Is Juice Plus a Scam? Are Distributors Making Money?

You are welcome to my Juice Plus Review!

I am sure you are here to find out if you can make money with Juice Plus.

Is Juice Plus a scam, and can you make money as a distributor?

You must have been introduced to Juice Plus+ by a sales agent, a family member, or friend, and you will like to find out if the product is legit or scam?

Finding out the real truth about these many programs is the only way to avoid been scammed; this was how I discovered how to transform my ideas and skills into a full-time income online.

It is usual for Juice Plus distributors to try to recruit families and friends into becoming a member.

Well, thanks for choosing to read my review; as usual, I promise to give an unbiased review of the potentials and pitfalls of this product.

The Juice Plus claims to offer you the opportunity to build a part-time business that will earn you money with their unique franchise business structure.

Scroll down to find out if Juice Plus+ is Legit or a can filled with worms.


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Juice Plus+ at a Glance

juice plus virtual officeProduct Name: Juice Plus+
Founder: Jay Martin (1993)
Price: $50 signup fee and $70/month auto-ship.
Rating: 40/100
Recommend: No.
Product Type: Health & Wellness Run with an MLM model
Best For: Networkers & Recruiters


Summary Review of Juice Plus

Juice Plus is a company committed to making its health and wellness products a household brand.

However, their business model/ marketing strategy is developed around the multilevel marketing model by offering people the opportunity to join and earn with them.

In this review, we will place Juice Plus under the microscope and see it is a worthwhile venture for anyone gunning to make money through steady passive means.

Please drop a comment if you have had a positive or negative run-in with Juice Plus.



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What is Juice Plus  About, Exactly?

As children, the words “Eat your vegetables, it provides your body with vitamins,” are familiar words. Most kids hate veggies but love fruits.

So a company that markets a blend of both will be the savior of parents.

Vitamins are essential for proper development and functioning, though present and needed in minimal amount; something can go wrong with your health if you ignore these compounds.

Juice Plus+ is a dietary supplement made from juices of quite some fruits and vegetables.

These supplements contain vitamins, minerals, and other essential compounds although they do not function as a dietary substitute.

Juice Plus+ is a health and wellness products company founded by Jay Martin in 1993 although Juice Plus+ makes legit and real products, its marketing strategy models that of an overpriced MLM for people looking to change their lives by earning a steady stream of passive income.

Note that Juice Plus is a Multi-Level Marketing company, it is not a stand-alone MLM company.

Juice Plus is a daughter company of a parent company founded by Jay Martin, the parent company “National Safety Associates (NSA)” and it has been around since 1970.

So basically all Juice Plus does is to utilize the MLM opportunity in its marketing model.

Juice Plus is a company that claims that its products are made up of over 40 different types of fruits.

The main products of the company include:

  • Orchard Blend

This is a blended and compressed combination of various fruits including peach, date, cranberry, papaya, acerola cherry, papaya, prune, and beet.

  •  Garden Blend

This a vegetable-based supplement with vegetables such as Spinach, broccoli, tomato, carrot, and cabbage.

They also have products that include meal replacement soups, hijack and bars.

Origin of Juice Plus and What It Is All About 


How Much Does Juice Plus Cost?

It will cost you a one-time fee of $50 to join. Also, you will need to pay approximately $70 monthly for the minimum auto-ship requirement.

This covers the cost of the following:

  • Basic training.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Custom website.
  • Back office.
  • Miscellaneous resources.


Who is Juice Plus For?

Honestly, if you are good at networking and recruiting people for a cause, Juice Plus+ would be perfect for you.


How to Make Money with Juice Plus?

Juice Plus+ provides concentrated farm fresh nutrition from 40 different fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains.

Juice Plus possesses the classic characteristics of an MLM, and there are two ways to making money with it:

1. Sales volume-dependent commissions – the more product you sell, the bigger your paycheck.
2. Incentives that are based on recruitment – the more you grow your team, the fatter your paycheck.



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my juice plus account


The Juice Plus Compensation Plan.

According to Juice Plus+ compensation plan, there are seven ranks. Your rank affects your commissions, bonuses, and other incentives.

  • Distributor

As a distributor, you earn mainly from your direct sales profit

  • Direct Distributor

Qualifies you to receive a 6% commission on sales in addition to retail sales profit.

  • Virtual Franchise

Qualifies you to make a 5% performance bonus, 14% sales commission in addition to retail sales profit.

  • Sales Coordinator

You get a 4% promote-out bonus, 5% performance bonus, 22% sales commission in addition to retail sales profit.

  • Senior Sales Coordinator

20% business incentive bonus (up to $500/month), 5% performance bonus, 14% sales commission in addition to retail sales profit.

  • Qualifying National Marketing Director

You get to go to a Q (qualifying)-school. You also get a 20% business incentive bonus (up to $1000/month), a 5% performance bonus, and a 14% sales commission in addition to retail sales profit.

  • National Marketing Director

As the big boss, you get a benefits package (health, vision, disability, life, prescription, tuition reimbursement, and holiday bonus).

You also get a 20% business incentive bonus (up to $500/month), 5% performance bonus. There’s also a 14% sales commission in addition to retail sales profit.

You should know that the pay plan is simpler in writing than in deeds. For you to advance in rank, you will need to recruit – a lot of – people.

Your rate of recruiting is proportional to the speed of your advancement.

This would mean going beyond the traditional method of recruiting, and lots of sales agents had resorted to unethical recruiting methods just to get bonuses.

Juice Plus Compensation Plan Explained 


Juice Plus+ Support /Customer Service

Yes. Juice Plus+ can be reached by the email or phone number provided on its website. You can check out the list of the company’s customer service here.


What is Good About Juice Plus?

  • Compensation Plan

Juice Plus+ has a pretty attractive compensation plan. However, I must point out that the compensations are incentives to make you work on all steam engines.

  • Research

They regularly fund, carry out and publish research on how their products can benefit the body physically, mentally and all-round wellness.


Issues with Juice Plus

  • Over-Hyped

Juice Plus+ claims that their products make you healthier, but I found out that the results are subjective.

Many consumers on Amazon complain that the supplements are overpriced capsules that do not work.

  • Price

You can only buy the products when you subscribe to a plan.

The minimum starts with a four-month subscription.

For any product such as Orchard & Garden Blend, you are placed on auto-ship for four months at $93 per month. Do the math.

  • Spamming

In addition to the above, as a distributor, you have to publish ten posts on Juice Plus’s Products per day.

Also, you are mandated to make ten new friends per day who you will market the products to.


Is Juice Plus a Scam?

Juice Plus+ is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme. It is merely a health supplement company whose business model is built on MLM.

While I do not buy the idea of supplementing real fruits and vegetables with Juice Plus+ supplements, it’s a great way of getting more vitamins.

However, do not use them in the replacement of real fruits and vegetables.

Also, Juice Plus doesn’t offer a great avenue for profit-making, and its ruthless marketing methods might make you get into a riff with close friends and family members as they are usually the first persons you introduce the product to.



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Is Juice Plus Worth It?

What do you think of my Juice Plus Review?  With what you have read, Is Juice Plus a scam?

While I do not fancy MLM health products as they usually have bogus claims of working wonders on the body.

I believe that there little or no profit to be made from it as those at the top of the chain usually get the bulk of the benefit. However, a product I will recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

I have personally made a monthly passive income from this product.

The best deal if you do not have to recruit anybody, and you get to earn even while learning the techniques of affiliate marketing.

Do you want to make a four-figure monthly income as I do? Then click on my link to find out more.

Positive or negative, I’d like to know what you think about my Review. Please consider dropping a comment on your thoughts below. I will be glad to hear what you think.

16 thoughts on “Is Juice Plus a Scam? Are Distributors Making Money?”

  1. “Eat your vegetables, it provides your body with vitamins” are similar words my mom bugged us with when we were kids, and it can be annoying at times. Lol.

    This indeed is a great article on Juice Plus. This is my first time hearing of such a product. When it comes to MLM business, I think the public needs to be careful because many people with scam intentions use that to remove your credit card from your wallet.

    Now I’m not saying that Juice Plus is a scam but here wondering why on earth will someone pay a one-time $50 signup fee and $70 monthly auto-ship just to market their product. The price structure alone has made me zero my mind to this product.

    The training, marketing materials, custom website, back office, and miscellaneous resources that the cost covers are still on the high end. I’ll rather go for a website that will train me to become a professional affiliate marketer with a moderate price even will all that listed included and more.

    And just like you recommended, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn and build any business online. Anyone can open an account for FREE. I’m a member and I’m doing great with my business.

    Thank you for this review.

  2. Hi John

    With most MLM’s they automatically put you on a auto-ship before you even start making money.  So, you would need to have reserves to get started.

    I tried the MLM route but realized it wasn’t for me. To many meetings and too many conferences it started to feel like a job again.

    There nothing wrong with MLM and a lot of people have went on to build big businesses and make a lot of money, but it has to be your niche. I wouldn’t recommend for the first timer unless you a sales background.

    Appreciate the post you gave your readers good food for thought.

    All the best


    • Dear Eric,

      Thanks for reading my juice plus review.

      I did this article to find out how my audience can make money with juice plus.

      I am glad you like it.



  3. Thank you for your post. It is useful information for me. I started my online business for a while now. My niche is health/fitness and I am actively looking ways to make money. Juice plus could be a target business for me.

    The two products are attractive to me, orchard blend and garden blend. I am now practicing keto food. The orchard blend and garden blend are both fit into my meal schedule and they both are low carb food. I am going to give them a trial. 

    The monthly $70 purchase is slightly higher than I expect for these two drinks. Can I ask do they have other products we may purchase?

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    • Dear ANTHONY, 

      Thanks for reading my Juice Plus review. 

      I appreciate your time and the comments.

      It is all about how to make money with Juice Plus.


  4. Hi John. Thank you for the insightful review of Juice Plus. You lay a good platform in describing what the purpose of Juice Plus is and what the marketing opportunity is that it presents. I must admit that the fee structure is a bit confusing to me. The marketing targets seem extremely taxing on a person as well. I see this business venture as a risk and almost a waste of time. 

  5. I’ve heard of Juice Plus as a product but didn’t realize it’s marketed as an MLM and to be honest before reading your article the question in my mind was, “How much will it cost me to sell Juice Plus?”

    But, you provided the exact answer to my question. After reading your review telling me it’s going to cost $50 to sign up and a further $70 every month is a definite show stopper for me. 

    That almost $1000 to payout in year 1 straight off the bat. You’d have to be fantastic at networking to make that work, not for me then.

    • Dear Dave,

      Thanks for reading my review of Juice Plus.

      Yes, this is the initial cost to become a Juice Plus distributor. You must pay $50 to join. 

      If you are thinking of promoting the company’s products and if you aim to make money with Juice Plus. 

      There are things you must understand.

      You have to submit your application form to a Juice Plus distributors that marketed you, or that is your choice (in case it was not sold to you).

      You must also accept the term and conditions, and you must order a certain minimum of the Juice Plus products as agree with your upline.



  6. I have joined 2  MLM businesses in my life. With the first one I had a fairly good experience. With the second one, oh, it was terrible. I will not even mention details because I don’t  want to ruin my day

    When I heard about Juice plus I though it would be a good idea to join. But spamming is a no-no for me so I’ll give it a pass. I’ll check out this other platform you suggested.

    • Dear Ann, 

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Juice Plus. 

      I feel your pain and you are not alone. I will tell you why people are not making money with Juice Plus. 

      Why it is hard to make money with Juice Plus and any MLM for that matter is because of the business model.

      You can NOT make money with Juice Plus is because the system and earnings are designed for the company to be making money.

      The Aim and goal of most of the MLM companies are to make you their customers instead of business partners. This is why I recommend that every person should have a business that is skills, passion, and hobbies driven. This is how to make money in the 21st century.  

      This is the only way you can impact your world positively and help your audience why you make a full-time income from them. 

      Thanks again for reading my review of Juice Plus



  7. Are there people who still believe and fall for these MLM money making scams?

    I have not even heard of any of these MLM networks which you have listed on your website.

    Where do these MLMs market themselves? They don’t seem to be doing good at all because of their lack of promotion.

    • Thanks for reading my juice plus review. I wrote this article from many questions people are raising in many fora about juice plus scam.

      Many concerns that Juicy plus has many issues. You can find this in juice plus reviews side effects.

      Many questions I cant still get an answer to include:

      Is Juice Plus FDA approved?
      Is Juice Plus a pyramid scheme?
      Is Juice Plus worth your money?

      What do you think about Is Juice Plus? Kindly dro[ your thought.



  8. Mixing vegetables with fruit is a clever idea, but it’s becoming mainstream. My local supermarket has private label juices like that.

    So maybe Juice Plus was something useful in the past, but now… not anymore, I think.

    • Thanks for reading my Juice Plus review and for taken your time to write the comment.

      I quite agree with you. The juice business is everywhere now.

      Thanks again.


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