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Fan Page Robot Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Fan Page Robot review. Can you make money with Fan Page Robot? Is Fan Page Robot legit or a scam?

Fan Page Robot review claimed to be a perfect social media automation tool that will help you boost your followers on major social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc


I am sure you are here to find out if Fan Page Robot is worth the money? It is good to do such research because that was how I discover how to make a full-time income with my skills and hobbies.

But can you make money with Fan Page Robot? Will Fan Page Robot help you grow your followers?

Or is Fan Page Robot a scam?

In this review, you will read why Fan Page Robot is NO for me and why it will not help you grow nor improve your followers.

You will also discover why social media, in general, may not be good feet to help you run a robust online business.

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Fan Page Robot at a Glance

what is a facebook fan page

Name: Fan Page Robot (FPR)
Owners: Unknown
Price: $14.95 (Pro) and $39 (Unlimited); All Monthly
Rank: 15%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of Fan Page Robot

It is clear that social media marketing is a chore. Fan Page Robot claimed to be an excellent product for taking care of those repetitive, exhausting tasks like finding viral content, generating great hashtags, and scheduling appropriate times to post the content.

For a reasonable monthly fee, Fan Page Robot will accomplish all those tasks saving you time and energy.

And with the increased traffic, you will enjoy increased revenues. If you depend on traffic to make an income, Fan Page Robot is an excellent product to invest in.

What is Fan Page Robot?

facebook fan page how to

Managing multiple social media pages and always finding exciting content to keep your fans entertained is challenging and very time-consuming.

Fan Page Robot is a social media marketing tool that helps you to increase your following and leads by scouring the internet, identifying viral content, and automatically posting it to your social media accounts.

It also schedules the best time to post and creates catchy hashtags to ensure you gather the maximum following.

Afterward, the feature in Fan Page Robot converts your traffic into leads which translate into more income for you.

Brantley Gilbert created fan Page Robot and released it in 2017. Seeing that it is a social media tool, Fan Page Robot has no restrictions on any country or region.

You can learn more about Fan Page Robot on Facebook here.

As long as you work on social media marketing, you can purchase and use this tool.

How Fan Page Robot Works

Fan Page Robot is a social media tool that claimed to assist you to help manage your social media pages with little or no interaction from your part.

The objective is to help you grow your social media audience to help you make money online.

But how do Fan Page Robot works?

Fan Page Robot work such that it will help you search viral content, articles, images, and videos.

Any such content that is discovered online will be automatically posted on your social media pages.

They claimed that Fan Page Robot could easily be set up in no time, and it also chooses the best time and adopt hashtags that are suitable for such post or content.

Researching these viral content manually without any such tool like Fan Page Robot will take you hours, and it may now be useful for you.

The product page of Fan Page Robot claimed that this tool would grow your followers and help get you traffic to your links and lead for sales you need.

They also claimed that the device would work in any niche and audience.

Fan Page Robot has the following characteristics:

  • It will help Auto-schedule your post and articles
  • Also, it will help you come up with great hashtags
  • It helps you generate viral content at no time
  • You can easily create a Facebook video marketing
  • It will help you discover great content that will make your post go viral.

Cost of Fan Page Robot

Fan Page Robot offers two packages.

The first package goes for $14.95 a month, and you can manage up to three Facebook pages plus 36 other social media pages, all the special features, and free updates.

The second package costs $39, and it can manage an unlimited number of pages on up to 10 different social media platforms.

You get to enjoy VIP customer support and all the special features plus free updates.

You will get a 35% discount if you pay annually.

how to make a fan page on facebook

How Fan Page Robot Will Help Affiliate Marketers

Fan Page Robot is a tool created to make social media marketing easier. And truthfully, it is one of the most useful tools there are on the market.

Once you’re familiar with Fan Page Robot, you will be able to convert the traction you gather from social media sites into leads and later sales.

Fan Page Robot is perfect for affiliate marketers and anyone who relies on driving traffic to make money.

So while you will not make any money directly from Fan Page Robot, you will be able to make money from your regular landing pages thanks to this tool.

Fan Page Robot Support  and Customer Service

Once you purchase the Fan Page Robot product, you will receive an email from the support team.

That email address is the one you should use every time you have a query.

If you don’t receive an email from the Fan Page Robot customer support, go to the website and fill in the contact form.

Fan Page Robot customer service typically replies within 48 hours.

The Fan Page Robot website states that they provide 24/7 customer support for their clients.

What I Like About Fan Page Robot

  1. User-friendly tool and simple to use
  2. Saves you lots of time and energy
  3. Affordable and effective
  4. You can manage multiple accounts in tandem
  5. It can be automated to work entirely on its own.
  6. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service
  7. It is accessible in multiple languages.

Issues With Fan Page Robot?

  1. There is no free trial to test the product
  2. You need reliable internet connectivity to use this tool

Public and Online Opinion of Fan Page Robot?

Fan Page Robot has created a lot of buzz in the social media marketing scene. There are no negative reviews regarding this product or the services offered.

Fan Page Robot works excellent, and all the tasks indicated in the sales page are done by this tool.

There are, however, a few talks about special customer support for the clients who pay $39 over the clients who pay $14.95.

But this is not an issue since special customer service is a well-stipulated perk for the customers who spend more.

Besides, generally, customer queries are responded to within 48 hours.

Similar Alternatives to Fan Page Robot?

Yes. There are o similar products on the market that do well to manage social media pages and schedule posts.

These include Hootsuite, Social Pilot, Zoho Social, Social Oomph, TweetDeck, and Buffer among others.

Is Fan Page Robot Legit or a Scam?

Fan Page Robot is legit, and not a scam.

It is a legitimate tool that will cut your social media marketing working hours by a ton.

You will have more free time as well as great social media marketing strategies by just a few clicks of your mouse. These are what they promised.

But in my opinion, it is not the best way to do social media outreach. Fan Page Robot is not worth the money and attention it is getting.

What is the essence of it all? To get lead and make sales? There are better ways of achieving that via your blog and email list.

As a digital marketer, you should pay attention to your email list and your content than any social media tool such as Fan Page Robot.

What do you think of my Fan Page Robot review? Is Fan Page Robot legit or a scam? Can you make money with Fan Page Robot?

How to Make Money With Fan Page Robot

As earlier stated, Fan Page Robot works by increasing your traffic and traction on various social media platforms.

If you are a person whose income depends on driving traffic and converting traction into leads, this tool will make your work much more manageable.

You can use the Fan Page Robot WYSIWYG tool to create lead pages and Ads, integrate them with your email marketing programs, and watch as your traffic turns into increased revenue.

Why You Should Not Entirely Rely on Social Media

Today, many social media managers, bloggers, and internet marketers rely heavily on social media.

This section of the Fan Page Robot review is to highlight why relying on social media can destroy your online business.

Many online marketers are obsessed with growing their followers instead of focusing on building great content and growing their email lists.

Below are my primary reasons why you should only leverage on social media but never to rely on it.

Social Media Followers Are Not Yours

Much social media guru quickly forgets that the followers are not your property, you might have spent a fortune to earn the followers, but then it yours now but never owned by you.

Have you blocked out of your tweeter, Facebook page, or Instagram before? It has happened to many. Your content may be seen to violate some policy, and then you get slam.

You can be ban, and your access to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn gets revoked, deactivated, or worse, get the account deleted. What can you do? You can protest, and the decision is not yours.

Then you may lose all those followers overnight.

How can you recover your followers? Can you reach them? Do you even know them? All the time and money spent on those outreach to building your follower is gone forever.

That Social Media Platform Can Disappear

What do you think to happen to Google+? They got disappear!

They are no more. What happens to all your outreach on Google+? All your efforts?

No social media platform can be guaranteed to be in existence forever. Anything can happen to them. If any company can go down, any social media can also go down.

If any of them fail or go down either permanently or temporarily, how do you get in touch with your followers? How do they get in touch with you?

Do you remember the Facebook algorithm change that distorts Facebook’s organic reach? It changes everything.

Am I sure you are aware of the constant changes and manipulation of the Google algorithm? It is not to favor you but to favor the company customers and hence improve their earnings.

Instead of focusing on social media, focus on building great content, and create a pure and high-quality email list.

Your email list is yours, even if you change the email providers. You can contact and make sales via your email list at any time of your choosing.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Fan Page Robot

Is Fan Page Robot worth It?

Thanks for reading my Fan Page Robot review? Do you think you can make money with Fan Page Robot?

Is Fan Page Robot legit or scam?

Can it help you grow your followers on social media? Or do you believe Fan Page Robot is a scam?

In my opinion, Fan Page Robot is No for me. If your focus is on making money online, you must learn how to create value on your asset or call it your property.

Your online property is your website. You can make money without a website, but you won’t last.

The best way to start making a full -time income online is to own your website and start making money.

It is so effortless to get one today.

You can get two websites for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate, but it is a sub-domain, but you can still make money with it.

Wealthy Affiliate will train you to turn your passion and skills into making a full-time income online.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing certification platform. There is no way you won’t make money if you follow over 1000 training materials of both text and video content.

Have you try Fan Page Robot before now? Is Fan Page Robot legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Fan Page Robot?

You can start with Wealthy Affiliate at no cost to you; it is free to join. The level-1 of ten lessons of the certification training is free. No credit card is needed to join. Click here to start now.

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  1. Not a bad review about this very platform that really offers a whole lot when it comes to promotion through ones social media platforms. One thing is that I am not a fan of bots or all this online platforms where one gets done for you bots or systems. I better do my stuff myself and the price for this is even high. Nice one.

  2. Fan page robot seriously seem like a very well built prodyctvthat can help things going with atleast with some ways. However, things may not go as planned on the path of the  people with lesser build of social media followers. Though this seem okay but then, would not be totally advisable for people like me

  3. This is not the first type of this platform that I am ever seeing and it seems like the ones that owns the other owns owns this one called the fans page bot. I must say that it is very bad to see that there are some scammy things related to this platform. This to me Is a very good review. Nice work John.

  4. John, this is amazing! You have covered every possible angle of what I could have thought about any program!

    I really like what you say in that you need to create value to be able to make money online. It’s possible to make a quick buck by promoting scammy products but people see right through this and really only buy from people they trust in 2020 and beyond. 

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