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Tailwind App Review: Does TailwindApp Really Work?

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You are welcome to my Tailwind App Review. Do you want to boost your traffics and make money with Tailwindapp? Does Tailwind Tribes work? What is Tailwind Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs? 

It is good you are doing your research about Tailwindapp; this is how to discover legitimate discover the legitimate program and avoid many scams.


But, is Tailwind App work? Can you make money with Tailwind App?

Is Tailwind pricing worth it?

This Tailwind App review will answer many of your FAQs about the Tailwindapp tool.

Please read on.

Tailwind Tribes pricing review

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Tailwindapp Review at a Glance

Name: Tailwind App
Website: Tailwinidapp
Price: Free to $15/Month
Owners: Danny Maloney and Alex Topiler
Overall Rank: 67%

What is Tailwindapp?

Tailwind App is a community of active bloggers and influencers that participate in the sharing of relevant content via the Tailwind app in order to reach a large audience that is only made available thanks to the amassed connections in the community.

Launched in 2017 after nearly a year in the beta-testing phase, the product has received raving reviews with many describing it as perhaps the best social marketing tool on the internet.

Tailwind, the company behind this impressive creation, is run by owners, Danny Maloney and Alex Topiler as well as a team of highly competent experts.

They have managed to develop a tool that will easily coordinate the process of networking among bloggers?

The main feature of Tailwindapp is the collectiveness that exists in the function it performs.

It turns the curating and sharing of helpful articles and posts into social activities, making each member of the community participate in the process as well as enjoy the rewards.

The benefits of being a member of the Tailwind App include free access to quality content that can be pinned on the Pinterest board for your audience to access.

Another perk of being part of a tribe is the opportunity it provides you to share your content and promote a product or service to a wide audience that isn’t reachable via the Pinterest platform.

Access to Tailwind Tribes isn’t restricted by location as it can be used by anyone that wants to improve the inbound traffic to his or her blog.

What do you think of my Tailwind App review?

Tailwind App Pricing

Below are different Tailwind App Pricing for both Pinterest and Instagram plans and packages. 

Features of Pinterest Plus

  • 1 Pinterest Profile
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • 15 Free Pins in Tailwind Create
  • 5 Free Tailwind Tribes
  • 30 Monthly Submissions
  • 250 Active SmartLoop Posts

Tailwind App Pricing for Pinterest Plus

  • $14.99 Monthly 
  • $119.88 Yearly

Features of Instagram Plus

  • 1 Instagram Profile
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • 1-Click Hashtag Suggestions
  • Custom Link

Tailwind App Pricing for Instagram 

  • $14.99 Monthly 
  • $119.88 Yearly

Tailwind App Pricing – Up-Sells 

Tailwind Create $7.49 Monthly per Profile.

SmartLoop $4.99 Monthly per Profile

Tailwind Tribes $4.99 Monthly per Profile

How Many Plus Plan Accounts/Profiles Can You Have?

Plus Plan accounts are one Tailwind Frequently Asked Question – FAQ.

Plus Plan is for an account (or a profile) you will be publishing your outreach from. 

Each profile/account will need a separate Plus Plan subscription for both Instagram and Pinterest.  

The Tailwind App Pricing for a single plus plan is $14.99 monthly and $119.88 yearly.

You will need a separate plus plan account for both your Instagram and Pinterest, i.e., you will be paying two individual subscriptions for both your Instagram and Pinterest account profile. 

Are There Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

Yes, there are 50% discounts for Tailwind App Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations. 

You will contact the Tailwind Business Development team and supply your organization EIN or proof of your 501(c)(3) status. 

What are Tailwind App review saying online about the various plans?

Can I Pay with PayPal?

No, Tailwind will not accept Paypal payment for your subscription.

You can only subscribe to Tailwindapp via your credit or debit card.

Tailwind may also accept your Paypal business account with the credit or debit linked. 

How Much is Tailwind Monthly?

The cost of using Tailwind after the free trial is $14.99 Monthly or $119.88 Yearly (this cost is as of November 12th, 2020). 

Do you have to Pay for Tailwind?

No, you can start with the FREE trials of the Tailwind App. What is included in the Tailwind Free trials are:

  1. You can try all the Tailwind features at no extra cost.
  2. You can schedule 100 pins on Pinterest, and 
  3. 30 Instagram post  

How long does Tailwind Free Trial last?

Tailwind FREE trial will last for 14 days. There is no other condition and commitment within the 14 days. 

How do I Cancel Tailwind?

You can cancel your Tailwind subscription, but you will not get a refund for a partially used period. 

Tailwind will honor your cancellation for the remainder of the subscription you have already paid for.  

These are steps to cancel and stop your Tailwindapp subscriptions:

  • Locate your account settings (at the top right side of the navigation)
  • Click the account you plan to cancel
  • Click the Change plan option.
  • Then click Downgrade

How to Save Cost with YourTailwind Sign Up?

Tailwindapp sometimes will offer discounts, but not all the time.

You can save more money with Tailwind’s referral program or affiliate program. 

Also, you can get discounts and free Tailwind App usage by referring to new paid users and members of the platform. 

You will get $15 credit for every referral that upgrade, the new member you invited via your affiliate links will also get $15 credit.

The credit you earn will not expire as long as you remain a member. If you refer ten new members, you will have $150 credit in your account with Tailwind.

As soon as your referral signs up, you will get an email and see a reduction in your Tailwind App Pricing, i.e., your next bills.  

What is Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes is a makeup of like-minded individuals such as content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. 

The objective is to support one another by curating engaging content and sharing each other’s pins, usually on a common interest topic. 

Tailwind Tribes will save you a lot of work, time, and effort as Tribemates and Tribe owners in the process of the outreach of your Pinterest Marketing. 

You will keep track of mind people in your niche and help you track your Pins’ performance. 

Tailwind Tribes will track, share, and re-pins for you. 

You can create and set up your Tribe by sharing your invitation links and also share it in any of your social media accounts. 

Friends on social media can choose to join or not. 

What are people saying about the Tailwind App review and the affiliate program? Is it worth it?

How do I Join a Tribe Tailwind?

The best way to join any tribes of your niche is to search for the tripe that is suitable for your place. 

There is an option on Tailwind “ Find a Tribe”; ensure using a keyword related to your niche.

You can then choose from any provided list, and you can investigate if a tribe is suitable for you or not before you finally join.  

You can check for the type of content and the activity level of any Tailwind Tribes.

How do I Leave a Tailwind Tribe?

You can quickly leave a Tribe by locating the Tribe you like to go and find yourself in that Tribe; hover the mouse over your name (you will see “Leave Tribe Option”).

Click the Leave Tribe Option. 

Is there a Free Version of Tailwind?

You can join Tailwind and use Tailwindapp for the free trial. Also, you will get 100 free schedules slot without time limitation (i.e., you can take your time to use it). 

You can also use Tailwind Tribes for free, even if you have completed your free trial. 

The best way to save cost is to take advantage of the Tailwind affiliate program that gives you $15 credit for every referral you bring to the platform.

Ten referrals members will earn you $150 credit; that is a lot of free full usage of the Tailwind App. 

Do I Recommend Tailwindapp?

If you own a user account on Pinterest, the social media platform for commercial entities, then it is very likely that you run a business that you wish to promote to millions via the digital channel.

This can, however, be difficult to achieve due to the challenges that are encountered when using social media platforms as marketing channels.

Tailwind Tribes is definitely the most effective tool for Pinterest users as it helps improve customer reach as well as inbound traffic, which are two very important contributors to the growth of a business.

Tailwind Tribes comes highly recommended for merchants that want to facilitate an increase in sales by improving the product’s penetration capability and also bloggers that want to share their content with more people.

What Does Tailwindapp Sell or Promote?

Tailwind App isn’t a commercial platform that engages in the retail sale of a particular product.

Tailwind Tribes is a community of bloggers and active internet users that help share content and promote products.

Is Tailwindapp Legit Or Scam?

Tailwindapp is not a scam product.

Using Tailwind Tribes is definitely a smart business decision if you want to improve the reach of your business and also increase your customer base.

It can really help you achieve a lot with time if you can avoid the price and stick with it.

Driving traffics Pinterest traffic to your websites takes time.

What is Good About Tailwind App?

This tool is pretty much useful for a blogger or an influencer that wishes to reach out to a wider audience.

It helps you share relevant content to a large number of internet users with the help of the community’s vibrant members.

You are able to curate content across the web space and share it with the rest of the community.

You can queue multiple contents on your Pinterest board and share them with your followers as well as the followers of Tribes members.

What are the Issues With Tailwind App?

Its User-Interface is aesthetically lacking though its functionality remains reliable.

Who are the Tailwind App Good for?

Tailwindapp is perfect for a blogger or a business owner that wishes to garner more exposure for a blog or a product.

If you plan to take the digital marketing route to improve sales or increase inbound traffic, then joining Tailwind Tribes should certainly be one of the options that you should consider.

How to Make Money with Tailwind App?

Step 1

Sign up for Tailwind App and choose an ideal package

Step 2

Create or better still, join an existing Tribes that fits your blog or product’s niche

Step 3

Write or curate content from the internet and share it with the rest of the tribes

Step 4

Watch as members of the tribes help you share your content with their followers.

Alternative to Tailwind App?

Tailwind App is certainly the best promotion tool available on the Pinterest platform.

Its principal app also helps in automating the process of pinning content as well as sharing them with other users.

Other Apps that can make you money includes:

Public/Online Opinion of  Tailwind App?

As a digital marketing tool, Tailwindapp has indeed earned lots of praise from internet users who see it as a reliable way to reach out to more people online and promote products and services.

While most other digital marketing channels are tech-centered, Tailwindapp brings in a human element that adds more value to the marketing process.

But what are people saying in an online forum about Tailwind App review online?

What do you think? Can you make money with Tailwind App?

What does the Tailwind App do?

Tailwindapp is a Pinterest and Instagram marketing tool. 
It will help you manage your Instagram and Pinterest account more effectively and in an autorun and from a centralized account.
It saves time and helps you improve your niche reach. 

How Many Accounts Can You Have on the Tailwind App?

You need just one account to use Tailwind App. Your one account can manage hundreds of profiles. 
It would help if you simplified your marketing strategies by merging your Tailwind accounts into one. 

How Many Pins Should I Pin per day with Tailwindapp?

The maximum number of pins per day are 25. 
It is advised able to pin as often as you can, this is the only way to make money with Tailwind App. The more Pin you create, the better for your marketing strategies and results. 

Does Instagram approve Tailwind?

Yes, Tailwind is an official Partner of Instagram. You can be sure that your account is secure and safe.

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Does Tailwindapp Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Tailwind App Review? Can you make money with Tailwind App?

Is Tailwind App legitimate or a scam? Can you use it to drive quality traffics?

Do you think you can drive quality Pinterest traffics and make money with Tailwind App?

If you manage a blog that is struggling for traffic or runs a business that isn’t doing too well, then perhaps, signing up for Tailwind is your best bet of seeing the results that you want.

With a subscription package that is very affordable, it may be the difference between a failed venture and a successful business.

What do you think of my Tailwind App Review? Can you drive traffic and make money with Tailwind App?

Are you using Tailwind App? What can you say about this product? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

But before you go take a look at how you can build your own business online with your own website.

How to Use Tailwind Tribes – Video

==>Sign on to Earn $15 Gift Card

10 thoughts on “Tailwind App Review: Does TailwindApp Really Work?”

  1. Hi John

    Since I installed tailwind my Pinterest impressions dropped 75 percent. The software is slow and time-saving is questionable.

    What am I doing wrong, or is tailwind a scam?

    1. Sorry for what happen to you.
      I think your Pinterest impressions went down because your content is getting less distribution from other people.

      I mean people may not be helping you in sharing your content when it gets to their site.

      I am sure you are not just using Tailwind? This is a common question from some users. I am not an expert in using this app.



  2. Wow, this sounds great. I think it’s great for people who are bloggers to have a place to connect and share their content. I do photography and I have an account on Pinterest and I think this would help me a lot. I’m glad to see that an application like this that can be very helpful is not a scam. You definitely intrigued me.

    1. Thanks for reading my Tailwind App Review. It is all about Tailwindapp and how to make money with the app. 

      Are you on Pinterest? This Is one great tool that can help with your outreach for effective marketing of your products and services. 

      The good news is that Tailwind app pricing is great.

      Thanks again for reading my article about  Tailwindapp.



  3. Hi John

    Tailwind is great, I’ve been using it for a couple months now and have noticed that my traffic levels are continuing to rise.

    Everything said in this article is true, it’s a great platform and service.

    It’s great for building traffic levels and creating a genuine audience.

    Thanks John, for great review. You are on point.



    1. Dear Blake,

      Thanks for reading my Tailwind Tribe review. I am happy you liked it.

      I am using Taiwind Tribe you and I am getting result steadily.

      I hope you will be here again?



  4. Dear Diane,

    Tailwind is the best tool anyone can use to manage their Pinterest account.

    It helps in so many ways that I was amazed how much time it saved me and how well organized it helps me be. I couldn’t live without it.

    My system works so well and my Pinterest traffic has skyrocketed ever since using this tool plus being a part of some Tailwind Tribes.

    Great revie w John.

    I am Steven

    1. Hi Diane,

      Thanks for reading my Tailwind Tribe ( Review. You are right Tailwind Tribe has also helped me grow my followers and my website users.

      I hope you will be here again on my website?



  5. Hey there,

    I have been a blogger for a good while now but the traffic i have been getting on my site has been really terrible. Someone recommended it to me and i thought i should read a review on it first.

    Do you think there is a huge number of people interested in the makeup industry with this system to help me make more sales?

    This niche can be quite tricky and very competitive.

    1. Hi Dave, 

      Tailwind Tribe work hand in hand with both Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind Tribe will be a good traffic driver to your make up online products. The reasons is that Tailwind Tribe work with instagram and Pinterest. 

      instagram and Pinterest.  work well with womne products and with also good pictures.



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