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My Mobile Money Pages Review: Can You Ever Make Money?

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You are Welcome to my Mobile Money Pages (MMMP) review.

I am sure you are here to find out if you can make money with My Mobile Money Pages Program.


But, Is My Mobile Money Pages a scam?

Or is it a legit way of making money online? Are the My Mobile Money Pages claims true?

It is essential always to research any online program; this is how I discovered how to make money with my skills and hobbies.  

Please read on.

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My Mobile Money Pages at a Glance

mymobilemoney com

Product Name: My Mobile Money Pages
Founder: Andrew Davidson
Price: $39.95
Rating: 10%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages after proper review and analyses have shown that it is an outdated system with many manipulations to game the system, and this can no longer work today.

My Mobile Money Pages is a scam, in my opinion. It doesn’t function as explained, so it wouldn’t deliver what they promise.

This review will show you the exact reasons why My Mobile Money Pages program does not live up to its claims and cannot help you build a lucrative passive income.

Let’s take a look!

What is My Mobile Money Pages?

My Mobile Money Pages (MMMP) is an automated online software that can help you build mobile-friendly niche websites.

This automation of the site is focussed on the mobile-optimization of web pages.

It promised to help you make money very fast with little or no effort. You can only find such a program on ClickBank.

It was allegedly said to have been created by Andrew Davidson, and it was first launched in the year 2010.

The owner, Andrew, promises that My Mobile Money Pages will help you achieve the following:

  • No technical experience required
  • The web design/programming skills are needed
  • No need to spend your funds on Paid Traffic
  • You won’t need a website with My Mobile Money Pages
  • Just purchase My Mobile Money Pages and spend a few minutes daily

To get access to My Mobile Money Pages (MMMP), you’ll have to pay $39.95.

There are many upsells in My Mobile Money Pages program; they are as follows:

  • $97 payment for software that will automate your backlink
  • $67 fee for a monthly membership fee
  • $197 to build your site in your chosen niche

It is necessary to know that My Mobile Money Pages is a waste of time, energy and resources and it will not make you money.

How to Make Money with My Mobile Money Pages

My Mobile Money Pages is a concept that promised to help you make money in a focus mobile market.

The program promised to deliver a tool that will mobile-optimized your website in any niche of your choice.

After your site is created, the system and tool delivered will instantly generate content for your website. This depends on the keyword of the article you are looking at.

Note: This system can not work in today’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization); the algorithm deployed now by various search engines will discover your content and mark or ban your website.

What this program is doing is that it is trying to game the system; instead of writing a value-added content; the program is extracting existing content from other websites.

Note: The art will destroy your website (this is why My Mobile Money Pages is a bad product)

After the content is manipulated to your website, My Mobile Money Pages system will help you insert affiliate links in the material for conversation and making money.

The affiliate link is majorly formed eBay and Amazon. If by chance your content is read and your relationship is a click, and someone buys from those third-party websites; you will earn a commission.

This is how affiliate marketing work (But My Mobile Money Pages is doing it in the wrong ways).

You can also earn from My Mobile Money Pages via Google Ads vi your curated websites.

Note: You will earn nothing from this program because proper research has shown that My Mobile Money Pages (MMMP), is a waste of time. It is an outdated way of making money online today.

My Mobile Money Pages And Duplicating Content

What is content scraping all about? Content scraping can also be referred to as web harvesting, Web scraping or web data extraction.

It is a process of taking content from another blog post on the website and posting it on your site(s) automatically.

Such manipulation of contents that are not as a result of your research or effort with the aid of bot or web crawler is stealing.

Web scraping is even an offense now in many countries of the world.

A country such as Australia (It is an offense under the state and federal law), i.e. Section 308H of crimes art 1995.

It is done systematically such that content is taking from another page, and some keyword is replaced with their synonyms with the objective of avoiding been penalized by search engines for content duplication.

Support /Customer Service of My Mobile Money Pages 

My Mobile Money Pages (MMMP) support or customer service doesn’t exist. There is a significant number of complaints online regarding the quality of their support.

They never respond they send an automated message saying they will look into your problem. Support is essential to guide you if you are going to succeed online.

Wha I Like About My Mobile Money Pages

***56-Day Money-Back Guarantee***

You are 56 days money-back guarantee. That is you can try this program for those long days and decide you don’t want it again.

It may also be challenging to get your money back in a good time; this is from experience.

You will need a lot of follow up.

Why would you buy a wasted material and now return it?

However, you must stop your membership before the 56 days.

My Mobile Money Pages does not worth your money; it is a waste of resources and time. This is my opinion.

***Concept Behind MMMP Is Affiliate Marketing***

My Mobile Money Pages focus on making money through affiliate marketing, It is a legitimate business model and many people today are making good money from it.

But the main concern MMMP is not the concept, but the product itself and how the system works.

Issues with My Mobile Money Pages 

***Spun Content (Duplicate Content)***

My Mobile Money Pages software automatically scraps material with the aid of bot to illegally take content from other people website that is related to the focused niche.

This is stealing, and it is illegally. They promise to set up your online business automatically for you without doing nothing.

That implies that they will get other people’s content duplicated on your website that you will pay for.

The copied website will not make you money; in fact, such a web page will be banned by Google because its algorithm will detect it.

***My Mobile Money Pages Website Is Outdated and Un-Secure***

The site was last updated in 2011. That means that its creator entirely abandons the product; mainly because all members dumped it. So why should we buy and pay for an abandoned project?

Scraping of content was practiced in 2011 but not today. It will not make you money again.

Online marketing has changed completely ever since, and I am sure that stealing tactic was wrong; then, it is wrong now, and it can make you go to jail today.

I am sure that manipulating content, and auto-generated websites don’t work today.

  • ***Your Website Will Not Get Traffic***

The use of stolen and manipulation of other people’s content, zero valued-added content, low-quality backlinks, and illegal SEO practice will not make your site to rank in search engines.

You will not get traffics because there is no training on traffic (both paid and free); It implies you will end up with a scrap website with no visitor. No visitor will result in zero sales.

***You Don’t Own Your Website***

The website that will be delivered to you by My Mobile Money Pages is a sub-domain website. You will not legally own it. The owner Mr. Andrew owns them.

Andrew claimed that domain and hosting would be provided within the system, so you don’t have to pay extra money for that.

The reality is that if he decides to go out of business (He is no more in business today because the website is no more secure); Your business is dead.

***Inflated and Unrealistic Claims***

The sales page is full of exaggeration and claims that it is playing on the intelligence of newbies and inexperienced internet marketers.

My Mobile Money pages Scam

They stated the exact amount you will make within a day (this is a signal; that My Mobile Money Pages is a pure scam).

I have reviewed over 400 how to make money online program, they all have the same features. Some of them include:

Public and Online Opinions of My Mobile Money Pages

Many complaints online regarding the quality of the site and their support.

My Mobile Money Pages has been advertised in other scam products like EZ Money Team and known for broadcasting other scam offers.

Is Mobile Money Pages Legit or a Scam?

The essence of a website is to create value for its audience. When the value is delivered, the trust will be earned, and sales will be made.

My Mobile Money Pages will only deliver stollen fill content websites for you to buy and to be read by who? Suppose people that ought to visit your site for help.

This is why My Mobile Money Pages is a scam because they are delivering stolen content for sales. It is an obsolete method that will make no one money today.

They employ software called scraper to create awful content; this product is poorly design, and it is aimed at scamming its audience from inceptions.

Is Mobile Money Pages Worth It?

Thanks for reading My Mobile Money Pages Review?  Can you make money with My Mobile Money Pages?

Or, Is My Mobile Money Pages Scam?

what are good side hustles

My Mobile Money Pages is outdated, and you should not invest in it.

There is no way you can build an online business and earn any money with its Outdated system, Unresponsive Email support, etc.

Its owner abandons it; their site builder is so basic, outdated, and simplistic it’s a complete waste of your time and your money.

Automatically generated web pages and duplicate content is not the right way to start an online business.

Ensure you avoid My Mobile Money Pages because it is merely a scam and a crappy program that promises you easy or fast money.

This is why I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate, a product I have used to create a four-figure passive monthly income.

Please share your thought of My Mobile Money Pages Review in my content area. It will be great to read what you think.

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8 thoughts on “My Mobile Money Pages Review: Can You Ever Make Money?”

  1. I am always happy to read every new article on your website. Because your website always presents information that is useful and beneficial to many people (audience). To be honest, if it wasn’t your review, I never knew that My Mobile Money exist. And because I believe in each of your articles, I will be very aware and careful about this.

    SCAM is an unethical way to do business. And for those who do it, I believe that Karma does Exist!

  2. You’re asking me if MMMP can bring me the money?! Well, my answer is NO. I don’t believe in this company. And even if you had written a positive review of the MMMР… I support modern and proven source of income.
    Now I want to get more information from you about Wealthy Affiliate. What should I do?

    1. Thanks for reading my My Mobile Money Pages Review.

      I am glad you came. You should know that there is a better way to make money online. My Mobile Money Pages will slow you down and it is not a way to go.

      Many online blogs classified it as a Scam. Just search for ” Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam”. You will even see many headlines such as My ” My Mobile Money Pages scam”


      What do you think? Is My Mobile Money Pages a scam?



  3. This is the first time I’m reading about Mobile Money Pages. All these automatic money making pages are a scam IMO because nothing makes money automatically in this world. You have to work hard for it!

    1. Thanks for reading my mobile money pages review.

      You just hit on the many comment I come accross online. One of those questions is this ” Is Mobile MONEY Page a Scam?

      You just assert that in your comments.

      Thanks again for taken time to drop your comments.



  4. «88 people shared this publication! Maybe you should read it too!” I said to myself. After reading the article “ClickBank Pirate Review: Can You Ever Make $10k Monthly?” I didn’t stop and extended my reading. I don’t know so much! So much in our lives depends on money and here is another way of earning – MMMP (My Mobile Money Pages) And again scam!
    Thank you, John Ajiboye, for your work, that you share your info through your article. You are saving people from a scam! Now, I know that MMMP is not for me!

    1. Thanks for reading My Mobile Money Page review.

      This program is not recommended. it has a lot of writing classifying it as a scam.

      But do I even think My Mobile Money Page is a scam?

      You can read my conclusion in my article.

      Is My Mobile Money Pages worth the money for you?


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