Traffic Travis Review: Can You Really Grow Your Traffic?

You are welcome to my Travis Review

Now that you are here because you are curious to know if you can still rank your contents in search engines with Traffic Travis.

But will Traffic Travis SEO tool help you rank your content on page one of Google?

This is a complete review of how to use Traffic Travis to your advantage and if it is really a great tool!

Ranking on page one of Google and other search engine is the key to making money with your content marketing.

You can not attract visitors to your blog or website if you can not rank organically and you are not ready for paying traffics.

Ranking your content on a major search engine like Google is very key to making money online.


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What is Traffic Travis About, Exactly?

Sometimes last year, I decided to restructure my websites so as to improve my SEO on my websites, I used a recommended SEO reporting tool.

Though it worked initially and it made me some money but then suddenly all my traffics went down and I later discovered that I had purchased a lot of back-links that was classified as spam, and I was heavily penalized by Google.

Since then I have decided never to use any SEO reporting tool again, but then Mark a good friend of mine introduced Traffic Travis (an SEO – Search Engine Optimization and PPC – Pay Per Click Software Suite) to me.

The first thing I did was to do a Google search to search for; what is traffic Travis about?

I also Google for the following sentence: Traffic Travis reviews and What is traffic Travis for?

All I read online were positive testimonies of how the software had improved their websites.

I decided not to use Traffic Travis on my most profitable website but subjected a website that I had wanted to shut down instead.

My thinking then was that, what difference does it make if by risking these new tools (Traffic Travis) on the site and nothing happens.

Watch the below youtube on the introduction to Traffic Travis:

Traffic Travis Free SEO & Great PPC Software | YouTube


I was encouraged also by what I saw in Traffic Travis, it looks great and it came with the 60 days money back guarantee, I was sure then I had nothing to lose.

But strange things happen I saw a change a lot of traffics to a website that I almost shut down.

Since then I cannot do without Traffic Travis, I the tools on all my website and it has revolutionized my income on all my sites.

These are what Traffic Travis will help you discover, ensure you complete reading this review.

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Traffic Travis: Best SEO Reporting Tool

You can use Traffic Travis to know your website rating and you can employ Traffic Travis to do a full SEO audit of your websites, it will tell you what fixes you need to make to improve your website.

I once use Traffic Travis to improve one of my website from a “ C” ranking an “A+” i.e. after using the Traffic Travis to diagnose the website it generates fixes to be made and after the necessary correction, the website improved tremendously.


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The Best Keyword Tool for SEO

There needs to observe that some keyword is easier to rank better than others, this depends on what people are the search for online and this is why you need a tool that can detect what people are looking for in search engine in your niche.

If you are not using the best SEO keyword research tool your article may never get to search engine page one.

This is why you need Traffic Travis, It has keyword research tools that will help detect if your keyword will rank or not.

It will also help you to know how to check your website ranking on Google.

We indeed have very few good keyword research tools, another one I also use is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It is one of the best SEO tools on the one.

YouTube – What is Traffic Travis About?



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Best SEO Tracking Software: Traffic Travis

Webmaster or Blogger, you wonder where the backlinks of your competitor are coming from.

Traffic Travis helps you track the backlinks of your competitor and help you detect where the backlinks are coming from.

And you can now decide to start using the same source of backlink and start using it better and even improve on it.

This is how to beat the competition hands down.

Traffic Travis software help you spy on your competition, when you know what they are doing right, then you will decide to copy them and even do better.

This is the ultimate secret to SEO, if you can defeat them, then you can as well join them!


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Free Online SEO Software: Full of Limitation

We have two versions of Traffic Travis SEO software: The free version and the professional version.

There are lots of limitations in using the free version.

One of the limiting factors is that you only have access to 100 of your competitors’ backlinks.

To really implement the strategy to improve the traffics and ranking of the pages for your websites you need to have access to all the backlinks of your competitors, this is what the professional version will deliver to you.

The professional version will also help you track the ranking of multiple websites including that of your competitors and help you extract important keywords that are putting them on the first page of the search engine.

This is why you need the professional version of the Traffic Travis right now.


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The Advantage of Using Professional Traffic Travis

Travis takes your SEO strategy for your websites to the next level, it is highly recommended you start using Traffic Travis immediately.

You will be able to know how to do the following using Traffic Travis:

  • How to check my website ranking on Google
  • How to increase website traffic
  • How to check my search engine ranking
  • Check website keyword ranking

And you also get the following features in Traffic Travis professional:

  • It is an onsite SEO audit tool
  • A very advanced keyword analyzer tool
  • It is a backlink analyzer tool
  • You get the ability and capacity to rank for unlimited websites that you own

It is also a pay per click keyword analyzer tool, you will be able to spy on your competitor so as to see the PPC keywords your competitor is targeting.


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*** The $1 Trial Period For Traffic Travis ***

If you act now you will have the opportunity to try Traffic Travis for just $1 for seven days.

Yes seven solid days, you can do a lot with that.

And then you can stop your subscription if only you don’t like what you are seen.

But I can assure you that you will love it as long as you want the result.


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*** Additional BONUS on Traffic Travis ***

If you purchase this FREE trial through this affiliate link I am going to make available to you instantly five free video training course that will help boost your website profitability in no time.

The Five video series will include:

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The above videos are from highly respected internet marketers that have made a lot of impact making money online, they are:

Russel Brunson, Marc Lindsay Mark Ling, Duncan Carver, and Marc Lindsay

To get these videos you have to subscribe for the 7 days trial of $1.



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Is Traffic Travis Worth Your Money?

What do you think of my Travis Review?  Realistically, you can not make money online with your content without ranking on page one of Google and other search engines.

Ranking on page one is key to your content marketing online. Traffic Travis ranking and making money online is made easy.

Ranking of a website in a search engine is very key to the success of any website owners, hence the importance of Traffic Travis; Traffic Travis is one of Best SEO Reporting Tools that will help you improve your ranking.

To rank on page one of Google, you need combinations of the right keywords. Until you rank organically, you will continue to spend money on PPC.

What do you think of Traffic Travis? Do you have an alternative to Traffic Travis? Please do well to drop a note in my comment area.what is small seo tools

8 thoughts on “Traffic Travis Review: Can You Really Grow Your Traffic?”

  1. Hi Jofa; I have read through your article and it seamed like Traffic Travis is a very good worker with SEO?

    Should I understand Back Link to be some already written post that can be stuffed into one’s website as genuine original content?

    Or should I ask instead, what must I understand Back link to be? If one use back link with Traffic Travis correctly, will they also be faced with penalty?


    • Hi DorcasW.,

      Backlinks are hyperlinks from one website preferably a very big website to another smaller website. Backlinks is usually employed to indicate how important a content (article) is. If for instance CNN link to one article on my website (Amazing Profits Online). 

      It shown how good that content it; Google could reward me for that by making it first on first page. So that other people can easily find such article online. 

      I hope you are clear with what backlinks are? 



  2. You know I have a website blog and have been curious as to what the google ranking is for my various pages. I have been looking and looking for a way to determine this and getting different answers on different sites. I am glad I came across your post and I can give Travel Travis a try. I see the trial period is $1. Can you tell me how long the trial period is for and what the cost is after the trial period? Thanks!

    • Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for visiting my website. The $1 trial period is 30 days. 

      Traffic Travis Professional cost US$97 yearly after the 30 days trials. If you subscribe to Affilorama Premium after 30 days. You will be billed $67 monthly.

      Sincere Regards 


  3. What a great tool you have here. Kind I use this tool as Keyword resaerch tool?

    What keyword research tool do you personally use to rank in search engine apart from this tool?

    I just need an option to decide on what I want.


    Gbogba E

    • Yes Traffic Travis is the best seo reporting tool i have ever seen. It has help me to resolve a lot of my website tools. If you must be successful online as a website owner, you need this seo reporting tool.

      You can use Traffic Travis as a keyword research tool. But my best of the best keyword research tool is Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword tool.

      You also need it. It will help your article rank in Google page one or the same day you post the article. It is my magical keyword research tool. See how to rank in google page one here.

      And it is very simple to use.

  4. I love this description of this traffic tool. I hope it does what it says it for ?

    How long have you been using this tool and what is the result like ? I am highly interested on this this SEO reporting tool.

    Kindly revert.


    • Thank you for the compliment. This SEO reporting software reviews shows how powerful Traffic Travis is. It has really help me resolve many of my websites challenges and re-focus my link for profitability.

      It does more than what i claim, in fact it was recently improve on with modern tech that will help you on your online business. i have been using it for a very long time, it was introduce by a friend of mine.

      Indeed is my best seo reporting tool ever.

      Thank you.


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