Trollandtoad ( Review: Can You Really Make Money?

What is For, Exactly?

You are welcome to my Trollandtoad ( Review. Many people are asking this question on Quora forum; if they can really make money with

I know you are here to also know how much money you can make with this website too. But first, what is about? is an online company that sells out of print, collectible, single cards and current games; customers shop online through the giant retailer.

The company latter ships and delivers items bought at a cheaper cost.

The focus and objective of this article are to show you how you can make money with and to review whether people are making money on or not.

This Trollandtoad ( Review will help you to know everything about Trollandtoad ( such as the following:

  • If I Recommend
  • YouTube Video of What Is All About
  • Product Promoted and sold By
  • Is  A Scam or Legit
  • You Will Discover What I Like And Dislike About
  • YouTube Review of Who And What Is For 
  • Discover If You Can Really Make Money With
  • My Final Thought About
  • At A Glance


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Do I Recommend

With the top-notch services offered by the company, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to buy or trade their cards with the online retailer.

Their deliveries are cheaper with fair and reasonable shipping costs, this coupled with the fact that the site is easy to navigate thus resulting in easing in the placement of orders makes it the most pleasant shopping and shipping.

What is  | YouTube


Products Promoted by

The company deals with the collection and sale of game cards, Yugioh, Pokémon, HeroClix and dice master, miniatures, specials and lots, video games and toys.

Costs and Prizes of Goods and Services at

Price of the products is ridiculously as low as $ 0.99 to $4 for assorted cards making it the cheapest retailers as compared to other competitors.

Unlike other retailers they also offer prices for the single cards, their prices are reasonable added the cheaper shipping provided makes it the ultimate retailer to conduct business with.


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what is



Is A Scam?

The has been successfully commanding international recognition in the in the sale of out of print card collection through its platform.

While customers place their orders online and after that; goods are shipped to their destinations. Being an affiliate of the company means making passive income which is the right way of earning extra income to boost one’s revenue.

This is a great opportunity since it doesn’t require capital to start the business but only making some referrals which leads to earning of commission or part of the profit made by the company.


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What I Like About

***Free Shipping***

The company offers free shipping on goods which are over $25, with conditions that the package must contain only single cards, booster packs or sleeves and must not contain bulk oversize lots or cards.

The free shipping is in the USA, considering that other competitors do not offer such free shipping offers gives the company a competitive advantage.


trollandtoad buy list


***Great Customer Service***

The company has quality customer care processes put in place, they value customer feedback and are quick to respond to complaints that might arise during the shopping experience.

The company tries as much as possible to fill the gaps that may arise between them and the customer.

***Customer Friend Website***

The company’s site is well organized and easy to use which offers an opportunity for real search thus saving time allowing its customers to place orders quickly, this is attributed to happy, and loyal customers.


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What I Dis-Like About

***Shipment Challenge***

There have been reported delays in delivery of goods especially for international shipments this is as a result of complicated transport systems experienced at different destinations due to varying policies in different countries.

***Strict Affiliate Program Rules***

One has to utilize the existing affiliate programs, and this means that the company’s rules and regulation should be adhered to strictly even when they are unfavorable.

***Sluggish System***

For the freelancers who are starting from the background, many have reported that the system is slow, this, however, should be taken as a learning experience rather than a hindrance.


Who is For? company is a one-stop giant online retailing shopping company which offers services such as exchange of cards, the sale of out of print cards as well as many more games and videos.

They have goods competitively at a lower price coupled with ultra-fast delivery service.

 What is For | YouTube


How to Make Money With

If affiliate marketing is your thing then is an excellent opportunity for you.

Affiliate programs have been proven to be one way to earn extra income, and it should be a goal for every freelancer? offers affiliate programs too with the aiming of improving its marketing strategies in the hope of generating more sales.

This is an open window for freelancers to make an extra income.

You can be promoting marketing and sales of the company’s goods, one is sure to generate extra income by having a share of their profits or being paid on commission based on the products created from the affiliate sales promotion.


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My Final Opinion of

What do you think of my Trollandtoad ( Review? Do you think you can really make money with

In conclusion, working as a freelancer for the company as well as shopping with the giant online retailer is one of the fruitful experience either as a buyer or a seller as the processes put in place makes it easier to conduct business with the retailer.

Affiliate marketers as well are assured of gaining maximum utility of their time and extra efforts as they are guaranteed of excellent payments.

It can be noted that the advantages of working and conducting business with them overweigh the disadvantages I could advise affiliates to consider working with the company as they are sure to reap the benefits offered.

MT: is among the leading online retailers in cards. If you need items shipped at fair prices to your desired destination, then make your choice.

I hope you now know what exactly is for?

Are you making money with Trollandtoad ( already? How much are you making monthly; how easy is it for anyone to start making money with Trollandtoad ( kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. at a Glance

Price: $ 225642
Owners: Jon and Lana Huston
Overall Rank:  55%trollandtoad com

4 thoughts on “Trollandtoad ( Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Dear John,

    It is good to know that is a company that will help you as an affiliate marketer to make some extra money.

    This is a company I am surely going to have a look at.



    • Hi Keven,

      Thanks a lot for reading my Trollandtoad ( Review. I really appreciate that.

      Yes, you can make good money with Trollandtoad. And you can even make much more if you learn the art of Affiliate Marketing. You can be making over $10,000 Monthly within 2 years.

      This is how i am making a living online.



  2. Dear John,

    The biggest advantage Trollandtoad seems to have over its competitors is the low prices.

    This can mean a lot for people that want to own certain cards but don’t have a bit budget to do so.

    And having a decently priced shipping (and free for orders above $25) can also be a deal maker or breaker in many cases.




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