Is doTERRA a Scam And Can You Ever Make Real Money?

You are welcome to my doTERRA review!

I am certain that you are here because you want to know if you can make money with doTERRA.

First thing first; what is doTERRA all about?

Or, Is doTERRA a Scam?

doTERRA is a health and wellness business that specializes in producing essential oils.

It operates on a multi-level marketing business to distribute their products.

Although their product is essential oils, this review is going to be focused on the multi-level marketing scheme they use to distribute their products and how you can make money from it.

mlm vs affiliate marketing pros and cons


doTERRA Wellness Advocate at a Glance

Product Name: Do Terra
Founder: David Stirling
Price: $35 upfront, $25 annual renewal fee
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No


What is doTERRA About, Exactly?

doTERRA was established in 2008 by David Stirling who used to be executives of Young Living, another health and wellness company.

The company’s headquarters are based in Pleasant Grove Utah. doTERRA’s product line consists of over a hundred essential oils, skincare, weight management, and nutritional supplement products.

doTERRA has about 1,300 employees and more than three million independent distributors.

Their primary objective is educating the public about the benefits of using essential oils and wellness lifestyle in general.

They also offer an ever-growing line of EO based products for their distributors to sell and recruit others into the MLM business.


How Much Does doTERRA Cost?

To become a wellness advocate you have to pay a one-time fee of $35 at the initial stage and $25 annually for renewal.

Then to make the profit you so desire, you would have to enroll someone.


Who Is The doTERRA For?

Becoming a Wellness Advocate is suitable for anyone that has excellent marketing skills in the physical world and can reach out to a large number of people that would gladly follow up the wellness and healthy living lifestyle.


How to Make Money with doTERRA

It operates like the usual MLM compensation plans although certain features are entirely different from the others.

For starters, they have what’s known as the “Fast Start Bonus.” I’ll explain;

When you become a ‘wellness advocate,’ you’ll receive a 20% commission on any orders placed by your recruits for the first sixty days when you sign them up.

This can only happen IF you are doing at least a 100 point value on your loyalty Rewards Order otherwise you won’t qualify for the bonus.

The issue here is the Point Value; it’s one of the worst parts of the MLM companies. You’ll never find a 1:1 ratio of Point Value to a dollar value on any of the products your purchase.

The PV is usually very tiny compared to the amount of money you’ll spend on buying a product.

Apart from this, they offer a “Power of 3” incentive program.

This is designed to help distributors structure their organization correctly.

You receive extra money when you sponsor three people that would enroll in the loyalty rewards program; then they sponsor three people who in turn sponsor three people, that sponsors three other- well… you get the point right?

The cycle continues till infinity I guess.

When the three people you sponsored start doing 100PV per month and your team volume is more than 600PV, you qualify for a $50 bonus added to your regular commission check.

The bonus increases as the size of the organization increases.

As you grow and climb up the ladder of success within the power of 3, you would be encouraged to move on to greater heights and build the strength of 4.

This would be very good for you in case one of your recruits in the power of 3 structures forgets or fails to place their loyalty reward order at the end of the month.

The amount of money you can make as a wellness advocate depends on what you sell and how well you can sell to build a strong customer base and recruit new advocates under your wings.


doTERRA Support /Customer Service

The customer service is relatively okay.

The support you would get on the platform is excellent as well, mainly if someone recruits you and if you’re buying from a wellness advocate.

What is Good About doTERRA?

  • The High Rate of Retaining Customers

doTERRA is one of the leading companies in the essential oil industry hence setting the pace for oil purity.

The company has about 79-85 percentage rate of retaining its customers as well as independent distributors.

This is an excellent advantage if you want to be an advocate because it would naturally your retention rate would be just as high.

  • Low doTERRA Startup Costs

doTERRA sells its products through independent distributors they like to call ‘wellness advocates.’

The wellness advocates are responsible for marketing these products to the general public. They introduce, educate, enlighten and sell the products to the public and get commissions from it.

To become an advocate is relatively cheap, the initial fee is $35 but advocates would also pay $25 annual renewal fee as well.

  • Training and Support

The company provides a lot of practice mentoring and team-based incentives for Wellness Advocates.

New advocates undergo a six-week online course that educates them about the company and its products.

There are a series of quizzes at the end of each module to ensure the advocates understand all they need to know about this new business.

It also provides free business tools like templates for powerpoint presentation, sales scripts email and newsletters.

  • High Compensation Benefits

Advocates earn 25% off retail. They also receive bonuses when they recruit new distributors.

There are no monthly targets, but a minimum of 100Personal Volume is required.


Issues With doTERRA

  • FDA Issues

doTERRA was under investigation in 2014 by the United States Food and Drug Administration for false medicinal claims made by doTERRA distributors on their websites and social media accounts.

Some of the suspected claims made mention of curing Ebola, healing cancer, treating neurological and heart diseases as well as many other medical treatments for various kinds of conditions.

Promoting and selling these products without FDA approval as a preventive or treatment measures for medical conditions will go against the United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FFDCA) Act of 1938.

A warning letter was issued by FDA to doTERRA in 2014 and released a corrective action procedure for the company to take with regard to this situation. doTERRA stated compliance with the USFDA

  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is trademarked by doTERRA

Another issue here is the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade claim from doTERRA.

The certification seems to be made by the company itself and holds no merit by the industry.

It’s a criterion they use to measure themselves, but it misleads the general public when representing themselves.

I mean, If I set a bunch of principles to live by it not a big deal since it’s my personal life principle until someone awards me for it, it’s not something to brag about.

In the same vein, using a company award given to the company by the company to promote the company is misleading.

And even though other labs test the products to see if they meet a certain standard as long as the FDA and the health and wellness industry is not involved in giving the award, then it remains invalid.


Is doTERRA a Scam?

It is a legitimate business, and the products are just as good. So far so good the only issue they have had is the one with FDA.

Other online programs like doTERRA include the following:


Is doTERRA Worth It?

What do you think of my doTERRA review? Is doTERRA a Scam?

Can you now make money with doTERRA?

doTERRA is a legitimate business and has proven to work wonders with their essential oils and another line of products.

The MLM scheme is good as well, although you still need a lot of patience, skill and quite an amount of money to be able to purchase the products before seeing a substantial amount of profit.

12 thoughts on “Is doTERRA a Scam And Can You Ever Make Real Money?”

  1. Dear John,

    I would love to know more information about doTerra.

    The company has an impressive rep, but why is there hype around essential oils?

    And if I was to join into a company such as this what would be the best way to market these products?

    Would I talk on social media about them or promote them directly to friends of mine?

    I am Jeremy.

    • Dear Jeremy,

      You are welcome to my doTERRA review.

      The objective of anyone promoting MLM product is to make earnings. The problem with mlm is that you have to keep pushing until you can nit push again.

      To excel and do well as a doTERRA distributor you must keep on recruiting people to really break even and start making money.

      Just to answer your question, the best ay to market any MLM product today is to emphasis on the advantage and benefits of such product. And you can do that by focusing on becoming a blogger.

      Telling the world via blogging of the benefits of such product. You will target what the product really does and rank your content organically.

      The objective is to convert member to your MLM program via your problem solving content that points to the mlm program or products you are promoting.

      I.e. you will write those content that will rank in Google and it will meet the needs of your audience that will be interested in your MLM products

      So what do you think?

      Please revert if you have any other questions



  2. Dear John,

    I just visited doTERRA website, and they seem to be a website for Essential Oils.

    I do not understand why it is being listed as a money earning or money generating platform.

    Do they offer an Affiliate program which one can earn from?

    I am Shaw.


    • Dear Shaw,

      You are welcome to my doTTEra review. Thank you for visiting and dropping your comment I really appreciate you.

      doTTEra is an essential oil company. They promote and sell their product via MLM structure.

      One major reason doTTEra is a no for me is that they focus completely on recruiting people than selling the product itself.

      Thanks again fir visiting our website.



  3. I just visited doTERRA website, and they seem to be a website for Essential Oils. I do not understand why it is being listed as a money earning or money generating platform. Do they offer an Affiliate program which one can earn from?

    • Thanks for reading my doTERRA review.

      Yes, you are right that doTerra is all about essential oil but the sales methodology employed by the company is multi level marketing.

      That implies that people can earn one form of commission from sales of this essential oil via MLM.

      It is my opinion that all MLM program is a scam.

      What do you think? Is doTERRA then a scam? Can you really make money with doTERRA?

      The compensation plan of doTERRA exposed all the tricks, manipulation and scam of doTERRA.

      If you study the compensation plan deeply you will run from this program.

      This is why it is no for me. Very few percentage of doTERRA distributors are making money.

      They are majorly people at the top of the pyramid. I call them the early Joiner, which includes the owners.

      What do you think?

      I look forto reply if this comment.



  4. Dear John,

    Thanks for being thorough throughout this review.

    I’ve known some people who have been involved with this program and have done well; although, from what I’ve heard it takes lots of time and dedication.

    For those who are considering joining this company, understand that you will need to push hard in order to succeed.



    • Dear Kris,

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my doTTEra review.

      Every program or network or mlm have follower that will be making money or doing great.

      Most especially, the first set of people that join any mlm program will be making a lot of money because all the new recruits will be working for them.

      A Ponzi scheme that make people richer does not implies that it is a good way to be making money even if they are earning money via such scheme.

      So, if some some doTTEra are doing fine and making money it doesn’t implies that the structure of doTTEra is great.

      The best way to market any mlm product is to have a website and start recruiting people organically for your products. This is how to have a full time income online.

      Check out this training. It is one of the best training online, that will help you earn a full time income even as an MLM recruiters.


  5. Dear John,

    I wonder why these schemes have to force you to enroll people instead of just selling products?

    Selling things seems like a much more sustainable platform!



    • Dear Josh,

      You are welcome to my doTERRA review. I am happy you drop your comment.

      You are right, one major characteristics of Multi Level Marketing scheme is that they make you go all out for the people rather than for the product. This is why I wrote a publication highlighting why all MLM is a scam.l

      MLM scheme will make you become a slave in the process of talking to your family, friends, neibour and before you know it people that are close to you will be avoiding you.

      In my opinion the best possible way to market any multi Level product you believe in is to have your own website and start addressing issues that particular product deals with.

      As long as such product is solving a particular problem, that implies that there is an audience that is involved. Having a website about doTTera addressing all problems that their product is solving via your website will automatically bring the audience organically.

      Millions of people search online daily, why do they do that? Because they are searching for something important to them.

      People are searching for essential oil that solving one problem or the other every day. If you have a website address every issue and focusing on the audience doTTera takes care will make you a lot of money online.

      I recommend you take this training on how to earn a Full-Time income online. It is an affiliate marketing training that will change your life.

      It is basically how to use the power of your business to recruit audience for your MLM program that will bring in downline organically.

      I hope I address you issue and added value to you

      I pray to see you on my platform again.



  6. Dear John,

    Why would anyone say they can treat cancer or Ebola?

    There are real people afflicted by these deadly diseases and you just say you can cure them for a quick buck?

    These kinds of people are the worse.

    From your doTerra review, I have understood that this is not for me so I guess I’ll look at some others of yours to find something more suitable.

    What would you recommend?


    • Dear Dannielle,

      Thanks for reading my doTERRA Review.

      I am happy you liked it and I hope you will visit again?

      What do I recommend? Please go for affiliate marketing. You can start helping people with what you like doing best.

      For instance, if you like sowing shoes, you can be producing contents both Video and text content helping people.

      Millions of people are searching online daily on how to make shoes. If you are doing a good Job and you remain consitent they will soon search and get in contact with your work online.

      You can then monetize your training and start affiliating for companies that produce shoes with a great brand.

      That is how to make real money online and not by running after MLM programs.



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