Ebates App (ebates.com) Review: How Much Cash Back Can You Earn?

What is Ebates App About, Exactly?

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You are welcome to my Ebates App (ebates.com) Review. I am sure you are here to know how much cash back you can earn shopping online? The question are these: Can you actually make money with Ebates App? Are there other ways you can make more money on Ebates.com?

But what is Ebates App for? Ebates App is a rewards website or application which focuses on online shopping. Becoming a member of Ebates.com is free.

Ebates is the Shopping Rewards program of the Golden State Warriors, the company was founded in 1999, and it is a member of the Rakuten group of companies.

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It help shopper save more money on things they purchase on a daily basis online.

The company allows its members to earn at least 25% cash back on their online purchases while using the app.

You can buy a wide range of products since the site will enable you to access more than 1,200 online stores. The company also gives you other means of making cash like referring friends and family to join them and make purchases.

The website earns a commission every time one of its members purchase a product from one of its associated stores.

It then rewards a portion of the commission to its members to motivate them to keep shopping via the website from their related stores.

The site is apparently associated with three affiliate networks including Google Affiliate Network, Linkshare and Commission Junction.


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Do I Recommend Ebates App?

Ebates.com is a fantastic Cash Back Site? I am aware that most customers find it hard to believe in offers which sounds too good.

This is attributed to the increasing incidents of scam connected to some online sites. However, that is not the case with Ebates.com.

It is one of the legit cashback sites whose objective is to motivate their clients to continue making their purchases at some specific stores online.

I find it very interesting and highly appreciate the person who came up with that noble idea.

As a consumer, you will have to purchase a different product at some point. With Ebates.com, you get some cash back from the money you spent making purchases (25% of the money you spent).

That is such a noble offer and an excellent opportunity to earn your expenses.

If you are a rational consumer; your objective is to increase utility from the purchases you make, you should not hesitate in enjoying such offers.

When you are making your online purchases next time, you may find it essential to visit Ebates.com and reap the benefits they have tailored for people like you.

As of 2017, the company has disbursed more than $ 50 million in Cash Back rewards. This evidence that the company pays its subscribers hence you can make money via this platform too.

How to Earn Money Using Ebates | YouTube


Can You Make Money With Ebates App?

If you are wondering whether Ebates.com helps you to make money, the answer is yes? The overall amount of money that you possess is depicted in your consumption budget and your savings.

You probably want to increase your savings to improve your living standards.

Reduced consumption translates to increased savings both in the short run and in the long term. You are therefore making significant money by using Ebates.com to make your purchases. 25% of the money you use in the consumption budget will go into your savings.

It is like you made your purchases, but in the process of making the investments, you got a way to make an extra 25% of the money you spent.

Isn’t that amazing? Also, you can also increase your earnings on Ebates.com by using other mechanisms including referrals, combining coupon codes with cash back and using rewards credit cards.

What Products Does Ebates App Promote or Sell?

Ebates.com promote a range variety of goods that you may consider to purchase online?

All types of goods that you can buy from your nearest store can be obtained from the different retail outlets associated with Ebates.com.

It is, therefore, more efficient and economical to place your order online via Ebates.com website.

The Costs/Price of Using Ebates App

There are no charges for becoming a member of Ebates.com.

The only cost you will incur is the quoted price for the product you are buying excluding taxes and shipping.

Ebates Review: Is It Legit Or Scam | YouTube


Is Ebates App Legit or Scam?

Ebates.com is an ideal business opportunity that enables you to earn from your expenses and from other individuals purchases that you may refer. Different products are essential for meeting your needs and wants.

People will always purchase various commodities, and Ebates.com helps you to utilize that chance to get a portion of the profits made by their associated online stores.


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What I like Ebates App

  • There are no membership charges.
  • No limits on how much you can earn provided the purchases that are made exceed $ 5.
  • There is significant potential for you to increase your savings.

Issues with Ebates.com

  • You have to complete the process when buying a product for you to get the cash back.
  • You don’t get cash rewards for the purchases you make online without using Ebates.com website.
  • It entices you to spend a lot and earn a little from the cash backs.


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Who is Ebates App for?

Ebates.com is meant for those individuals who like to make online orders for different products?

It enables them to save a portion of their spending.


How to Make Money with Ebates App

You only need to become a member of Ebates.com and use the website to make purchases every time you are placing an online order for different goods.

When you find an offer and click “purchase now” option, Ebates.com will then credit your account with the relevant amount of cash.

When you refer another person to use Ebates.com, you will earn cash back on the first purchase that a person makes.

Rewards credit cards also enable you to increase your earnings and combining it with coupons codes and cash backs enhance your savings further.

Other Apps that can earn you online income includes:


 Get Cash Back From Amazon Using Ebates App | YouTube


Final Opinion of Ebates App

What do you think of my Ebates App (ebates.com) Review? So, how much cash back can you earn shopping online?

I believe you can now use Ebates App to start making money.  My only challenge is that how much money can you make with these Ebates App?

People only knew Ebates.com as an ideal opportunity that enables you to save money if you are purchasing a product that you need, but this article has a review that you can make more money with


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Ebates aside from normal refer and commission earned on the purchase of goods.

You are only required to visit the site and search for the store that is most suitable for you and add some dollars to your bankroll. This is even more beneficial if you frequently order goods online.

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Have you been using Ebates App (ebates.com)?  Are earning enough cash back shopping online using Ebates Apps? Kindly drop you thought in my comment area below.

Ebates.com at a Glance

Name: Ebates
Website: www.ebates.com
Price: Free
Owners: Alessandro “Sandro” Isolani and Paul Wasserman.
Overall Rank: 60%what about making money online

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  1. I have used eBates and found it was okay compared to some other similar sites. I’m just curious, how does one make back so much money every month? I mean, do you have to do a LOT of shopping and a LOT of spending?

    • Dear Ashley,

      Yes, I agree with you on Ebates. It is my favorite. The only challenge is that how much can you make seeking for reward while shopping online? This is why I am recommending my #1 Recommended Online Business. Check out that link, you can be earning over $10,000 monthly within two years.

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