Pornhub Review: Can You Really Make Money on Pornhub?

how to make money off pornhub

You are welcome to my Pornhub review. I am sure you are here because you want to make money on Pornhub. 

But, how much can you make on Pornhub? Is making money off Pornhub worth it for you? How much does Pornhub pay?

With this article, you will know if Pornhub is the best place for you to start making money or not. 

Please do expect an unbiased review of Pornhub because I am not an affiliate of this company.

Read on. 

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Pornhub at a Glance

Type of Site: Pornographic Video Sharing
Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus. Canada
Area Covered: Worldwide
Owner: MG Freesites Ltd.
Industry: Sex
Date Launched: 25 May 2007
Ratings: 20%
Recommended: No (Check Out My #1 Recommended Way of Making Money From Home)

Summary of Pornhub Review

Pornhub can be used to make money in many ways. 

One way is to monetize your time spent online by uploading legit adult entertainment for other website members to view and subscribe to.

But is Pornhub worth it for you? Is this the best way to make money in the 21st century?

This is my take about making money off Pornhub.

Making money with Pornhub will require a lot from you. I am talking about your image, family, relationship, and your future. What happens if your children get to know that you make money uploading your nude pictures online?

Are you ready for the repercussion and results of your actions in the nearest future?

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What is Pornhub?

If you don't know of Pornhub, then it's very likely you've been living under a rock or are a genuinely wholesome person who steers clear of sin. 

For those people who don't mind the occasional carnal sin or don't care for the NoFap movement, there has always been Pornhub, which has gracefully served the porn community as one of, if not the world's most massive porn retreat on the web to date.

Initially created by web developer Matt Keezer and since opening their proverbial doors in 2007, Canadian based internet pornographic company Pornhub has experienced an explosion in growth and paid membership subscribers. 

According to Alexa, Pornhub now gets the privilege of being ranked as one of the top 50 most visited websites in the entire world. 

Pornhub says that in its 2018 data insights, users on the site made a record 962 search queries every second (talk about an opportunity for excellent cash flow as a Pornhub content creator)!

Here's a visualization of what members on Pornhub are doing every minute – 365 days a year.

For the end-consumer, Pornhub is almost like a porn-oriented social media site that allows users to create and modify profiles, subscribe to different channels and content creators, upload their photos and videos, compile their favorite videos, and so on. 

Pornhub's astronomical growth's main reasons are its ability to drive an immense amount of traffic to its content creators.

The site heavily depends on fresh adult entertainment. You can learn more about Pornhub on Wikipedia

Can you Make Money with Pornhub?

With just a few Google searches, you'll quickly find that there are a ton of people out there that are making tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by posting content on Pornhub. 

So the answer is clear, yes, you can make perfect money with Pornhub, and no, this is not a scam. 

Indeed, this may be an unconventional way to make money online; we shouldn't live a life controlled by other people's opinions and judgments who don't matter. 

Making money with Pornhub isn't for everyone, but if you're 18 years or older, have an open-minded attitude, love the ability to set your schedule, and the flexibility to work from nearly any location on the planet. 

This method of work will be right up your alley.

The Basics of Getting Started

As a content creator on Pornhub, you'll mainly be an actor/model (there's also referral programs), with the primary goal of providing your viewers with amateur or professional level adult entertainment (sounds fancier than porn, but porn it is nevertheless).

But, how much does Pornhub pay? Does Pornhub really worth it? What do you think of my Pornhub review?

How Much Money can You Make on Pornhub?

You may be curious about the kind of payouts other content creators receive, so let's do some quick math. 

There are a total of 7 ways with which you can begin making money on Pornhub, but I will use one method for now to provide a quick example of how much you can potentially make once you're all set up and ready to upload content. 

Pornhub's FAQs states that you can join their amateur program if you're interested in trying to earn money as an adult film model. 

It works such that you receive a percentage of the ad revenue that your videos make. 

The higher the video's quality, the more times it will be viewed, and thus the more money you are likely to make. 

Pornhub says that the average RPM (cost per 1000 video views) in 2018 was $0.64. So, by just doing some quick math here… If your video gets 1,000,000 views, you will earn a total of $640. 

Not too shabby! Some of Pornhub's most popular videos have tens of millions of views, making their creators' thousands of dollars for each video.

What do you think of my Pornhub review? How much does Pornhub pay its affiliates?

How do I Maintain Privacy on a Porn Site?

Before we dive into the costs and benefits of making money with Pornhub, let's talk about the importance of maintaining your privacy online, especially on adult entertainment sites. 

Let's say you'll want to switch career paths in the future; it is for this reason you should avoid giving your real name to your viewers.  

It's okay to use your real name during the sign-up process as it's private and secure – so consider using pseudonyms or nicknames. 

Instead of giving your viewers your actual phone number, consider using third-party texting apps like Kik, WhatsApp, TextPlus, etc.

Is Pornhub worth it? How much does Pornhub pay? What do you think of my review of pornhub?

Employ The Use of Geo-Blocking

Before uploading your adult photos and videos to the internet, there is a need to consider many things. 

The potential impact that this content could have on your personal and professional life is probably the most significant factor to consider. 

What if a dating partner recognized you from one of your videos?  

Or worst, what if your parents accidentally clicked on an ad that features one of your videos? 

How Would they React? 

Luckily Pornhub has thought about such issues that their models and content creators might face, so they've developed a handy feature known as “Geoblocking.” 

Geoblocking essentially lets you block certain regions of the world from viewing content that you post. 

You can then focus all of your precious time on producing the best quality content instead of looking like a nervous wreck and worrying about whether or not your loved ones will see your private parts.

How much does Pornhub pay? Is Pornhub worth it? What do think of my Review Pornhub?

The Costs and Benefits of Making Adult Videos

The great thing is that there are no up-front costs to start making money on Pornhub as a model and content partner. 

You will need time and a camera to take pictures and videos with hard work, dedication, and patience. 

To take advantage of Pornhub's Content Partner Program, you'll first need to sign-up.

If you visit the Content Partner Program website, you will be greeted with what looks like the image below, and this is essentially the process that you will use to start posting content and making money on their site.

Pornhub has an easy to understand and follow the 4-step process to make money online as an adult entertainment model.

9 Ways to Make Money on Pornhub

There are a total of 7 ways with which you can begin making money on Pornhub. I'll explain just how you can make money through each of the methods listed below.

***Free-to-View Pornhub Videos***

It is the best and most common and popular way to make money on Pornhub. 

Upload your high-quality videos to be viewed on Pornhub for free by other members of the site. 

When your ads are clicks by someone, you will earn a significant percentage of the ad revenue ($0.64 per 1000 views) generated by Pornhub. 

It's that simple!

***Sell your Adult Videos on Modelhub***

Once Pornhub has verified your account, you can sign up to their sister site called Modelhub, where you can sell your videos for cash.

Unlike Free-to-View videos, Modelhub will pay you 65% of the total sale price that you designate for each of your videos.

However, if you're not getting many sales, you can also enable the Free-to-View method and generate revenue that way.

But, how much does Pornhub pay? Is it really worth it?

***Earn Cash with Pornhub Premium***

Upon uploading a video for sale, you can check off the “viewable on premium” option, which tells Pornhub only to show your video to the Premium paying customers.

Like Free-to-View Pornhub videos, you will receive a percentage of the ad revenue, but unlike Free-to-View videos, the income that you will receive will be at a substantially higher rate ($45 per 1000 views).

***Create a Loyal Fan Club***

After uploading some videos, you can create a social media-like page that will allow you to accrue loyal fans.

Having a fan club will enable you to set your pricing and reward your most ardent followers with things like personalized photos, videos, or anything else you can think of that will keep them coming back for more.

Remember, more quality content is more cash in your pocket.

***Make Custom Clips***

Pornhub and Modelhub now allow you to take custom video requests. Set up your form, choose precisely what you want to offer (and what you don't), and start getting paid requests from your most loyal fans.

***Make Extra Tips***

Earning tips from your most loyal followers is another great way to make money as Pornhub and Modelhub both allow you to keep 80% of the advice you receive.

***Make Referrals and Earn More***

As soon as your account is in good standing with Pornhub and you have received your first payout by selling videos.

You can then share a referral link with someone you trust will make a right, additional fit to the site, and earn $50 by doing so.

***Export Your Video to Partners***

By just turning on the auto export, you can export your videos to Porhub partners. It will earn you even more money. 

Porhub partners include Youporn, Tube8, and Redtube.

But, how much does Pornhub pay? Is Pornhub worth it?

***Get Your Video Downloaded***

You can make extra money by setting your price for your content that you won't mind being downloaded by your fans. 

If you add up all of the methods you can employ to get income rolling in, you should make a lot of money.

Is Making Money off Pornhub Worth It? 

Thanks for reading my Pornhub review. Can you make money on Pornhub now?

Are you set with the consequences of what this will bring to your life and your future? 

I think that Pornhub is very generous with the percentage they payout to their models and content creators. 

Pornhub lets you scale your income almost indefinitely, as the more videos and photos you upload, the more passive income you will earn with time. 

Except, if only you delete your old videos, there's no telling how far you can take this opportunity that Pornhub provides. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using Pornhub as a source of income. 

The main advantages include setting your hours of work, a nearly unlimited earning potential, and just overall flexibility that gives you the freedom to live your life to the fullest. 

The only disadvantage I've been able to find is that you will incur a minimal start-up cost (most items you'll already have) such as : 

  • A computer, 
  • An internet connection, and 
  • A high-quality camera (high definition is preferred)

According to the research I did on forums and other sites, existing content creators are thrilled with their Pornhub experience.  

Most models are working part or full-time, indicating that Pornhub is still a highly sought-after marketplace for sellers and buyers of content alike.

What do you think of my Pornhub review? Do you still want to make money off Pornhub? 

If you have more questions about the Pornhub Content Partner Program, you're more than welcome to use their contact form to find more. 

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