Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

Is Lifetime Income Report legit or scam

You are welcome to my Lifetime Income Report review. I am sure you are here to know how to make money with the Lifetime Income Report? Is Lifetime Income Report legit or scam?

Lifetime Income Report newsletter promises to deliver to you an advisory newsletter about investing in high yield stock dividends.

It is excellent you are researching if Lifetime Income Report can make its investors money. It is how to discover legitimate online business and also avoid many scamming once.

Now imagine getting newsletters that will make you money.
But, Is Lifetime Income Report legit or scam?

It is good you know that I have no affiliation with this company in any way, so expect an unbiased Lifetime Income Report review from me.

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Lifetime Income Report at a Glance

Product Name: Lifetime Income Report
Product Type: Financial Publication
Founder: Zach Scheidt / Agora Financial
Price: $99 Yearly
Rating: 10%
Recommended: No

Summary of Lifetime Income Report Review

The company is a financial advisory website for people looking to learn how to invest in stocks.
Lifetime Income Report is a publication of Agora Financial, a company flagged by the SEC for sharp practices.

Is Lifetime Income Report legit or scam? Can you make money with the Lifetime Income Report?

Lifetime Income Report is a publication that you will receive via your email address after making your subscription payment about investment and stocks.

***Trading Stocks and Forex Is a Risky Business***

If the report you receive is a manipulated one or sincere advice from a professional adviser, there is no way you can verify it at the end of the day.

You may still lose your money if you follow the lead of the Lifetime Income Report newsletter. Trusting this report is like accepting forex trading “signals” without knowing how to trade forex.

You can lose all your investment if you follow the leads of Lifetime Income Report and purchase a stock that will go bad.

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What do you think of my Lifetime Income Report review? Is Lifetime Income Report legit or scam?

What is Lifetime Income Report?

Would you want to make more money than you can ever know what to do with it? Of course, everyone wants to make money.

It is a financial advisory website for people looking to learn how to invest in stocks that yield a crazy bucket load of cash too.

Also, they claim to have an inside scoop on how you can earn $35 hourly with “backdoor rental income.”

That is if we add this to the other very bold unrealistic claims that were made by Zachery Scheidt, who is an employee of Agora Financial.

An offshoot of Agora Financial, It is a private publishing company that has its base in Baltimore, Maryland. The company has, for the past years, focused on producing financial publications.

These publications or newsletters are from Agora Financial, and the aim is to help its subscribers gather their lifetime income by collecting dividends.

Agora Inc was founded by Bill Bonner, who was also involved in Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards, another favorite newsletters service.

On the other hand, the financial chief income analyst of Agora is Zachary Scheidt with the help of Jody Chudley who acts as the contributing analyst.

The company ensures that it provides its subscribers with publications focused on educating them on the smart ways of investing in high dividends.

To do this, LIR sources for companies with the highest yields as well as the ability to sustain those yields.

These companies pay dividends to their shareholders annually or quarterly.

These dividends are either checks or money, and it’s the company’s way of sharing the profits it has made with its shareholders.

Also, the LIR throws in an extra package of teaching its subscribers the strategies and tricks on lowering taxes and finding income outside the stock markets of the United States.

How Much Does The Lifetime Income Report Cost?

The gate fee for common sense to financial liberation from an army of LIR financial advisors is an annual payment of $99.

Who is the Lifetime Income Reort For?

Lifetime Income Report system is open to everyone.

Their ads target people who want extra cash out of their Social Security benefits, senior citizens, and anyone interested in the stock market.

How to Make Money with Lifetime Income Report

According to the creators of the report, as a subscriber, you will be regularly sent advisory letters on investing in the biggest dividends payouts, reducing tax liability, as well as other income opportunities.

Your “full team of financial researchers” will from time to time equip you will inside scoop on how to own the system, essentially pulling you up from financial quagmire. These are pretty bold claims.

First, a free copy of a promotional material called The Big Book of Income is delivered to your email.

The content is pretty standard (47 secrets to striking gold and growing your income like the rich folks), but in all, I think it is a sales tool by Agora Financial to promote Lifetime Income Report.

Second, It is majorly about guiding you on investing in high-paying dividend stocks.

Stock trading is a carefully calculated gamble on buying shares in a company and hoping to God that the market holds.

A stock that gives dividends is either an annual or quarterly payment to its shareholders.

The amount you earn as dividend payments is, however, proportional to how profitable the company was after a time frame.

It is evident that the higher your investment, the bigger your paycheck.

Although there is no guarantee that you can make money from LIR, but the information in the publications can help you make informed decisions. All in all, no one can predict the market.

If you subscribe to the – reasonably affordable – newsletter, there is no real chance that the advice given to you will be profitable.

They may backfire and put the seal your financial doom.

Lifetime Income Report Support/Customer Service

Technically, LIR does not have customer service as it is based under the umbrella of The Agora Financial Customer Service.

However, there is a FAQ available on the LIR support page as well as contact information which includes a phone number (1-800-708-1020), email address ( and mailing address (808 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD, 21202 United States of America).

The Agora Financial Customer Service Department also claims to be available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.

What is Good About Lifetime Income Report Newsletter?

It’s got potential: If the information provided in the newsletter is accurate, you could make new money.

However, you need to invest substantial capital in dividend stocks if you are going to make it.

There is also a very high chance you will lose all your money. Here is why:

Issues with Lifetime Income Report

  • The High Cost of Investing

They claim that information from Lifetime Income Report is applicable by everyone notwithstanding your financial stance.

However, many of the people who subscribed to the newsletter lament that you will need at least $85,000 to invest.

  • SEC Flag

Agora Financial is reputable for shady practices and not being honest with their clients.

They also have a history of making bold claims that are a shadow of nothing.

For these reasons, they were flagged by the SEC in 2003.

How to Cancel Lifetime Income Report

There are different ways and approaches to Cancel Lifetime Income Report subscriptions. But what you need to do to remove yourself from the subscription is to click this link.

You can also cancel your Lifetime Income Report by contacting the Customer Care Center with this phone number 410-934-4330.

Days of the Week: Monday-Friday
Time: 9 AM to 8 PM

You can also do the following as a general principle:

***How to Unsubscribe to Lifetime Income Report free e-Newsletters***

You can cancel your free e-Newsletters by clicking the unsubscribe link at the daily newsletter's top and bottom.

***How to Remove Automatic Renewal Subscription***

You can cancel Lifetime Income Report automatic renewal subscriptions by mail to and contacting the customer service center via 1-800-708-1020.

Is Lifetime Income Report Legit or Scam?

Far from it, Lifetime Income Report newsletter is not a scam.

They provide information on making money legitimately, but they haven’t been entirely frank on who this information is useful to or how much is needed to make money with it.

After their stint with the SEC, I wouldn’t advise anyone to sign up for their report.

The information they give might turn the SEC on your trail sooner or later.

Is Lifetime Income Report Worth It?

While LIR is not a scam in all the technical sense of the word, it still uses hype to sell its services, Zach is always talking about having limited copies of the Big Book of Income (450 copies to be exact).

Even while claiming that the Big Book of Income is free you still have to pay $4.95 for postage fee and then a lot of person online claim that even after spending $99 for the LIR publication, you’d have to put up close to $85,000 as an investment before you can make any profit.

While it is easy to believe that a product of $99 will usher in millions for you, I do not buy into it.

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Let me know what you think about my review.

I will love to read what you think of my Lifetime Income Report review. Please take the time to use my comment area below. You can now cancel Lifetime Income Report newsletter subscription, which is a major issue before now.

6 thoughts on “Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. This is a great review. I nearly signed up for LIR but I wanted to do some research first. This is the review that convinced me to pass on it completely. Some others out there try to praise it too much or dismiss it entirely. Your approach is honest and feels like you mean it. No one deserves to get scammed, even if it is out of less than $10 a month. It adds up!

    • Dear James,

      Thanks for reading my Lifetime Income Report. I read many questions in a different forum asking about Lifetime Income Report. All you just need to do is type forum “Lifetime Income Report”

      You will be shocked about what many people are saying about this program or newsletter. There are better things to do with your money and time to read this kind of scammy report that is termed rip-off online.

      After reading my article on why you can not make money with Lifetime Income Report. Can you also conclude that Lifetime Income Report is a scam?

      I will love to know your take.



  2. Thanks for the great review of Lifetime Income Report.

    But, let me say this, I am wary of any website or service which promises lots of money with little investment, or which promises that you can “make money in your sleep”!

    Firstly, the stocks and bonds which offer the highest dividends may be risky investments.

    More than one friend lost lots of money in such schemes. Secondly, you don’t need to pay for this information.

    A visit to the local public library, a free online course or a blog can give the same information.

    People need to realize that all business investments are inherently risky, and the higher the risk, the greater the potential winnings.

    Lastly, logic will tell you that there is a finite amount of money on earth, and not everyone can become a millionaire.

    If everyone could spend $99 and become a millionaire, then we would all be millionaires (then, by definition, a million dollars would be worthless)!

    So the best route to financial security is to start your own business, without expecting millions of revenue.

    Isn’t that enough?

    So, Is the Lifetime Income Report legitimate? Do you really think it is a scam? How do I cancel my Lifetime Income Report if and when I need to opt-out?

    Please help with the two questions about the Lifetime Income Report.



    • Thanks for reading my Lifetime Income Report Review

      Serious, I appreciate your lengthy comment, it will help me rank Lifetime Income Report on page one.

      But first, what is the Lifetime Income Report? Lifetime Income Report is a newsletter published every month.

      The author and writer of Lifetime Income Report are Zachery Scheidt. He also works for Agora Financial.

      The problem with Lifetime Income Report is that it is not free. Lifetime Income Report required you to pay a subscription fee.

      The Lifetime Income Report is an informational product. Lifetime Income Report cannot make you money.

      Lifetime Income Report is the makeup of a lot of investment information that promised to offers many dividends.

      Another question you ask is about if the Lifetime Income Report is legitimate or not. I won’t say that the Lifetime Income Report is legitimate or not.

      But, the Lifetime Income Report is just an investment newsletter that is published monthly.
      I don’t see why that will be a scam. But mind you. You may not be able to make money with the Lifetime Income Report.

      Though the Lifetime Income Report investment newsletter showcases some ways to make money, I can tell you that there is more to it.

      So, how can you cancel your Lifetime Income Report subscription?

      All you need to do to cancel your Lifetime Income Report newsletter subscription is to cancel the automatic subscription, And you will not get the next monthly newsletter.

      That is how you will remove yourself from the Lifetime Income Report newsletter subscriptions.

      Thanks for reading my Lifetime Income Report review again.



  3. It’s amazing how many bad deals/programs there are out there. The offline scammers have moved online, haven’t they? This might not be a scam in the full sense of the word but since you have to invest so much money to make a profit, it clearly doesn’t work for the majority of people.

    • Thanks for reading my Life Time income Report review.

      You won’t believe that many people classified this Life Time Program income report to be a scam?

      With my article, I believe you know where I stand.

      Thanks again for reading my article on Life Time Income Report review.



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