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8 thoughts on “Is New U Life a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I am so mesmerized on how this NewULife company is still around (where is the FTC?) when their product is basically a placebo and their pay is horrible. The Somaderm Gel in my opinion is way too pricey, my friend tried to sell it to me. With that money, I am better off going to the dermatologist. That is horrible that only .3% make money, that is not even a percent. Thanks for your amazing review, I am going to share your post. 

    • Thanks for reading my review of New U Life Corporation. It is all about how to make money with New U Life MLM Jobs. I am glad that you like it.

      Really appreciate your time and the comment.



  2. Hi,

    Thanks for clarifying about this business and about MLM in general.

    A person who has just learnt about pyramid schemes will wonder when you say, “MLM is designed to reward the company’s owners, the early and significant investors, and the people at the top of the scheme.” They would say, ‘but isn’t that exactly what a pyramid scheme is 🤔?’

    Can you clarify the issue further please?


    • You can not make money with MLM companies as a newbie. MLM business model is a structure to rewards the owners. That was what the Income disclosure statement of New U Life Corporation Illustrated.

      Thanks for your comment.



  3. Hey John

    You really like your post, it is very informative and it has answered all my questions on New U Life. I knew about their products but not much about the company or the business opportunity.

    Now, after reading your post, I think I will still continue using their products. But the business opportunity is not quite profitable for me. I find that it is a lot of work for little pay.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading my New U Life Corporation MLM jobs.

      I am glad you like the article and that it answers your questions

      Really appreciate the comment.

      The article is all about how to make money with New U Life Corporation.



  4. Pyramid schemes are definitely bad news and they are illegal as all the focus is on taking money from people who join the company or invest in it, rather than from selling products or services to the public. It’s good to hear that New U Life is not a pyramid scheme, but it seems there are still issues with its business model. The average annual earnings figures are so low, and there are many other legitimate online business models that will pay more.

    • Thanks for your review and comment about my New U Life Corporation. 

      I am glad you loved it.

      The article is all about how to make money with New U Life Corporation



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