17 Reasons Why CloudCoin Will Dominate Bitcoin | Infographic

You are welcome to my article on how CloudCoin will dominate Bitcoin. Please know that this is an Infographic of how CloudCoin will dominate Bitcoin. It is Cloudcoin Vs Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Vs CloudCoin

what is cloudcoin

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==> See More Proof Why CloudCoin Could Replace Bitcoin 

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2 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why CloudCoin Will Dominate Bitcoin | Infographic”

  1. Some interesting concept on this new crypto currency I haven’t heard of.

    I had been hesitant to jump in the crypto space for a long time. I have my own personal opinions on crypto, and that is its not a long term thing. Only time will tell if this passes the test and hlods out (pardon the pun).

    That does not mean that people can make money with this – they are.

    The trouble is with crypto is that there are always new currencies on the horizen, and like I said before I hadn’t heard of CloudCoin. The RAIDA is an interesting alternative to the Blockchain system.

    As I have mentioned before I have only just got started and created some wallets but this will heavily interest those that are already gone in to crypto and mining coins etc.

    • Hi Amar,

      CloudCoin is not a Altcoin. CloudCoin is a product of Raida Technology. It is not a formation of concurrency. This is what set CloudCoin apart from Bitcoin family. While Bitcoin is a product of Blockchain Technology Cloudcoin is not. 

      Thanks for visiting our page.



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