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Javita Weight Loss Coffee Review: Is Javita MLM Legit Or Scam?

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You are welcome to my Javita Weight Loss Coffee review. I am sure you are here because you want to make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee. Is Javita a Scam? Or, Is Javita a Pyramid Scheme?

Won’t it be a great idea to have a weight loss supplement and coffee in one package?


That got your attention right? Well, that is what Javita MLM offers you, a blend of coffee and herbs to help you lose weight and a system to help you make money while you do so.

Can You make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee?

This is a detailed Javita Weight Loss Coffee review of the opportunities that this product presents and at the end, you can determine whether or NOT if Javita Coffee is worth your time and money.

Well, it’s a good thing you are taking the time out to find out if Javita Coffee is a Legitimate product, this is how to discover legitimate business online.

Be rest assured that I am not in any way promoting Javita MLM as a product, nor am I associated with the company in any way.

Continue reading to find out more about Javita Weight Loss Coffee.

Javita Weight Loss Coffee at a Glance

mlm jobs

Product Name: Javita Coffee.
Founder: Stan Cherelstein.
Price: Basic: $99.99; Business: $499.99; Elite: $999
Rating: 30%
Recommend: No.
Type of Product: A Weight Loss Coffee Based MLM

Javita Burn and Control Coffee (The Bundle 2 boxes)

javita weight-loss coffee review

Javita Lean and Green Weight Loss (Gourmet Instant Coffee)

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Javita Lean and Green Sencha Green Tea (24 Packs)

javita weight loss coffee

Slimmy Tabs Super-Burn Dissolvable Tablets (54 Tablets)

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Organifi Green Juice (Organic Superfood Powder)

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Exogenous Ketones Powder

javita coffee scam

Summary of Javita Weight Loss Coffee Review

Javita is a direct sales beverage company that is founded by Stan Cherelstein. This MLM Company is a sister company to another “healthy products” company – Waiora, which produces mainly coffee, tea, and other weight-loss drinks.

In addition to this, they offer people the opportunity to join and make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee.

But is Javita a scam? Because of the MLM business model of this company, Is Javita a pyramid scheme?
This is my take and about the Javita Weight Loss Coffee review.

The Javita Weight Loss Coffee is not a scam but a legitimate Weight Loss product. But, you may not make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee.

It has been discovered that only 0.3% of the member of any MLM company will make money, i.e., 9.7% will lose their money every year in any direct sales company.

Mr. Jon M.Taylor did long years of research on direct sales companies and how they distribute their earnings.

He did a book about his discoveries titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.

My Recommendation

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You can get affiliated with Amazon and start promoting thousands of companies’ products and earning a commission.

It is called affiliate marketing; you can earn over $5,000 if you follow and do what the training said.
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What do you think of my Javita Weight Loss Coffee review? Is Javita is a scam? Or, Is Javita a Pyramid scheme? Are you ready to make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee with your own website? Then attend to that free training.

What is Javita MLM?

what is the javita scam

Coffee is the second most-consumed food in America and is picking up the pace all over the world.

Coffee is my guilty pleasure, I love coffee, and you (probably) do too. You can make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee even as you are taken it.

Then I heard about Javita – a company that produces coffee as well as other beverage products. There were claims that it helps people achieve their weight loss goals.

In addition to this, there is the affiliate marketing option Javita extends to its consumers.

How can more awesome a product get, right? This is the kind of opportunity anyone would want to grab with both hands!

But be careful, as easy as they make earning a passive income with Javita look, all that glitters is not gold!

Javita is an MLM sales company founded by Stan Cherelstein. Javita, the sister company of Waiora, claims to be committed to enhancing the lives of people by developing innovative, great-tasting products.

They also pitch their “lucrative” business model for people looking to change their lives by earning a steady stream of passive income.

What do you think of my Javita Weight Loss Coffee review? Is Javita a scam? What do you think?

What Products Does Javita Sell?

Javita Weight Loss Coffee
  • Burn + Control

This is a mixture of coffee and herbs such as Yerba Nate and Garcinia Cambogia.

  • Active blend Products

A blend of fruit drinks and herbs containing vitamins and minerals.

  • Energy + Mind

This is a mental boost that combines coffee and herbs like Gotu Kola and Bacopa Monnieri.

  • Herbal Cleanse Tea

This is not a coffee-based product, and it helps boost weight loss through the digestive system.

  • Lean + Green

This is also a green tea variant that helps suppress appetite. It contains herbs such as Gymnema Sylvestre and Garcinia Cambogia.

Despite its claims and hundreds of testimonial pictures claiming that the products works, many consumers have complained about the deterioration of their health after consuming its main product, Javita coffee, with one consumer lamenting that it nearly killed her.

Does Javita Coffee Weight Loss Have Caffeine?

Yes, Javita coffee contains caffeine. But there is some variance because caffeine is a derivative of natural sources.

The estimated caffeine content in Javita Coffee is between 145 and 185 mg per.

Javita’s two main coffee products include:

  • Javita Weight Loss Coffee
  • Javita Energy Coffee

But what are the ingredients of these two coffee products?

Javita Weight Loss Coffee has two active herbal ingredients; they are:

  • Yerba Mate
  • Garcinia Cambogia

While Javita Energy Coffee Ingredients include:

  • Bacopa Monniera
  • Gotu Kola
  • Green Tea

Most of the health benefits of herbal tea rely heavily on its caffeine content to keep anyone active.

Green tea is always added to supplement Javita coffee.  The health benefits of Javita coffee include:

  • Improve mental clarity
  • Improve short and long-term memory
  • Boost ability to think and reason
  • Strengthen brain neurons for electrical impulses
  • Revitalize the brain
  • Increase attention span
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve intelligence and memory
  • It limits your ability to convert carbohydrates to fat
  • It increases calorie burn

How Much Does it Cost to Join Javita MLM?

Javita offers three pathways to its affiliate marketing program. The three-level of the Javita Affiliate Program are:

  • Basic Pack – $99
  • Business Pack – $499
  • Business Elite Pack – $999

The Business Elite Pack will make you cough out $599 to buy into the full Javita program, which comes with the juicy compensation plan – from commissions to bonuses.

Bear in mind that regardless of which program you buy into, you have to maintain a given monthly quota of Javita’s products.

That is a monthly product purchase (or auto-ship) to have active status with Javita. Is Javita a scam? With the high cost of the packs, Is Javita a pyramid scheme?

Who is Javita MLM for?

Javita is for many people that love to take Coffee and will like to earn a commission (i.e., compensation and reward) in the process by sharing the same coffee.

Javita will ensure that every member receives tools and resources that will help you to be successful with this business. The company has a robust system that will help train its independent business partner.

You can only make money and earn compensation with Javita just if you are a member of Javita.

The flexibility offered by the company makes it an attractive venture. However, it is too expensive.

How to Make Money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee

If you love coffee, you’ll enjoy receiving a commission on sharing the source of your energetic vibe with family, friends, and acquaintances. You can earn money with Javita through:

  1. Sales volume-dependent commissions – the more coffee you sell, the bigger your paycheck.
  2. It Is a Recruitment-based incentive – the more you grow your team, the fatter your paycheck.

Hence, earning a commission is self-motivated. This means that you cannot always expect customers to look for you.

You have to go out and get them yourself. “Here is the coffee that makes me feel like Superman.”

It looks like a pretty easy way to earn cash right?

In reality, it’s not. Javita is starting to have a bad reputation as most consumers complain of food poisoning, so you probably won’t make much.

The Javita compensation plan is a Unilevel organization or structure. Its Unilevel organization creates a new leg underneath you for each member that you recruit into the Javita.

Javita’s Unilevel compensation plan works on weighing your strongest leg against the rest of your legs (which collectively make the smaller leg by comparison).

This is a big factor in your rank advancement as well as payouts (15 levels down).

Javita Unilevel Compensation Plan

There are 12 ways to earn Javita, they are:

  • Retail profits

You can make profits on the difference between the price at which you sell the product and the wholesale price.

  • Direct Commissions

30% commission on direct sales to customers either from your MyJavita website or when they place an order via Javita Member Services and provide your Member ID.

  • First Order Bonus

Paid out on the amount purchased by a new member on his or her first order. Eligibility for this bonus requires that you maintain a minimum of 150 PV.

  • Top Enrollers Bonus

It is awarded to members who are the top enrollers each month.

Javita sets aside $10,000 every month to be shared among the top five recruiters of that month.

The bonus is based on the total commissionable volume in your personally enrolled member’s first order.

  • Car Bonus

Car Bonus as you advance and reach a certain rank, you’re awarded an increasing payment on a new or used car lease.

You should know that if at any time, you decide to quit or you drop down in Javita’s membership rank, you will have to deal with the car lease payments, not the company.

  • Team Commissions

Basically, you earn from your downline. The Unilevel compensation structure pays out up to 15 levels deep!

Others include:

  • Leadership Development Bonus
  • Diamond Infinity Bonus
  • STAR bonus
  • Fast Track 60/90 bonus.
  • Rank Advancement bonus.
  • Team Development Infinity bonus.

***Read Full Javita Compensation Plan here

Does Javita Weight Loss Coffee Products Work?

Javita brand is a weight loss coffee (also referred to as Javita Burn + Control) that is made up of components that will boost your metabolism and will help burn your calories.

Javita has different made of these products with promises of several weight loss benefits. But is Javita a scam?

Javita MLM focuses on the production of instant coffee drinks, a cocoa blend, and specific strain of green tea.

Javita products are marketed as instant beverages with weight loss benefits more than usual caffeinated drinks.

The coffee is made up of herbs (Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate) that are usually seen in weight loss supplements, hence its uses for losing weight.

They claimed that these elements “Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate” will help increases metabolism, reduces hunger and calories consumed.

But, contrary to this claim. Most current research of these herbs precisely Garcinia Cambogia does not support the use of this element for weight loss. What do you think of my Javita Weight Loss Coffee review?

 weight loss coffee

Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe To Take (Scientific Proof)

Clinically trials indicate that people can safely eat this fruit and trials have also proved that the Garcinia cambogia extract can be admitted via mouth for at least 12 weeks.

You must be careful though; Garcinia cambogia has some side effects such as lowering of blood sugar; the implication is that it can affect the treatment of diabetes.

Garcinia cambogia can also associate with a problem of Alzheimer’s and some form of dementia. FDA once issued a safety warning in respect of this in 2009 in response to over 18 reports of people reacting to taken Hydroxycut that contains Garcinia cambogia.

Also, a World Journal of Gastroenterology case study was published in 2016 by Keri E. Lunsford et al., sighting an instance of hepatic failure that was caused by Garcinia cambogia resulted in an individual needing a liver transplant.

This person took a supplement that contains Garcinia cambogia for months that resulted in his liver failure.

It was examined that this is the first time Garcinia cambogia was tied to acute liver failure.

Benefits of Javita Weight Loss Coffee

The benefits of Javita Weight Loss Coffee include the following:

  • It Prevents overeating
  • Increased your metabolism
  • It helps maintenance your Weight
  • It helps aid Weight loss

Side Effects of Javita Weight Loss Coffee

There is no direct mention of the Javita Weight Loss Coffee side effect itself. This is why people are calling out Javita as a scam. But, the ingredients of Javita Weight Loss Coffee can be found online as shown below:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth.
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness.
MLM coffee scam

Severe Side Effects of Garcinia Cambogia Include:

  • Skin rash
  • Euphoria
  • Common cold symptoms
  • Delusions
  • Digestive upset
  • Overexcitement
  • Very fast speech
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • And irritability

Customer Service of Javita Weight Loss Coffee

Yes. Javita can be reached through the following contact online and offline.

Phone Number: 1-855-528-4821
Physical Business Location: 7835 NW Beacon Square Blvd, Boca Raton, Florida.

Also, it is worthy to note that Javita MLM has a BBB rating of A-.

The company attended to and close one complaint in the last three years and also close one claim in the previous 12 months as at the time of this review.

One complaint online that relate to poor customer service and support but was resolved is:

What is Good About Javita MLM?


Because being its marketer doesn’t bleed you of time, your typical day of work consists of online branding, advertising, marketing, and sales.

Mostly you are your boss. As long as you have a system or handheld devices with Wi-Fi or internet access on your smartphone or laptop, you earn commissions on your sales or downlines.

Compensation Plan of Javita MLM

Javita has a pretty attractive compensation plan. However, I must point out that the compensations are incentives to make you work on all steam engines; does that make Javita a scam? I will say no.

30 Days Refund

Javita has a 30day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on their initial product purchase. The full purchase price of any product you order for initially will be refunded.

However, Javita will exclude shipping charges and application fees.

Issues with Javita MLM (Red Flags)


Javita MLM claims that their products can take your weight loss efforts to the next level.

Meanwhile, many consumers on Amazon complain of the small quantity in the coffee sticks, Javita product doesn’t work, it is like general knowledge you don’t need to be a nutritionist to discover that.

Consuming Javita coffee weight loss has been associated with nausea, insomnia, gastroenteritis, and a host of other ills.

An outraged consumer called it out for being an overpriced placebo. It costs $35 for a box of 24 sachets.

make money with javita weight loss coffee

***Claims That Javita Weight Loss Coffee Product Is Not Working***

There are many claims online and on Amazon that the product is not working (See a sample of the screenshot of a comment below).

I hate calling any company like this out; but if there are claims, then there must be some element of truth in these many claims.

It is sad to see many complaints of people that paid for Javita products but regretted purchasing them because they could not get the result they hoped for.

The company’s claim is being faulted online that the product will not help you lose weight. Is Javita a scam with these claims?

make money with javita weight loss coffee

***The Javita MLM Membership Is Too Costly***

It costs a whopping 99.99 USD one-time fee to become an affiliate marketer who doesn’t qualify you to receive bonuses unless you submit to be ripped off more than 599.99 USD.

And the product itself is too costly for a simple cup of coffee!

***Out-Dated Training***

This is the age of the internet. The training offered to members and newbie is outdated, and it will be tough for you to excel and succeed in selling Javita products.

The top ladder of this MLM is crowded enough; you will need top and latest training to excel and reach the real people that need this product (Coffee).

The training provided cannot help you make money.

***MLM Vs. Building Your Own Business***

Multi-Level Marketing is not a marketing model I like. You will need to bother your family members, friends, and relatives to make sales.

If you cannot get a purchase from your friend how do you sell these coffee products to people you don’t know.

Note: You don’t need to bother anybody to make money!

The research has shown that it is only 1% of members succeed big time in any multi-level marketing business.

And the worst thing with MLM is that your life will always tie to the company you are promoting.

This is not how to make money anymore (The internet age has changed how things work).

First, identify a problem in the world. The more problem you can solve the more money you will make. You can turn your hobbies and passion into solving just a targeted problem.

Until you are continuously resolving a problem to your targeted audience, you will not make money. Many are ready to pay you for getting a solution to their problem.

***The Only People on Top of The Ladder Makes Money***

It is only the top few early members of any MLM that are Top Earners. Every other person is just working for them. This is one reason why the MLM program is a scam!

The only way to make real big money is for you to be on the top-most top of the Javita MLM program. Until you climb to the top by working your life out, you can never make real money.

You will stop earning as soon as you stop recruiting people. This is why this is the worst business model ever.

The question you should ask yourself is this: what is one thing I need to do once that earns me money forever?

***Very Difficult to Retain Javita Customers/Distributors***

It is in the public domain that the Javita Coffee does not work as promised for most people as soon as people discover this, they will stop buying this product.

If they stop buying you will stop making money! Is Javita a scam? Is that a sign?

Many people will prefer a $1 Cup of Coffee to pay more for an extra cost of Javita Coffee, most especially when the value promised in the product cannot be achieved.

This is one crucial reason why Javita Coffee distributor fail woefully

***Your Success Depend on Your Supervisor***

Why would you start a business that its success depends on someone else? If your sponsor or supervisor is not a good trainer or coach on the strategies to make sales in Javita Coffee products, you will be doomed to fail.

From testimonies, even with the best coach and great support. Many Javita distributors are failing daily.

To be successful as a Javita distributor your sponsor must be a great leader and trainer because you need to sell the product to make sales and there are strategies to do that.

If you are not taught, you will fail. Is Javita a pyramid scheme? Is Javita a scam?

You will get many rejections and failures; it is the training your sponsor assists you with that will help you to succeed — 80 % of Javita distributor dumb this business within the first three months.

Is Javita a Pyramid Scheme?

Javita Coffee originated from Florida, and Stan Cherelstien remains the CEO and the President of this company.

Why do I think that Javita looks just like another pyramid scheme for me?

Javita is just like every MLM and Pyramid scheme program and product.

They will make you sign up,  pay for the product, and manipulate you to beg your family, friends, relatives, and others to repeat all you have done.

And you are dealing with a product and program that is not good enough to market itself.

Most people that get trapped in MLM and pyramid scheme programs have already spent so much before they realize the kind of program, they find themselves.

And they find it very difficult to get out because of the amount they have wasted in the pyramid scheme.

To continue to succeed and keep on lying to people, you have to learn to recruit many people that will work for you, just like you were recruited, and you are working for the people at the apex of the pyramid scheme.

It is just how it works.

You are either the first set of people that join the scheme and are now at the top of the program. Or you are at the extreme bottom suffering for the people at the top.

You have to continue to lie to people to join you, knowing that they will suffer what you are experiencing. But do you think Javita is a pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee?

Is Javita Legit or a Scam?

Javita is not a scam. But will it make you money as a distributor? Yes, but with many issues of problems that won’t make it easy for me to recommend it both as a business and product for anyone.

Javita is an MLM that operates in the coffee industry. If anything, happen to the company, then what happens to your business? You don’t have a business you can call your own In Javita!

And also, the business structure of Javita is multi-level marketing; I once read an article on why all MLM programs are a scam

However, there are some claims that the product causes adverse side effects such as insomnia, heart palpitations, jitters, and increased blood pressure (as seen in my review above).

How do you sell such products that have cause organ failure and the information is in the public domain?

Also, there are other weight loss programs and products that are relatively safe to use; how do you then compete reasonably in the market place?

It is also massively costly to join the program and run it as a business because you cannot join this MLM program without becoming a member. It is only members that can make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee.

The training provided is also awful and out of date; hence the reason for any failures in doing business and making money with Javita.

So, I wouldn’t be recommending Javita Weight Loss Coffee as the ideal weight loss product. Is Javita a scam? Is Javita a pyramid scheme?

Do you think you can still make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee?

How I Make Money Online. . .

You must know that no MLM program can make you a full-time income unless you are at the top of the scheme.

I earn a full-time income via Affiliate Marketing with this website and via Ads placement.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing all about? It implies that I am an affiliate marketer to many companies, businesses, products, and merchants.

what are good side hustles

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Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Javita MLM

Is Javita Worth Your Money?

Thanks for reading my Javita Weight Loss Coffee review? Is Javita a Scam? Can you make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee?

Or is Javita a Pyramid scheme?

Can you live with Javita coffee with Caffeine? Do you agree that Javita is a Pyramid Scheme?

Coffee and coffee marketing is a highly competitive industry and a firmly established one.

Also, typical of MLM schemes, the early investors have made the bulk of the money and are now evidence that the program works dragging others into it.

But, what they don’t tell you is that you are likely at the bottom making money for your sponsors.

However, want to change the narrative by making a passive 4 figure income monthly while learning the ropes of affiliate marketing, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a product I have used to gain financial liberty. You can click on my link here to see how Wealthy Affiliate works.

What do you think of my Javita Weight Loss Coffee review? Do you think you can make money with Javita Weight Loss Coffee? Or, Is Javita a scam?

Is Javita a pyramid scheme?

Let me know if you have used Javita Coffee. What were your expectations and what other products would you like me to review.

Will you please drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I will love to hear what you think.

Javita Weight Loss Coffee Review – Video

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  1. Hello, tons of good information that is well detailed and will be of help to your readers, I’m glad I read this, though I’ve never heard of javita coffee before now, so glad you took the time to see if they are legit business or a scam. I don’t register on any business that is base on Multi-Level Marketing because it’s not so easy to earn and only those at the top level that earn mostly,  also people stop earning once there is no more people to recruit. Javita coffee does not worth joiningThank you for sharing this!

    1. Dear Mary, 

      Thanks for reading my Javita review.

      I am also happy you liked my review. Really appreciate it. 

      I agree with you. I won’t venture into venture into Javita too. 
      I love what I am doing now making money review various products online. It is the best job in the world 

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      John is my name. 

  2. What an exhaustive review post Javita! I never knew that one can make money by selling coffee, until I got invited to a Javita marketing presentation by a friend on facebook. 

    Am made to understand that their coffee products also have their health benefits, ranging from weight loss to improving overall health.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a common ingredient in their products is Garcinia Cambogia, which is a herb that helps in weight loss by suppressing the appetite. 

    I seems to like their health ideas.

    In addition to this, there is the affiliate marketing option Javita extends to its consumers but I don’t really like them because I don’t really like MLM sales company.

    Also their product is too cost and what makes me to being to think twice of join them is because of a lot of complains all over the store selling their products. 

    Thanks to this post for establishing some of my opinion about them.

    1. Dear Topazdude, 

      Thanks for reading my Javita review. I am glad you took your time to drop this long comment for me. It will help grow my website you know? 

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  3. Before I turned 50 I drank a lot coffee. 

    The Javita product and business looks very inviting But, if their customers are complaining and issues are not resolved, that definitely flies a big red flag. $599 is too expensive for a box of coffee. 

    And if joining an affiliate is not free I would be careful, I would not join it. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Javita review. 

      You are right. It is not a good idea to join this MLM program. there are better ways of making money online. You must prepare to be able to add value to your audience though!



  4. Thanks for writing this review on javita. I must commend you for taking your time to do your findings before writing this review. 

    Personally I don’t think I can promote a product like javita due to the fact that the consumers of the product are already complaining food poisoning. 

    And this will be bad for anyone reputation at the long run if the accusation is true.

    So it better to venture into another means of making money online legit way like wealthy affiliate,which is the best place to learn about how to become a professional affiliate marketer 


    1. Dear Ajibola,

      Thanks for reaching out to m e on my page. I happy you came to read my Javita review. 

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  5. Like most MLM program Javita may not be a scam. 

    But still, I did like to say that most product based MLM is modern-day online marketing slavery. 

    if you are to be involved in online marketing you have to do thorough research into their claims and testimonials.

     in my opinion, I think one should rather go for affiliate marketing instead of MLM product distribution.

    1. Olalekan, 

      Thanks for reading my Javita review. I am also happy you liked my work.

      I also agree with you all MLM member is a slave to the top people at the apex of the scheme. The program will make you disturb the whole world in the process of converting and winning people to get to the program. 

      This is the opposite. What about if you create an online business that will help you impact people positively. 

      Do you have a passion, idea or hobbies? If you like doing something so much such that you can now use it o helping people online. You can make money in such a way.

      For instance, Love like reading motivational books. She got to Wealthy Affiliate she decides to focus on building a business for her self. 

      She came up with her websites and she started reviewing motivational books. She will write a review and recommend what she likes and dislike. She started making money in her ninth month. Which is very okay. 

      That is how to transform once hobbies into an online business. 

      You can check out Wealthy Affiliate certification training here. You will thank me later. 

      what do you think? please drop your comment here. 



  6. I don’t really know much about javita not until I read this post. 

    I have cleared  the doubt that javita is not a scam but it’s membership fee is really expensive and the fact that only those at the top get more money is not really convincing. 

    Thanks for educating me on javita at least this an addition to my knowledge. 

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Dear Lok, 

      I am glad you visit my page to find out if Javita is a scam or legitimate product. 

      I am also happy that you love my review.

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