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Is Valentus a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Valentus review. Can you make money with Valentus MLM jobs? Is Valentus legit, a Scam, or another pyramid scheme? 

It seems you are here to confirm if you can make money as a Valentus distributor. 


Making your findings is good. It was how I discovered the best online business that is now making me a full-time income today. You will also learn how to avoid online Scams in the process. 

Please know that I am not a distributor nor affiliated with Valentus USA. Therefore, expect an unbiased review of Valentus Inc from this article. 

Please read on.

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Valentus MLM at a Glance

valentus legit, scam or pyramid scheme

Product Name: Valentus Inc
Headquarters: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Industry: Health & Wellness Products/MLM
Founder: Dave Jordan
Year Established: 2014
Services Provided: Coffee to Lose Weight
Price: $29 One-Off + $59 – $499 Monthly
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommendation}

Summary of Valentus Review

This company is a Health and Wellness direct sales company that sells and distributes coffee via its many distributors. 

But is Valentus legit, a Scam, or another pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Valentus MLM jobs? 

This company uses a direct sales business model, and this is typical of all MLM companies; it will be tough for you to make money with Valentus jobs.

Why You will Not Make Money with Valentus MLM JOBS as a Distributors

Twenty years of investigation and research of over 600 MLM companies by Mr. Jon M Taylor shows that 99.7% of MLM members of any direct sales company will lose their money.

Please read up his findings in the book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.

The implication is that only 0.3% of members of a direct sales company always make money. 

These are the company owners, particular investors, and the few top people at the top of the MLM compensation plans.

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 What Is Valentus?

This is a health and wellness direct sales company that sells and distributes coffee to help people lose weight as they drink coffee. 

This Valentus MLM was established in 2014 by MR. Dave Jordan. 

He is not a stranger to MLM companies; he has worked with other direct sales businesses such as Melaleuca, LiveSmart, and Waiora.

You have the opportunity to promote and recruit people to make money with Valentus coffee products from home. 

The company headquarters is based in South Dakota, USA. This is where the CEO and founder operate. 

But, is Valentus legit, or a scam pyramid scheme company? Can you make money with Valentus MLM as a distributor? 

What happens to the income disclosure statement that authenticates if the Valentus distributors are making money or not? 

Valentus Product Line

The company name was derived from the Latin word “prevail.” Therefore, most of the products consist of the word “Prevail.” 

The products consist of weight loss coffee, an immune enhancer with a combination of energy drink at the company’s inception. 

But the company came up with new products in 2018. The set of new products are effortless to prepare because they came in powdered form that can be mixed with any beverages of your choice:

  • Breakthrough AM/PM
  • Keto Creamer
  • Prevail Energy
  • Prevail Immune
  • SlimRoast Cocoa
  • PrevailMax
  • Prevail Trim
  • SlimRoast
  • Prevail K-9

Valentus Compensation Plan

The management claimed that the compensation plan was structure such that it is not like any compensation plan in the direct sales industry. 

Top pay plan experts developed it. The compensation plan is made up of seven power bonuses that they claimed will make you money faster. 

The seven ways to make money with Valentus Compensation Plan are:

  1. Commissions 25% – Paid Weekly.
  2. Fast Start (First Order) Bonus – PaidWeekly
  3. Legacy-Coded Qualification Bonus – $100.00 (USD) PaidWeekly
  4. Dual Team Cycle Commissions – $20.00 (USD) Per Cycle Paid Weekly
  5. SEVEN Levels Dual Team Matching Bonuses – Paid Weekly
  6. Enrollment Pool Bonus – PaidMonthly
  7. Vehicle Bonus – Paid Monthly

Valentus Inc Compensation Ranks

make money with Valentus MLM Jobs

How to Join Valentus MLM Jobs

How do you become a Valentus distributor? 

To join Valentus MLM Jobs, you will be required to visit the site and use the link. You will be paying an activation fee of $20 (It is one-off).  

You will then get an invitation for you to set up and make your loyalty purchase. Also, you have to choose any of the following options. 

  • Basic – SlimRoasts Introducer (1 box of 24 sachets) = $59.95
  • Starter – SlimRoasts Reseller (3 boxes of 24 sachets) = $145.95
  • Advanced – SlimRoasts Business Starter (6 boxes of 24 sachets) =$239.95
  • RUBY – SlimRoasts Business Builder (16 boxes of 24 sachets) = $575.95

They recommend you go for the Ruby option because of the discounts offered. You will be able to make your margin faster when reselling the products. 

You will also be eligible for central commission and various bonuses from the inception. 

Who Can Become Valentus Distributor?

The company is a direct sales company, and it is for everyone that has a passion for helping people lose weight via coffee and related beverages. 

To be successful as a Valentus distributor, you must be ready and willing to engage your friends, relations, and family members. People love taken coffee; therefore, it is an easy sell.

But can you make money with Valentus MLM jobs? That is a tough question to answer. There is an excellent way of making money rather than pushing any MLM products or services. 

Therefore, Valentus MLM jobs are no for me.

Valentus MLM jobs are virtually in every continent now. You can now join Valentus Inc in Malaysia, Philippian, Japan, Indonesian, Denmark, Belgium, and the USA. 

What do you think of my Valentus review? Do you know of any other locations not listed here?

How to Make Money with Valentus MLM Jobs

The best way to start making money with Valentus MLM jobs is to join the company and become a distributor immediately. 

Joining the Valentus MLM is not just enough; you have to pay for the starter pack and start recruiting to make money with Valentus.

The bad news for you is that the company is an MLM company. All direct sales companies employ a business model that uses their compensation plan for the distributors to earn. 

In the public domain, it will be challenging for you to make money with Valentus MLM jobs and any MLM jobs for that matter. 

Why is that? Because the compensation plan of MLM companies is structured and designed only to reward the company’s owners, the investors, and the top rank of the compensation plan.

Twenty years of research has shown that 99.7% of MLM members of any company will lose their money. 

Mr. Jon M Taylor came up with a book to show his findings and investigation of over 600 direct sales companies majorly in the USA and worldwide. 

To be sure you, if you can make money or not, insist you go through the income disclosure statement for the most recent year. 

Note: Most MLM companies will never avail of this document because you can see the breakdown of how people are losing money with them. 

The company does not have its income disclosure statement in the public domain. 

How Much Can You Make with Valentus MLM?

You are likely to make a loss with Valentus MLM jobs. MLM business model only favors the company owners, the top rank members in the compensation plan, and its particular investors. 

These are 0.3% of people that make money with any MLM company. If you are just joining any MLM company as a new member, you will only be working for them at the top and earn nothing at the end. 

It has been proven that 99.7% of members of any MLM company will lose their money. It is only very few people at the top (0.3%) that earn the most.

I can not show you for Valentus MLM because they do not have the income disclosure in the public space. Search for it; it is the only source of truth of earning for any MLM companies. 

And the truth you will see is that only very few people make money with MLM companies.

Therefore, if you join Valentus MLM jobs, you are likely to make no money.

Valentus Inc Support /Customer Service

Are you a Valentus distributor? Do you like to contact the customer service? 

Below are contacts for support and help desk:

  • Email:
  • Spanish Email:
  • Phone Number: (605) 679-7013

These are the days and hours that the office is opened:

  • Saturday, 9a – 3p, CST 

Product Return Address

Valentus Returns

 3900 W. 53rd St.

 Sioux Falls, SD 57106-4220

 United States

What is Good About Valentus MLM Jobs 

Coffee Is easy to Sell

The product is a weight loss coffee beverage; therefore, it is easy to sell to friends, family, and the general public. 

Maybe it is because many people are into taken coffee. But will you make money with Valentus MLM? That is another big question. 

Issues with Valentus MLM Jobs

You Must Buy Valentus MLM Product Monthly

Do you want to make money with Valentus MLM? 

You need to purchase the product every month to meet the requirement to remain active on the company compensation plans. 

The independent representative must sell 50 to 100 BV worth of products every month to remain active monthly. 

The Products Are Expensive

There complaints in an online forum that the company’s product is too expensive to sell. 

If you place the company products side by side with competitors on any online stores, the price gap is too significant. 

The reason for this is because of the MLM business model. The sharing of the commission to the people at the top of the scheme. 

Valentus Negative Review Online Forum

There are multiple negative reviews of Valentus on various online forums.

Complaint ranges from the product not working to the usage of banned substances as part of the material used in the coffee products’ manufacture.

Income Disclosure Statement Is Hidden to Public

One great way to know if an MLM company could be trusted is by making their annual Income disclosure statement available to the public. 

The Income Disclosure is hidden from the general public, and that is extraordinary evidence that you will lose your money if you join this MLM company.

Why is that?

Because the current MLM members are not making money, they are making losses monthly.

Valentus Inc Lawsuit

Advanced Laboratories Vs. Valentus ($3.18m Valentus Lawsuit)

This Valentus Lawsuit with their suppliers “Advanced Laboratories” was first reported on December 21, 2016. The parties involved settled the case in 2018. 

Both the Advanced Laboratories and Valentus informed the court on February 21, 2018, that they have both reached a confidential settlement.

NZ Govt Vs. Valentus

This is not another Valentus Lawsuit but a warning by the NZ govt regulator to the general public to stop the consumption of SlimROAST.

The New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority – MEDSAFE came up with a warning against SlimRoast coffee’s continued usage.

This fallout was as a result of an allegation and investigation of the SlimRoast coffee usage by an individual to lead to the detection of 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA), and Phenethylamine (PEA),

Click here to read more about this case. 

Singapore Govt Vs. Valentus

This is also not a Valentus Lawsuit but a pronouncement and health warning issued by the Singapore Government to the general public about the usage of the SlimRoast.

Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HAS) issued this health warning due to the general public’s complaints after SlimRoast.

You can read more about this health warning here. Please know that is not a Lawsuit against Valentus. 

Denmark Govt Vs. Valentus

Please also know that this is not a Valentus Lawsuit but another warning by The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration regarding several coffee products. 

The authority claims a detection of beta-phenylethylamine, also called PEA. 

They warn the general public that it can cause dizziness, high blood pressure, and headaches.

You can read the full detail of this escalation here. 

FDA Vs. Alternative Laboratories (Valentus Supplier)

It is also not a Valentus Lawsuit but a warning letter by The Food and Drug Administration. 

Alternative Laboratories is a supplement supplier and manufacturer that is based in the state of Florida in the USA. 

The company and its CEO CEO Kevin Thomas were issued an FDA warning letter on September 18, 2019. 

Some of the supplement manufactures includes:

  • Choclevate and Elevate Nitro, Elevate Smart Coffee for Elepreneurs and 
  • SlimRoast Optimum Cocoa and Dark Roast Coffee for Valentus Inc.

The FDA visited and conducted an inspection of the Alternative Laboratories facility and discovered that this company uses unapproved substances to produce supplement beverage coffee for its clients, i.e., Elepreneurs and Valentus Inc. 

The substance is DMHA, also known as 2-amino-5 methyl heptane and Octodrine. This substance is not approved for dietary supplements in the USA. 

So, what is the importance of Valentus Lawsuits to making money with Valentus MLM jobs? 

You can see that the company products have issues with FDA and regulatory bodies in many countries.

Why will you join and become a distributor for a company that uses a substance not approved for humans to produce their coffee and beverages?

The many Valentus Lawsuits they have the worst will become of the many distributors of Valentus MLM. 

What do you think of my Valentus review? Is Valentus legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Do you still think you can make money with Valentus MLM job opportunities?

Is Valentus a Pyramid Scheme?

No. Valentus is not a pyramid scheme. 

But what is a pyramid scheme company about? How does a pyramid scheme work?

A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent process of making money based on people’s recruitment, i.e., investors. When recruited, they pay specific fees to join the business opportunity, and the recruiter gets paid from the recruitment fee they paid. 

The recruit must also recruit people to get paid from the fee delivered from their referral. 

This recruitment is unending such that the only source of making money is the fees paid by people to join the investment opportunity. 

There are no products or services in a real pyramid scheme business.

It is why Valentus MLM Jobs is not a pyramid scheme. Why?

Because it has many products that the Valentus distributors must sell to people. Hence they also make money with Valentus MLM job as a distributor whenever they recruit people.

You will collect a commission from every sale of the products made by your referral. 

Many people mistake MLM and direct sales companies to be a Pyramid scheme and Scam? Most of them are not. 

The only problem with then is the wrong business model that is a scheme to favor the owners and the top member of the compensation rank.

It is the reason why new members can not make money with any MLM company. 

It is no use and even a waste of time and energy, chasing family and friends to earn from any MLM company. 

What do you think of my Valentus review? Do you believe that Valentus is a pyramid scheme? Is Valentus legit or another scam? Do you think you will make money with Valentus MLM jobs?

Is Valentus Legit Or a Scam? 

Valentus is legit and not a scam MLM company. 

Many people mistake direct sales companies to be Scam because 99.7% of members do not make money. 

Most people make a loss working with MLM companies. 

Though, Valentus is legitimate and not a scam? It is exceedingly difficult for you to make money with Valentus MLM jobs. 

Why is the above statement? 

MLM companies structure their compensation plans to favor the companies’ owners, the top rank members, and particular investors. 

It is also applicable to Valentus MLM jobs. 

Therefore, if you are not ready to lose your money, check out my recommendation in this article. It is FREE training that will change your life for good. 

What do you think of my review of Valentus? Is the Valentus lawsuit makes it a scam? What is your take?

Is Valentus MLM Jobs worth It?

Thanks for reading my Valentus review. Do you think you still want to make money with Valentus MLM jobs?   

What do you think about becoming a Valentus distributor? Is Valentus legit, or another scam pyramid scheme? 

What is your take on Valentus Inc’s jobs? 

This is my opinion about Valentus USA jobs. Is it worth it?

Yes, Valentus USA is worth it if you are the owner, a special investor, or the topmost top of the compensation rank. 

But, if you are just starting with Valentus MLM jobs. Please avoid it because you will surely lose your money. 

It is NO for me. 

I make money as an affiliate marketer with this website. You don’t need to disturb your family, neighbors, and co-workers to make sales. 

They will come to your website by themselves; because I am sure you landed on this page without knowing me. 

What do you think of my Valentus review? Is Valentus USA Jobs legit, a Scam, and a pyramid scheme? What is your take on the Valentus lawsuit?

How to Make Money with Valentus MLM – Video

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    1. Thanks for reading my Valentus review. 

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