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Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall Review? Is It Legit or a Scam?

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You are welcome to my Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall Review. Can you make money with Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall? Or is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall legit or a scam?

It is good you are inquiring about Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall; this is how to discover legitimate online business and avoid many scams.


Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall promised to create a fully automated online passive income for you in 7 minutes!

The problem is, many people want to make money without really working, and many of these online gurus know that, and they are ready to exploit you to get your money.

But is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall part of those fake Click Bank Products?

Is it possible to be making money automatic in autorun? Can Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall help you achieve that?

Is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall worth $47 monthly?

Know that I am not an affiliate marketer for Click bank, nor am I promoting Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall.

Therefore expect an unbiased review of the Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall from me.

Please read on.

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Auto Affiliate Program at a Glance

legit or scam auto affiliate program

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Program
Founder: Steven Hall
Price: $47/month
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall

The Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall is an affiliate marketing program that makes its affiliate sales by giving free eBooks. 

It is essential to know that Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall is not a scam. 

You may get value for your money, but the amount you will get may not make you money in the 21st century. 

Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall is a ClickBank product, with the usual characteristics of many of the Click bank fake products used to take advantage of newbies that don’t know how making money online works. 

Many Gurus behind most of these fakes products are used to duplicating and closing of products. 

After they must have exhausted and ripping newbies of their hard earn money, they change the URL and divert it to a new product.

It is precisely what Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall has done here. 

Just put this URL “AutoAffiliateProgram (dot) com”

 into your browser; it will divert you to his new product called “freesponder (dot) com .”

 Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall is legit and not a scam but, it will not make you money as a whole program today in the 21st century. 

You must not pay for it because you can see this in the public domain at no cost to you. 

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What do you think of my Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall review? Do you think Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall is legit or another scam?

What is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall?

The Auto affiliate program is one that is aimed at allowing you to make passive income by doing practically everything for you. Below is how the program works:

Steven Hall (the program owner), will deliver to you many collections of eBooks in many subject areas and it is for free.

Inside of the books are links to other products and services as related to the subject under discussion in each eBook.

You will give away these eBooks on your websites and social media as a free download.

If any of your audience, click on the links in any of the eBooks and buys any products or services you will get a commission (Just as it is as if you are promoting Click Bank Products).

Each link in every eBook will be branded with your affiliate link, and you will have a free website so that you can direct people to check out your many eBooks.

Steven has put a system in place with his team to email any person that downloaded any books with your affiliate links for continuous engagement on other related products to help you earn more commission.

Within these various books are also your affiliate links for people to join the Auto Affiliate Program that will also make you money.

More books are added for your weekly, and you are trained on how to share these books to your social media for continuous engagement.

Subscribing to this program means you get the following:

  • Already made ebooks with professional cover designs;
  • Free hosting on their server for your website;
  •  Your affiliate links are automatically inserted into your ebooks;
  • Social media shares to help build traffic on your site;
  • Automatic list building service.

The Auto Affiliate Program is not specific to any region or country.

How Much Does Auto Affiliate Program Cost?

Apart from the $47 monthly fee, there are no upsells or any other thing you need to spend your money on.

Although $47 is quite a lot, I think it’s fair enough since there are no upsells and you will get the following for your money ( at least that is what Steven promised):

Who Is The Auto Affiliate Program For?

The Auto Affiliate Program would be best for well-experienced affiliate marketers who can leverage the automated website and eBooks; it would not be the right place for a beginner to learn.

You will need a lot of traffic to give away the free books easily and make a lot of money; this is not possible for a newbie or a beginner without already made websites that can rank organically.

If you depend on PPC adds you must be very good at so that you will not waste your money in the process. PPC will help you target the kind of audience that your free books will be suited for.

The bottom line is that you need traffics to get these free books distributed, you can only do this by having an already grounded website, or you are good with PPC.

This is why this product or program will not work for a newbie.

How to Make Money with Auto Affiliate Program

The Auto affiliate program automates almost everything for you, from the website building to the eBooks, to the mailing list.

It inserts your affiliate links inside the books automatically and updates them when the need arises.

This would only work for you if you already have existing traffic as well as the skills to build it.

So as a newbie to the world of affiliate marketing, you have little to no chances of making money with this Auto Affiliate Program, but as for the experienced marketers, this is one program you can take full advantage of.

The money to be made varies upon the amount of traffic you can get on the site and the number of clicks you can garner on your affiliate link as well as the commission on each of them.

What Is the Quality of the eBooks?

I am yet to go through any of the downloaded eBooks from 12 niches, but from the several reviews of the downloaded books, the quality of the books seems to be just okay.

However, they will not earn you the expected conversion despite the high quality. But it is given away for free they will help and be valuable to whoever decided to read them.

The books are voluminous of over 35 pages averagely with great information as relating to their niche. It should be great to read by anyone who desires to learn new things.

The inserted affiliate links are a great idea that can convert since they are not spammy.

What is Good About Auto Affiliate Program

  • ***The FREE eBooks Are Great***

The eBooks are of high quality and don’t forget that they are done for you to give out for FREE. Everyone loves free stuff.

The books are from over 12 different niches across several segment markets and for a diverse audience.

The length of each ebook is from between 35 to 65 pages in averages, and the content is arranged and written exceptionally. Don’t forget that they are from different authors.

The significant and only thing about this program is that the eBooks are good.

  • ***You Have 60 Days Money Back Guarantee***

Auto Affiliate Program is selling on Click Bank. All Click Bank products enjoy the 60 days money-back guarantee.

It implies that if you purchase this program and you decide to get your money back before the two months’ time range, your money will be returned.

The problem with Click Bank is that it is not that simple and easy to process, please note that and think twice. You will get your money back, but it may take a while.

Issues With Auto Affiliate Program

  • ***You Learn Nothing with Auto Affiliate Program***

This program will teach you nothing; no new skills will be acquired with the Auto Affiliate Program.

The program will do virtually everything for you without teaching anything.

The problem is that if this program folds up what where will you start from since you know nothing most especially if you are a newbie.

  • ***Your Mailing List is Not Yours***

Steven has complete control over your mailing list since they would be the ones to send emails to your audience automatically and you don’t have to do much.

This is the downside to this Auto Affiliate Program because, in affiliate marketing, your mailing list is practically everything.

You may have read that the “money is in the list.” In this case, your money is with the owner of the Auto Affiliate Program.

  • ***Low-Quality Website***

The multiple websites for members are of one-pager and with duplicate content.

This is an absolute no for google. Google search engine hates duplicate contents, and everything here is full of it.

The eBooks are tremendous but are sold on a site with duplicate content that is against Google’s way of life. No such website will be found online. Instead, it will go down deep in the ocean of sites.

You can make money while you depend wholly on PPC because Search Engine Optimization is excellent but cannot work with a website that is duplicated.

  • ***People Read Less of eBooks in 2019***

No one reads eBooks anymore especially if they do not intentionally download it. Most giveaway eBooks practically gather up dust in one of the computer files of most people.

And unless you have unique quality content and an eager audience that wants to read your eBook then using this method is probably not the best idea for it.

  • ***Costly Traffic Strategy with Poor Conversion Rate***

The primary traffic strategies are via Pay Traffics. That adds via social media and another medium like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But this is difficult things to do most especially if you are new.

You can lose a lot of money, and you won’t get the result.

The strategy is to share free eBooks on social media to bring traffics to your duplicated websites. This is a very wrong strategy that will make you lose a lot of money for adds placement.

  • ***The Owner Still Own All You Paid For (All Your Eggs In a Basket)***

Auto Affiliate Program is a program that will do all things for you. In as much as you are paying your monthly due.

The monthly recurring fees are a must paid otherwise you will lose all your investments with this program.

They make you depend on their system. The system inserts your affiliate links, they managed your email list and hosted the website you paid for.

The implication is that you will lose all if one day they folded up and you will be doom and left with nothing.

In this program, you do nothing, learn nothing, and you only rely on luck to make money with the Auto Affiliate Program.

  • ***eBooks Only Focus on Less Than 12 Niches***

What is a niche? A Niche can be a job, position, segments that are suitable for someone or an audience.

auto affiliate program scam

With the Auto Affiliate Program, the eBook only focuses on and limited to 12 inches. If your niche or area of interest is not among these lists of slots, then one will be forced on you.

  • ***A Lot of Overhype Statements and Promises***

I understand all businesses want to sell the idea of their Auto Affiliate Program to potential customers, but when you over-exaggerate specific details, you tend to come off as a sham even if you’re not.

The auto affiliate program is full of phrases like:

  • “fully automated passive income for life.
  • “You can easily set up your system in ‘7 minutes,’ and I’ll continue pumping money into your pocket and bank for the “rest of your life.”
Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall

Is Auto Affiliate Program Legit Or Scam?

Auto Affiliate Program is legit and not a scam.

I would not say it’s entirely legitimate because I am not recommending you purchase this program for the following reasons:

  • You will learn nothing with the Auto Affiliate Program because everything is done for you
  • The email list collected by you is not yours because you cannot access it
  • The website is not also yours despite paying for it because it is hosted on the owner’s server
  • The program is also for an experienced affiliate marketer and will not work for any beginner.
  • There are also a lot of exaggerations of how fast and how much money you can make in view time
  • It also is very limited in terms of the services it offers.

Is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall Review? Can you make money with Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall?

Or, Is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall legit or another scam?

I sincerely like Steven Hall with his excellent product.

He seems honest with the Auto Affiliate Program and how it works, most especially if compare to most Click Bank products. The quality is far higher.

What Auto Affiliate Program provided is, and you can make money with it.

what are good side hustles

However, It’s a product that can only be profitable to well-experienced affiliate marketers and the owners. If you’re a novice to affiliate marketing, this is not the program for you.

Also, you don’t have access to the email list that you collect, nor do you completely own your websites because the owner server hosts it.

The email list and your asset which is a website are everything in online business.

Because of the above this program does not worth my money, and please stay away.

I will be recommending Wealthy Affiliate instead; which is the best way to start learning how to have a full-time income online.

What do you think of my Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall Review? Is Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Auto Affiliate Program?

In my opinion, Auto Affiliate Program is a valuable product, but significant issues limit it.

If you decide to go for it, kindly let me know the outcome in my comment area.

12 thoughts on “Auto Affiliate Program By Steven Hall Review? Is It Legit or a Scam?”

  1. This is so sad! Yet another earning system which is not recommended. The promotional banners they have made for this Auto Affiliate Program saying ‘Unlimited PASSIVE INCOME Streams in Just 7 Minutes!’ looks so attractive! Anyone will be fooled to believe them.

  2. You know the problem about the products that are sold by the MLM scheme, is that no matter how much products is successful & sold, you would never know for sure if it’s because of quality of the products or the promise of getting rich or at least making an income because of it high price and the that the distributors spend more time on how much you can make it, than the product itself. and that will be the case of Don’t you think?

    1. Dear Niccy,

      Thanks for reading my Auto Affiliate Program review. You are right about the way MLM programs behave.

      You can really know the value they offer until you use those products. But, how many MLM products will you use.

      You should be wary of MLM without any physical products.

      In fact they are the worst in scamming people because they have nothing to offer.

      Thanks again for visiting my site. I hope you will be here agai?


  3. Hey John,

    As you mentioned before, in order to succeed with this program you need to have a website/Blog with a lot of traffic already, otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of money on Ads. However, the duplicate content may affect the SEO for the website. But even in that case, I would rather have my affiliate links directly in my articles/content, than having someone downloading the ebook, reading through it, then clicking on them. What makes a conversion easier one step or 4 steps!

  4. Basically, the person signing up for this program will be promoting their eBooks and just earning commission from the links in those books?

    That’s a far-fetched idea, and I don’t think it will be high paying either.

    Getting a user to download the free eBook is the first step, then having the reader actually read through those eBooks to find something useful is another step.

    And then finally having the person to click through the links in those eBooks is the third step.

    That would definitely require quite a bit of download and then click-throughs from those books to be able to earn a decent amount off Affiliate revenue.



    1. Dear Shaw,

      Thanks for reading my Auto Affiliate Program Review and how to make money with it. Downloading the eBook for this program is not the problem. If you read the session where I wrote about those issues and disadvantages of Auto Affiliate Program you will notice that you may not be able to make money with it in 2019.

      People will not just be reading eBooks but you can only read a book that will add value to you. The program is a good idea but the way it is made to run and function is wrong.



  5. Seems like an interesting program to purchase.

    However, I am a little unclear on the fact that in order to make any commissions through affiliate sales you must have a lot of people downloading the book.

    How would you go about promoting this free book?

    Would you recommend using social media or building a different website?

    1. My auto affiliate program review state it all.

      All this programs that are scheming people to make sales online with one manipulation and the others are not sincere to there members.

      How much can you make manipulating people to purchase a program by offer bg ebooks that can be downloaded free from various search engines.

      The best way to make money in my opinion is to provide real value to your audience.

      When you provide real value even your enemy will pay to buy what you are seeing online.

      The world is full of problems. Which one of these problems can you tackle to start making money online?

      Check out my recommended program on this site. The program will teach you how to offer and provide real value. Do check it out.



  6. The idea does sound pretty great, but without proper training and experience, I’d fail at it. Do you know any other programs that offer passive income?

    1. Thanks for reading my review of Auto Affiliate program.

      Auto Affiliate program promotes affiliate marketing sales with free ebooks.

      But, can you make. Money with Auto Affiliate program. Or, is auto affiliate program a scam.

      The question is how many Free ebooks will you give out to makes an affiliate sales.

      What is the essence of promoting an affiliate training program with a free ebooks while the program is a scam?

      My final opinion about auto affiliate program is that it does not worth your money. It is no for me.

      Thanks again for reading the auto affiliate program review on. My website.



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