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Is ASEA Global MLM Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my ASEA Water MLM Jobs Review. Can you make money with the ASEA compensation plan? Is ASEA Global legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Is it good you are making your findings of ASEA Global MLM Jobs? Researching online programs can help you discover legitimate business, and you also learn to avoid many online scams.


Know that I am not affiliated with ASEA MLM Jobs. Therefore, I will be giving an unbiased review of how to make money with the ASEA compensation plan.

Please read on.

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ASEA Llc at a Glance

Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink?

Product Name: ASEA Llc
Product Type: Blend of Salt Water and Skin Care Products
Founder: Verdis Norton, James Pack, and Tyler Norton
Price: Starter Pack costs $120 to $770+ Monthly Autoships
Rating: 10%
Recommended: No

ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement (four 32oz bottles)


Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine (Natural Joint & Healthy Inflammatory Support) 

  • Bought and rated positively by over 63,800 people
  • Has 95% standardized curcuminoids for potency 
  • Gluten-Free Capsules with Black Pepper.
  • Absorption – Non-GMO, has no preservatives and fillers.
  • It is made in the USA and professionally formulated.

Contact Lens Solution Multi-Purpose Disinfectant (Kills 99.9% of Germs) 


Summary Review of ASEA MLM Jobs

ASEA Global is a Multi-Level Marketing company that is into the sales and distribution of health-based water supplements made up of detoxifying saltwater and skincare products.

But can you make money with ASEA Global MLM jobs and their compensation? Is ASEA Global legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink? 

ASEA Global MLM jobs are legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. The ASEA Global water is also safe to drink?

It will be tough to make money with ASEA Global MLM jobs and its compensation plan. 

Why do I make this conclusion? 

ASEA Global MLM is a direct sales company that uses a multi-level marketing business model. 

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with ASEA Global MLM Jobs

Jon M. Taylor Ph.D., the founder of the Consumer Awareness Institute 291 E. 1850 South Bountiful, UT 84010. The USA. 

He did 20 years of research about 600 direct sales companies in the USA and the rest of the world. 

Also, he concluded his research and findings that 99.7% of people that join MLM companies would lose their money.

He published two books about his findings, i.e., “ MLM Unmasked “ and “ The Case For And Against MLM”.

Also, AARP Foundation-sponsored research about the impact of MLM and direct sales companies on participant life. 

They came up with a finding that will shock you. You can read it in this book, “AARP Foundation MLM Research Study Report.”

The three books above are FREE PDF for your download. 

You can download and read and share with family and friends.

It is why you can not make money with any direct sales company because the business model is model to favor just the 0.3% of the people, i.e., the owners of the company, the particular interest and investors, and the people at the top of the compensation plan (the early joiners).

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What do you think of my ASEA Global MLM jobs review? Is ASEA Global legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with the ASEA compensation plan? Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink?

What is ASEA?

The Multi-Level Marketing Company derived its name from the sea.

The company was created in 2009 by Verdis Norton, and James Pack has found a way to affirm its name to the rejuvenation and healing properties associated with the sea.

It has its main headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and currently, the company is operational in about ten different countries and has approximately 30,000 associates across the globe.

The company is listed as one of the top 100 MLM companies in the world, and this isn’t such a surprise as its founder Verdis Norton is an experienced businessman who has worked with different Fortune-500 companies.

Although the company had launched its products in 2009, it officially kicked off in 2010 with one product (Redox Supplement).

The company formed a partnership with BioAgilityx, a bio-analytic lab in 2015.

This partnership is the basis on which the company lays its health and scientific claims.

Please read more about ASEA on Wikipedia.

What do you think of my ASEA MLM job reviews?

Do you think you can make money with ASEA compensation?

Is ASEA MLM Jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink?

ASEA Product Line

Earlier in 2014, the company launched RENU28, a body skin gel, and RENU Advanced has launched shortly after.

However, the company has slowly been building its product line since 2009 and currently has just four products to its product line.

  • Redox Supplement

This is the company’s flagship product, and it costs $35 per bottle.

Commonly known as their miracle water, it possesses the potential to protect and rejuvenate the cell.

  • Renu 28

This product belongs to the company’s skincare line.

It costs about $45 to $50 and possesses the ability to increase skin elasticity, moisture, and smoothness.

Is ASEA Global MLM jobs legit or a pyramid scheme scam
  • Renu Advance

This is a foaming facial cleanser that helps in makeup removal and gently cleanses the skin as well as tones the skin.

  • VIA

This is a line of products focused on providing proper food and health nutrients and supplements to its users.

This line includes:

  1. The VIA Source
  2. VIA Biome
  3. The VIA LifeMax

How Much Does ASEA Cost?

To become an ASEA Llc distributor, you’d have to purchase one pack of any of the four enrollment packs it offers its distributors.

Each pack contains four bottles of ASEA redox which cost about $30 per bottle.

  • ASEA Advancing Life – 1 Pack of Asea Redox which costs $120
  • Basic Plus – 2 Packs of Asea Redox which costs $240
  • Builder – 4 Packs of Asea Redox which costs $370
  • Express Builder – 8 packs of Asea Redox which costs $770

Who Is ASEA Llc For?

If you are the right salesperson, then you can take a chance at selling high saltwater.

However, you should know from the onset that you will be doing a lot of recruiting.

How to Make Money with ASEA MLM Jobs

You can make money with the company as a distributor in two ways, as a retailer or through team commissions.


As retailer goods are made available to you at wholesale prices, and you get to sell them at a retail price.

You will also have to generate a personal volume of 100pv to qualify for the ASEA compensation plan.

Team Commission

For the team commission, they utilize a two-leg system.

So if you have downlines on the right and left, you can earn from your downlines downline.

ASEA Global Compensation Plan

To benefit from ASEA’s Team commissions (which is the foundation of the company’s compensation plan); you need to purchase an enrollment pack, after which you recruit two people who will form your right and left leg.

When your two downlines hire two persons each, they will be added to your, and as more persons are recruited, your team grows.

Before you can earn a team bonus, you need to have 100PV on your right and left leg. Do you think you can make money with the ASEA Compensation plan?

ASEA Llc compensation plan is as follows:

Make money with ASEA Global compensation plan

Preferred Customer Bonus

You get $25 every time a preferred customer buys a pack of ASEA Llc through Autoship.

However, you will need to have 100PV before you can benefit from this commission.

Also, you get a Customer Volume of 50 for every time a preferred customer purchases a pack of ASEA through you. Is ASEA Global a Scam? With all the bonuses?

Fast Start Bonus

This bonus is earned when you sponsor a downline who purchases an ASEA Jobs enrollment pack.

The Fast Start Bonus will be given to both you and your active uplines who are qualified for the one-time bonus.

AAA Bonus

The ASEA Autoship Advantage Bonus (AAA) is earned when you recruit more people into your team.

This bonus will help you get your initial investment back.

Check Match

This bonus is a reward for recruiting more active members into your right and left binary legs as well as the more active members your downline’s, downline recruits.

What do you think of my ASEA MLM Jobs review? Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink?

Can you make money with the ASEA compensation plan? Is ASEA MLM legit or a pyramid scheme scam?

ASEA Global Customer Service and Support

ASEA Global Cooperate Office

1488 West Pleasant View Drive
Pleasant Grove, Utah, U.S. 84062

ASEA Global Customer Care Details

Phone: 801-973-7499
Fax: 801-618-3955
Toll-Free: 888-438-5971

ASEA Global Support Hours

Mon-Thu: 9:00am – 5:00pm (MDT)
Fri: 9:00am – 10:00pm (MDT)

What is Good About ASEA Global?

NSF Certified

ASEA is NSF certified, and this happens to be good news to athletes who prefer NSF certified supplements, particularly if they have to undergo drug tests.

NSF ensures that supplements made by companies contain precisely what they claim.

Great Training Opportunities

ASEA provides its associates with great training opportunities to help develop their sales ability helps their associates develop.

ASEA Complaints

Law Suites

The Italian Competition Authority sanctioned ASEA on 10, March 2014 over Unfair Business Practices which involved a pyramid scheme that affected tens of thousands of consumers.

ASEA Global Italy had to pay a fine of #150,000.

Recruit, More Recruit, and More Recruit

ASEA Global’s compensation plan is structured in such a way that to earn, you have to recruit more persons into the system.

This means that you either have to start frantically selling more products or hire your friends and family members into the system as a means of moving up the ladder.

With all these many recruits. What do you think of my ASEA review? Is ASEA Global a Scam? Can you make money with ASEA Jobs?

Bogus ASEA Review Claims

In one of its videos, Dr. Jeffrey Mocny of science counsel explains that the products are focused on the best scientific quality in the field.

These claims are, however bogus as there is no research to back them up.

The allegations made by some of its products may not be accurate as its Redox Supplement contains 123 milligrams of sodium, which is 7% above the limit of the FDA.

Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink? What do you think?

Expensive Salt Water

You might end up spending over $1000 every month on the saltwater that is for a price of $35 per bottle.

Fake Testimonials

Some of the so-called users have made high claims about the changes they have experienced in their health since they started using the products.

The FDA, however, wrote to the company telling them, “Your website also contains disease claims in the form of personal testimonials…” after that, the company removed the testimonials.

Can you still make money with ASEA jobs? With many fake testimonials. Is ASEA Global a Scam? What do you think of my ASEA review?

What are Public and Online Opinions of ASEA?

One user claims that ASEA Global saved her life and was called out by another commenter who claims that her claims were impossible.

The commenter explained that ASEA contains 228 ppm (Parts per Million) of pure Chlorine.

He explained further that to prevent microbes from growing, a pool should have between 1 and 3ppm of chlorine.

Another commenter claims that he has not been able to get answers from local ASEA reps about the way the products work.

He asked a series of questions with one of them being how does ASEA test for the decrease of free radical damage in the body and how do they show that their products repair this.

He is yet to get an answer.

Is ASEA Global Legit or a Scam?

ASEA Global MLM jobs are legit and not a scam pyramid scheme.

They are a health supplement company focused on compensating their associates for bringing more users into the ecosystem.

The first thing I noticed about ASEA is that they do not have adequate information about the company and its products on its website.

Also, for a company selling expensive saltwater, the effects of these products on its users are not spelled out.

What do you think of my ASEA MLM jobs review? Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink?

Can you make money with the ASEA MLM compensation plan?

Is ASEA Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my ASEA Global MLM jobs review? Can you make money with a compensation plan?

Is ASEA Global a Scam or a legit direct sales company?

Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink?

what are good side hustles

With all you have read, can you make money as a sales representative to ASEA?

Although I am still skeptical of its products, ASEA offers high training for its associates.

Although ASEA is a legally registered business, it is not a business opportunity I will be recommending.

Are you seeking a much better alternative means of making an Income?

I will like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliates; there is no need to spend your time looking for buyers on Amazon for your products or stocking up piles of goods without making sales.

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What is your take on my ASEA review?

Kindly take the time to write your thoughts in the comment section below.

Is the ASEA Global water supplement safe to drink? I will like to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “Is ASEA Global MLM Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. The ASEA is not a scam, it is health companies that are focused on compensating their partners for bringing more users to the object system. The thing I found out about this is that they don’t have enough information about the website company and their product. There are great training opportunities. This company helps its partners develop their partners by providing great training opportunities to help them develop their capabilities. I enjoyed reading your article and getting valuable information about this company. I want to work for the company. After working at this company, I hope to change my life and I will succeed. 

    1. Dear MD,

      Thanks for reading my ASEA Review. It is all about how to make money with 




  2. I don’t think ASEA is a scam, but at the end of the day they’re still an MLM company and the only real way to potentially earn good money with ASEA is to recruit other people. If you could earn just as much selling ASEA’s products as you can recruiting, and with the same level of effort, then I may say ASEA is worth it. But, I don’t recommend it.

  3. I tried ASEA before and in my opinion it’s just another pyramid scheme. The difference between pyramid schemes is that some last longer than others, but ultimately they all fall and bring down with them the last people that joined. Like many pyramid schemes out there these days, they are not technically a scam, like you mentioned, but morally, they are… Thanks for sharing this article!

    1. Dear Afonso, 

      Thanks for reading my article about ASEA. 

      This ASEA review is to investigate if ASEA is a scam or legit MLM opportunity. 



  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I work in the online world for a long time so I heard about ASEA .It is a multi level marketing company .I’ve heard of this company offering skin care products but I did a lot of research before working on this company’s products .Because in the online world, a company needs to have a detailed idea of whether a product has a scam before it even works. After all that, I’m working through affiliate marketing, and personally I do affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate website, and I’m a successful affiliate marketer. Through this Place I have been able to make money with success and there is no scam. It has also provided me with a lot of tutorial videos to learn the work of this place and a lot of tools to get my website up to date. 

    Finally, through your article, everyone will know about this company and will definitely share their new experiences with you .

  5. Tiffany Stafford

    MLMs are already a hard NO for me. Add to that the fact that I’ve got a friend who’s mother bought these products for him. It’s basically chlorinated water. It even SMELLS like a pool. Maybe this product is legit, but I don’t see how selling $35 bottles of chlorinated salt water can be that profitable of a venture.

    1. Thanks for reading my ASEA review.

      I also appreciate your time for dropping your commnet.

      Really apreciate you for taken time to drop your comment.

      Thank you.


  6. Kimberly Schimmel

    It seems that with most multi-level marketing plans, the early adopters do well, while most who come later flounder. I only get involved with products I personally use and enjoy, so I don’t think selling salt water is something I would do.

    1. Thanks for reading my ASEA Review.

      The question most of my forum ask about ASEA is that is the products and supplements of this company approve by the FD?

      The answer is no. FDA do not approve ASEA but is being regulated

      Does that make ASEA a scam? No.

      Another major problem I am have with company is the model it is employing for selling its products. And that is MLM model.
      Multi Level Marketing is a slave driver. They can milk you to the death.

      Another question that asked in another forum about ASEA is that are the distributors making money?

      When a product as this is not approve and they are using MLM business model to push the product to the public. Then it is no for me.

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