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Home » Building Online Stores » Debutify Theme Review: Is Debutify Really Free and Safe?

Debutify Theme Review: Is Debutify Really Free and Safe?

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Home » Building Online Stores » Debutify Theme Review: Is Debutify Really Free and Safe?

You are welcome to my Debutify Theme review. Is Debutify legit, free, and safe? Is Debutify Theme the highest-converting free Shopify theme?

I am sure you are here to confirm if Debutify Shopify Theme is worth it. 


There are many claims that this Theme has best in class load time, great add-ons that convert with great responsiveness boost sales. 

Can you trust Debutify Theme to help turn your store into an auto sales machine? 

Please read on to discover all about Debutify Shopify Theme.

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

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What Is Debutify

debutify theme review

Eliminating the stress of having the technical know-how to run a dropshipping business, Debutify simplifies the process.

 Debutify Shopify theme is a third party application created to be used on Shopify. 

Designed to give the user access to powerful themes and integrated add-ons that will help boost their online store experience. 

Debutify Shopify Theme enables its users to boost conversions, speed, and navigation of their online store.  

The theme is quite popular among e-commerce entrepreneurs due to its multi-purpose nature and different features.

The Debutify Shopify Theme is also a solid foundation for building an online store and comes in two variations; Debut-Light and Debut-Default.  

With the Debut-Light variation, you get a clean and light design, suitable for stores that want to display their products on the first view. 

On the other hand, it is perfect for any online store to display a great detail of their products. 

On the other hand, Debut-Default is well suited for daily use items and will help the brand showcase its products.  

You can get a free version as well as a premium version. 

The free version comes with a mobile-friendly design; however, you’d get more from the premium version. 

More than 28 additional features await you if you convert to the premium version. What do you think of my Debutify Theme review? Is Debutify Theme legit and safe for your store?

Debutify Shopify Theme Features

Debutify Shopify Theme has clean code with a fast page loading speed that makes it better than its competitors.

It also has excellent and value-added features that matter for any online stores. 

Below are features and attributes that make this theme unique:

 E-commerce Pro Training

The Guru plan gives you access to the eCommerce Pro training feature. 

You will know the step by step ways to set-up your Commerce store, and you need to know about Facebook and Google Ads, and lots more with experts in the industry. 

You Can Customize the Header with your Debutify Shopify Theme.

Product Research Tool

Also, you get this feature on the Guru plan. 

Finding the right product to sell, the time to sell to make a huge profit is the key to a business’s success. 

With the product research tool, you get a free product research course and can now find the right products in demand and make high volume sales.  

Conversion Boosting Apps

This feature enables you to get access to apps that boost your stores’ conversion rate.

Page Load Duration

This feature allows your pages to load faster and increase your customer user experience. 

Page load speed is at about an average of 1.68 seconds.  

Constant Update and Upgrade.

You don’t need to worry about the App going out of version as it is always updated monthly and automatically done at no cost.

Currency Converter

Debutify is available in over 20 languages, and your customers can shop with over 20 currencies. 

You can easily convert the currencies of your products to any of the 20 countries available. 

You also have the following:

  • The theme will detect your audience country automatically. 
  • You will have multiple placement options, and 
  • You also have a multi-currency checkout for your Shopify payment. 

Customizable Header

With your Debutify Shopify Theme, you will be able to:

  • You can easily customize your header to navigate either left/center/left or even hide the header.
  • Make the logo transparent over the slideshow. 
  • Also, you can make the header transparent, and 

Product Sliders/Images

Product sliders enable you to set your product display with the use of a slider feature. 

You can set the number of products on the slider and adjust the auto slider speed. 

Also, you also get to set Product Images by setting a featured image slider and a synchronized thumbnail slider. 

You have to choose whether you want a thumbnail or stacked layout. 

Also, you can also choose to zoom on hover and pick the alignment of the products.

Product Details

The details of your product are essential, hence this feature. 

With this feature, you get an add-to-chart icon, product tag lists, and a dynamic checkout button, among others.

Can You Integrate Debutify Plugin?

You can download Debutify Shopify Theme and integrated the theme with your Shopify store. 

However, to get extra plug-ins, you have to migrate to the premium version. 

Some of the plug-ins feature you will get include live sales notifications, Sales pop-up Plug-in, and store FAQ. 

With Live sales notification, you can alert your buyers of new and ongoing products available for sale. 

The store FAQ also helps build trust and confidence in shoppers looking for items to purchase. 

The plug-ins integrate seamlessly with the store and minimize the use of space.  

Also, Debutify connects with Shopify tools and is well integrated. 

Some of the integrated tools include Hubspot, ShipStation, Spocket, SMS bump, and Quickbooks.

What is Debutify Theme Best For?

Sometimes, building a Shopify store from the ground, especially if you do not have the technical know-how, can be difficult. 

However, with this theme review, you will notice that the Debutify Shopify theme aims to make building a Shopify store easier. 

Asides from the ease of setting up your store, it also offers you an increase in traffic and conversions, thereby making a profit. 

With this theme, you get access to customized features you can use on any store and sell any products from anywhere in the world. 

This theme is best for its conversion rate, so it is incredibly popular in the industry.

What do you think of my Debutify Theme review? Do you trust that Debutify is safe and legit?

Debutify Pricing Plans

In the pricing section, this Debutify theme review will give you the answers to the question you may have been nursing – is Debutify free, and how much does it cost? 

Debutify has three pricing plans you can choose from asides from its free program. 

legit and safe debutify shopify theme
Debutify Pricing

They include:

  • The starter strategy
  • The hustler strategy
  • The guru plan

The Starter plan

You can get the Debutify starter plan for $19 per month.

This plan gives you access to other features from the theme, such as a one-store license, email, Facebook, and live chat support. 

You also get three additional Add-ons integration with this plan.

Hustler Plan

For $47 per month, you get the Debutify Hustler plan. 

You get unlimited access to all of Debutify Theme’s 28 Add-ons integration and other great features. 

You also get access to a free theme, email, live chat support, and Facebook.

Guru plan

Guru plan costs more than the other plans. 

At the price of $97, you will get the Debutify guru plan, which comes with a theme, three store licenses, email, Facebook, and full priority support for live chat. 

You also get mentoring on the 28 add-ons integrations, additional advanced courses, and product research tools.

Is Debutify free? Of course, it is. You have the choice of using the free version of Debutify, where you get a free theme and get all the necessary components free of charge. 

But then, there’s the paid version, and it comes with exciting features as well.

Debutify Support and Customer Service

The Debutify Shopify Theme enables you to interact with your customers with your online store’s live chat feature. 

Customer service is at the center of pleasing your clients and so, if you are asking yourself- is Debutify legit and safe, it is. 

You can interact with your customers through the live chat feature. But you can access it through the premium plan. 

There is also the option of interacting with customers via emails or Facebook. 

However, as an online shop owner building with a this theme, you can reach Debutify their customer service and support. 

There is also the option of reading their FAQ to get answers to pressing questions. What are other Debutify Theme reviews online?

What I Like About Debutify

Best Different Niches

Regardless of the kind of store or funnel you run, Debutify has coverage for you. 

The website design and layout is simple and enables you to customize the theme to suit your general store or one-product store.

No Coding Required

There is no need to have the technical skill to own your eCommerce store. 

You can build a store from scratch with Debutify; you can install and use the themes to set up your store. 

High Conversion Rate

Several elements help you improve your online conversion rate, and Debutify includes these elements in the theme. 

Elements such as reviews, testimonials, and suggested products will push up your conversion rate.  

There are also features such as Trust badges, Live Sales, and Cart Countdown, including some of these features that increase the conversion rate.

What do you think of my Debutify Theme review?

Enhanced User Experience

The theme is simplified and allows shoppers to navigate through your store in a mobile-friendly way. 

It enables you to escape the trappings of a poorly designed website, and users can navigate through products and featured products quickly, thereby increasing your online shop’s user experience.

Great Additional Features

Instead of downloading separate add-ons, Debutify allows you to utilize additional features integrated into the general theme. 

The free version provides you with a basic style and layout; however, you get 17 additional features with the premium package. Do you think these features make Debutify legit and safe?

Easy to Set Up

This theme is simple to set up, customize, and you can easy to manipulate to your how you like it. 

You can easily create a functional website and eye-catching. 

You can easily change the slide show, and it comes with adjustable fade-in animation and embedded slider options. 

Also, you edit both the header and footer theme.

You can also get creative with your colors and navigate your logo, which can be transparent anywhere you want.

My Issue with Debutify

  • The customer service and support you get depend on your subscription plan. 
  • You may experience certain difficulty transitioning from an old theme to a new one.
  • Your goal determines the number of add-ons you will get

Debutify Online Complaint

Debutify has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot. 

The theme has received a lot of praise for its conversion rate, ease of use, and great theme. 

However, very few users complained of the cost, and some wanted extra add-ons on the free version. 

However, overall, it is has received great reviews.  

Debutify Add Ons

What Are Add-Ons? 

Add-ons are significantly power features that you can add to your Debutify App. 

Almost 40 Add-ons are directly integrated and connected to the theme that is sure to push up your sales. 

Do Add-Ons affect page speed of your eCommerce store? 

No, Add-Ons will not negatively affect your page load speed; instead, it is great for styling and making your eCommerce store look beautiful. 

The Debutify Add-Ons includes: 

  • Add To Cart Animation
  • Cart Countdown
  • Delivery time
  • Cart Discount
  • Collection Add To Cart
  • Chat Box
  • Colour Swatches
  • Cookie box
  • Cart goal
  • Discount Saved
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Live View
  • Linked Option
  • Mega Menu
  • Newsletter PoP Up
  • Pricing Table
  • Product Tabs
  • Quality Break
  • Product Video
  • Quick View
  • Sales Countdown
  • Sales Pop
  • Shop Protect
  • Skip Cart
  • Smart Search
  • Sticky Add To Chart
  • Trust Badge
  • Upsell Bundles
  • Upsell Pop – up
  • Wish list

How to Install Debutify

Are you new to the eCommerce world? 

I am certain that you will be looking for a simplified way to install your Debutify Shopify Theme.

Usually, your first thought would be, is Debutify free? We will get to that later on. 

For now, the Debutify Shopify Theme is easy to install, and you can even do it with just a click.

  • Visit the Debutify website and download the theme.
  • After download, enter your Shopify store’s URL. You’d be able to log in automatically and install the theme.
  • While the installation is still in progress, you have to grant permission to access the relevant Shopify store data. 
  • Once installed, you can activate and customize emails to your taste to avoid spam emails.

Is Debutify Free?

Yes, Debutify is a Shopify’s cost-free themes.

But you can upgrade to the premium. You are at liberty to choose the version that best suits your needs.

The free theme includes updated features that will ensure you remain an expert. 

Is Debutify Legit and Safe?

Yes, Debutify is legit and very safe.

Security is a huge factor when shopping online. 

When using a third-party application to build your online store, you may want to ask, Is Debutify legit and safe? 

The App will only request access to the “manage store permission” when downloading and integrating this themes and add-ons to your Shopify store.

Your customer data is safe as it does not gain access to them. 

Also, the platform is continually updating and improving its themes and add-ons integrations.  

Also, with the premium version, users get trust badges during checkouts.

Trust badges enable your shoppers to know that your online store is safe to interact with without having their information leaked or stolen. 

They act as certification of social proof of safety.  

How to Join Debutify Affiliate Program

Do you know you can become a Debutify Affiliate Program? It is one way to make money with Debutify as an affiliate marketer. 

You do not need to have an eCommerce store to make money with Debutify.

You can make $232.80 for every premium referral you secure for the Debutify Shopify theme.

It is said to be the most converting Shopify theme affiliate program in the eCommerce industry. 

Is debutify legit and safe

The key features of the Debutify Affiliate Program are: 

  • Debutify is a leading Shopify theme team with over 140,000 downloads; it instantly helps users increase youe=r eCommerce sales.
  • You will earn a 40% monthly recurring commission, i.e., $232.80 (AOV of $106.49).
  • Debutify has one of the highest converting pages; you can easily make sales.
  • The Debutify affiliate program has a freemium to premium conversion rate due to the high quality and excellent marketing theme.  
  • You have affiliate tools that convert fast.
  • The premium plan is from $19/monthly to $582 yearly. 
  • You will make an average of $42.59, which is up to $232.80 monthly for your referral.

Debutify Theme Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I Change the Add-Ons?

Yes, you can uninstall an Add-Ons of your store if you don’t like it and choose any other rheme with your theme and store. 

How Often Do Debutify Theme Update?

The theme does updates of its features and add-ons very frequently, and it is automatically. You don’t need to do anything for the update to take effect on your store.

Can I Change My Debutify Subscription Plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Debutify payment plan at any time of your choice. 

Is Debutify a Good Theme?

Debutify Shopify theme is a good and great theme, and it is free. 

what are good side hustles

But to get the full package of the Debutify Shopify theme, you have to go for the premium version of Debutify.  You can pay a monthly premium or go for the yearly premium package to give you a 40% discount. 

However, you can also decide on the free version; it has excellent sleek product pages straightforward to use.  What are other users saying about the Debutify Theme review?

Is It Good to Debutify?

Yes, it is excellent for Debutify to make huge sales on your eCommerce stores.

Debutify Shopify theme is responsive and very simple to use; you don’t need to be an expert to use this Shopify theme.  You will instantly see the features of the theme as soon as you convert to a premium package. 

Conclusion: Is Debutify Theme Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Debutify review. You now know that Debutify is free, legit and safe?

Debutify Shopify theme is a great theme for anyone who does not want to go through the rigors of building an online shop from scratch.  

Through this Debutify theme review, you can see that Debutify has numerous features that can help you build the store of your dream. 

There is a free and premium version, and you have the choice of choosing a monthly plan or getting a discount on a yearly plan for the premium service. 

One of the perks of using the theme, as we can see from this Debutify theme review, is that you can access 24/7 customer support, and even with the free plan, you can build a functional store on Shopify. 

Do you know any eCommerce store users of this theme? Is Debutify legit, safe and also FREE? What do you think of my Debutify review?

Is Debutify worth it? 

You also get a positive response to these questions. 

Debutify Shopify Theme is designed to boost conversion, and it efficiently does that.  You can also read about what users are saying about Debutify review on the Reddit platform.

Debutify Theme Review – Video

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  1. Having an online business or a website requires you to have a beautified page. This website can have theme of different types. Debutify is a theme that is interest in this is being used in Shopify to off load the stress of knowing how to run a dropshipping business. It ideal to display products online and it can be free or it can be on a premium base.

    1. Yes, the Debutify Shopify theme can be used for FREE at no cost to any store owner. If you want more features, you can then subscribe to the premium package. 

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  2. I must say that technology is doing more good than harm. Even the harm can still be rectified through technology. Proper management and handling can help. I think Debutify is safe according to the review stated here. Machines can be better because man power can fail. Thank you for sharing this well modified review here

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    Your review gives me a solid foundation to consider in the Shopify world. Do you know if it could also be used with affiliate marketing or is it strictly e-commerce?

    1. Dear Diane, 

      You can always make money with any affiliate marketing affiliate program. My site is about how to make money online; the eCommerce niche is about how to make money with BC. 

      You just have to chase any affiliate opportunity that can make you money. 

      You can even share your affiliate links on your social medial.

      Thanks for reading my Debutify review. It is always about how to make money fast with your eCommerce platform by using a great Shopify theme i.e Debutisfy. 

      The good news is that Debutify is free with many features; if you can then go premium; you will have access to enormous features that will help you make sales on a daily basis.

      Thanks for reading my Debutify theme review.



  5. Building an eCommerce store isn’t a form of monetizing that I’ve applied to my websites yet. But I have been toying with the idea for my oldest site.

    I like what you have to say about the Debutify Theme and add-ons. It sounds like a great option for people who wouldn’t know how to build an eCommerce site from scratch. I fall into that category. It’s nice to see that it gets high ratings and is user-friendly.

    I agree with the complaint about customer service. It should be the same no matter what level you’re buying or using. But it might not matter that much.

    I’ll add this to my research folder for future consideration when I get ready for this next step in monetizing.


  6. Thank John, its nice to meet you here. Thanks for bringing out all of the features of the debutify shopify theme. I appreciate the look of this page as I’m sure the others are well put together here as well. What you mentioned about the clean code and loading speed is getting to be very important and even unique as many of us have too much going on in our websites. Yours is a great example of what to do. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Debutify Theme Review

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