Is Younique Makeup a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

 You are welcome to my Younique Review.

Can you imagine making money selling makeup on social media or your website?

I am sure that every woman loves and wants high-quality cosmetics beauty products.

This is why there are countless beauty products and companies out there constantly trying to prove to their clients and prospective customers that they are unique.

But what if a company claims it can make you feel beautiful as well as give you a source of income?

One such company is Younique.

But, Is Younique makeup a Scam? Are the Younique presenters making money?

I am happy you are taking your time to research before buying into any such money-making opportunity.

There are so many Younique reviews online with many written by their reps. Therefore it is tough to learn the real truth about Younique through them.

It is essential to let you know that I am in no way affiliated to Younique.

The Younique Makeup Compensation Plan promised to be very generous and help you build more earning opportunities as you grow as the Younique Makeup presenters and distributor.

Continue reading to find out!!!


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A Glance at Younique

younique products canadaIndustry: MLM, Cosmetics
Product Type: Beauty & Cosmetic MLM.
Founders: Derek Maxfield & Melanie Huscroft.
Headquarters: Lehi, Utah
Parent Company: Coty
Year Founded: 2012
Price: $99
My Rating: 30%
Recommended: No


Summary Review of Younique Makeup

The one major positive thing is that Younique is a legit Multi-Level Marketing company selling makeup beauty products.

Do you think Younique is a significant money-making venture for you? Think before you start this MLM business.

Can you make money with Younique makeup money?

The percentage of Younique distributors (presenters), making money is very few. Can you imagine less than 180 Younique presenters out of over 400, 000 making good money?

Yes, you will make money with Younique makeup. But it is going to be peanut! This is not for everyone to venture into.

This review will reveal to you why many people are dumping this business.

Continue reading there’s more to Younique than makeup.


What is Younique?

Younique is an American MLM cosmetics company founded in September 2012 by two siblings, Derek Maxfield, and Melanie Huscroft. The company is into the marketing of makeup beauty products.

The business model of Younique is similar to that of Mary Kay and Avon Products that are also direct sales MLM companies.

Younique aims to give women a chance to grow both personally and financially by selling Younique products.

The company which accrues $400 million in revenue annually produces makeup cosmetics products its distributors market that refers to as “presenters” or “independent presenters.”

The sporadic growth of the Younique is as a result of the effective use of digital marketing, which is a modern way of marketing direct sales or MLM.

Younique is a network marketing scheme and operates globally including in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, and Hong Kong with an estimated 1.19 million independent presenters distributing its products.

Coty Inc., who is the US, based Multinational beauty company, is the owner of Younique. Coty Inc was founded in 1904 by Coty François.


Younique Makeup Product Line

 Younique has over 200 beauty products ranging from makeup to skincare. Its four product lines under its belt;

  • Beachfront
  • Moodstruck
  • Touch and
  • You.ology

These four product lines cover products ranging from eye products such as eye shadow, eyeliner to face products such as moisturizers, and even fragrances. 

Among the Younique catalog, you will find the following:

  • Fragrance: Perfumes
  • Face: Face primer, setting spray, setting powder, pressed blusher
  • Eyes: Mascara, fiber lashes, eyeliner, lash serum, eye primer
  • Skin: Moisturizer, cleanser, day or night cream, mask, cleaning clothes
  • Lips: Lip exfoliator, lip plumper, lipstick, lip balm
  • Tools: Palette, face brush set, eye brush set, lip brush


What Is The Cost to Join Younique?

To become an independent presenter with Younique, you have to pay a one-time signup fee of $99.


Who is Younique for?

 Younique’s affiliate program is best suited for those who have connections on social media or already established affiliate marketers for other beauty products. 


How to Make Money with Younique 

To join Younique as a new seller or presenter. You must buy the starter kit for $99 if you are in the US or £69 if you are in the UK.

As a distributor of Younique makeup beauty product, you are required to continue to purchase these products to maintain your rank status. And you are also to recruit other people to become a presenter or distributor.

You will earn 20% on each of your sales. Your commission increases to 25% as soon as your sales get to $1,000.

You will also receive more commission if you recruit other people as sellers, to earn from each of their purchases.

Younique offers the typical cosmetic products you would expect: eye, lip, and face products; the price range is generally from $19 to $65.

There are also cosmetic tools ranging from $7.50 to $32 apiece.

There are color levels that signify your earning potentials.


Younique Compensation Plan Pdf

How much do Younique presenters make? Will you make money as Younique presenters and distributors? The answer is YES!

Younique claims to have one of the best compensations and royalty plan ever.

But you must understand how to take advantage of the Younique Compensation Plan PDF. This is how to get paid to sell and to promote Younique makeup products.

Firstly, below are the explanations of keywords that will help you understand Younique compensation and ROYALTIES Chart:


younique products reviews


PRS – Personal Retail Sales

This is is the total sum of the retail sales of your commissionable products in the month under consideration.

CWS – Company Wholesale Sales

This is the amount of Younique makeup products that your entire downline sells in a given month.
Company Wholesale Sales is 75% of the personal retail volume of all commission sales.

Your Younique back office will automatically show how much you earn monthly via the Royalties chart.

Qualified First-Level Presenters

A Qualified first Level Presenters is a presenter that rolled up to your first level because of their personal sponsored is dormant or inactive (in activities).

$125 in Personal Retail Sales (PRS) is the amount needed by any presenter to qualified as first-level presenters.

Note: this amount “$125” is different from the Rolling Three Months. This is the amount that must be sold in Personal Retail Sales (PRS) in your three previous months. This is needed to continue to be active as a presenter.

Circle Wholesale Sales 

This is the amount needed by any of your team to qualify for the Green levels and above rank.
Circle sales are the amount remaining after the break off of your Green level into generations.

First Generation Elites

Your first presenter in a giving leg that attain Green Level Status (either personally enrolled or enrolled by your downline).

Your Younique Status Badge Explained

There are two status badges “Recognized status” badge and “Paid As” status.

The recognized status badge is the badge located and closes to your name at the back end of the

Younique website. It signals your highest achievement.

While the “Paid As” status changes monthly. It states the monthly qualification of presenters.

Below are full details of Younique Compensation plan:


www youniqueproducts com


  • Entry Presenter

Level White

As a new presenter, you start at level white, where you earn a 20% commission on your sales.

When you register, your signup fee of $99 covers the purchase of a starter kit.

You will have to sell at least $125 worth of products within the next three months to remain a presenter.

To achieve this, you can buy the $125 products for yourself or sell these products through virtual parties on your social media pages.

Level Yellow

When you reach the milestone of sales worth at least $1,000 worth of products, you are eligible to move up to yellow status where you earn a 25% commission on your purchases. 

  • Exemplary Presenter

 Level Pink

This is where you have at least one recruit selling under you.

You will need to sell at least $250 worth of product personally, and your referral (or circle) needs to sell at least $2,000 for you to maintain this status.

You also earn 25% of your sales as commission and 3% in circle royalties. 

Level Blue

At this level, you have two recruits under you.

You will need to sell at least $250 worth of product personally, and the downlines (or circle) need to sell at least $4,000 for you to maintain this status.

You also earn 25% of your sales as commission and 4% in circle royalties.

  • Elite Presenter

Level Green

At this level, you have three recruits under you.

You will need to sell at least $500 worth of product personally, and your convert (or circle) needs to sell at least $10,000 for you to maintain this status.

You also earn 25% of your sales as commission and 5% in circle royalties, and 3% in first-generation fees.

Level Orange

At this level, you have three recruits under you.

You will need to sell at least $500 worth of product personally, and your downlines (or circle) need to sell at least $20,000 for you to maintain this status.

You also earn 30% of your sales as commission and 5% in circle royalties, 3% in first-generation fees, and 4% in second-generation royalties. 

  • Exclusive Presenter

Level Purple

At this level, you have three recruits under you.

You will need to sell at least $500 worth of product personally, and referral (or circle) needs to sell at least $40,000 for you to maintain this status.

You also earn 30% of your sales as commission and 6% in circle royalties, 3% in first-generation fees, and 4% in second-generation royalties.

Level Black

At this level, you have three recruits under you.

You will need to sell at least $500 worth of product personally, and your downlines (or circle) need to sell at least $10,000 for you to maintain this status.

You also earn 30% of your sales as commission and 6% in circle royalties, 3% in first-generation royalties, and 4% in second-generation royalties and 5% in third-generation royalties. 

Download the summary version of the Younique Compensation Plan PDF format.

Note: ==>Younique Compensation Plan PDF Download


How Much Do Younique Presenters Make

This question is very vital for the intending members of Younique Makeup or cosmetics distributors refer to as Younique Presenters.

Therefore, how much money can you make selling Younique?

An average Younique presenter or distributors earn an average commission of $9 in 2016.

This figure is gotten from Younique independent audited annual report of 2016 filled with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

The report stated that $87,349,881 was paid out in respect of ‘Presenter incentives’ in 2016.

The underline notes of the audited report states as following:

I quote Presenter incentives include cash payments made under the Company’s global sales compensation plan. Presenters earn incentives by arranging or facilitating a sale of the commissionable product, with the ability to earn additional incentives for reaching volume objectives and other achievements.”

As at the time of writing and posting this article together, as shown on their website

Younique has about 1.4 million Presenters or distributors of their products.

As of 2016 (time of this report) if we assume and put the total number of presenters to be 800,000 (this is very generous of me) and considering the earnings of the presenter of $87,349,881. The average amount each presenter took home was $109.18, which is equivalent to $9.09 monthly.

Many of the presenters will earn far less, and some will earn more. But If you take the cost of starter kit at $99 into consideration, most of the Younique Presenters are making a loss.

Also, from the Younique financial and audited report of 2016, Younique Presenter Incentives represent 22% of the total earnings of Younique as seen below:


how much do younique presenters make uk

Source: Younique Consolidated Financial Statement (SEC Filings)


But what happened to the Younique statement that they offer a compensation plan of up to 48% in commission?

The 2016 audited report does not reflect that assertion, except if 99% of the Younique presenters are at the lowest level of compensation plan of 20% commission.

If the above is true, that implies that it is the fewer people at the top of the pyramid that earn the most of this money.

The $9 monthly earning achieve in 2016 could have been the best Younique can offer ts Presenters because their profitability has drastically declined yearly.


Why It Is Tough to Make Money with Younique Makeup

Many factors contributed to Younique members that are preventing them from making money with Younique Makeup products.

I will discuss two major reasons why you cannot make money with Younique Makeup

  • You are a Customer and Not a Business Partner to Younique

The multi-level marketing business models the company is practicing is faulty.

The MLM is a model that is created in favor of the company to help them make maximum profits, and it is not designed to help you as a Younique presenter or distributor of the products.

If you join Younique, you can only be a customer to them and not their distributors.

  • Presenters Not Practicing 21st Century Marketing Strategies

Most Younique presenters are indeed using social media. This won’t take them anywhere.

The presenters have websites with many duplicated contents that cannot rank on page one of Google and other search engines.

I am 100% certain you came to this website because you search for something that you want, and you find this article on my site.

This is because this content was written with the focus to drag people that are interested in the full review of Younique from anywhere in the world.

This is an art that you can NOT get anywhere but via solid training.

Check out how to become a full-time blogger making huge money online promoting any product of your choice.

Requirements to Become a Younique Presenter and Distributor.

For you to become a Younique Presenter, you must:

  • Be a minimum age of 18 years or mature age, as it is required in your country.
  • Reside in a country or region where the Younique presenter operates.
  • Have a valid tax identification number for reporting your taxes as required in your country of domiciliation.
  • Must purchase the Younique starter kit
  • You must be ready to read and complied with the term and condition as stated in the Younique Independent Presenter Agreement


Younique Pay Presenter Commissions Via PayQuicker

Younique pays its Presenter and distributors via a company called PayQuicker.

You will get your payment in your PayQuicker account daily.

Your first sale of Younique makeup products will prompt a mail to your mailbox from Younique informing you to create your PayQuicker account.

You can transfer your commission from your PayQuicker account to any of your chosen bank accounts as a direct deposit.

is younique makeup

As soon as your earning reaches $50 mark, PayQuicker will process your debit card and mail to your destination.

The card is linked to your PayQuicker account such that you can have access to your account via the debit card.

It is crucial to note that you will be charged some fees you get your card decline, mostly if you use the card as a debit card. You should always use the card as a credit card to avoid unnecessary fees.

Also, never use the card at any gas pump (it will be declined). This card is for US-based Younique Presenters only.


Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme?

Younique is run almost like a pyramid scheme, and it is becoming a pyramid scheme. I always assume all MLM programs are a scam and pyramid scheme.

is maskcara a pyramid scheme

Source: Definition of Pyramid Scheme – Wikipedia

This is why I am NOT recommending selling Younique makeup to you; you will learn why in this section.

However, Younique is not a full-blown pyramid scheme, at least for now.

younique pyramid scheme reddit

Source: New York State Attorney General

Younique business model looks excellent at the surface; this is the reason the business makes a lot of money in its first year.

But, take a more in-depth look, and in reality, Younique will push you to recruit more than selling the makeup products.

They are chasing their presenter and distributors to sell more Younique starter kits than the real Younique makeup products. This is a pointer to the company drifting toward an actual pyramid scheme model.

younique foundation

Source: New York State Attorney General

What do you think? Is Younique a pyramid scheme?

This is my opinion, Younique looks very much like a pyramid scheme, and this is why members are quitting, which is leading to a decline in profitability year, as seen in their income statement.

If you must do business, choose one that you won’t need to chase and recruit people directly.

In the 21st century online business, your customers are made to look for you instead of looking for them.


Younique Class Action Lawsuits

If you want to promote and become a distributor of Younique makeup products, you must know about the various Younique lawsuits.

  • Younique Lawsuit 2016

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Younique in 2016 by Luci Bags LLC. Accusing them of violating trade dress by recreating the Luci Bags and the claim that Younique created Luci Bags also in 2016, Younique has a case with Mark M. Youssef over the trademark of Younique.

  • Younique Lawsuit 2017

Another lawsuit was filed against Younique in August 2017 for allegedly employing an MLM campaign to market “Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes” as a natural product that contains 100% natural fibers.

But, according to the plaintiffs, the product contains some other unnatural ingredients.

The Plaintiffs filed an amendment in January 2018 on similar allegations.

In August 2019, the plaintiffs start processing the preliminary approval and proposal for settlement.

The terms of settlement state that the class member may receive a cash refund (about $3.3m in total).

The company also agree to have its products with natural ingredient tested every six months for confirmation of their claims.

Younique also sued Maelle Beauty in 2017 and made the company shut down for five good months.
A formal employee of Younique founded Maelle Beauty. Check here for various other lawsuits as relate to Younique.

reviews of younique makeup

Source: Reddit

My Issues with Selling Younique Makeup 

  • You May Not Make Money with Younique Makeup

The income disclosure obtained from 2016 Younique SEC Filings shows that 95% of people who join and purchase the Younique makeup starter kit failed to make money.

Most presenters are usually stuck at level pink.

In reality, only 0.02% of presenters earn $1000 monthly before factoring in expenses.

Younique markets its makeup products via social media. You will need enough followers to succeed. If you don't have many friends on Facebook, definitely it will be difficult and tough to get buyers.

See an Online Complaint

how much do younique presenters make


You will need to be trusted to make sales that will earn you money selling Younique makeup as a presenter or distributor.

But you can avoid failing from selling this MLM if you employ how to make money in 21st online. It is a training that will teach you how to earn a full-time income online. It is also free to join, and you have nothing to lose.

  • Younique Makeup Products are Too Expensive

Many people will not mind the costly Younique Makeup Products, but the number of people that mind the hefty price of the product outweighs those that did not.

The product is costly because the company has spread the commission on the actual price of the products.

You need to compare most of the Younique Makeup Products with what is attainable via Amazon online stores.

You will be shocked to know the disparity; and it is easy to find the same Younique Makeup products at a meager price on Amazon online stores.

If people cannot purchase these products through you as a presenter because of the expensive cost, how will you earn commissions?

Comments About Costly Younique Makeup Products
younique makeup scam

find younique presenter

younique presenter


  • You Must Sell Younique Products to Avoid Deactivation

To put, you must sell to earn as a Younique presenter or distributor; otherwise, your account will be deactivated.

If you don't achieve a sale worth $125 within three months, you will get your account closed and deactivated. You must maintain this requirement to remain a Younique makeup presenter or distributor.

This is why I love affiliate marketing than any MLM products. You can promote any product of your choice with your website at your pace.

  • Terrible Younique Makeup Products

One big problem with selling Younique Makeup Products is the several unfavorable comments of both ex-members and formal users of the products.

You'll see such headings as:

  • How Younique ruined my life,
  • The reason I left Younique,
  • My bad encounter with Younique
  • Why Younique's makeup products SUCK Etc.

I won't allow my daughter and wife to try this product with what I have read why reviewing Younique's makeup products.

Comments About Terrible Younique Makeup Productsyounique income disclosure

how much does a black status younique presenter make

younique presenter login


  • Stiff Competition within Younique Presenters

Over a million Younique Presenters are pushing and promoting the same products every day.

Everybody is making an effort to promote the same Younique virtual party online.

You must try harder and do what others are not ready to do to be successful.

  • Are Younique Presenters Brainwashed?

With many complaints about Younique makeup products, and many bad comments about Younique makeup products not working online.

Why would anyone still be promoting it?

Is making money, not the goals of selling the Younique products?

Many Younique Presenters and distributors know that the product doesn't work, and they still heard to continue promoting.

That sounds horrible, but it is the truth.

You must watch this video about an ex-member of Younique and why she left Younique.

  •  You Must Pay to Cash Out

To cash out your commissions, you have to pay.

Younique uses PayQuicker to pay their presenters, rather than pay directly into your bank account.

While commissions are deposited into your account within 3 hours of sales, with PayQuicker, you need to pay US$0.50 every time you transfer money out of PayQuicker and $1 for balance inquiry.

But, why can't Younique do direct transfer into their Younique Presenter bank account?


What is Good About Younique? 

  • BBB Rating

Younique has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. For a new company that has only been in existence for a few years, that’s pretty sharp. 

  • Product Quality

Younique products are natural-based.

Although their makeup isn’t chemical-free, it’s free of harmful fillers.

Younique also claims their newest set of Moodstruck Addiction palettes are formulated without any gluten, parabens, PABA, BPA, or latex components.

  • No inventory

because the products are trendy, you will never have to keep an inventory of physical products.

When customers order from your website, the products are shipped directly to them. 


Younique Support /Customer Service 

Younique can be reached via email 24/7.

However, to speak to a customer relations personnel, you’d have to contact them via phone call 5 am – 4 pm PDT, Monday to Friday on 844-821-8151.

Social media contact is not left out as you can contact Younique on Facebook Messanger 5 am – 4 pm PDT, Monday to Friday.


Public/Online Opinion of Younique

One user complimented Younique’s products stating that the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is an innovative product. 

She also adds that she doesn’t consider the products overpriced as they are no different from the pricing of popular makeup brands. 

She also states that the products were ok and worth the price. 

However, another user had a contrary view stating that while she found their concealers to be great products, the lipsticks weren’t any good at all. 

Another user pointed out that the presenters of Younique’s products may likely be using a different product during the presentation. 


Younique Compensation Plan FAQ

Below are the frequent ask questions about Younique compensation plan:

  • What is the sign-on fee to become a Younique Presenter?

The sign-up fee for you to become a Younique Presenter and distributor of Younique makeup products is $99 US, $129 AUS, $139 NZ and $119 CA.

This is the cost of your start-up kit, which includes:

  • 30 eye pigments,
  • Six concealers,
  • Five blushers,
  • 3D Fiber Lash mascara,
  • Eye brushes (set of 3),
  • A charm, and
  • You also have a free Younique website.

The values are all equivalent to US dollars; it all depends on your country of domiciliation.

  • Is there additional cost either monthly or for auto-ship?

No extra cost. You are not expected to keep an inventory of Younique makeup products.

  • What are the requirements to stay active as a Younique presenter and distributor?

You must sell a minimum of $125 every three months to stay active with Younique.

  • What is the Younique home party all about? Is It a must?

Younique home party is all about inviting family, friends, and relatives over to your home dining and wining and showing casing and playing with Younique products.

It is not compulsory to do a home party.

The best alternative to the home party is your online social media engagement. Get involved in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter to make sales.

  • Are Younique Products Safe?

There are so many questions about the safety of using Younique Products makeup products. The issues include: Is Younique make up products natural? Are they organic? Are the products gluten-free?

Younique uses a natural healthy ingredient; they do not hide what constitutes the products, i.e., component. The products are not organically made, and it is a mineral cosmetic.

They claim that the products are 100% naturally made and they are free of chemical.

  • What is Younique Car Bonus all about?

Every Younique presenter of with between White Status level and Orange Status earn a car bonus status monthly.

The requirement to receive a car bonus is:

  • 500 Personal Retail Sales
  • 50 Fast Start First Level Wholesale Sales
  • A Personal Wholesale Sales Plus a First Level Wholesale Sales worth of $2,500.

When and if you qualify, you will be paid a $900 allowance in respect of your car payment.

You will also earn one time and a final payment of $3,000 bonus. There is no limit to the number of times you can earn your car bonus monthly.

You are expected to receive your car bonus pay a month after it is earned. The bonus will be paid to your PayQuicker account along with your commission for that month.

  • How Do You Track Your Performance and Progress?

You will have access to your performance and progress as a Younique presenter via your back office in my Royalties section.

  • Where Are Younique Makeup Products Made?

Younique products are made majorly in the United States of America; though some products are produced in-country such as Italy, Germany, and Canada.

The country where the products are manufactured will increase as Younique expands to other countries.

  • Is Younique Makeup Products EU Compliant?

Younique Makeup Products are allowed to be sold in the UK and other EU countries.

The UK currently ban over 1,300 cosmetic and skincare chemicals/ingredients products.

  • Do Younique Makeup Products contains the Sun Protection Factor (SPF)?

SPF is a measure of how quick ultraviolet radiation will take to burn or damage your skin when it is not protected; compare to how fast it will take to burn when it is exposed to sunscreen.

Higher SPF products will block out the sun’s ray than the lower SPF products.

Younique claimed that none of its makeup products contain an SPF rating.

  • What Is Younique Return Policy?

You can return any of the Younique makeup products for a full refund. The product will not be exchanging your money instead will be refunded.

You are expected to contact the Younique Customer Care with the Order ID within seven days the delivery of the package.

Customer Care will then provide you with a special RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number that is needed to process your refund.

Contact Customer Care at +1-844-821-8151 (Between 5 am to 4 pm; Monday to Friday)
The returned product(s) must contain your completed RMA form and the package you are returning.


Is Younique Makeup a Scam? 

With many features of Multi-Level Marketing and pyramid scheme of Younique, It is still legal and NOT a scam.

The main reason for this is that Younique has real products to sell, and it is not solely based on the recruitments of downlines. But it does not imply that it is ethical.

Will you invite your friend to a business that can barely earn $200 in a year?

Most Younique presenters are not out to scam you; I am sure they do not have enough information about the program when they join. It is usually and always difficult to back out.

With all you have read about Younique on this page will you like to join such an MLM program?

In my opinion, Younique is an excellent company with the right product but very lousy and horrible business structures.

There are lots of complaints by ex-members of losing downlines, customers, friends, and family members because they could not make money with this business model.

Most Younique members that are doing a bit well have a big network on social media; otherwise, this will not be a good opportunity for you.

Do you want to make money online doing what you love? And you don’t want to depend on only one company; then you must check out this modern business model.

With the modern way of marketing online, you don’t need to chase friends, family, and relations to sell to them. People that need your product will come to you, and you won't need to know them beforehand.


Is Younique Makeup Worth It? 

What do you think of my Younique review? Is Younique Makeup a Scam?

With what you now know about Younique, do you think you can make money with Younique?

Beauty products may be fast selling products, but then not everyone can sell. This then makes it difficult to earn with the direct selling model is what most MLM’s utilize. 

 Are you considering an alternative to direct selling? Or you like to sell your products without running after your friends, family, and relative?

I will like to introduce you to affiliate marketing and a program that is helping me to rake in six figures monthly, Wealthy Affiliates. 

You will learn how to make the buyers of your products and services come to you organically. Just the way you visited this page without knowing me beforehand. 

To check out more information on this product, click on my link here. 

 Kindly drop your thoughts on this review in the comment section below. I will love to hear what you think. 

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