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DS Domination Review: Can You Still Make Money DS Domination?

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You are welcome to my DS Domination review. Can you make money with DS Domination? Is DS Domination legit or a scam?

I am sure you are here because you like to make money with DS Domination.


It is good you are making your findings. It was while I was doing online research that I discovered how to turn business demand into an opportunity online.

And that changed my life and help me set-up this website.

Please know that I have nothing to do with DS Domination. I am not an affiliate nor I am promote this program. Therefore expect an unbiased review from me.

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DS Domination at a Glance

Make money with DS Domination review legit or scam

Product Name: DS Domination
Founder: Roger Langille, Hitesh Juneja & Kevin Hokoana
Price: From $19.95/month Up to $1,499
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

What is DS Domination?

DS Domination stands for “Drop Shipping Domination.” Founded by Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, and Hitesh Juneja in September 2013.

As the name implies, it’s a program that teaches people how to make money online through E-Commerce using the dropshipping business model.

Dropshipping is a type of E-commerce business where you have to:

  • Find profitable markets and products through research
  • Patronize suppliers who will sell the products to you at wholesale price
  • Advertise the product and sell them at a higher price
  • Unlike the regular e-commerce business where you have to handle more complex tasks like
  • Product sourcing
  • Stockpiling
  • Selling
  •  Shipping
    And the list goes on.

In dropshipping, when someone places an order from you, instead of shipping the goods through you, it will be sent directly to the buyer, it would be sold to the customer at the price you set; and you earn the difference between the wholesale price and selling price.

You can check out my #1 recommendation on how to make money online in 21st century.

Due to the many advantages of the dropshipping model, you could say that it’s what’s trending in the world of e-commerce right now.

How Much Does DS Domination Cost?

The first product you’ll have to purchase is the PRO Training at $19.95/month; then they’ll upsell the remaining products to you:

  • Elite Training: 99.95/month
  • Unleashed Training: $249 one time
  • Monopoly Training: $499 one time
  • Genesis Training: $1,499 one time

In total, you’ll spend about $2366.9, minus the monthly fees, and the prices you have to pay before you benefit from their MLM compensation plan.

Who Is DS Domination For?

I might recommend this for anyone who is good at marketing, but even at that it won’t last, and it’s completely unethical.

I already reviewed many such online programs that is not adding value.

They include the following:

How to Make Money with DS Domination

In modern time, drop shippers get wholesale suppliers from China, usually on the AliExpress platform, because that’s where you can get products at a really low wholesale price, which is very profitable compared to DS Domination’s archaic methods.

DS Domination would teach you to find products on Amazon, and resell them at a higher price to your customers to make your profit.

An innocent newbie would think nothing’s wrong with this at first glance, but let’s get the details a bit before concluding shall we?

After finding these products on Amazon, they would teach you to

  • Copy the information on Amazon
  • Paste it on eBay and sell the product at a higher price than the price listed on Amazon
  • When someone orders through your platform on eBay, you’ll purchase from amazon and put their shipping details to Amazon directly.

Now while you might not still see the issue here, let me point it out directly;

Amazon sells at a retail price, and selling at a higher price to anyone that’s too lazy or just unlucky enough not to have seen it on Amazon, is a terrible way of building customer loyalty and is a primary reason why your business would not last.

Another point is that, whatever product Amazon would deliver a customer orders from you with Amazon’s branded package, I think anyone with a brain would quickly figure out that they’ve been duped just this overlooked detail.

Despite the unethical business model DS Domination wants you to use and the sad realization that you cannot make money with their definition of dropshipping, you might still make money from their Multi-level Marketing structure that they have within their system.

What you do is recruit people into their program and upsell them all the different training they have:

  • PRO Training: $19.95/month
  • Elite Training: 99.95/month
  • Unleashed Training: $249 one time
  • Monopoly Training: $499 one time
  • Genesis Training: $1,499 one time

How Much Can You Make with DS Domination

Now if you promote these training listed above you’ll earn:

  • A 50% commission on your sales,
  • A 10% commission on your second-level referrals
  • 5% commission on your third level referrals
  • 2% commission on your 5th level referrals
  • 1% commission on your 6th to 10th level referrals

Take an example, you recruit Bob into DS Domination, and he purchases PRO Training, you’ll earn 50% from his purchase as well as any other purchases he makes.

If Bob recruits Helen into DS Domination, Helen becomes your second referral, which means you earn 10% of all purchases she makes. This goes on and on till your tenth level referral which is 1%.

Note: if you have not purchased the training yourself you won’t earn anything from it.

There’s another rule to this,

  1. If you have less than 13 referrals, you’re considered to be a ‘normal affiliate,’ and you can only earn from level 1-5 from your downline.
  2. But if you have about 13 referrals and above you are a ‘Dominator,’ and you can earn from your 1st -the 10th level of your downline.

DS Domination Support /Customer Service

The customer service here is terrible.

If you have a complaint and reach out to their customer service or the owner directly, you’ll get a lot of sarcasm and attitude from them.

It’s never satisfactory.

What is Good About DS Domination?

You’ll learn a Bad Lesson

I don’t see any bright side in the DS Domination. T

he exceptional thing about this product is that when you realize it was a mistake and a waste of money and time you’ll probably do more research before investing a dime into any business.

Issues with DS Domination?

  • Invalid Business Model

No one, absolutely no one uses Amazon for dropshipping. First and foremost it goes against Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Amazon also provides a way to make money from on its platform called Fulfillment By Amazon or Amazon FBA.

No drop shipper resells retail products; it’s not done anywhere.

They sell from wholesalers directly, and most of them prefer suppliers in China since that’s the best place for them at a low price rate.

  • It’s a Pyramid Scheme

anyone recommending or promoting DS Domination is trying to recruit you so they can earn from the MLM compensation plan.

Are they learning anything useful from the training?

Nope, all they want is to make their money back, so it’s not a total waste.

DS Domination has real products so that technically means it isn’t a pyramid scheme, but you can’t doubt the fact that it works like one.

  • Bogus Affiliate Program

To promote their products and earn from it, you have to pay $9.95/month to become an “affiliate,” at least if that’s their definition of the affiliate.

In all honesty that’s not how affiliate marketing works.

There is no affiliate program that you have to pay to join. All REAL affiliate programs are free to join.

You can’t pay someone for the person.

The $9.95 fee is for you to become their MLM distributor, not an affiliate.

What do you think of my DS Domination review? Can you make money with DS Domination?

Or do you think that DS Domination is scam and not legit?

  • Expensive Startup Cost

With all the prices for all the training which have been listed above, the total amount you would spend on this would be approximately, $2,376.85!

That’s without the monthly fees and costs you need to run your dropshipping business and promote the DS Domination.

My dislike about all this is that they have a NO REFUND POLICY, so you literally cannot get a refund after you pay for anything.

Public and Online Opinions of DS Domination?

For further information on the DS Domination you could check out the following sites. DS Domination review online is not a good thing.

It is clear you will not make money with DS Domination.

Do you agree with me? Is DS Domination legit or a scam? Can you still make money with DS Domination?

What id your take?

Is DS Domination Legit Or Scam?

DS Domination is legit and not a scam.

But I will not purchase this products. You can easily have access to everything it covers on a free media online.

Why is DS Domination legit and not a scam?

Just one reason. They deliver what they promised.

It is another thing if what they promised is worth nothing or not.

DS Domination is not a full-blown scam, at least you know there’s a no refund policy, and their terms and conditions are clearly stated on their page.

It’s not just worth a dime, because the model they use is not even valid.

What do you think of my DS Domination review? Is DS Domination legit or another scam? Can you make money with the DS Domination?

Is DS Domination Worth It?

Thanks for reading my DS Domination review? Can you still make money with the DS Domination? Is DS Domination legit or a scam?

This is my take about DS Domination.

what are good side hustles

DS Domination does not worth the money. Therefore, i will not venture into buying it.

Why is that?

You can get it FREE on the public domain?

Run. Literally, close the page, if anyone tries promoting the DS Domination to you take the next route out.

What do you think of my DS Domination review? Can you still make money with DS Domination?

Or, is DS Domination legit or another scam?

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6 thoughts on “DS Domination Review: Can You Still Make Money DS Domination?”

  1. Thanks for warning us about this potentially illegal, unethical and costly scam! It seems like more and more people are doing DS and trying to scam buyers on Amazon and Ebay. I have seen people sell things for ridiculous prices and wondered why. Now I know! This scam is similar to the “flipping real estate” scam that people were doing before the crash. I wonder if Amazon will ever catch on to this and put an end to it?

    1. Thanks for reading my DS Domination review.

      Many fora online called it out as DS Domination scam.

      There are claims. S online that you have to pay the product owner before you start promoting the products itself.

      But, what is DS Domination? D S Domination is a Drop Shopping Domination training.

      The course is all about how to make money via e-commerce and drp shopping.

      But is D S Domination worth it? Does the D S Domination Cost Worth the training itself.
      You may be able to avoid it, but the training fee is outrageous.

      The fees ranges between $19.95 monthly for pro membership, $99 monthly for Elite, $249.99 unleashed training, and $499.00 Monopoly training plus many upselling.

      The money you will pay to get through with this training is outrageous.

      It is insane for me. The price is too high for any drop shipping training.

      You can easily access drop shipping training online in many YouTube channels.

      Just Google for drop YouTube shopping trading. You can easily access high quality training free on many medium online.

      D S Domination does not worth your money and considerations.

      Please don’t waste your money and resources.

      You can set up a good platform of an affiliate marketing training easily with many content paid for with the same cost of DS Domination.

      Please avoid this DS Domination Scam by all means.

      Thanks for reading my DS Domination review. What do you think? Is D S Domination a scam?

      I can’t wait to read from you.


  2. Dear John,

    After reading this review, sounds like I should stay away from DS Domination.

    I’ve taken a couple dropshipping courses before and from what you said above the program shows you how to take Amazon listings and paste them on eBay.

    This is just simply arbitrage and sounds like useless information.

    Seems like if someone wanted an item they would just go buy it on the cheaper site.

    Regards Brian.

    1. Dear Brian,

      Thanks for reading my DS Domination review. I am glad that you visited and drop a comment. Really appreciate.

      You are right on the structure of drop shipping. I am not a fan of drop shipping.

      A friend of mine tried making money from drop shipping for over four years, she has nothing to show fir it.

      The best in my opinion is affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s products and earning Commision and at the end of the day you can develop your own product that is similar to the one you are promoting.

      There are other business models you can use to make money online that is also better than drop shipping. E-commerce without drop shipping is als a better alternative.

      I am sure you know that there are ecommerce without drop shipping?

      I hope you will visit my site again. Thanks again fir reading my DS Domination review.



  3. Hmm… On paper this looked interesting but I guess I was wrong. I would not want to sell people overpriced products. I just wouldn’t want that. I want to give people something nice and worth the money and build a relationship with them so such a program is not for me at all. Thanks.

    1. Dear Benedict,
      Thanks for reading my DS Domination review.

      Yiu can see that DS Domination is not recommended by me.

      The best way to make money oblige is to think of a certain problem to solve. There are many problems in the world.

      You just need to ID one problem and focusing on solving it.

      Thousands of people are searching Google and other search engines on a daily basis to get a problem solve or the other.
      If you can identify one of such problems and you become an authority. You can easily monitize you website.

      Thanks for taken time to drop a comment. Really appreciate


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