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Is AliExpress Legit, Reliable, or a Scam? Is AliExpress Really Safe?

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You are welcome to my AliExpress Review. Can you make money with AliExpress? Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

You are here because you want to know if you can still make money with AliExpress.


This article will take you through a thorough review of AliExpress, and how you can make a safe purchase on this platform.

Please read on.

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how about aliexpress

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress was founded by Alibaba Group of Company in the year 2010, they started with Business-to-Business (B2B) model.

The company has since expanded its business to consumer (B2C) and Payment Services.

AliExpress is a big online retail service company that constitutes mainly of small Chinese companies. They have diverse products and services targeting international buyers online.

is virtually everything you can think of at AliExpress.

AliExpress focuses on international buyers, this is the major difference between its website in China called Taobao.

This is restricted to Chinese people while AliExpress is mainly for international customers and it is floated in many languages English, Russian French, etc.

Can you make money with AliExpress? Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

What do you think of my review of AliExpress?

Is Making Money With AliExpress Possible?

All of us know that online shopping is the most trending method of shopping throughout the world.

People nowadays are not willing to travel outside their houses for the sake of buying a few products, clothes, grocery items, etc.

Hence, most of people choose online shopping with which they get everything at their doorstep without any kinds of problems.

In case you are asking this question if it is safe to buy things from China, yes it is safe and you can also import from China.

There are hundreds of trending websites on the web these days, and it has been observed that on one side a lot of websites are doing well while so many are still deluded on how to transform that into profitability.

So, how are people making money with AliExpress? This website has transformed the shopping online and had brought a sensation in the online shopping industry.

Yes, we are talking about AliExpress, which is one of the most trending clothing and accessories online shopping websites in the world.

Here is the review of the website. The closest to this website is another one of the best also based in China called Miniinthebox.

Can you make money now with AliExpress? What do you think of my AliExpress review?

Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

The Interface of AliExpress

The interface of most of the online shopping websites is similar as people get to see all the products on the left sidebar.

They get to see a few posters of the deals currently running and related other options, and AliExpress is having the same kind of interface too.

The Aliexpress environment looks very simple, and thus it is very effortless to use even for a user who has never done online shopping before.

Quality and Services on AliExpress

We know that there are some websites at which you will find negative comments about the quality that AliExpress provides.

All those comments are part of the business challenges that happen during the course of doing business online.

I can testify though that AliExpress is offering one of the best quality products that one can have.

They have hired several quality testers, and they make sure that every product that reaches the client should be top-notch.

Here we are talking about personal experience as we had ordered some products from the website and we have always received the best products.

What is you take of AliExpress review? Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

Can you make money with AliExpress online store?

Shipping, Return and Customer Care

AliExpress make sure that their product reaches to the clients at the best time possible.

Late deliveries are avoided by them, and just in case any mishappenings happen then the only one can see a late delivery of any order.

They have assigned jobs to various staff members just to look after the complaints, returns, and refund requests of the clients, which make their customer care and return policy best too.

You can easily contact AliExpress Customer Service 24/7.

Value For Money

The biggest advantage that one can have from the website that they offer their products at a very less price hence this feature makes it better than many other websites.

They deal directly with the manufacturers and cut short their profits due to which the products are sold at a never before price.

Also, according to the quality that you would be provided, you might feel that you should have bought one more.

In addition to these services and features, one can actually make money with AliExpress through its various money-making programs. Here are the details.

You can make money with AliExpress in two easy ways. Both of these methods are very easy.

How to Make Money With AliExpress Online Store?

You can make huge money with AliExpress in the following ways:

  • Affiliate Program

This is a widespread method, and it may be possible that a few of our readers might already be an affiliate of various websites, you must know that AliExpress provides the best commission margin compared to many of its contemporaries.

You get a minimum of 8.5% commission on every product that gets sold by clicking on your affiliate link, and the commission can go up to 20%. So you can make a huge amount of money with an affiliate link only.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

aliexpress com store products

The AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is one of the most powerful plugins ever, it helps you to add AliExpress products directly to your website seemly and in no time.

With the huge product offering of AliExpress, it is always very difficult to select products for your affiliate store manually. This is why you need this plugin.

Your affiliate ID will be automatically embedded in the products and takes your audiences back to AliExpress. This will help you earn a commission on all sales.

This is a great plugin with a lot of features and it is so very simple to use most especially for a new website owner or Internet marketers.

For you to make money online this is a great tool that will help you achieve your objective easily.

You will only be concerned with directing traffic towards your website that has been loaded with the AliExpress products with the aid of this great AliExpress Affiliate Plugin.

Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China? What do you think of my review of AliExpress online store?

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Features of AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

Below are the reasons why this plugin we help you make money online in no time:

        1.) It is a WordPress Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin and for WP websites. WP website is simple to use and very popular on the Internet today.

It will help you build your store within minutes and without prior experience

       2.) Direct Upload of AliExpress Products To Your Website

This plugin will help you upload and select AliExpress products directly to your online stores and also update as changes are made to the pricing or product features on a regular basis.

This happens according to a certain parameter that will be set by you.

      3.) 30 Days Cookies For Visitors

You will have 30 days cookies for all your website visitors i.e. you will earn a commission for any visitors that you refer to AliExpress websites via your affiliate link.

Even if such visitor did not purchase for the first time and any subsequent visit within the 30 days will earn you a commission.

     4.) Live Statistics of Sales Performance

You will also have access to live statistics on your sales performance

Drop Shipping With AliExpress

One of the best ways to start your online store business is via dropshipping. You can leverage drop shipping to make huge money online and prevent a lot of loss.

What will be required of you is to have a website of your own and with the aid of the AliExpress Affiliate Plugin you can select your product according to your specification using the plugin as explain above.

One of the challenges of opening an online store is that you don’t need to know what will sell initially until you try it out except you have a hint from a professional, otherwise you will have to try out a lot of experimenting.

For instance, if Jane just happens to open her online store and try out the following activities:
  • She decides to purchase 100 sets of iPhone chargers at the rate of $10 which sum up to $1000
  • Sold only 15 at the rate of $15 after a lot of efforts
  • Discovers that the products are not moving in at that moment and she needs to move on
  • She decides to discard the remaining products and stop the promotion
  • Made a sales of $225 which result in a loss of $775.
alibaba express wholesale

To Illustrate what happens above. If Jane knew about dropshipping she will not make that loss of $775 rather she would have made a gain of $75 instead.

Suppose Jane is aware of dropshipping with AliExpress, she does not need to do a bulk purchase of the iPhone chargers, instead, she supposes to focus on her website and start her promotion.

Dropshipping will help her purchase iPhone chargers from AliExpress sellers as soon as she makes sales on her websites. She will instruct the AliExpress sellers to ship the iPhone chargers to her buyer directly.

The main lesson here is that drop shipping helps you buy from AliExpress seller directly and ship the product directly to the customer that made the purchase on your websites.

With this method you can make a loss, you will only ship the product you have already sold to your customer via a drop shipper (AliExpress Seller). You can also find and sell dropshipping with Oberlo.

Is AliExpress Safe, Reliable, Legit, or a Scam?

AliExpress is safe, legit, reliable, and not a scam. 

That said, you have to wait for a long while to get your items. It depends on the type of shipping method you opt-out for. 

Free shipping will take ages to get to the US. The actual item you are purchasing may not be the exact one you will get at the end of the day, but you will get something close. 

Yes, I have purchased and get delivery of my goods, but it took ages.

Do I recommend AliExpress? No. It would be best if you bought from AliExpress directly on the Amazon platform instead. 

Or if you must buy from china, I recommend MiniInTheBox. That is my favorites. Items are cheap and very standard. Ensure you purchase above $40 to earn more dollars for more purchase and expedited shipping. 

What do you think of my AliExpress review? Can you make money with AliExpress? 

Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

What is your take? 

Is AliExpress worth It?

So what do you think of my AliExpress Review? Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

what are good side hustles

Can you see how much money you can easily make with AliExpress?

You can achieve a lot with AliExpress, you just need good information and to now take actionable decisions.

You can decide to just go directly to purchase anything thing online or decides to start making money with this huge store.

Have you been wondering and asking such a question on what is Aliexpress about, I hope you now know what Aliexpress is all about?

What is your take on my review of AliExpress? Do you have contradictions or contributions? Is AliExpress legit, safe, reliable, or another scam online store from China?

Can you make money with AliExpress online store?

Have you purchased good and service on AliExpress before now? kindly use my comment area to drop your comment.

I will revert to you as soon as possible if it is a question. Thanks for coming to my website. I hope you will visit again?

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12 thoughts on “Is AliExpress Legit, Reliable, or a Scam? Is AliExpress Really Safe?”

  1. Boom! Information hub!

    I took my time to read about AliExpress. I have a few friends into dropshipping and they buy from suppliers on AliExpress. How can I find reliable suppliers to fulfill my store’s orders assuming I own one?

    1. Dear Kelvin,

      Thanks for reading my AliExpress ( Review.

      All suppliers within AliExpress websites are assumed to be legitimate. All your purchase will be with AliExpress and not with the third party suppliers. AliExpress is the middle man between you and any AleExpress suppliers. You are dealling with AliExpress directly.

      I hope that I am clear?



  2. This was extremely informative. Many up in coming business owners should really take advantage of AliExpress. There are tons of savings available by purchasing overseas. It’s great to see that AliExpress offers safe and cost effective ways to make these purchases. Lets face it so many businesses need overseas manufacturers to match big business competitors.

  3. Hi John
    please kindly explain more and give me the link to be part of this aliexpress earning online.

    1. There are many ways to making money with AliExpress, it all depends on what you want to achieve. The best ways is for you to have a website of your own and start referring people to AliExpress. Another great way is for you to dropship with AliExpress.

      Try to read this article, everything you need is here.

      If you have any question kindly



  4. Really interesting information here and not one that I have seen a lot of information around, especially knowing that the company became public within the last 10 years.

    Also, interesting information about affiliorama as I have looked into their site as well. I think your explanation around the international outreach is a good one. there is so much to learn at so many sites, so I think having options is helpful

  5. Hi John,

    Great Post on AliExpress!

    I have a friend and he does very well by buying clothing items like trainers and football jerseys and sells them on on a great profit! I always wondered how he did!

    So tell me John, if I use the AliExpress Plugin I TOO could be earning money from my own website?

    I think I will give it a go!

    Thank you John.

    Regards, Philip.

    1. Hi Philip Colbert,

      Thank you for visiting my website and the comment. AliExpress Plugin is so very easy to use. it is drag and drop process and it attaches your affiliate ID to the item you are selling. You will be making money from www alibaba com indirectly. 

      So it will work for you because it is working for me and for many other people. 

      Aliexpress com store is a great place to visit, virtually there is nothing you want to buy online that you wont find in display and they are very cheap. Most it can even be ship to you at no cost. 



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