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5 Best VPN Service for Router Review: The Fastest VPN In 2023

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Top 5 Best VPN In The World

You are welcome to my 5 Best  VPN  Service Review. Best Virtual Private Networks Service is a tool that employs encryption that helps you provide a secure connection to a remote computer over the internet.

People use VPN to remain anonymous and create their own IP address on the Internet.


It prevents people or anyone to know whatever you are up to online.

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Best VPN Service Review

What Is Virtual Private Network?

  • It helps you access all websites and any applications without restrictions from any location in the world.
  • You can stream video from any part of the world at greater and faster speeds
  • It makes you secure and helps you remain anonymous online. Since it helps in encrypting your browsing process
  • It empowers you and makes you unstoppable in doing businesses; downloading/watching movies and software download on any websites from any location in the world.

Top VPN Service Providers

There is a lot of virtual private network around but I can personally recommend the few below from my personal experience and feedback from my readers.

You can also do well to check out The Importance of Virtual Private Networks (VPN)


PureVPN is one of the leaders and providers of VPN services across the world. They help you with secure and save connections across all platforms.

They ensure that privacy matters, PureVPN keeps NO LOGS of your activities; it is one of the Best Virtual Private Networks Service.

See other features of PureVPN:

  • Unique Features Of PureVPN
  1. 80,000+ IPs on 500+ servers in 100+ countries
  2. PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Open VPN, SSTP & IKEv2
  3. 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  4. IOS And Android Application
  5. 5 simultaneous connections
  6. Unlimited Bandwidth & Server Switches

 Reasons Why I love PureVPN

free vpn

PureVPN Server Locations

virtual private server hosting 20

Other Features Of PureVPN

top virtual private server hosting


HideMyAss is one of the best VPN service providers; I got introduced to the VPN world through HideMyAss.

I love this provider because of its multi-devices features, widespread capacity, tractability, and speeds.

They have thousands of servers across the world, located in more than 225 countries.

The set up is uniquely different from others and the speed is great. This provider is my sincere favorites. What do you think of my Best VPN Service Review?

Unique Features Of HideMyAss

  • 940+ VPN Servers
  • Compatible with all devices
  • On-site, built-in speed testing tool
  • Over 150,000 active paying users
  • Spread across multiple continents including Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • Over 126,299 IP addresses available constantly
  • The applications for mobile devices (both IOS and Androids) are greatly designed     and setup and configuration are very easy to achieve
  • 350+ locations in 225+ countries around the world


 virtual private server hosting fapturbo VPN Virtual Private Network is the world’s most reputed service provider, it is known to be one of the fast-growing VPN for today.

It helps users reclaim their right to Internet usage, security, privacy, anonymity and protects users from the prying eye of a government agency.


Unique Features Of VPN

  • You can have initial free access of users to test how it is performing
  • It helps a user to watch IPTV anywhere in the world
  • Anonymous torrent downloading
  • Easy live sporting event in any country from any location
  • Unblock any website around the world

Total VPN

Total VPN – Virtual Private Network is a major name and an industry leader in the Virtual Private Network space.

This ensure that every Internet user has the opportunity to remain secure, protected, and anonymous while on the Internet.

Total VPN believes that all users should be able to access any content in any location as they wish irrespective of where they are based at the same time making them hidden from the prying eyes of the state, hackers, fraudsters, and other malicious agents online.

  • Unique Features Of Total VPN

It Helps in Protecting Your Privacy and Personal Information through the following:

  1. Secure Encryption
  2. Zero Monitoring
  3. Avoid Tracking
  4. Public WI-FI Protection
  • Other Main Features Of Total VPN

set up virtual private network

HidePad Virtual Private Network

HidePad helps secure the information on your Ipad. In the last two years, more than eleven million people have been victims of identity theft.

The iPad made the set up of VPN on Ipad simple from the normal complications.

Hidepad is instant bulletproof security for your Ipad, it helps protect your data from viruses, hackers, and identity theft while online.

It is the only VPN service provider that offers Government-grade encryption all in one application.

This ensures that all data leaving and entering your Ipad are encrypted with NSA Standard, this implies that even extremely skilled hackers cannot have access to your Ipad

See More Features of HidePad

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What do you think about my 5 Best VPN Service Review?

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Do you have an alternative to my list of 5 VPN?

Are you using anyone you like so well? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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12 thoughts on “5 Best VPN Service for Router Review: The Fastest VPN In 2023”

  1. I actually am Iooking for a good VPN service right now. After my child click a link he shouldnt have and we were hacked, I no longer feel safe surfing the web without one in place. I think everyone these days should invest in a VPN services and protect their data and safe guard their identities from they internet. you have listed on your top 5. Thank you for outlining each service with great detail. I will be using PureVPN.

  2. Hi John:

    I first became familiar with Virtual Private Networks when I signed to run my own call center under a parent company. I didn’t exactly know much about it except that we had to use it for the sake of privacy. You have shed some light on it for me.

    You mentioned that with it you can access websites … from all over the world. The questions I have are 1. If you have the service, can you use it from any computer wherever you are just by logging in? 2. Is this service offered in the Caribbean countries?

    I wasn’t able to identify all the countries they each operate from.

    Thank you for this very useful information.

  3. Cyber ​​security has spread information about the current state of affairs more important than ever. All confidential information is subject to hackers and criminals, and you never know if you can possibly work for your competition. VPN is the best and safest way to protect yourself. Thank you for writing this useful site.

  4. I used to work for some companies who used VPN and it was very secure and fast. It is definitely recommended, I only had good experiences with it. The name HideMyAss made me smile, it’s a good one 😉  They seem to have many locations, which already speaks highly of them. They must be good. 

    HidePad is another one that I would like to try. I am looking into buying a new iPad, and it would be good to have some security. It’s pretty scary the amount of people that have become victims of identity theft … Protection is so important. Was iPad exclusively developed for iPads?

    Which of the other four do you think is the best?

  5. Thank you for your article. VPN is great in protecting us all online.

    My brother advised me to use it, as he found Nord to be one of the most reliable options after his company was hacked.

    He had so many problems after that incident… I do not have my own business or anything, but I still want to protect my information, especially feel more secure while doing financial transactions.

    1. Dear Emmi,

      Thanks for visiting my website, really appreciate. VPN is by far a better option to protect your ever in this ever-changing world.

      Thanks for checking on my article. I hope you got what you came for?



  6. This is really interesting. I was looking for exactly this as I’m currently spending time in a country where many websites, and even YouTube videos, can’t be accessed in my region. Therefore I need a VPN to get around it. I’ll definitely look into a few of these.

    Love the name of “Hide My Ass”. Classic.

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