step, you earn a 15% commission for the purchases of your clients.  

There are also bonuses for successful sales.

Coach Consistency Bonus

You get a bonus for maintaining certain levels in for three months in a row. 

You get $250 for maintaining a volume of 2,000, which is the lowest tier, and $1,000 for retaining a work of 6,000, which is the highest.

Client Acquisition Bonus

You earn a one-time bonus of $100 if you recruit five new coaches or clients or sell products worth 1,000 in volume within your first one month.

With this company, the highest income comes from team building. 

The company employs a uni-level structure in his business model, so every recruit is a downline placed under each uni-level leg.  

The lowest rank is a coach; a senior coach earns 4% from the coaches in his team while a manager earns 6% from the coaches in his team and 2% from old coaches.

How to Join and Become Optavia Coach

No qualification is necessary to become an Optavia health coach, as you do not have to be a health expert. 

Becoming a coach makes you qualified to earn a commission from this MLM company. 

Just by purchasing the “Health Coach Business Kit,” which sells for $199, it also covers the necessary training & marketing materials to help you start. 

There is also a yearly renewal fee of $99 to remain an Optavia Coach.

how to become optavia coach

Who is Optavia Coach for?

Anyone can join the Diet, especially those who have trouble creating or following a diet plan but desire to lose weight or maintain weight.

How to Make Money With Optavia MLM Jobs

These are three ways to make money with Optavia MLM :

Health Coach Income

The percentage of the commission you can earn depends on your total purchases of the new members you enroll (downlines). 

So you don't get commissions for enrolling new members, but instead, you get paid when they purchase products.

Business Coach Income

You get paid for mentoring other health coaches at this stage and helping your downlines achieve higher ranks and higher sales; the higher the growth of your downlines and revenue, the higher your level.

Business Leader Income

A business coach is compensated for training other coaches while a business leader is a reward for developing your team's leaders. 

Once you've trained your downline to become an Executive Director, you have achieved a regional director's rank, and a higher rank means higher earnings.

But, what do you think of the Optavia reviews complaints?

How Much Can You Make with Optavia MLM Jobs?

The company has a recent income disclosure published in 2019. 

It reveals that 21.66% of its independent Optavia coaches had no earnings for the 12 months they spent with the company. 

And in general, over 85% of the Optavia coaches share the crumps why very few people (less than 15%) at the top of the company earn big. 

If you join and become Optavia Coache, it is highly likely that you will not make money, and you might even lose your money because of other marketing expenses you might incur. 

OPTAVIA Income Disclosure Statement

how to Make Money with Optavia

Source: Optavia Income Disclosure Statement For 2019 PDF

Are Optavia Coaches Making Money? 

With about 20,000 distributors, this company has created a spot for itself in the MLM world. However, are Optavia Coaches making money? 

You can get the answer to the question from the company 2019 Income Disclosure Statement. 

You can see above 21.26% of the Optavia Coaches made no money that year. 

From the Income Disclosure Statement, you can see that over 85% of the Optavia Coaches did not make money that year. 

Only less than 15% of the Optavia Coaches Made money in 2019. 

It reflects the findings of Mr. Jon Taylor that states that only 0.3% of people in MLM company will make money, i.e., 99.7% of people in MLM company will lose their money. 

You can read the book written by Mr. Jon Taylor here

It is about how the MLM companies reward the company's owners, investors, and people at the MLM scheme's top. 

While the pay pennies to the lower level and the majority of the MLM members.  

 First, the niche is saturated, and getting clients interested in taking meal replacement to lose weight isn't a lucrative income source. What do you think of the many Optavia reviews complaints?

Support/Customer Service for Optavia Complaints

The company has built an admirable support community for its coaches and users. 

Generally, it is easier and faster to respond to a challenge if you report to your upline. 

However, It has a customer support team you can reach out to via:

Email: NutritionSupport@OPTAVIA.com or 

Phone Number: 1.888.678.2842. 

Any Complaints can reach support via call by dialing one and then 4.

What Is Good About Optavia MLM Jobs

Easy to Use

The meal plan is designed for quick weight loss, making it credible for someone with a medical reason to shed pounds fast.

Takes the Stress off Weight Loss

It relieves the stress of meal planning and “decision fatigue” by offering users clear-cut approved foods with “fuelings” and guidelines for “lean and green” meals.

Support from a Great Community

Social support is an essential aspect of the success of any weight loss plan. 

Optavia's coaching strategy and group calls provide encouragement and support for users.

Issues with Optavia MLM Jobs

Weight Loss Niche is Already Saturated

There are loads of MLMs offering income making opportunity through the weight loss niche. 

To earn, you have to sell harder.

Weight Loss May Not Be Sustainable

Consumers may find it difficult to switch back to regular meals as the weight they had lost previously may be regained.  

Effects of Calorie Restriction

Generally, when you're eating fewer calories, you may discover that the plan leaves you hungry and unsatisfied.

 You may also feel more easily exhausted and even cranky.

 Low Earnings

Optavia Coaches do not earn enough to make a living. The income disclosure also indicates that the only way to reach higher is through recruitment.

Difficult to Sell Products

What would I buy a guide to teach me about sleep and nutrition when I can get it for free on YouTube?  

There are also healthy ways to lose weight without isolating oneself at mealtimes with the family eating a bar or taking supplements.

Optavia Reviews Complaints

Most of the Optavia complaints filed on BBB (Better Business Bureau) have to do with extra billings. 

A lot of coaches complained about paying for a product and getting charged for two.

Despite the 100% money-back guarantee, there have been complaints of Optavia refusing to do a full refund. 

There are also Optavia complaints of customers whose cards were charged for unauthorized purchases compromising their credit card.

What do you think of Optavia reviews complaints? Do you think you can still make money?

optavia coach answers
is optavia mlm
optavia pyramid scheme

Optavia Lawsuit 

It is common to have lawsuits in the MLM industry. 

However, this company has not had a case that compromised the company's standard. 

A class-action suit was filed against Medifast in 2013 to deceive investors by not being forthright about revenues; that case was dismissed.  

Earlier in 2012, Jason Pharmaceutical, the Medifast subsidiary in charge of creating their Fuelings meals, had to pay a $3.7 million settlement over deceptive ads by making unsupported claims about its weight loss program. 

Medifast also lost a case against Sequence when they sued the later for $270 million in 2011 over unfair business practices, alleged defamation, manipulation, and criminal conspiracy.  

But, can you still make money with Optavia MLM?

Is Optavia Legit or a Pyramid Scheme Scam?

Optavia is legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme.

But, Optavia is a legitimate MLM company. 

Pyramid Scheme system does not involve sales of products and services, while in this company, a product is involved; it is a legitimate business model that will improve your health.

As an Optavia Coach, you can make money without recruitment and just selling products (but extremely difficult).

The company helps you make money from the commission of sales from weight loss and health-related products and a percentage from salespeople you recruit. It is why it is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. 

However, you should know that many Optavia Coaches are currently not making money from this MLM program. See the evidence here.

It is important to note that this company is not a pyramid scheme and not a scam MLM company. 

What do you think of Optavia reviews complaints on some websites? Is Optavia legit, or a pyramid scheme scam.

Is Optavia an MLM 

Yes, Optavia is an MLM company.

But, Optavia is legit, and not a scam and pyramid scheme.

People mistakes MLM companies to be scam. 

It is a legit company creating legitimate products to help you improve your health and lose weight while earning from its business model.  

However, it's proven the fact that MLM programs do not favor everyone, especially those who suck at marketing.

However, its products are a great way of losing weight, although they are not sustainable for a long-term plan. Are you sure of making money with Optavia MLM?

What do you think of my Optavia review? Is Optavia legit or another scam and pyramid scheme?

What is Optavia Connect?

The Optavia Connect is an application that provides powerful support tools and features that are needed for reporting and managing teams and Clients for any Optavia Coach.

Optavia Connect helps you simplifies managing your business and help you focus on what matters.

You can access your account, manage your websites, and view how much you earn via your Optavia Pay.

What are the Perks of Being an Optavia Coach?

OPTAVIA Coach allows you to show people how to create a business that can change their life. 

You can now make money while helping people by creating a life you want for yourself. 

It helps you create a life around what you love doing and what matters to you.

What is Optavia Coach Answers

An Optavia Coach Answers is the educational platform built to help and support you as you grow your business as an Optavia Coach. 

Optavia Coach Answers is a platform that helps you find answers to client's questions. 

The Optavia Answers help clients, and Optavia Coaches have access to information whenever it is needed. 

It is a help center for Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coaches.

The Optavia Coach Answers is available 24/7 to help Optavia Coaches and clients get answers and information to their many questions. 

How Does Optavia Pay work?

Optavia Pay is how you access and get your payment as a consultant and Optavia Coach. You can access your payment via Optavia Black Card. 

The payment is fast, convenient, and very easy to track your earnings. What do you think about the payment methods and many Optavia reviews complaints? Can you still make money with Optavia MLM?

What Does an Optavia Coach do?

The OPTAVIA Coaches will support and provide support to its client on a one-on-one basis as it concerns healthy habits and concerns. 

The coach will encourage and guide in various ways, such as: 

  • Product choices
  • Exercise
  • Program meal plans
  • Direction to clients for needed changes, and help in
  • Product Choices

What are Optavia Coach Benefits?

The One key benefit of the Optavia coach is coaching and supporting clients in their weight loss goals and aspiration. 

The coaches will provide tricks and different methods of losing weight. 

Can You Cancel Optavia at any Time?

Yes, the enrollment cancellation can happen at any time, but it is still subject to the Premier terms and conditions.

Why is the cancellation? Is Optavia an MLM and a pyramid scheme? What do you think of my Optavia review?

Can I Change the Optavia Coach?

Yes, you can change the Optavia coach. 

For a Coach requesting a transfer to a different sponsor, you just need to use the Sponsor Transfer Request Form (i.e., a client-initiated one).

A Coach can also transfer his/her clients to another Coach. Such Coach will need to Client Transfer Request Form, i.e., a Coach-Initiated one. 

Why Is the change of Coach? Can you make money with Optavia MLM? Why do you think that there are many Optavia complaints?

Is Optavia MLM Jobs Worth It? 

Thanks for reading my Optavia review. Can you now make money with Optavia MLM jobs?

What do you think about many Optavia MLM job complaints? Is Optavia MLM job legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

I also was shown to you why Optavia Coaches are not making money. But, Is Optavia a pyramid scheme or an MLM?

If you have a short-term plan of losing weight while working on a sustaining goal towards staying fit, then you can try Optavia. 

However, for income generation, there are other factors to consider. 

For instance, are you good at marketing, do you use the products, can you be patient to build your team before earning? 

Affiliate Marketing Training 2

These are the right questions you can ask yourself before jumping into the program. 

Also, the niche is saturated and may not yield favorable results.

For me, earning online is made easier thanks to Wealthy Affiliate Training

I have generated a monthly income stream of six figures from affiliate marketing. There are several reasons why it is my go-to earning strategy. 

For instance, there is no need for recruitment or stockpiling products, it is a means of earning passively, and it cost little to start. Want to find out how I built my income streams, click on my link here.

What do you think of my Optavia review? Can you make money with Optavia MLM jobs? Is Optavia an MLM legit or a scam pyramid scheme? 

Do you still want to become an Optavia Coach?

What was the result you got from the product, how easy was it to earn? Share your experience with us down below. 

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10 thoughts on “Optavia Review: Can You Really Make Money with Optavia MLM?”

  1. your review is good and it is the first time that I. Learning about this money optavia. I see reasons why you cannot recommend the platform to me or anybody else. I’ve never even liked mom businesses because I have tried a couple of them out before that didn’t work at all for me. Thank God you wrote the review.

    • Thanks for reading my Optavia review and how to make money with it. I am sure you know that Optavia is not a scam but legit. It is also not a pyramid scheme.

      Really appreciate.



  2. I really like this review, because it is very important to me that someone be honest when writing about products that interest me. I’m trying to make money online and I don’t want to spend time on something I scam. There are MLM companies that work and those that don’t. I was interested to hear which group of the two Optavia belongs to. I also like to hear that the Octavia coach can be changed, but it seems that this is not my cup of tea …

    • Thanks for reading my Optavia review. I am glad you like it.

      It is all about how to make money with Optavia MLM jobs.




  3. Hello John, I have heard about Optavia Before, I never knew it would be this nice and have a lot of prospect but the problem is most of the MLM brands that I have joined in the past haven’t made me any good amount of money but I am sure the brand would have a nice compensation plan for their marketers.

    • Thanks for reading my Optavia. It is all about how to make money with Optavia MLM.

      Please know that Optavia is not a scam and a pyramid scheme.  It is legitimate. 

      Thanks for the comment.


  4. $300+ per month? That’s insane! How could anyone be willing to spend that amount of money each month on something that you can do without having the necessity of having someone else telling you what to do. I don’t trust MLM programs, all of the offer crazy income “solutions” but rarely they achieve what they promised. 

    • Thanks for reading my Optavia review. 

      It is all about how to make money with Optavia MLM. 

      Thanks for your comment, really appreciate. 



  5. Hello John, I was really expecting Optavia mlm to be better, and sadly they just like every other MLM that I have seen out there. Paying $300 to get into an MLM is the worse mistake anyone would make and I’m really interested in your recommendation which I trust to be a good platform 

    • Dear Justin, 

      Thanks for reading my Optavia review. It is all about how to make money with Optavia MLM. 

      The challenge is that there are so many Optavia complaints online. This is affecting conversion by many Optavia coaches. The program is not a scam nor is it a pyramid scheme. 

      But, according to the income disclosure statement, the coaches and consultants are not making money. 

      Thanks for reading my article about how to join and become an Optavia coach. 



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