Chic Me Review: Is Chic Me Legit Or Scam?

You are welcome to my Chic Me reviews. I am certain you are here to know if chic me fashion a scam? What do you think about chic Me clothing? But, is ChicMe legit?

This site is a reliable online shop if you are trying to explore and buy the newest products in the women's fashion world.

The pricing is affordable, the payment options are secure, and its lenient return and refund policy guarantee the quality of the products. You will observe this in many online chic my reviews.

Is Chic Me legitimate? The bottom line is that you will know if you can trust the Chic Me fashion store with your credit after this review.

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chic me reviews

Chic Me Reviews at a Glance

Name: Chic Me
Our Overall Rating: 85%

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What is Chic Me?

This website is everything you expect from a shopping website that focuses on women’s fashion.

The site is a one-stop-shop for all ladies as it packs its catalog with a wide range of products that include clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, and even beauty and healthcare products.

The online shopping portal can be accessed from all parts of the globe, and its products are shipped worldwide. Is ChicMe legit? What do you think of Chic Me clothing today?

It is the brainchild of a group of people who have a decade-long experience in the e-commerce industry.

chic me shoes and swimwear

Chic Me Prices

  • Tops – Ranging from 7.5 dollars to 60 dollars.
  • Bottoms – Ranging from 9.5 dollars to 52.5 dollars.
  • Swimwear – Ranging from 8.5 dollars to 43 dollars.
  • Lingerie – Ranging from 8 dollars to 33 dollars.
  • Footwear – Ranging from 18.5 dollars to 75.5 dollars.
  • Accessories – Ranging from 5 dollars to 43 dollars.

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What are Chic Me Payments & Methods

The payment methods offered are as versatile as its product catalog?

The remittance gateway is also secure, and it covers options like PayPal and both Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Besides, the site does not collect any extra fees or charges in the form of taxes or customs duties.

Chic Me Return and Refund Policy

The website has a customer-friendly refund policy that offers a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the product received.

All you have to do is to ship the product back to the address specified by the customer service representative.

They also provide a full reimbursement if you receive a damaged or defective product.

You can initiate the refund process by merely clicking a photo of the damaged good and sending it to the customer service department.

Products should be returned within 30 days from the day you receive it.

No returns are accepted on products like swimsuit, lingerie, jewelry, and bodysuits.

All refunds are made to the original mode of payment. PayPal refunds take around 24 hours, and credit card refunds need 7 to 15 business days.

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Chic Me Shipping Guide

CThey ships its products to countries around the world.

The shipping time varies from 3 to 25 days based on the destination country.

The website offers three shipping methods – Standard, Expedited, and Express of which Standard shipping is entirely free.

Express shipping can opt if you need any products on an emergency basis.

The site has a user-friendly tracking mechanism for your shipped goods, and it can be easily accessed from the Orders section of the website interface.

Chic Me Coupon Code for Discount Offer

chic me catalog

Chic Me Clothing Customer Service and Support

The website has a reliable customer service with enough representatives who are ready to guide you through every step of your buying process.

Queries can be made through different options like Live Chat, Messages, WhatsApp, and Email.

The customer service representatives can also be called up if you want to collaborate with the website for dropshipping and wholesale purchases.

The assistance from customer service can be easily obtained by clicking the chat icon on the screen.

Your questions and suggestions can also be emailed to

The response time for live chat is instantaneous, and it is available around the clock. The emails and WhatsApp messages to the customer service are replied in less than 24 hours.

You can contact this phone contact if you have any major issues: +12132603334

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What are Chic Me Rewards & Credit Program?

Chic Me does reward its customer base with both online and offline coupon codes that are issued from time to time.

The coupon codes that are currently valid are displayed in the settings section of the app.

They also offer shopping credits for purchasing from the website and for helping to promote their website and app.

Shopping credits can be earned by users for purchases, for making suggestions for improvement, for inviting people to join Chic Me Clothings, and for sharing information about the website on Facebook and Pinterest.

What is Good About Chic Me?

  1. The website has a simple user-interface which makes it extremely convenient to navigate in. Finding the right product for you is comfortable and hassle-free.
  2. It has a broad product range with enough options for you in all sizes and price segments. The website also has a dedicated page for Plus Size products. The online fashion store boasts of more than 1 lakh product style which is updated on a daily basis.
  3. The customer service is quick to respond and helpful. Issues are resolved quickly, and the communication is smooth with accurate replies.
  4. The customer-friendly refund policy makes sure that you do not lose the money if you aren’t entirely satisfied with the product received.
  5. It rewards its loyal customers with shopping credits for the money spent on the website.
  6. The Express shipping method is handy if you need any product to be delivered on an urgent basis.

 Issues With Chic Me?

The delivery time is a bit long when products are ordered to a few countries.

However, this slight flaw is highly acceptable when you consider the fact that one of the few online portals to ship products to all parts of the world.

Online Complaint Chic Me?

The site has achieved rapid growth in just the first three years of its operation. This does amount to the public appeal it has garnered around the globe.

People know that the website is ideal for buying the latest trendsetters in the world of women’s fashion.

The Chic Me fashion store is also trusted by a good chunk of online shoppers and is often widely recommended.

Alternatives to ChicMe Clothing

As online shopping is a very competitive industry, Chic Me does have many alternatives that are very similar to it.

However, the reasonable pricing of its products and the capability to deliver to countries around the world give it a definite edge among its competitors.

The following are other related websites:

Chic Me Location

There are many questions about the ChicMe clothing store location and where Chic Me ship its goods from. I tried to investigate this online to give my readers reliable and authentic information about the Chic Me website.

The question is, “Where does Chic Me ship from?

The Chic Me location in the US is:

  • 2620 Durfee Ave, El Monte, CA 91732-3414.  California, United States.

Chic Me Phone Contact In USA

  • +12132603334 (California Phone Number)
is chicme a legit website

Source: Che Me

Note: You can see that Chic Me fashion owners are based in Cyprus or have a Cyprus address. The company has a link to Cyprus, as stated on their website.

Chic Me Location in Cyprus

  • Alkmand Estate LTD 48A Sittika Hanoum Street Map Building, 6051 Larnaca, Cyprus.

*** Therefore, you can assume that the chic me store location is in Cyprus, as stated above, and confirmed by the BBB website.

The Chic Me fashion two address is also on the Better Business Bureau, see the screenshot below:

is chicme legit

Chic Me Reviews BBB Rating is “F”

The Chic Me Better Business Bureau rating is F. What does that mean. Does that make all the Chic Me reviews false? Is ChicMe legit? Please know that Chic Me clothing is a good and real website.

The Chic Me Reviews BBB rating implies that the website does not have a good reputation for resolving its clients' and customers' complaints. Which can still impact them negatively.

In my personal opinion, ChicMe is a legit and not a scam website.

At the time of this review, Chic Me has 21 total complaints in the last three years and only eight were okay in the previous twelve months.

What determines the BBB rating of any website is the rate at which the close complaint against them. This also applies to Chic Me fashion, and it what determines the Chic Me Reviews BBB rating as F.

Is ChicMe Legit or Scam?

Yes, Chic Me is legit and not a scam website.

The Chic Me fashion website and app has set its focus on making its customers happy.

ChicMe is a legit website and it is not a scam, therefore it is safe to purchase from this site if you wish.

The secure payment gateway and the refund policy that guarantees your satisfaction ensure that purchasing from this online fashion store is safe.

How to Make Money With Chic Me?

  • 1. Chic Me Affiliate Program

Chic Me has an affiliate program that offers rich dividends to its affiliates.

A generous commission of 15% can be yours on sales that happened via your affiliate links.

Once you register for the affiliate program, you will receive promotional ad banners and text links that you can make use of.

  • 2. Chic Me Blogger Program

Chic Me has a unique blogger program that rewards bloggers who have at least 500 followers.

All you have to do is to make a promotional post on your blog or social media channel. The rewards include money and free clothing.

  • 3. Chic Me Drop-Shipping

For sellers with online fashion websites of their own, the Drop Shipping program of Chic Me is undoubtedly worth a try.

The products are sold to drop shippers at a much lower rate.

The drop shippers also need not worry about storage warehouses and shipping the goods as both of that are the job of Chic Me

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Is Chic Me Worth It

What do you think of my Chic Me reviews? Is ChicMe legit?

Or do you think Chic Me is a scam? 

I can assure you that the Chic Me is a legit website, and you can purchase without any fear of getting scam.

It will be great to earn a commission for each of your purchases on the Chic Me Website if you are kind to use my Affiliate Link. 

This website earns me a full-time income online. It is affiliate marketing.

You can also learn the art of marketing and selling other people's products for full-time. It is FREE to learn here.  

You can learn more bout what people are saying about chic me clothing on Reddit.

What do you think of my Chic Me reviews? Is ChicMe legit or scam?

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9 thoughts on “Chic Me Review: Is Chic Me Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Dear John,

    I love the chic me site, my boyfriend ordered me 5 items, I went off the size chart, when they came I was pleased with them, till I tried them on, they were far too small, so I sent a message asking for a returns to label so I could order them in a bigger size, they replied they would give me a 20% discount and I can keep them, so I wrote back stating what use are they to me if they don’t fit.

    I sent it but it disappeared, seems to me they only accept 1 message then you are blocked.

    So NO they don’t have a returns policy at all.

    I have tried numerous ways to contact them with no luck, so I’m now stuck with 5 items of clothing, how do I explain to him he has lost £66.96 and we have nothing to show for it.

    I feel very disappointed and let down, when I checked online about chic me it said it was based in England, yet another lie..fuming.

    thanks for your review.

    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks for reading my article on the subject “Is ChicMe A Legit Fashion Store Or A Scam?” I am sorry for your challenge with ChicMe store. Please go through their return policy proper here.

      That will help you with what you are missing.

      You can also call the support and customer service of ChicMe on thier Telephone contact:+86-25-52334355

      Also, here is the ChicMe FAQ.

      Please let me know when you get your challenge resolve.



  2. I live the chic me site, my boyfriend ordered me 5 items.

    I went off the size chart, when they came I was pleased with them, till I tried them on, they were far too small, so I sent a message asking for a returns label so I could’ve ordered them in a bigger size.

    They replied they would give me a 20% discount and I can keep them, so I wrote back staring what use are they to me if they don’t fit, I sent it but it disappeared, seems to me they only accept 1 message then you’re blocked.

    So NO they don’t have a returns policy at all, I have tried numerous ways to contact them with no luck, so I’m now stuck with 5 items of clothing, how do I explain to him he has lost £66.96 and we have nothing to show for it.

    I feel very disappointed and let down, when I checked online about chic me it said it was based in England, yet another lie..fuming.

    • Thanks for reading my ChicMe review.

      You can visit their site and you will see everything about ChicMe return policy.

      thanks for taken time to drop a long comment.



  3. Sorry Roxanne but that is a blatant scam if you are being paid/incentivised to blog for them rather than pure experience based reviews when clearly there are major issues with the company in terms of items never being shipped/received, poor quality etc and their clear avoidance in clearly stating that all items need to be returned to either the US or China with high shipping charges to the customer (particularly when for UK customers the item was sent from a UK address) – trading standards will have a big issue with the latter.

    • Dear Lou,

      Thanks for reading my article on wheither ChicMe is a Legit Fashion Store Or A Scam. I feel your pain!

      But then you are yet to tell me why you hate this store so bad. can you explain what happens and help state your bad experience with them.

      Why would say that I am getting paid to write about Is ChicMe?

      I await your reply.



  4. Definitely a SCAM!

    Dear John,

    I ordered 2 dresses from Chick ME at the beginning of October 2018, and definitely, It was my first and last experience with that company!

    The first dress I received at the end of November and it was very cheap quality, not as in the picture at all, I wouldn’t buy it in a store for sure! I was very disappointed…

    But the 2 dress I didn’t receive even for 3.5 months waiting and even now in December! The company doesn’t want to return money back as asked me “wait patiently”.

    I planned to wear the dress on Christmas party but I still don’t have it, and frankly speaking, Im not sure how it will look like, after seeing the terrible quality of the first one…

    Don’t recommend trust their pictures and deal with this company at all! Save your time and energy!



    • Dear Kat,

      I feel for you on what you are going through and for not yet receiving your goods. This is my first time to get such complain from a loyal audience like you.

      The solution to your challenge is to go to your order so as to contact the support and customer service. You can also contact the support by phone +86-25-52334355 so as to lay your complaint.

      Please let me know of the status of your issue.



  5. I am a blogger and at the same time loyal customer of ChicMe. My blogs regularly generate sales for them and I am earning almost 200 bucks every month. Along with this money, they also offer me gift vouchers to do shopping at their store. I recommend it to bloggers.


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