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Covert Store Builder Review. Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Covert Store Builder Theme review. Can you make money with Covert Store Builder Theme? Is Covert Store Builder safe, legit, or another scam online store builder theme?

It is good you are here to make your findings of CBS Theme.


Doing your investigation online about anything is one best way to discover legitimate online business, and you will also learn how to avoid many scams.

Please expect a detailed review of the CSB Theme because I am not a promoter nor an affiliate of this program.

Please read on.

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Covert Store Builder at a Glance

what is covert store builder theme

Name: Covert Store Builder Review
Price: $47 (Plus Many Upsells)
Owners: IM Wealth Builders (Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye)
Product Type: WordPress Theme for Online Affiliate Store
Best For: The Owner and The Affiliate Marketers
Ratings: 13%
Recommended: No

Covert Store Builder Theme Summary Review

Covert Store Builder is a Premium WordPress Theme employed for the building and structure of online affiliate stores.

The theme is a great one but with very weak and poor support. It is also flooded with a lot of problems that are aided with many hypes.

It also has so many upsells. I will not buy this theme to build my online affiliate store. You will learn why I am taken this decision in my review below.

What is Covert Store Builder?

But what is Covert Store Builder? 

Covert Store Builder (CBS) by IM Wealth Builders (Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye) was established in 2013.

According to the creators; the store was founded after studying large e-commerce sites for six months.

They were motivated by the springing of unimpressive “unimpressed affiliate themes”; and began a journey to create this product.

The Covert Store Builder is a WordPress theme that allows you to build an online affiliate store easily.

This theme affords you the opportunity to market your products that are sold by e-commerce sites including Amazon, eBay, and other favorite websites.

According to IM Wealth Builders, the theme is self – optimizing. The theme is built in a way that promotes the most popular products on the first page.

It also features the add to wishlist button, an automatic welcome email to new members that visit the site, members are also automatically added to your auto-respond lists, and a button that allows members to share products to social media efficiently.

This theme has been proven by the owners to be useful to its users.

It is easy to add new products to your site. According to the creators, CBS allows you to add products without any content.

This is one of the best selling points of this theme.

It is, however, good to note that, for your pages to rank well on Google, you are better off adding some content to your products.

What do you think of my Covert Store Builder review? Is Covert Store Builder theme safe, legit, or a scam?

Can you make money with Covert Store Builder theme?

Features of Covert Store Builder Features

Easy Installation

You can install CSB Theme with just one click.

Automatic Product Import

CSB Theme will help you import all the essential product information from Amazon, eBay, etc. Detail such as (image, product name, price, description, specification, etc.)

Self-Optimized Store

CSB Theme is equipped with custom tracking functionalities that collect data automatically from your website—information such as click-through rate, impression, and a number of clicks. 


Your customers can quickly put their choice of product on Wishlist for purchase on a further date. 

It helps you build your email list because every customer that uses Wishlist must subscribe to your mailing list.

Widget-Ready Sidebars & Footers

CSB Theme is made up of many pre-design widgets that came with great sidebar and footers that will make your site look professional, increasing your conversion rate. 


CSB Theme comes with great tutorials to configure and put the theme into great use. 

The tutorial will teach you all you need to know to set-up your online store.

Is Covert Store Builder theme legit, safe, or another scam store builder theme? Can you make money with Covert Store Builder theme?

What do you think of my Covert Store Builder theme review?

Cost of CBS Theme.

The covert store builder costs $47.

Covert Store Builder Upsells

The cost of the CSB Theme is a $47 one-time payment. 

But with a lot of upselling, if you enter their trap and you purchase this theme. 

You may be force to buy the following as upsells:

  • Covert Store Content Plugin $37
  • Action Bar $17, 
  • Cover Social Buzz $17, 
  • Covert Content $21.35, 
  • Social Press $47, 
  • Covert Viral Wizard $47, 
  • Covert Mobile Bar $9.71, 
  • Video Press $27, 
  • Covert Copy Traffic $17, 
  • Covert PinPress $47, 
  • Messenger $17, 
  • Covert Geo Targeter $17.

The above are all upsell that you will be made to purchase if you ever buy CSB Theme. That is a lot of up-sells. 

Covert Store Builder Tools and Training

The tools and training included in this CSB Theme package consist of the following:

  • A step by step PDF document and guides to building your online store
  • Help section for different sections, settings, and functions.
  • You have tutorial videos that show and desaturate how to set up the CSB Theme.

What Is Good About The Covert Store Builder?

  1. The theme looks great.
  2. You would receive some training on the setup process. Also, set this theme up with that training.
  3. There is an unlimited license when you purchase this theme.
  4. You can create a simple website with a theme.

Covert Store Builder Compliants

  1. One major problem with this theme is price updates. The theme does not update prices from affiliate sites when they are updated. For example, if you are selling products from Amazon and Amazon updates the price of its product from $10 to $15, this theme might not be able to affect the update. When this happens, visitors would realize that the price on your website is not reliable. This could damage the reputation of your site.
  2. There is no training on how to get traffic.
  3. The theme promotes social media as the only way of getting traffic to your products. This means you can only make severe sales if you have a good following on social sites.
  4. There are no free trial versions of this theme.

Who is CBS Theme For?

This theme is for everyone who is interested in building an affiliate store. This theme has attracted users because of the ease of set up. The process is simple and straightforward.

There are no limitations on who can use this theme. You can use this theme for any niche.

How to Make Money With Covert Store Builder Theme.

  1. Buy the theme and set it up in minutes.
  2. Proceed to add products to your site. This process is simple. You will have to select the online retail shop whose product you want to sell; Amazon, eBay, or commission junction. You will start by choosing the keyword for the product you want to add; the theme will give you a list of products, their prices, and other details. You would then check the boxes for the products you want.
  3. After this process, your selections will fill up your store. The then tracks all clicks and impressions. The theme then displays your popular products on the first page. This will increase your sales.
  4. The online retail network including Amazon will pay you commissions between 4% to 10% for every visitor that visits their site through your affiliate link.

Alternative to Covert Store Builder

#Big Commerce

This theme is also easy to install; you can install it in one click. There are comprehensive tutorials to support customers.

It also makes all tools that will help you grow your business available.

You can also easily include apps and plugins on the mobile website. And it also incorporates payment technologies.

You can fully customize this theme. You also do not need any tech tool to set this up. The user interface is well organized and user-friendly.

#Debutify Shopify Theme

It comes with more than 100 E-commerce templates. Sellers and customers can connect via Facebook messenger. This is my recommended theme for your online stores.

You can add Apple pay to your site when you are using this theme. This doubles the conversion rate.

Online Opinion About Covert Online Store?

Online reviews show that not many people like using this platform for their e-commerce website.

This reduces the quality of websites that use this theme just because of better offerings.

Is Covert Store Builder Theme Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Covert Store Builder theme review. Can you make money with Covert Store Builder theme? Is Covert Store Builder theme safe, legit, or another scam?

I have taken you through how you can use Covert Store Builder to your advantage and how you can make money online with this eCommerce site.

Covert Store Builder is believed to help you create your online store in minutes and information on the official website makes people think that you will be raking in millions in minutes.

The reality is that you can create an online store in minutes.

However, this theme has technical challenges that may make your site untrustworthy. You will also have social media to drive traffic.

If you do not have a right following on social media, you would not be making any sales.

The theme also suggests that you can add products without adding any written content. This means your pages cannot easily rank on google.

Are you using Covert Store Builder? Have you checked out my #1 recommended Debutify Shopify Theme?

What do you think of my Covert Store Builder theme review? Is Covert Store Builder safe, legit, or another scam store builder theme?

Can you make money with Covert Store Builder theme?

Kindly drop your comment, question, or contributions. I will be happy to read from you and my response will be instant.

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  1. This is very interesting, I didn’t realize you had this many options. I always wanted to open e-commerce store, I just need to find the right niche. Thanks

  2. Convert store builder is a really great theme for designing stores.

    I’ve not really set it up but the layout looks great and I think I should work with it.

    Thanks John,

    I really appreciate this idea.

    1. Dear Irma,

      Thanks for reading my article and review of Covert Store Builder. I am happy you like the theme. But what about the idea of making money with the Covert Store Builder?

      Think about that. Is it going to make you money?



  3. I do some reselling on eBay and Amazon to make extra cash, especially around the holiday season, so this affiliate program sounds right up my ally.

    It sounds really useful if you have an established online presence via your own website.

    I wish there was a free trial though. Are there similar affiliate programs out there?



    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Covert Store Builder. Everybody is shopping online these days. And it is good we all take Ada vantage of this.

      We have so many eCommerce affiliate Programme; but I will not recommend any if such.

      My best recommendation for you to starts earning a full time income online is affiliate marketing. I can recommend where to take this training Free I.e. the first Level with ten courses. You can click this link to learn more.

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