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SaleHoo Stores Review: Can You Make Money with SaleHoo Stores?

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 What is Salehoo?

Do you wish to have your own wonder eCommerce store? I am having a recommendation for you and that is SaleHoo Stores. It is my best eCommerce store builder.

Before now, many are used to promoting and selling various products on eBay. Such sellers will observe that it was fast ways to make quick money online.


It was not so complicated purchasing an item (s) at a lower price and re-selling such item(s) at a better price on eBay making a little margin.

But with time eBay continues to review their fees upwards, which is reducing the Sellers’s margin. In my case, I decided to develop my own e-stores.

But with little or no technical or design knowledge of how to build an online store, I end up wasting my money, energy and time. It was so very frustrating then.

I wasted a lot of money and return back to embrace eBay. I was so lucky when I came across SaleHoo Stores online while I was searching for something else.

I was suspicious at first because of the bad experience I have gone through. But on a further search and more investigation I observed that the

prices were very cheap compared to eBay and it had a 60 days money back guarantee.

I immediately opted in, and now I am glad I did. For me, SaleHoo is the best eCommerce website builder hosting ever.

This made me to now have My OWN great looking e-store and I can start promoting my own eCommerce site and not a third party site.

With my subscription to SaleHoo, I now have direct access to SaleHoo suppliers directory with over 8,000 verified suppliers.

The supplier’s directory is an additional plus, it avoids me of been scammed by a lot of fake suppliers online.

Before any suppliers are admitted they are verified okay before SaleHoo members can deal with them.

Now I now have an eCommerce website I can call my own, and no need to pay anybody again each time I make a sale and with the SaleHoo Suppliers Directory, I now discover a lot of suppliers with cheaper products.

Why You Should Build Online Store With SaleHoo Stores

The below are various reason why you must consider subscribing to SaleHoo Stores:

***Build an Online Store Without Technical And Design Skill***

One of the reasons I was compelled to stay put on eBay was lack of the skill set need to build my own website and start my own eCommerce store online.

Creation of the website has been made very easy, you can develop your own website in less than 30 seconds. You don’t need to know to code or hire anyone to create your website for you.

If you decide you don’t want to use your own created website, SaleHoo Store has an inbuilt website that will make you a beautiful and high converting website, just with the push of a button.

This will help you save a lot of money and the built-in website came with a personalized logo for you and it is at no cost to you.

The professionally made logo will make the website look very professionally built.

Create Your Own SaleHoo Store Now

***There Are No Hidden Fees***

SaleHoo Stores includes everything that an eCommerce should have without additional fees. Many like me are looking for something like this that is all-encompassing.

It is only your website that you must provide and the hosting. Website creation is very easy to come by these days, but you must use a quality service provider that will host your domain name.

If you subscribe to a standard membership, it will give you access to the SaleHoo directory, containing more than 8,000 verified suppliers with a different type of products to choose several categories.

If you upgrade to a Premium subscription of SaleHoo, you will have direct access to a specialized training for generating traffics to your eCommerce store, that will definitely boost your sales.

***Excellent Support Staff***

Apart from having access to an excellent website that converts easily in SaleHoo stores, the support staff is very supportive and they are friendly.

When you have an issue, all you need to do is to either email the support team or give them a direct call.

They will always reply to your emails in good time and attend to you on phone smoothly with one on one support.

***You Need A Domain Name For Your Online Store***

SaleHoo Stores have everything you need but the domain name that you must provide! You have to search and purchase a great domain name.

The name you choose is very important to your success. See The Guides To Picking The Right Domain Name.

SaleHoo Stores could have include domain name provision but for the technicalities that are involved.

The domain name cost between $13 and $50 it depends on how great the name is and other SEO (Search engine Optimization} features.

The support staffs are ready to help you through with the set up of your domain name in the SaleHoo Stores.

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Payment Option Supported By SaleHoo Stores

Yes, how would you cash out your money? Don’t worry a bit; SaleHoo Stores will accept the following listed method of payment:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque or Money Order
  • 2Checkout
  • Cash On Delivery
  • PayPal Direct (For US residents only)


Salehoo: Pricing

Below are Salehoo store pricing, you have an opportunity to choose a plan that is best for you. Note that it is the only premium that direct access to Salehoo Directory.

  • SaleHoo Basic – $27
  • SaleHoo Standard – $47
  • SaleHoo Premium – $97

Summary Of What Is Included In SaleHoo Stores

best ecommerce website builder hosting

The following are what you are to enjoy when you subscribe to SaleHoo Stores:

  • Monthly website hosting.
  • Custom email accounts.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.
  • Support Team Provides Email and Phone support.
  • Free $100 Google Adwords voucher to drive traffic.
  • An online store website creator that is easy to use.
  • Digital Product Processing – Only for Premium option
  • Video training on generating traffic for e-commerce stores – Only for Premium option
  • Free Custom Logo for each store; this will be created by one of SaleHoo Stores designer at no cost to you.
  • Standard and Premium Option have access to both SaleHoo Directory and Market Research Lab.

Who Is SaleHoo Stores Meant For?

SaleHoo Stores is meant for you if:

  • You are a seller online but you are fed up with paying selling fees all the time and you want to start your own store
  • If you are set to create an eCommerce store and you don’t have the technical and the design skill set needed to achieve it.

My Recommendation

If you want to be financially independent and you are interested in developing your own eCommerce store, then I highly recommend SaleHoo Stores. It is the best eCommerce website builder and hosting I know in the world right now. It is a full package that includes a website, hosting, free professional made logo and much more.

The support staffs are one of the best in the industry and they are very supportive and ready to help at all time, either through email or phone calls.

They are very much about helping you to be successful in your online store business. Please find out and check the SaleHoo Store for your self.

Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate where you can develop your website within 30 seconds. You will have access to 25 websites, all fully encrypted with SSL encryption {https:// } that you most needed for an online eCommerce.

The installation of the SSL is just within five seconds and it is at no additional cost.

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You cannot get much anywhere else in the world as of today. If you are to install SSL on your current website it will cost between $200 to $500 it will take installation time of almost two hours.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place to be, they will help turn your passion into a thriving business online; a premium package of $49 monthly and you can also try it for free.

Make your choice and check out if Wealthy Affiliate is meant for you.

You can also purchase your domain name and import it into SaleHoo stores. We have a lot of sites where you can flip the website and you can also get a great name that is already primed for great traffics.

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  1. I have been searching the internet high and low looking fro a fair and affordable eCommerce site, this SaleHoo sounds simply and affordable enough for a first timer. it even gives me the opportunity to have a free custom logo, with the others i searched for i did not have this option. Thank you for such wonderful insight

  2. I’ve honestly never heard of SaleHoo Stores before. When I came across your post about ecommerce sites, I thought you were probably going to suggest Shopify. SaleHoo actually sounds really interesting. I’ll definitely look into it further as I’m thinking of setting up an online store and want it to be a simple and painless as possible.

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