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45 Top Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs About CustomInk

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You are welcome to my article about Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions.

These are all about Custom Ink fundraiser faqs, questions, and answers. These are often asked by Institutions, Agencies, Governments, Members, and Custom Ink clients often ask.


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Questions and Answers About Custom Ink FAQs
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Is Custom Ink Free?

No, Custom Ink is not free.  But, the company makes excellent and high-quality printing custom T-shirts, apparel, and promotional products online. You also get easy ordering with fast and sometimes FREE shipping. Also, you can design your logos and tweak your graphics with the Custom Ink design lab. 

Can you sell on Custom Ink?

You can only resell products created on the site if Custom Ink does not own the images used. It is generally not allowed to sell products made with the images available on the site. You can push your luck if a product is created with the image on the site by contacting the company, “i.e.”  

You must find out if it is legal to resell such products before you even attempt your idea. 

Is Custom Ink Trustworthy?

This company has a consumer rating of almost 4.4 stars from over 7,200 reviews online. This is an indication that most of their customers are okay with their production and purchase. Another evidence of Custom Ink’s trustworthiness is that the company has A+ BBB review ratings at the time of this review. 

Any company’s trustworthiness depends mostly on the customer satisfaction of how they resolve issues and disputes after transactions. 

Custom Ink mentions its excellent customer service, high-quality work, and lots of experience in custom shirt printing. 

Does Custom Ink print curse words?

No, Custom Ink will not print any design that has traces of profanity. 

Are Custom Ink Face Masks Good?

Custom Ink has comfortable with a high-quality face mask. They can also provide face masks that have adjustable ear loops.  Custom Ink’s good thing is that they do a perfect printing job and do it fast and deliver timely. 

What Are Custom Ink Payment Options?

Custom Ink has varieties of payment methods you can choose from depending on the individual and institution placing the order.

Your orders can be paid for with your credit or debit card of any brands such as Master Card, Visa, Discover, or Amex.

You can also use a purchase order (PO) or your checking account for payment, i.e., if it is approved for credit, especially for Institutions like government agencies and schools.

How does Custom Ink fundraising work?

You can sell Custom Ink t-shirt by taking donations with no inventory with Custom Ink Fundraising tools. You will design your shirt as you are raising funds. It would help if you also shared your campaign with the company. Custom Ink Fundraising will take care of the payment, customer services, and delivery. 

After all, it is done. The company will ship the shirts and fundraise to the group, charity, or designated person involved.

Does custom ink accept PayPal?

No, Custom Ink will not accept PayPay payment. 

Does Custom Ink do Hoodies?

Yes, Custom Ink will print on any Hoodies and Sweatshirts. You can choose from thousands of Custom Ink free design templates or make your hoodies, zip-hoodie, crewneck sweatshirts, fleece pullovers, and quarter-zip hoodies in the company’s design lab (one of the best). 

The above is another common Custom Ink FAQ.

How does Custom Ink Print their Shirts?

Custom Ink uses the Gold standard screen printing. Traditional screen-printing methods are employed in over 90% of the shirts printed by Custom Ink. The Custom Ink printer creates a screen (i.e., a stencil) for every design and uses that to apply thick layers of ink to the surface of the t-shirt or any item been printed. 

The latest technology is employed for the design of Custom Ink t-shirt printing. 

These are common Custom Ink questions and answers about any company that prints t-shirts online.

Can you Cancel a Custom Ink Order?

Can you cancel the custom ink order? Yes, you can cancel your order with Custom Ink. But, you have to call an inker to make the cancellation possible. You can call Custom Ink to cancel your order via this phone number 855-374-4687.

Does Custom Ink Put their Logo on Shirts?

Yes, Custom Ink inserts or prints their logo, usually on the inside of the shirt or item printed. It is not a must. You can save $0.5 per shirt if you allow the company to print their logo on the outside of your shirt. 

If you don’t like the trace of the Custom Ink logo on your shirt, just let them know before the point of the printing. 

How long does Custom Ink take to deliver?

Custom Ink will your items on or before 14 days. The standard delivery time is 14 days maximum. It is a guaranteed delivery time for any job with Custom Ink.

How do I Cancel a Custom Ink Fundraiser Account?

To cancel your fundraiser account, you must log in as an organizer. Look at the setting tap of the group order form. Use the calendar tool that can be adjusted by you either extend the deadline or close your form. You will also see a cancel link on the same page.

Can I Get Help With My Logo Design with Custom Ink?

Yes, the Service Representatives of Custom Ink can always assist you. You can call the Custom Ink Service Representatives on this phone at 1-800-293-4232. You can get through the seven working days of the week.

The Custom Ink Service Representatives can help you with the following:

  • Uploading your logo design into Design Lab
  • Help on your logo design (Expert Advice)
  • Help in deciding on the number of ink colors for your logo etc

Can I Order the Same Logo Design on Multiple Shirt Styles?

Yes, you can order the same logo design with multiple shirt styles.

All you need to do is to click the icon “Add products”; this will initiate a pop-up window that has complimentary styles to appear. 

You can then make your choice from the hand-picked products or browse through the whole catalog. 

How do I Know What my Size is on the Custom Ink Site?

Custom Ink will offer you a tool that will help you get your size t-shirt with ease.

The Custom Ink’s Sizing Line-Up is used for its products and apparel. 

The A Sizing Line-Up is a tool that shows products to real people online. 

You need to input your details such as height and weight. That will help you sort out your size with ease on Custom Ink. This is another important Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

You can make a great t-shirt logo with high quality using the Custom Ink Design Lab tools and resources. 

The Custom Ink online tools in the Design Lab make the process very simple and straightforward to do. 

You can choose many templates from that you can edit and tailor to make them unique for you. You can also use the Assisted Design wizard to give you an excellent design with a step-by-step click of your mouse. 

In case you don’t know how to go about it, you can also call on the Customer Services Reps to assist you on the way through. 

You can get the Customer Services Reps on this phone number 800-293-4232 during the working hours. 

This is another common question and answer about Custom Ink online.

How do I get Custom Ink Coupons?

It is a standard Custom Ink frequently asked question online. 

Where to Get Custom Ink Coupons? 

You can get Custom Ink coupons on the Giving Assistant’s page. You will also get great deals that can help your online ordering. The Giving Assistant browser extension is what you need to test and apply your coupon codes. 

How can I save money at Custom Ink?

Can you save money on Custom Ink orders? Yes, you can save more money at Custom Ink when you observe the following:

  • Order more items in bulk. 
  • Avoid colored garments, especially premium ones, and
  • Also, limit your number of colors printed, i.e., Choose fewer colors.
  • Look out for Custom Ink coupon codes and promo. Follow them on their medial social profile to have access to promo codes with ease. 

The above will cost you more money at Custom In.

Does Custom Ink Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, you will get free shipping but of two weeks standard delivery. This is for the US and Canadian residents only. 

How involved am I in the Custom Ink Design Process?

Many design resources will help you make up your mind on the exact thing you want at Custom Ink. You are carried along and also involve all the way through in every stage. The Custom Ink Design Lab helps you make your choice, and the professionals also are always around to help you decide. 

Many members love free shipping’s and this is one common question and answer often ask of Custom Ink.

Does Custom Ink offer anything for free?

Yes, Custom Ink has some free offerings for its customers and clients. You will get the following for free at Custom Ink:

  • Design alignment
  • Fixing size design issues,
  • Spelling errors, and 
  • Pre-printing details

Where does Custom Ink Ship?

Custom Ink has its headquarters located in Fairfax, Virginia, United States. It is almost 7 miles outside DC. The full address is: 

  • Custom Ink. Located in: Mosaic District. 2910 District Ave., Fairfax VA, 22031. Fairfax, Virginia, United States.
  • Therefore, you can conclude that Custom Ink ships from Fairfax, Virginia, United States.
  • But, Custom Ink serves their customers all over the USA and Canada from their facility in Charlottesville, Reno, and Dallas. 

Before you can know where Custom Ink ships are from, you have to know where they are located.

This is a common question and answer about Custom Ink that is often asked.

What software does Custom Ink use?

The online t-shirt design software Custom Ink is using for their printing is call Inksoft.

How much do custom ink shirts cost?

Before you can estimate the cost of Custom Ink shirts, the company will need to know three primary things about what you want:

  • A specific product and color you love to print on.
  • The number of pieces you are ordering.
  • The number of ink colors you want.

See the pricing table here

Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do you Order Multiple Designs on Custom Ink?

The Custom Ink Design Lab makes it very easy for you to include multiple designs on your Custom ink order. This is another great Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

Follow these steps to include multiple styles on your order:

  • Click your item at the left-hand corner of the design lab online. 
  • Select the button “Add another style” see it under your orders.
  • Choose style and color to include in your order via the pop-up window. 

How does Custom Ink Ship?

Custom Ink usually ships directly to the group organizer. It is the job of the group organizer to distribute the shirts to the members of the group. 

How do I Track My Custom Ink Order?

You will get the tracking email address if you choose to have the shirts delivered to you directly. The subject of the tracking email is usually “Your order has shipped!”. The sender of the email is usually from “!” 

Does Custom Ink Ship Internationally?

Custom Ink will not ship outside the USA or Canada. The only location outside the USA and Canada Custom Ink may ship to are the Fleet Post Office (FPO) or Army Post Office (APO).

Is Custom Ink a Union?

Custom Ink is a Union (ONE), i.e., Custom Ink Fundraising.

Does Custom Ink do refunds?

The Custom Ink will only treat the refund if you return the custom goods for full refunds within 15 days of your custom order delivery. Custom Ink will refund your money if:

  • There is a flaw with your order, 
  • The order you placed or created on the Custom Ink platform is different from the one supplied, or 
  • You take delivery of your order later than the day the company promised to deliver. 

Alternatively, you may return for re-ordering for the actual product order without refunds. The above is a common question and answer about Custom Ink.

How do I Delete my Custom Ink Account?

You can delete your Custom Ink account by contacting the Custom Ink support desk via this email address:

  • Just do a mail and inform them that you want your account to be deleted.
  • You can also access your details and information, update or cancel your account by contacting the same email address. 

How does Custom Ink Group Order work?

The Custom Ink Group Order Form is a tool that makes it easy for a group of people to place t-shirt orders in a fast and quick way. This tool helps Custom Ink sizes and payment from each of the participants in no time.  It is mainly used when a group of people is ordering for an occasion or an event. 

It allows a group of people to place your order together and help each participant pay separately. 

Does Custom Ink Ship to Canada?

Yes, Custom Ink will do FREE and FAST shipping to Canada. 

How Do You Make a Custom Ink Account?

How do I get started with Custom Ink?

  • The first step is to visit the Custom Ink webpage to create your account with the right email address. 
  • Start your new design by going to the Custom Ink Design Lab and create a plan. You have all the tools you need to get whatever type of logo design you want.
  • Go to your Custom Ink account, enter your email address, and upload and save your design work. 
  • The above is a common Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where do You Enter Promo Codes on Custom Ink?

To use your Custom Ink promo code, go to the order summary. Click the button “Have a voucher code?”. Then enter your Custom Ink promo code.  You will automatically apply the Custom Ink coupon promo code to your order. You can then proceed to checkout and make payment. 

Is Custom Ink Ethical?

Yes, Custom Ink support ethical practices in all ramification. 

Where are Custom Ink Shirts Made?

Custom Ink T-shirts are made in the USA. Custom Ink always use made in USA T-Shirts. 

Does Custom Ink have a Minimum Order you Can place?

The minimum order for screen printing is 6. But you can order as low as one item for Custom Ink’s most popular styles via the digital printing service. 

What is Custom Ink worth?

Custom Ink is currently estimated to have a market value of over $500m. The company has over $400 million with more than 1,700 workers in five locations. The Custom Ink estimate value is according to the Washington Post report of April 4, 2019.

Custom Ink was founded in the year 2000. 

The company’s shareholder includes Revolution Growth founded by mogul Ted Leonsis, SWaN & Legend and Fred Schaufeld. 

Can you order one shirt from Custom Ink?

Yes, you can order one Custom Ink T-Shirt. Most significantly, among the most popular styles.

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Do Custom Ink Shirts Run Small?

No, Custom Ink Shirts will not run small. They claim that the Custom Ink sizing is very generous and that it is a bit larger than standard size shirts. Custom Ink shirt is pre-shrunk, and it will not shrink in the watch. 

You must follow the Custom Ink Care Instructions while watching the t-shirts.

Who does Custom Ink ship with?

Custom Ink ships with UPS and USPS.

Conclusion: Custom Ink Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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