How To Make Money On Pinterest

Can You Make Money With Pinterest?

Are you aware that Pinterest is the fastest growing website with regard to overall membership growth? These are 9 great untold tips to start making money on Pinterest, it is my earning extra income from Pinterest strategies.

These tips and leads on how to make money on Pinterest will change the way you do business on Pinterest and help your earn massive money online.

A lot of people ask this question. The answer is YES, a lot of people are making money with Pinterest.

The membership base in other social media sites grew by an average of 6%, whereas membership in Pinterest grew by an impressive 57%. I will show you a YouTube of how to make money on Pinterest towards the end of this article.

Are you also aware that Pinners love spending their money? They are not mere window shoppers. According to the results of recently conducted studies, Pinners not only spend lots of money but also buy more products/ services.

The challenge is that a lot does not know or have the tips to start making money on Pinterest. One of the studies established that whereas users of other social media sites spend about $ 40, members of Pinterest spend approximately $ 80.

There are many interesting facts about the social media platform that make it ideal for making huge amounts of money. There are billions of pins, and the possibility of each of them going viral is very high.

Pins have an extremely long lifespan and are capable of influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers. Even though pins are advertisements, most people don’t consider them as ads. Please check out our Pinterest page here.

You can later leverage your experience in Pinterest usage to become a social media manager, helping businesses in your localities make good money online,  and you can be getting paid in the process.


Importance Of Website For Effective Pinterest Usage

Making money online may be possible without a website, but it will be a tough one. For you to do well as a Pinterest user, you must have and create a website of your own.

Website creation is so very simple these days. You can even create a  free website under 30 seconds.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for either free or premium. See why you need to join this program in the last program below. It is the best-making money online training program in the world.

As long as you know how to read and hold a computer mouse. If you follow the training addictively, you will soon be turned into an authority in your niche.


Strategies For Making Money on Pinterest

Success won't just happen in life, people work success and to sustain it the strategies must be repeated continuously. Someone defines success as ” having success in succession”.

To start making money using Pinterest, you must follow these strategies:

1.) You Must Spend More Time On Pinterest

How often you pin your work or articles on the Pinterest matter, to have an impact and attract traffic on Pinterest it is recommended you pin between 5 to 10 times daily. You can be attracting 50 percent of your website traffics from Pinterest.

For you to be an expert in any adventure, you must be acquainted and pay enough attention to Pinterest. You will not only create a stunning pin but pin excellent and high-quality content and that of other people.

You must also learn to launch out to identify other create players in the same niche as you. You must spend enough time on Pinterest; the more quality time you invest in it the better for you.

If you are buoyant enough, you can even outsource the management of your Pinterest profile to take care of the daily pinning by contacting any virtual assistant of your choice.


how to make money on pinterest


2.) Choose A Great Pinterest Board

The Pinterest board must be what people are looking for, you can only get your content click if it is relevant to what people are looking for.

This depends on your niche; ensure you employ the use of keyword of the subject matter. Yes, the keyword is here too, otherwise, you will not be sighted in the pool of ocean content.

Also, use great captivating pictures for your board cover and make sure you have enough content to pin and pin regularly. An empty board is a dormant board, you can even pin other people’s content that is relevant to your niche.

Somehow you can create a group board that is the major pin that is not relevant to your niche but you really liked it.

3.) Offer Physical Products

Do you engage in the production of physical commodities and would wish to expand your market? If you do, then you should sign up for Pinterest. It provides an excellent platform for you to find a wider market for those products.

You just need to take great photographs or videos of the process of production and finished product. Additionally, you can take photos or videos of satisfied customers while they’re sharing pleasant experiences.

The photographs and videos should be uploaded to Pinterest complete with links to the products’ sales pages.

This is a very effective strategy of making money on Pinterest. This is because there’ll be an increased number of users who will like, pin and/or discuss, which will lead to a proportional increase in the volume of sales.

4 Easy Steps to Start Making Money On Pinterest | YouTube


4.) Sell Digital Products

There is a huge market for digital products in many countries across the world. It’s possible for you to make lots of money selling digital products such as webinars, mobile apps, video tutorials, downloadable software, eBooks, e-financial instruments and downloadable music.

You can also sell online casino tokens, digital subscriptions, e-tickets, online advertisements as well as Internet coupons. You can use Pinterest to effectively market these products. These are the necessary tips to start making money on Pinterest.

5.) Offer Professional Services

If your business is service-oriented, then you can use this platform to maintain professional relationships with existing clients.

The platform can also be used to meet and build relationships with prospective customers. Use Pinterest to provide valuable tips, share testimonials, motivational quotes as well as your portfolio.

Demonstrate to clients what they’ll gain by having a professional working relationship with you, rather than what you intend to gain from them.

6.) Seek Sponsorships

If you wish to make lots of money on Pinterest, why don’t you seek sponsorships from financially endowed partners?

Just find a popular niche such as health (e.g. increasing testosterone levels, removal of cellulite, managing joint pain and managing diabetes) and/or wealth niches (such as Amazon FBA, forex trading, internet marketing, making money using social media and affiliate marketing).

When you find a great niche, build an impressive audience on Pinterest and then share that content with the objective of encouraging your audience to continuously engage each other by liking, commenting and/or repining.

When you achieve this objective, the next step is to find sponsors who’re willing and able to pay you in return for promoting their brands. The sponsors can either be corporate organizations or individuals seeking publicity (e.g. aspiring politicians).


==> Can You Really Make Money With Pinterest?


7.) Engage In Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Are you aware that you can market a company’s commodities for a commission? The company will be obligated to reward you with a commission fee every time you drive a sale or lead to their website.

Pinterest offers an extremely wide market that is barely exploited. Most of its users are hungry and thirsty for resources.

Therefore, if the company introduces its offer via a trusted party such as you, it will have better prospects of reaching a wider audience.

8.) Expand Your Mailing List

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for any period of time, you’ve probably discovered that money is usually on the mailing list. It’s important to have a mailing list of everyone who’s interested in what you do.

9.) Carry Out Research On Your Audience

Do you want to start offering a certain product/ service, but you aren’t certain about the specific product/ service that will give you maximum profit?

If you are in such a dilemma, why don’t you conduct research on your Pinterest users? Go through there pins, likes and comments to find out what they like and what they dislike.

The results of such a study will help you concentrate on providing the most popular and profitable products/ services.


Wealthy Affiliate & Pinterest

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What do you think about Pinterest, are you making money with Pinterest already using any of these 9 great tips to start making money on Pinterest that will help you earn extra income from home?

Do you have an alternative opinion? Please do well to share with us below in my comment area and also if you have any questions. I will get back to you immediately, just drop your question in the comment area below.https pinterest com

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