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Amazon Tools and Resource For Making Money Online. Is It Worth It?

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You are welcome to my Review of Amazon Tools and Resource For Bloggers

These are guides to tools and resource for bloggers as provided by Amazon. 


It is a thorough review of what Amazon group is all about and various segments that can make any blogger be a complete marketer online.

I am sure you are here to learn more about this household name, ” the Amazon.” It is excellent to learn new stuff; this was how I became a blogger when I discovered how to transform my skills into a full-time income.

But, what is Amazon about?

amazon tools and resource

What is Amazon Tools?

When Amazon opened for business in the mid-’90s, it was merely another tremendous American start-up that wanted to take advantage of the internet surge that would later lead to a proliferation of online platforms and climax at the dawn of the new millennium with the much great .com boom?

Then, a modest retail store that focused solely on books, Amazon slowly began a diversification journey that took over a decade and ended as the much-heralded online store we know so well now.

It is adding CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays retail sales, and audio and video download services to its product and service range.

Amazon would later change the course of its rail by fully engaging in the total sales of household items, electronics, apparel, and virtually any product with commercial value.

This decision would turn out to be the first pivotal step that thrust the company into the forefront of internet retail and online commerce.

Revenues multiplied, and the robust customer base of the company expanded even further. Amazon had succeeded in becoming the most prominent online retail store in the world.

Though the company was experiencing a widening of its revenue stream, average entrepreneurs who wished to earn a substantial income were unable to partake in the company’s thriving success unless, of course, they participated in the company’s affiliate marketing program.

This would, however, change as Amazon chose to overcome the challenge of overwhelming demand by finally allowing third-party merchants on its platform.

This move by the retail giant turned out to be an ace in the hole as it catapulted the company to the internet juggernaut we now know today.

From its traditional retail business, which brings in most of its revenue and, of course…traffic to its technology arm, responsible for wowing the world with impressive technological innovations like the Kinder E-reader and Fire TV, Amazon has successfully dabbled in other spheres of business.

It has even capped this remarkable diversification spree by successfully launching its movie studio, Amazon Studios, which now competes with the best in Hollywood in the production and distribution of cinema content and television series.

In this review, you will read all about, and you will also watch several YouTube videos that will explain the different business segments of

Do I Recommend Amazon Tools and Resour?

Over the years, has swiftly evolved from a self-sourcing online retail giant to a robust online market that generates billions in revenue for numerous satisfied merchants?

If you also wish to earn lots of money taking advantage of the company’s ever-accommodating platform, then you can open up a merchant store on the website or participate in any or all of its numerous affiliate marketing programs.

Also, if there is one thing has that is pertinent to the success of any venture on its platform, it is a massive customer base that only continues to increase along with the impressive traffic it generates.

If you’re able to maximize the full potential of the opportunity, then you will also be swimming in lots of cash.

Can You Make Money With Amazon?

Before chose to open its platform to third-party retailers, earning money from the company could only be achieved through one means, affiliate marketing?

Lots of affiliate marketers made quite a lot of money writing product reviews on retail items sold on the platform and linking them to multiple sites.

The lifted restriction on merchants has, however, increased the profitable nature of the platform as anyone can take advantage of the site’s brimming customer base to facilitate the sales of any valuable item.

Amazon can indeed be used as a money-making tool if utilized properly, but it does require lots of prep work and of course a valid product to market.

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What Products Does Amazon Promote or Sell?

Amazon has come a long way from its noble beginning when it solely specialized in the marketing and retail sales of books and audio content. Now, the company sells anything and everything.

From electronics like plasma TVs, LED TVs, LCD TVs, refrigerators, sound systems, air conditioners, and heaters, etc., to appliances like irons, electric fans, toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, etc.

The company also sells clothing apparel for men, women, and kids, dresses for women, accessories like necklaces, earrings, wrist-watches, and bracelets, etc.

Gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, also feature dominantly on the pages of the company’s online platform both as Amazon items and as products of third-party retailers.

Ultimately, the list is endless on the items that are sold on the internet’s number 1 merchant, just because many unconventional products are also marketed and sold on the website mostly by third-party merchants.

Though there isn’t any clarity on the number of products sold by the company, there is something that is certain; if you search for any product via the world’s famous search engine, you’re are sure to find a link to that product that lands on an page. Sections

Perhaps Amazon’s most significant strategy that contributes to its impressive success is the efficient manner in which the company delegates tasks and projects.

With several subsidiaries bearing its renowned brand, it can adequately manage all its affairs without any hitch or bottlenecks.

There are also six vital sections of the company that plays significant roles in the execution of its business projects.

The duties performed by the sections of range from the coordination of its affiliate program to the continuous facilitating of third-party retail activities.

These Amazon segments include Amazon Prime, Amazon Associate, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Affiliate, Amazon Partnership, and Amazon Mturk.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is an arm of the E-commerce giant that deals with the shipping arrangements of its numerous customers.

The service entails a once-in-a-year subscription plan that gives customers free access to Amazon’s shipping package at no extra cost at all.

So basically, when you pay the yearly subscription fee of $97, you’re guaranteed free shipping on any product you purchase on the platform during the validity period of your subscription.

The primary objective of this service is to ensure that regular buyers aren’t consistently worried about the shipping arrangement of every item they purchase on the company’s website.

With just that reasonable subscription fee, they can shop as much as they want without bothering themselves with the shipping arrangement.

Amazon prime is indeed a breath of fresh air for both customers and third-party merchants as it guarantees the swift completion of a commercial transaction since delivery costs are no longer included in the transaction.

With over 80 million users subscribed to this service, you do not have to ask if its reception has been positive.

As a merchant, Amazon prime helps facilitate the speedy sale of your product because it ensures that the prospective clients visiting your product’s page on already have a shipping arrangement in place.

Customers subscribed to Amazon Prime are more likely to go through with a purchase order, and this helps to increase the chance of a user’s visit translating into profitable sales.

Amazon Associates

This was one of Amazon’s first inclusive programs that helped internet entrepreneurs earn a lot of money from both referral payments and increased traffic.

Started over a decade ago, the innovative concept has not just helped the company grow its consumer base by quite a magnitude; it has also created a consistent revenue stream for several thousand internet business proprietors that have taken advantage of the immense opportunity provided by the company.

The workings of this program are very straightforward.

You just create and place Amazon product links on a website or blog, preferably yours, and wait for your income to start pouring in as visitors of the site or blog click on the links and make purchases on the landing pages.

This was one of the first money-making avenues availed to the public before finally opening its virtual stalls to accommodate third-party merchants.

And even to this day, many blogs, forums, and websites utilize the program to boost both their web traffic and revenue.

To, however, be able to benefit from this opportunity, you must own a blog or website that appeals to at least a modest number of internet users, and this can only be achieved if the content on your web platform is of decent quality.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is certainly the main feature of the company’s illustrious business that is responsible for both its enormous traffic and mammoth revenue.

With items and products worth hundreds of millions of dollars sold on a daily basis on the Marketplace platform of the E-commerce king, it is surely safe to regard the platform as the single most populous commercial entity on the internet.

Third-party merchants registered on the platform continue to benefit immensely from not only the lucrative revenue that they consistently accrue on the virtual trading page but also from the humongous traffic they generate for their website and blog.

Amazon Marketplace provides prospective merchants with a readily accessible market that is made up of experienced shoppers with funds to spend.

It is a sure-fire way to earn regular income since it is very unlikely for the customer pool to be exhausted.

With a small monthly subscription and a selection of marketable products to sell, you can likewise join the rest of the third-party merchants in benefitting from this money-spinning venture.

Amazon Affiliate Tools and Resource

Amazon Affiliate is one of the prevalent sub-programs of the company’s associate branch.

Just like every other affiliate program, you basically signup to become the advertising and marketing mouthpiece of the company by simply attaching its numerous products’ links to web pages and blogs.

What makes this Amazon program, however, stand out from other affiliate programs is the guarantee that your endeavor will lead to a productive outcome.

While most other affiliate entities fail to properly compensate their marketers mainly due to the obscurity of their brand, Amazon has proven time and time again that its marketing partners are lucratively rewarded for their input and commitment.

If you wish to earn money from the company without even selling a single product, then its affiliate program is one of the viable choices you have.

With millions of searches made daily on products sold on the company’s marketplace platform, you can easily fashion a marketing strategy that will deliver impeccable results.

Amazon Partnership

The challenges and safety dynamics involved when attempting to complete a commercial transaction can be overwhelming for E-commerce sites that do not have the sophisticated tools and facilities that are needed to execute such transactions.

That is why Amazon, through its payment partnership program, has chosen to assist such websites in getting their commercial transactions over the line with the aid of its effective payments checkout tool.

One of the dilemmas faced by retail internet sites is the choice of a payment partner, i.e., a company that facilitates the payment for purchased items on the merchant’s online shop.

While popular and well-secured payment gateway channels already exist like PayPal and MasterCard, None of these options successfully runs a multi-billion dollar E-commerce service that can very well be of benefit to the merchant regarding an increase in revenue.

With Amazon, however, a merchant can have access to its broad database containing over 200 million users simply by pasting the “Pay with Amazon” button on the E-commerce’s checkout page.

What do you think of my amazon tools and resource?

Merchants also get to enjoy other incredible benefits from the partnership program like an efficient account management system and a very lucrative co-marketing scheme.

Amazon Mturk Tools and Resource

Another money-making avenue that can be found on the world’s best retail site is a platform that allows unengaged individuals to perform executable tasks for numerous clients scattered across the globe.

Amazon Mturk is a marketplace for employment, where several tasks are posted by either individuals or businesses searching for a competent hand to temporarily engage.

The jobs posted by these employers are referred to as HITs (Human Intelligence Task), simply because they are traditional tasks that can’t be carried out by Artificial Intelligence.

Some of these tasks like choosing an appropriate picture in a broad selection require basic human intuition; a feature most AI still lacks even now.

With a workforce that exceeds over several thousand online workers, the thriving program has assisted many in securing recurrent jobs that help create a consistent stream of income.

By completing a simple registration process, you can also join the group of internet freelancers on Amazon’s platform who are consistently negotiating payments and working conditions and also completing assigned tasks.

What is your take on my amazon tools and resource review?

==> How To Make Money With Amazon Mturk 

Cost/Price of Amazon Subscription

While its referral programs and associate arrangement do not bring about any charges, access to Amazon’s marketplace usually incurs a cost of $39.99 on a monthly basis.

There are also additional charges that are virtually negligible that are mostly placed on completed transactions and withdrawals.

 Business Opportunity With Amazon

There is probably no bigger platform on the internet for would-be merchants to set up their virtual tent when it comes to E-commerce trading.

With thousands of merchants already subscribed to the retail giant and consistently earning revenue with no interruption, one would think that the population of third-party sellers is already saturated.

That, however, isn’t the case because the number of internet shoppers is continuously patronizing the marketplace is on an elevated trajectory that doesn’t seem to be reversing anytime soon.

So whether you wish to move your product stalls to the company’s trade hub, or sign up to one of its numerous marketing affiliate programs, you can be guaranteed a whole lot of money.

Pros of

  • It offers multiple means to legitimately earn money
  • Its subscription method and charges are easy and affordable respectively
  • With a database of over hundreds of millions of customers, you do not have to worry about traffic

Cons of

  • Customer Service may at times be slow
  • Competition for customers is indeed very tough

Who is Amazon Tools and Resource Ideal For?

What do you think of my Amazon tools and resource Review?

If you’re a retailer of consumer items that owns a physical shop but lacks penetration of the internet market, then Amazon Marketplace is most certainly the answer to your predicament.

When you’re granted access to the platform after completing the subscription process, you’re immediately able to market and sell your items to millions of Amazon customers.

Individuals that aren’t engaged can also generate revenue streams via its associate programs like Amazon Affiliate and Amazon Mturk.

Regardless of your skill level or academic qualification, you are guaranteed consistent income when you register for any of the company’s programs.

Making money with isn’t a hoax like most internet money-making schemes; it does, however, require lots of planning, dedication, and of course determination to succeed.

Whether it’s the affiliate marketing program, the marketplace opportunity, or any of its other partnership schemes, one thing guarantees you is an enormous customer base that is willing to part with its money. may have been conceived as an online super-store for consumer products; it has, however, been transformed into a corporate business organization that helps enterprising individuals earn lots of money.

What do you think of the various essential tools and resources provided by Amazon ( for bloggers?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below as relate to this amazon tools and resource review.

Amazon at a Glance

Name: Amazon
Price: $39.99 monthly plus additional selling fees for a subscription to its marketplace
Owners: Jeff Bezos
Overall Rank: 95%

Making Money with Amazon Tools snd Resources (Video)

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