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Home » Celebrity Biography » Loren Ridinger Biography: Beauty Blogger, Fashion, Business Expert

Loren Ridinger Biography: Beauty Blogger, Fashion, Business Expert

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Home » Celebrity Biography » Loren Ridinger Biography: Beauty Blogger, Fashion, Business Expert

You are welcome to my article about Biography, Net Worth, and everything you love to know about Loren Ridinger, the co-founders of Market America internet marketing MLM company.

It is good you are making your findings of Loren Ridinger, the Senior Executive Vice President of and Market America MLM company.


At the end of this article, you will learn about Loren Ridinger and everything you love to know about her.

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Who Is Loren Ridinger?

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Loren Ridinger is a Senior Executive Vice President of Market America direct sales company. She and her husband (JR Ridinger) co-founded this company in 1992. 

The company is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. 

Loren is a well-known internet mogul that has changed the eCommerce and beauty space in the last 20 years.

Besides co-founding the direct sales company, i.e., Market America and shop com, she has also played a massive role in the beauty industry. 

She founded and created award-winning beauty and cosmetic lines such as Motives, Uber Luxurious skincare, Cellular Laboratories, Fixx, and the mighty jewelry collection Loren Jewels. 

Achievement by Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger has been recognized in the beauty and fashion industry, and she has been named in many awards winning institution such as:

  • Top 100 Vogue influential women 
  • Most influential people in Haute Living magazine in Miami and New York
  • Top 100 YouTube Channel 2017 Award 
  • Fashion Group International’s Women of Substance Award
  • Top 50 Entrepreneur and Woman Extraordinaire by Business Leader magazine
  • Forbes is naming Loren’s World as a Top 100 women website. 
  • Loren and JR named as Top 100 Power Couples in Miami by Haute Living magazine
  • Heart Humanitarian Award by American Heart Association etc. 

What You Never Know About Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger Was Not Born Rich

This hard-working celebrity was not born rich. You said she was neither born rich nor was she married a well-to-do husband. 

She claimed to meet her husband at a very young age and when he was nothing, i.e., when he did not have anything in wealth. 

They started Market America in Greensboro, NC, from the ground up while they were in two-bedroom apartments.

Loren remembers when they were sharing just a car to move around, and their dinner dates were Wendy’s salad bars. 

She reiterated that determination and good work ethics with personal determination to succeed have helped them build their wealth. 

Loren Ridinger Is a Workaholic

Loren Ridinger stated in her blog post that she work as soon as she wakes till she goes to bed non stop every day. 

She likes to be relaxed while working; this is why she is always in her pajamas while working. 

She loves working in her pajama pants or casual juicy pants. She doesn’t have the time to do her make up because there is no time to waste, she stated. 

Also, she preferred to use the time for makeup and dressing towards other things that will add value to her core business. 

Loren Ridinger Hate Flying

She claims always to get nervous while flying on a plane. 

Also, she insisted that the people around her are aware of this because she travels a lot. 

Loren Never Wears Make to Sleep

Loren will always remove her makeup whenever she is going to sleep. No matter where she is and notwithstanding the time of the day. 

She claims to be very firm about this aspect of her beauty regimen. 

Loren Ridinger was Born in Queens, NY

Loren was born in Queens, New York, USA. 

Though she spent are most life in Greensboro, NC. Queens was her root, and the city will always be her home.

Loren Has Two Brothers and a Sister 

Loren Ridinger has her two brothers and a sister working with her in Market America direct sales company.

The brother’s name is Marc and Steve Ashley.

Marc is the President and COO of Market America Worldwide; check out Marc’s profile on LinkedIn; and Steve is the president of Monterey, Calif.-based Check out Steve’s profile on LinkedIn.

She claims that her sister and brothers are her life.

loren ridinger biography
Loren’s Brothers Steve & Marc

How Loren Ridinger Met JR (Husband) in 1984

Loren first met her husband JR in 1984 at a T.V. Venture in Greensboro, N.C. 

JR was a sales consultant with an excellent reputation; in fact, people called him “the master of a salesman.”

She claims that J.R. can captivate people and inspire people to become a great sales force.  

Loren met him broke as at that time. She was the office manager at T.V. Ventures. T.V. Ventures is into the sales and distribution of exercisers, stain remover, hearing aids, etc.  

The relationship started after their first date at 

Greensboro nightclub. 

Loren encouraged J.R. to stop helping others builder their business; that he should start building his own.

They started and established Market America in 1992 in a rental Greensboro house where they began selling weight-loss products and costume jewelry. 

Her Preferred Dish Cheese and Macaroni

Loren Ridinger’s preferred dish is Cheese and Macaroni, and she takes it at least twice a week. 

Loren Ridinger TV Show is House Hunters

She loves watching House Hunters on HGTV. 

Also, she is not a T.V. addict because she valued her time. She believes that if you keep watching T.V., you can never be watched on T.V.

But then, she still creates time to watch her favorite T.V. show, “the House Hunters.” She loves watching this program because of her love for interior decorating. 

She claims that it is fun watching people buying their first home on T.V. 

Most Important Lessons Learned By Loren Ridinger

Loren believes in executing the most challenging things first. To succeed in life, you have to tackle the most problem jobs or issue first. 

She also stated that you must learn to manage your time wisely. She claimed that it is tough to juggle her jobs and family issues. Time is everything to Loren Ridinger.

She never allows work to consume the time for family, even if it will be done at odd hours. 

 Learning to control your schedule will help you to manage your time and life for productivity.

 Typical Day of Loren Ridinger

What is a typical day for Loren Ridinger like? 

 She usually is wakeup early.

She also likes to spend some time with her grandchildren if and when they are around.

Loren claims that she likes to control her life and time because that is the only way to control her destiny.  

She insisted that she love to do the most challenging things first to be in charge of her schedule. 

Loren works hard a lot, but she also takes time to play when she has the time. 

And also like to work late at night after regular late outings with friends and family members.

What do you think of the Loren Ridinger Biography? Have you learned anything about the life of Loren?

What North Carolina Meant to Loren Ridinger

Loren’s dad moved around a lot because he was a car dealer, and when a car dealership opportunity opened up in North Carolina, the whole family has to move. 

The family moved to North Carolina when she was in 9th grade. 

She had her first fashion retail job also in North Carolina. Loren later got a job with Sears when she was 16 years old and offered $20 per hour. 

Loren Ridinger’s Brain Aneurysm and Surgery 

She was diagnosed with an aneurysm and went through a complicated surgery that was done successfully. Thanks to Dr. Aman Patel and Dr. Joshua Bederson of Mount Sinai.

Over 35,000 people die yearly with aneurysm brain rupture, but she was saved from this challenge because of her relentlessness and persistency. 

Initially, many doctors she approached said it was nothing, but she knew something was wrong with her.

Until she did MRA and get the surgery done in Mount Sinai. She thanks God that this is done with because many people get killed by this illness without knowing.

Loren Ridinger’s Best Advice to You

Loren’s best advice to you is you should never give up on your dream. She knows how easy it is for people to quit their goals. 

Tackle the most challenging problem first every day and move to the next. You can never be an achiever in life if you are lazy and a quitter.

We all tend to procrastinate and push the most demanding task ahead; she always tackles them because you are done whenever you get rid of that challenging task. 

What do you think of my Loren Ridinger Biography? What have you learned about the life of Loren Ridinger? 

Loren Ridinger Biography

Loren Ridinger was born on November 21st, 1968, in Queens.

New York, USA. 

She is a zodiac sign of Scorpio by birth (people born on November 21st); the zodiac animal for her is Monkey. 

She co-founded Market America and when she moved to North Carolina in her freshman year of high school. 

She started her fashion career at the age of 16 years while she was a retail company clerk.  

Loren Ridinger Relationship and Dating

According to searches, James Howard Ridinger got married to Loren Ridinger in Barbados beach over 30 Years ago.

You can learn more about JR, i.e., James Howard Ridinger, on his Twitter handle.

loren ridinger instagram
Loren and Husband JR

Loren Ridinger Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Loren Ridinger’s net worth?

According to Ido Net Worth website, the Net worth of Loren Ridinger is currently roughly 10 million dollars (according to the Ido Net Worth website).

How old is Loren Ridinger?

Loren did her 52nd birthday was in 2020. Her date of birth is November 21st, 1968. 

She was born in Queens, New York. USA

 Who is Amber Ridinger?

Amber Ridinger is the daughter of JR Ridinger and Loren. The co-founder of the MLM company called Market America. 

Who owns Utopia 4 Yacht?

The owner of Utopia IV is Loren Ridinger.

Is Loren Ridinger Hispanic?

Yes, Loren Ridinger’s family root is that of Spanish. She once lives in New York and Miami with her husband, JR Ridinger.

Who did Amber Rider marry?

Amber Rider, the daughter of Loren Ridinger, married her then-boyfriend, i.e., Duane McLaughlin, a gospel singer. 

Loren Social Medial Pages

loren ridinger net worth
Loren, Daughter and Sister

Conclusion About Loren Ridinger Biography

Thanks for reading my article about Loren Ridinger’s biography. What do you think of my review of life and Loren Ridinger’s net worth?

Do you learnt anything about this great woman? 

I provided all you need to know about her and the social media profiles that include the Loren Twitter and Instagram addresses. 

Do you learn anything about the life biography and net worth of Loren Ridinger? Have you try to check the Loren Ridinger Twitter and Instagram profile?

Please give me your feedback in the comment section below. 

All About Loren Ridinger – Video

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