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Can You Really Make Money with Vine?

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You are welcome to my Vine Review. But do you know anything about Vine? Are you on Vine and can you still make money with Vine? Is Vine legit or a Scam?

Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube?


Are people making money with Vine? Is Vine a Scam?

This is a complete review of Vine and you will learn all you need to know about Vine in this article.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

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What is Vine?

What is this Vine all about? Started as a short-video sharing website; quickly gained popularity on the World Wide Web. Vine soon became home to the funniest, craziest, and original videos posted by users.

In fact, Vines became so popular that they were shared extensively on other Social Media websites like Facebook and YouTube.

Vine was launched as a Video Hosting Service by founders Don Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll.

Of course, today Vine is famous for other reasons including its recent supposed death followed by an acquisition by Social Media giant Twitter.

Users who posted on Vine began utilizing their creative abilities to make the most mind-blowing short videos ever to exist.

These “Viners” made use of the platform to generate revenue and to build a reputation for themselves in the online world.

Since its launch, Vining became a global phenomenon, and the Vine App became the most downloaded on the Apple Store.

Between its iOS launch in 2013 until Twitter acquired the company for $30000000, Vine became the most popular short-video sharing application on the Internet. Read more about Vine on Wikipedia.

Vine At A Glance

Original Owners: Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov & Colin Krol
New Owner: Twitter
Name: Vine
Type of Business: Video sharing
Rank: 66%
Recommended: Yes

Do I Recommend Vine?

Vine went from being a short video-sharing site to a creative platform with Viners using their imagination and humor to entertain.

What started as an App to help users share small moments in video form has turned into an artistic opportunity with Viners sharing wild, culturally interesting short-form videos.

Sadly, after its acquisition; Twitter had to shut down Vine’s storytelling videos and instead made the Vine Camera that lets you create videos shareable on Twitter.

Vine Camera is recommended for sharing looping videos within the 6-second duration. Existing favorite vines are still alive online, and you can watch them for their comedic value.

To me, Vine is a great platform to start making money online without investment; just come up with a high idea about six seconds clips on any great products or brand, and you will be slowly paid for your effort.

Many Viners are liberated and are making huge money online with many beautiful ideas.

Vine is Currently Archived by Owner (Twitter)

vine co support

See This ScreenShot:

Source: Twitter

Can You Really Make Money On or With Vine?

Like any other Social Media platform, content creators on Vine were also paid to promote products, custom vines, shout-outs, and ravines.

Vine stars with millions of views were reached out to by brands and companies for collaborations and partnerships.

The Vine stars who had reached celebrity status would use their creative talents to obtain fame and eventually made their way to more prominent entertainment platforms.

Vine Stars with millions of fans would grow to become internet sensations and hire managers to handle their revenue and fame.

Popular Vine stars would be invited to television shows. They would also obtain a fan following on other Social Media platforms and use their popularity to bag brand and endorsement deals.

So, making money on Vine usually involved obtaining a massive fan base and then using the popularity to get sponsors from big brands around the world or in different regions.

What Products Does Vine Promote or Sell and How?

Companies realized that the 6-second videos were compelling in promoting a brand or product.

Vine slowly became a powerful marketing tool since videos were the new Internet addiction.

Companies approached favorite Viners to use their creative abilities to promote their products within the 6-second restraint cleverly.

Games, Cosmetics, Food, Electronics were commonly supported on Vine including Magazines, Books, DVDs, etc.

Costs/Price of Joining Vine

It is free to become a Viner, which implies that you can sign on Vine at no cost to you.

It is FREE. When Vine was an independent platform.

Brands offered endorsement deals worth thousands of dollars to the most followed Vine stars.

Depending on the company that provides these agreements, the cost of advertising varies.

More prominent brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, American Express, etc. were known to pay a high price for promoting their products on Vine.

Is Vine Legit Or a Scam?

Vine Stars spent enormous time and effort to make hilarious vines to bag Business Promotions from top-notch companies like Ford, Disney, Sephora, Sony, etc.

Small businesses used Vine as a fantastic opportunity to market their products, thus benefiting content creators to earn lucrative deals.

Is Vine legit or a scam? Do you think you can now make money with Vine?

make money vine

What I Like About Vine

  • The most entertaining short videos the Internet has ever seen.
  • Talented, creative Vine stars whose fame still lives on other Social Media platforms.
  • Making creative 6-second videos was extremely easy and didn’t require advanced technology.

Issues with Vine

  • Feeble support from its Audience led to Vine’s demise.
  • Vine was unable to compete against other social media giants.
  • Lack of proper management led to the purchase of Vine by Twitter followed by its subsequent closure.

Who is Vine for?

The Vine App led to the rise of Internet stars who were mostly teenagers posting funny, crazy, wacky videos.

The viral loop videos brought followers in millions along with international attention for these vine stars.

Sadly, when Advertising Revenue was growing on Vine, it was forced to shut down by its parent company Twitter.

All kinds of Businesses ranging from product-based companies to large enterprises were leveraging Vine’s outreach to promote their marketing strategies.

How To Make Money With Vine App?

Unlike Google and YouTube (Adsense); Vine App itself was not an Add-based platform like YouTube and other Social Media.

This is mostly used as a Content Creation platform to attract external opportunities to make money in the form of endorsements, paid promotions, and television appearances.

Vine users do not earn money directly from Vine. The essential way to make money on Vine is to gather as many followers as possible.

After growing enough followers and gain popularity on Vines, mostly big companies and organizations usually approach Viners to make Vines for them or a Viner can chase good brands that will be ready to pay for showing casing their goods, products, or services.

If you can do a great job with just one Vine post, such can lead to many other sponsorships by more prominent brands.

You can also make money via YouTube; Vines is so very similar to YouTube.

The best way to make money though is by creating your very blog; you can show off your Vine popularity and drive traffics towards your blog.

And can even start blogging and making money on how to use Vine. You can make money online by blogging about anything.

How To Make Money With Vine (

Is Vine Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Vine Review? The question remains, can you still make money with Vine? Is Vine legit or a scam?

The current Twitter Vine Camera is a useful feature that is good for making looping videos.

Twitter is seeking a way to monetize this feature through tweets and purchases. However, the founders of Vine are trying to relaunch the mobile app.

There are rumors of a brand-new version that will bring back the platform which had become immensely popular once upon a time.

If Vine makes a comeback, there will be more opportunities for monetization and entertainment, and it might even compete against Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

But why waiting for the new Vine modification by Twitter? Start with my #1 recommended online business now. It will help you if you can have your own platform where you can not be revoked nor sanctioned.

What do you think about it ( Are you making money on Vine already? What would you like my audience to know and learn about Vine (vine. co)?

What do you think of my Vine Review? Can you now make money with Vine? is Vine legit or a scam?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area, I will gladly revert to you. I hope you will visit again?

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  1. Wow…it is obvious that there is more to the internet than what know generally know. I have not heard about Vine until despite that the fact am always active with other social media platforms. since am now aware of the money making possibilites in it , I will surely give it a try.

    1. Dear Francisca,

      If you indeed read my Vine ( Review very well, you will observe that it has been taken over by Twitter. Yes, you can still use to start making money with Vine ( But you have a limitation.

      The fact is that every social media will limit your activities in the process of making money online. There is nothing like having your own website. You can use your site for anything you want.

      These days, most social media will either restrict your access or revoke you from access their site if you erroneously violate their term and policy.

      The best way to survive and start making money is to have your own platform. Your website is your own. The good news is that you can get great training that will help you earn money online through your hobbies, and ideas online. Start with my #1 recommended online business

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    Here delineated excellently in terms of Vine and activities.

    Nice review… I refuse to believe that some of these are only 6 seconds…Vine couldn’t have put still image ads in-between every 6 videos as you’re scrolling? Looks pretty simple!



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      Really appreciate. I hope you will visit again?



    2. Dear Khan,
      Thanks for reading my Vine ( Review and for visiting my website.

      The truth about social media platform that many do not know is that every user has limitations. Your activities are limited, your access can be revoked, your writing access can be removed.

      You page can be taken down. Because it is not your platform, you are only borrowing it for feasibility for money making online. The good news is that you can start with your own platform now.

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