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Learn Build Earn By Mark Ling: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Learn Build Earn by Mark Ling review. Can you make money with Learn Build Earn? Is Learn Build Earn worth It?

It is good you are making your findings on how to make money with Learn Build Earn by Mark Ling; it is excellent you investigating this.


This was how I discovered the best affiliate marketing certification training program in the world.

But, is Learn Build Earn legit or scam?

It is essential to know that I am in no way affiliated to this product by Mark Ling & Anik Singal. This is an objective and unbias review by me.

Please read on.

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Learn Build Earn at a Glance

 Learn Build Earn

Product Name: Learn Build Earn
Founders: Mark Ling & Anik Singal
Price: $2,497 + Upsell
Rating: 40%
Recommended: Yes

Summary of Learn Build Earn Review

This is an online training program that teaches a comprehensive way of how to build your own profitable information products business.

You will learn how to create your informational products as well as how to market and sell the products.

This training is excellent for both the newbie that likes to get started with product creations and advance Internet marketers.

Learn Build is made up of 14 modules presented in both Video format and PDF.

It consists of how to prepare upsells, Email that converts, traffics generation, selecting top affiliate marketers for the promotion of your products, and many more.

But, it is too costly for any newbie. Is Learn Build Earn worth It?

Please don’t waste your money; you can use the same amount of a subscription that costs over $2,400 for five years subscription in the Wealthy Affiliate certification program.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation to learn how to build a lasting online business of your own; a year subscription of WA training costs $495 as at the time of writing this review.

What Is Learn Build Earn By Mark Ling?

This program offers to teach online business that sells digital products.

They ensure that deep analysis and findings of various niche is in place before they start building each product. this approach helps this online business to stand out from its competitors.

Small niche is targeted at the initial stages to offer the real flavor of it and gradually the bandwidth is expanded as per opportunity and experience. The initial income is itself close to $300 – $4,000 per week.

This helps each of us to earn money from the internet by selling varied information products. The product cart was opened in August 2016 with the video training program.

Mark Ling founded Affilorama, one of the best affiliate marketing training online. I started with Affilorama myself.

The Good And The Bad of Learn Build Earn

The Good:

  •  Attracts customer traffic to an online business
  • Very beneficial for beginners as it offers varied tips
  •  Provides a lot of reliable information and bonus right from the initial stages

The Bad

  •  Affordability or Expensive

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Who is Learn Build Earn for?

This program is for anyone who loves to make money online business.

The product is for everyone who is looking for an additional source of income on a daily basis. And I am sure you are on this page because you are looking for additional source of income.

Those who are totally new to online business can get enough guidance and handholding.

Apart from offering training, it also provides community support for those novices in online business.

And for experienced marketers, this is an absolute platform to upgrade their marketing and trading skillsets.

Being successful at businesses is no more a difficult task; you can even get ways how to earn money from home if you have the support and assistance you need.

This will help you in understanding how to get money from the internet.

Grab the opportunity and make the most of it now! Is Learn Build Earn worth It?

Learn Build Earn Tools & Training

This program comprises 14 modules, each designed to offer top-notch training and support.

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Learn Build Earn Support and Customer Service.

Apart from covering the above-mentioned modules as part of the training, there are:

  • Forum for members to discuss various business ideas
  • Live Q&A sessions and
  • 24/7 continuous technical & informative support

How Much It Cost to Join Learn Build Earn 

This program is priced at $ 2,497. However, after cashback, it will cost just $ 1,897.

It might sound quite expensive, however; this initial investment is worth the money for the returns you will generate in the future through your online business.

  • $ 600 will be received as cashback
  • Private coaching is offered at $ 497
  • Premium Internet Marketing Courses at $ 10k+

$ 2,497 is the total price; this amount can be as full payment or in 3 installments of $ 997. Installment payment will attract additional charges of $ 494.

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Is Learn Build Earn By Mark Ling Legit Or Scam?

Learn Build Earn By Mark Ling is legit and not a scam.

That said, this product by By Mark Ling is extremely too costly, and this is why I do not recommend it.

This affiliate marketer gurus take advantage of newbies that know nothing about how to make money online.

How can a newbie that knows nothing about the online business will now be learning how to build online products with the Mark Ling?

Can you imagine coughing out $2,400 for online products?

This same amount will earn me a five years subscriptions with the best affiliate marketing certification training in the world and, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate training.

You can start with WA FREE here.

Is Learn Build Earn Worth It?

What do you think of my Learn Build Earn review?

Do you think you can make money with Learn Build Earn by Mark Ling?

Is Learn Build Earn by Mark Ling legit or scam?

Based on the survey and research on this product, I recommend this to everyone keen to get to know more about ‘How to get into online businesses.

Whether it is for a novice marketer or an experienced and well-skilled online businessman, this is an ideal platform to upgrade your skillsets.

It offers a lot of informative products, provides a platform for any queries related to online business, and through forums, there is a lot of encouragement and assistance provided.

what are good side hustles

Upsells, how to create demand amongst customers for the product, tripwire offers, how to build effective and user-friendly websites, increasing customer traffic strategies, and copywriting are part of this program.

Each module in this program has a unique area. It is concentrated, and a thorough glimpse of the niche is offered to those who enroll in this program.

So what do you think about Learn Build Earn Review? Please drop your thought via the comment area below.

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2 thoughts on “Learn Build Earn By Mark Ling: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hi Jofa,

    I was somewhat interested in this program LearnBuildEarn as indeed Mark Ling does have a positive image on the Internet when it comes to some of the other opportunities to make money online that he has created.

    However, and though you do state that a successful marketer COULD be refunded some of the initial join costs back, having to put down close to $2,500 to become a member of this site is just too expensive.
    Btw, having issued a previous review myself of Ling’s Affilorama, while that is also a legit program, nevertheless there still are expensive upsells. Makes me think that Mr. Ling is a guy who is after some major cash, (and for himself) through the business opportunities that he presents out to interested individuals.

    Other than that LearnBuildEarn sounds pretty close to Affilorama regarding the education and tools that one would receive should he/she decide to fork over the two and a half grand to become a member.

    I could not help notice that as a further upgrade, Ling with this particular program offers premium internet marketing courses costing some $10,000. I’m sorry but that is excessive.

    As you compared this program to Wealthy Affiliate, it is easy to see why the latter is considered the premier training program on the Internet for helping a person learn how to build an eventually successful online business. And nowhere does WA promote an upsell package regarding training that costs 5-figures.


    1. Hi Jeff, 

      I quite agree with all you said. Thanks for buttressing my point. Learn Build Earn is too expensive mostly for beginners. This is also my reason why i suggested Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative, far better. 

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