How To Play Online Video Games For Money | A Foolproof System

How to Play Video Games For Money

Do you want to know how to play games for money? Are you aware that you can make a lot of money by just staying home doing what you like “ playing video games”?

This is everybody ‘s dream, making money transforming your hobby into a thriving business online. At the end of this article, you will learn first hand the step-by-step ways of how you can start making money online by just staying at home playing video games online.

There are so many approaches to making money online playing video games but I will be taking you through this uncommon approach that can earn you over $20,000 monthly within two years.

If you can follow this steps I will be illustrating in this article, there is no way you won't be financially independent just playing video games online.

Getting Paid Playing Video Games: You Need Passion

Passion and love for playing video games online is key to your success in this business, because to actually start making money online you will need to know the HOW to play various video games that will earn you a lot of money online.

If you don’t like playing a video game I am sorry this is not for you. You will need to be dedicated and at least you should be able to know how to play several latest games that are really earning people money online.

You need a passion here otherwise a time of discouragement may come that you may want to give up because this very business is very tasking. This is why you need to really love playing games to ventures into this lucrative business.


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Not What You Are Thinking!

I need to let you know what this business is not. It is not what you are thinking, no. This has nothing to do with testing video games online, where you are subjected to testing new videos and look for loopholes for necessary correcting in coding.

This is a big business opportunity that will turn you into an authority in video games niche online. Don’t forget you will be able to earn over $20,000 monthly within two years, making you financially independent in life.


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How to Play Games For Money: My Best Option

I will be using Divinity: Original Sin 2 to illustrate my point here. Why choosing this video game? It is one of the most fascinating, ingenious role-playing video games of the year and a follow up of the Original Sin (call it part 1).

Divinity: Original Sin 2 expands on what made the first one (part 1) so wonderful with enhanced graphics and a lot of choices that players can make while playing.

Suppose you have played and you are playing Divinity – Original Sin 2 all the time and you know the best approach to negotiate your way around it. Imagine you know exactly what to do to be a winner with this game.

We have hundreds of thousands of people around the world that who have never heard of this game but will like to know a lot much more.

Have you ever be in need to know a certain thing that really matters to you? What would you do if you find yourself in that position? The first thing is to go on any search engine like Google and simple search.

As stated above, a lot of people want to know about the best video game in town, all they need do is to search on search engine. If and when they search and get a link that tends to meet and answered that question they just click and read.

How to Play Video Games For Money Online

nfl video games online freeThere are hundreds of thousands of video game players around the world-searching daily online wanted to know the thinking and perspectives of First Person Shooter (i.e. the player know-how through the eye of the expert).

It will be your duty to meet the needs of thousands of people that are going to be looking for reviews of a lot of great games from supposed actual game players before anyone actually buy them.

Your objective and goals are to make people read your various reviews about great games. What will be your gain if and when they read your review?

Your reviews of games online will lead your readers to the purchase in the process of introducing and advising them on what kind of games they may like, you will provide them some sorts of a link to the sales page. In the process you earn commission!

Yes, a lot of commission implies a lot of reviews and your reviews have to ride on a solid platform! What platform? This is what is called Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing involves publishers or merchants offering to pay commission to online marketers called Affiliate Marketers or Advertisers, for referring people online to a merchant’s websites.

It is good to note that affiliate marketing is performance based. Affiliate Marketers get paid only when they promote merchants products and their efforts resulted in purchased by people they referred online.

Therefore you have to be an Affiliate Marketers promoting video games for companies and merchants that are into manufacturing and sales of video games. This is a multimillion-dollar industry. It is a huge one that you must participate in if only you love playing Video Games online.


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Online Video Games Affiliate Program: A Serious Business

Online games niche is a serious business that requires total serious planning, commitment and a lot of strategies to succeed.

Can one succeed in affiliate marketing without a website, yes? But the online business world will never take you seriously if you are promoting online video games without a website.

Some major condition and requirement by major merchants and publishers are that every good affiliate marketers must have a good website.

So you need a website to make money promoting and reviewing video games online.

Below are various Video Games Affiliate Program that is legitimated:

  • Gamestop
  • Mac Game Store
  • Microsoft Store
  • Good Old Games (only by special request!)
  • Instant gaming…
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Gamers Gate
  • OnePlace:…
  • Humble Bundle
  • Walmart, Target, Amazon etc stores for physical games


get paid play games


How To Be The Best Affiliate Marketers: Selling Video Games Online

Don’t forget that the objective is for you to turn what you love doing best, maybe your passion or hobby into a thriving business online.

The only ways to start making serious and consistent money online is to have a website of your own. You can become the best in the affiliate marketing world if you follow the flowing steps:

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You have the option to join a premium or free members. See the features of the two options.

Make Money Playing Video Games Online | YouTube

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Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives


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Web Sites For Playing Games Online: Game Show Network (GSN)

Game show network is a good site since that guides on how to make money playing the game. When you participate in these sites, you acquire some points.

To date, about 600,000 oodles have been issued out to various participants for playing online games.


Zoombucks is comparable to Swagbucks in several ways, which give you different options on how to make the money-playing game online.

Cash can be paid out using several channels such as PayPal, gift cards, PlayStation, Xbox codes and game cards for many popular games.

Basically what Swagbucks offers is a bit different from Zoombucks, but they are similar in that you earn money by playing online.


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Paid Game Player 

This is the premier home for skilled gaming. It offers a reward for participating in free games, which can later be redeemed for various prizes in the future.

There are also tournaments where you have to pay small amounts to participate. The charges are low and will cost you less than a dollar to participate.

If you win the tournament, you have the chance of walking away with huge amounts of money.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

play games online moneyInstant Cash Sweepstakes gives you a useful platform for making money online. There are questions provide for you to answer, whereby answering them correctly will earn you some cash.

Money can be paid out through PayPal for two dollars. However, they have a trust system, which gives out benefits such as multipliers.

By participating you get to raise your trusts score, thus your bonuses. It is also important to keep your profile updated by answering occasional demographic questions in ways that match it.

Casino Gaming 

Casino gaming tournaments are something to behold, whether online or real brick locations. They are exciting and range from poker, and black tournaments gain popularity around the globe every day.

Knowing the exact type of event that you are willing to enter assists you as there are many barriers to entry. It is exciting to participate or even watch casino games.

Moreover, these games pay huge amounts of money though at times risky since they are addictive and could lead you to poverty hence should be played with great care.


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How to Make Money Playing Video Games



What do you think about how to play games for money, my foolproof system? Due to advancement in technology, online gaming has become a huge phenomenon over the last decade.

The above is how to play games for money, making really good money online playing video games is real and it has been here for long.

Online gaming is growing fast, and as per the recent studies by the World Bank, it has been forecast that online gaming is a billion dollar industry. This is why you must key into this right now. It is a huge market.

You won't just use this foolproof system to start playing games for money online, you will be helping people to learn how to be playing the video game and at the same time you will earning money online.

This will help turn you into a blogger promoting and reviewing video games and video game accessories online for money.

What is your thought? Do you have a better way of earning money playing the video game at home? Please do well to drop your thought in my comment area down below.

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8 thoughts on “How To Play Online Video Games For Money | A Foolproof System

  1. Thank you for your write up. It has helped me to take a great decision.

    I will always be on your blog.

    Thank you.

    • You are welcome Brayila,
      I am happy you took a decision to start making money online. Making Money via playing video game online is a multi million dollar business. Ensure you dive in and take you space online.

      Be prepare to work very hard, i advice you join Wealthy affiliate for the training aspect. it will help you move fast and achive great thing within short period.


  2. Thank you for this lead on how to make money playing video game online. This is unbelievable, that I can make money play game !

    My question, I don’t really know much about game online or offline. But how can I learn gaming online? I love the thought of playing game for a living

    • Hi Rose,

      Yes, you can make million online playing video game for money. Cay you believe that, yes it is real. To learn how to play game online you must have passion for it and you must love it. If you dont like it it could be deadly mistake for you. Building online business is very tasking and you need a lot of preparation to venture into it.

      There are other ways to make money online too if you dont like gaming.

      Just type what you like doing best on my search on my site, you will be shown how to make money what you like doing best.

      Thank you.


  3. Hey John,
    Wow you don’t know how excited I am to read your article! I’m a gamer and my parents always say that you have no life and games can’t support you but after reading this, they sure can!

    I’ve heard of Green Man Gaming and man, I can’t wait to create a gaming blog and become an affiliate! I know a lot about The Elder Scrolls Online and I’m planning to create my own site to complement my guild 😀

    Loving this review, you got me pretty excited. I have all the frameworks and planning already, I just need to work on those and create a flow.

    • Thank you for visiting my website and for visiting. It is very key to have passion for what you do online. Earning money blogging may be tough sometimes but it is the love you have for it that will single you out.

      thank you


  4. I have heard of people making a full time living playing video games. In fact, I see a lot of famous youtube stars who have made millions in youtube ad revenue doing live streams of playing video games. PewDiePie for me comes to mind.

    With that being said, I have seen people burn out when they turn their fun “part time” hobbies into a full time job.

    How do you avoid that if you were a casual fanatic of video games and are just doing for fun?


    • Play video games online for money is a billion dollar industry, i do agree with you and i also stated that in my article. We have several ways you can earn money playing video game at home. But the must lucrative way is to have your blog and to start reviewing several video games online.

      Million of video games players around the word search daily wanted to know more about the new video game. If you want to make money, it is your duty to rush at at new video game in town, digest it and know why is its better than its previous version. Then write about it and direct people to where they can get it bought, and you will earn your commission.

      This is how to make money blogging about what you love doing daily. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the ART of blogging for money.

      To answer your question, if you really love playing games and you have passion for it you can NOT burn out playing games knowing at the end you are making money. . . .

      Thank you


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