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Is American Income Life (AIL) a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my American Income Life (AIL) review. Can you make money with American Income Life Insurance MLM jobs? Is American Income Life safe, reputable, legit, or another scam pyramid scheme?

Are there any benefits in American Income Life Insurance?


I know you are here to find out if you can make money with American Income Life Insurance as a representative. It is good you are researching this program online; this is how you discover legitimate online programs and avoid any scams.

Please know that I am not earning nor promoting AIL, so expect an unbiased and complete American Income Life review.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 26 minutes

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American Income Life Insurance at a Glance

make money with american income life scam horror stories and rip off

Name: American Income Life Insurance Company
Founder: Bernard Rapoport
Industry: Life Insurance
Headquarters: Waco, Texas.
Area of Coverage: United States, Canada & New Zealand
Year Founded: 1951
BBB Rating: A+
Products: Health & Life Insurance
Price: $490
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommendation}

Summary Review Of American Income Life

AIL is a legitimate company that sells and promotes its products and services with direct sales (Multi-Level Marketing) business model.

American Income Life Insurance is a company that provides complete life insurance coverage to its members.

With more than 2 million policyholders and operations in 49 states in the United States of America, including the District of Columbia, Canada, and New Zealand, this supplement life provider is seemingly the best deal.

They recruit sales representatives to make insurance sales for the company.

However, you will notice a red flag as soon as you start with them.

You are required to pay for the training program, which is not supposed to be if it is a legitimate job.

You will not get regular salary payments because your income and earnings will be tied to your commission.

This is why it is no for me.

You will not make money with American Income Life Insurance Company as a representative because of its business model.

The direct sales system is schemed to reward people at the top of the scheme and the owners of the company.

Mr. Jon M.Taylor confirmed this in his book, titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked” he stated clearly that 99.7% of all that join direct sales would later lose their money (i.e., The money they invested). They end up making a loss.

Do you want to make money? Start this affiliate marketing training. Level-1 of ten lessons is FREE. No credit card will be required from you.

The training changed my life, and you will thank me later for this.

What do you think of my American Income Life review? Can you make money with American Income Life (AIL) MLM jobs?

Is American Income Life (AIL) reputable, safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? What are you take?

What is American Income Life Insurance?

The AIL was established in 1951 by Bernard Rapoport with a borrowed capital of $25,000.

AIL is a subsidiary of a financial services holding company called Torchmark Corporation.

Torchmark Corporation is based in McKinney, Texa, and is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Presently, the company is one of the largest providers of life insurance to a member of the labor unions, credit unions, and other associations and is based in Waco, Texas currently.

The company has over 2 million policyholders and about $130 million in insurance product sales every year.

American Income Life Insurance has grown over the years via innovative programs, customer referrals, and an excellent compensation program.

Since it has been around for quite a while, it is easy for people to lean towards this product.

The AIL isn’t just an insurance company; it is an MLM company that offers users commissions to recruit other users as well as sell insurance packages.

This means to sell the insurance packages it employed independent contractors.

So is the insurance policy it claims to sell a smokescreen? Very likely.

So, what the company does is push its compensation model which is triggered by recruiting and offering free training to more insurance agents which makes it a pyramid scheme of Managers, hired sales agents, and the whole lot.

You can also learn more about AIL Insurance on Wikipedia here. However, the AIL has two main products:

The Whole Life Insurance

The whole life insurance provides coverage for a person throughout his entire life.

Premiums are usually constant throughout the length of this policy; it also builds cash and loans.

The Term Life Insurance

The term life insurance provides coverage for a specified period. After this specific period, policyholders will have to pay increased premiums.

In general, term life insurance is usually less expensive than whole life insurance policies.

Is American Income Life (AIL) legit, reputable, safe, or a scam and pyramid scheme? Can you make money with American Income Life MLM jobs as a representative?

What do you think of American Income Life (AIL) reviews?

Can you make money with American Income Life (AIL) MLM jobs?

What Kind of Company is American Income Life?

AIL Company is an insurance company; formally referred to as “AINC.” The company was founded in 1951 with its executive offices located in Waco, Texas. The USA since 1959.

AIL has its presence and subsidiary in 49 states, including New York and the District of Columbia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The company provides life insurance to associations, credit unions, and most labor unions in the State.

AIL provides excellent and unique opportunities for every one of its independent agents.

They are to drive products to impact the policyholders, clients, community, family, and career positively.

The company claimed to work with leaders, high achievers, and entrepreneurs’ salesmen and women that promote its various products.

American Income Life (AIL) Insurance Policy Coverages

American Income Life has several coverages according to different needs.

Listed below are life insurance products line and blankets as required by clients and customers:

Final Expenses Insurance Policy

This policy covers expense that has to do with financial difficulties experienced by family members after the passing of their loved one.

People grieve and struggle when their ward passes away. This insurance is coverage against such expenses that may be incurred during this time.

Whole Life Insurance Policy

This product provides cover for your entire life, and it is based on your premium payments.

Your premium will not increase during the whole life policy coverage period.

Cancer Protection

This policy covers medical expenses related to cancer treatment and diagnosis.

Term Life Insurance Policy

This is less expensive compared to whole life coverage. This coverage is for a limited period.

You are expected to increase your premium payment to continue the coverage after the expiration of your limited time.

Children Protection and Insurance

The insurance plan will help you protect your children or your grandchildren in the event of tragedies. AIL has different such policies:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Head Start Program

Hospital Indemnity

This policy will cover your expenses if you stay longer in the hospital which could be a result of Injury or any related illness.

Freedom of Choice Program

This AIL policy will help your beneficiary allocate a specific benefit amount to a particular funeral home after your death.

Accident & Hospital Insurance

This is an Accident and Hospital plan of the American Income Life insurance.

It covers accidental death, hospital confinement, dismemberment, and intensive care treatment if it has to do with the accident.

The owner can also receive benefits if the owner has emergency room treatment.

Terminal Illness Rider

Every one of these policyholders gets an accelerated payout of half of their policy value if:

  1. You are diagnosed and came up with a terminal illness and,
  2. If the diagnose is within a year.
american income life insurance reviews

American Income Life (AIL) Insurance MLM Jobs

What is American Income Life Jobs about?

The first impression you will get is that you are securing a real job with an excellent salary.

No, getting this job is very easy because they need you badly and it is not a real job.

On investigation, I found out that young people (mainly fresh high school graduates) are approached and pitched the sugar-coated idea of becoming a sales representative or insurance agent?

The cost of the training is $490.

Your pay and salary are based on Commission you earned from an insurance policy you sell and from a sales representative you can convert.

You will also run the day-to-day activities from your purse.

Expenses that relate to your movement to get sales lead as compared to your customers will be bored with you.

The company is not responsible for your daily activities, and you are on your own.

You must have pay to be trained to become a sales representative, and the fees are over $400.

After you must have made your payment, you will then be required to attend interviews, signing the necessary documents, and go for your training.

The training is focused on the necessary tricks you need to win and convert sales as relate to their several products and insurance policies.

What American Income Life Insurance MLM Jobs Is.

You will then realize that American Income Life MLM jobs are not real jobs.

No basic salary, you earn nothing if you do nothing.

Your earnings are the commission tied to your sales of the insurance policy and the number of sales representatives you can convert.

You are encouraged to concentrate on the conversion of a sales representative because that is where you earn more commissions.

You are referred to as an independent contractor because you only get paid a commission when you make sales. And your commission is tied to your conversions.

What do you think of my American Income Life review? Is American Income Life safe, reputable, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with American Income Life MLM jobs as a representative? Do you think otherwise?

What American Income Life Representative MLM Jobs Offered?

Securing American Income Life jobs will offer you the following opportunities and benefits:

Unlimited Opportunity

Working with AIL as an independent contractor will give you Unlimited Opportunities.

This is what the company claimed in its compensation plan.

At AIL, you determine how much you earn by how much you are ready to work.  You are in control of how much money you make with the company.

AIL has the resources and the training required for marketing and makes enough policy sales that will help you make passive income. But, can you make money with American Income Life jobs as a representative?

High-Quality Training

American Income Life claimed to equip you with high-quality training with online resources via computer and your smart devices.

This is additional training to the Agency office and the field sales coaching that you will pay for.

They claimed to have high-quality articles with step-by-step video training that provides mentorship by insurance professionals on policy product sales.

Is American Income Life (AIL) job safe, legit, reputable, or a scam and pyramid scheme?

Great Income with Renewals Opportunity

Every independent contractor of American Income Life is in control of their earnings.

The company believes that few careers at this age can give you such an opportunity as American Income Life.

AIL has a great bonus system that will reward you with thousands of dollars annually. They claimed that there is no limit to your earning opportunity with AIL.

AIL has one of the best and well-packaged compensation plans in the life insurance market. As an independent contractor of AIL, you have an opportunity to earn residual income.

American Income Life will help you get paid over and over again and every year for selling a life insurance policy.

Annual Sales Convention for Incentives & Recognition

American Income Life has a yearly sale convention in an outlandish location; where exceptional independent contractors and many sales representatives are recognized yearly.

All qualified sales representatives of AIL also have spots to invite their guests to these conventions.

You only get invited to these events only if you are goal-oriented and if you are that good with insurance sales careers.

Some of these Conventions locations have included:

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Hawaii
  3. Scottsdale, AZ
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. Caribbean Cruises
  6. Walt Disney World
  7. Atlantis Resort of Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Do American Income Life (AIL) Insurance Settle Filed Claims?

From my several searches online, AIL has a negative perception from the public.

There are many complaints online of customers that bought policies that experience poor customer service and support from the company.

american income life insurance company legit or scam pyramid scheme scam

A lot of cancellations request from customers that were not adhered to nor obeyed by the company.

Also because of the high turnover rate of staff, those sales representatives that sell policies are always nowhere to be found or located by the customers they sell to.

This is because they abandon the jobs because of a lot of stress and complaints as regards the management. Is American Income Life reputable, safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with American Income Life MLM jobs as a representative? What are the benefits of American Income Life insurance when the company is not paying claims?

What do you think of my American Income Life review?

Compensation Plan of American Income Life (AIL)

American Income Life operates a Multi-Level Marketing Structure in compensation.

As an insurance agent, your primary goal is to sell overpriced life insurance or their infamous 10-year term (which is a ticking time bomb).

The company’s compensation model is based on recruiting as many people as possible in an elaborate pyramid scheme.

You make money from your downline sales as well as your recruits.

Insurance Policy Sales Commissions Payout

As a sales representative of AIL, you only earn a commission from every sale you made. The percentage and breakdown are as shown below:

  1. 50% commission for each policy sold
  2. You get credited only the 65% of the commission earned while the remaining 35% will be held for six months ( this is to reduce the rate at which people resign from this job)

Commission Earned Via Sales Rep Referrer

Every sales representative are expected to convert more sales rep. This task is considered to weigh more critical than making insurance policy sales.

The more sales rep you refer, the more commission you‘ll take home.

The problem is this; I could not get any fact on the actual percentage of the commission earned on every referred sales representative of AIL.

How Much Do American Income (AIL) Life Insurance Agents (Representative) Make?

A typical AIL Insurance Agent earns an average annual salary of $40,000 (or $19 an hour). This is less than the average national wage in the United States of $75, 193 as of October 4th, 2019.

But in general, the take-home of a typical American Income Life Insurance Agent is between $5,500 and $110,000.

The most paid job at AIL Insurance company is the Director of Sales and Marketing that earns over $100,000 annually.

The least paid job is Assistant Manager that makes a little bit over $20,000 annually.

But what is the average salary for any life insurance agent in the US today?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary of an Insurance Sales Agent in the United States of America is roughly $50,000 (which is a little less than $25 per hour).

This is as of 2016, and it includes data from all insurance companies in the US.

Please note that the above-given figures are rough estimates as sighted on major websites. The statistics are stated for comparison purposes only.

The minimum wages differ from one region/country to another.

But do you think the American Income Life Insurance MLM job will earn you the same?

Is American Income Life safe, reputable, legit, or another pyramid scheme scam? What do you think of my review of American Income Life?

American Income Life (AIL) Insurance Customer Service/Support

American Income Life Insurance has a customer service and support system. But from the complaint online, they have horrible customer support.

Customers are allowed to reach out directly to their sales agents via phone calls or emails.

Though, the homepage contains a contact number; (800) 433-3405, and also stated that users could contact their customer care representatives from Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST.

The feedback from various customer complaints online is that the customer service at American Income Life Insurance is very terrible and not pleasant at all.

This is one of many reasons why this program is no for me; believe me, I have reviewed many of such programs, they are all the same:

What I Like About American Income Life Insurance (AIL) Representative Jobs

American Income Life Insurance Can Make You Money

As stated above, there is no salary for any sales representative of the American Income Life Insurance Company. You can only earn a commission from the sales of insurance policies and referrer of the new sales rep.

This can be a tough one for you if you don’t have a sales characteristic. But if you have the determination and determination that it deserves you will make big money with American Income Life Insurance.

You will continue to make money with a 50% commission of every sale and every premium except the policyholder cancel.

Strong Financial Ratings

American Income Life Insurance has been known to have a robust financial rank over the years. This is one area other insurance companies fall short of.

The company started in 1951 on a borrowed capital of $25,000 but now covers over 2 million people, with about $130 million in insurance product sales every year.

Considering the following ratings, you may find it safe to buy a policy hoping that they are will be around for a long while.

The ratings are:

  1. A.M. Best (A+)
  2. Fitch (A+)
  3. Standard & Poor’s (AA-)
  4. Comdex (92)


Sound and Reliable Customer Base

It is no news that the AIL insurance company started much smaller than most of the other insurance companies available.

Irrespective of this fact, the company has grown to a very high height, having more than two million policyholders in the United States of American and also in Canada.

When you put into consideration the fact that it has $59 billion of life insurance, you get a company that has a stable and reliable customer base.

The company knows what customers want and gives it to them.

For example, instead of selling whole life insurance, the company decides to set up term life policies, which is now very popular.

American Income Life Insurance (AIL) Complaints.

AIL Insurance Is Not A Great Place to Work

Is AIL is a great place to work? With so many testimonials online. The is not the right place to work. The company has a very high turnover of staff because they were employed as a sales representative not knowing that the job is not a real job but Multi-Level Marketing. People resign with ease in AIL Insurance. See below comments:

You’II Incur a Lot of Sales Expense

AIL will make you bear all the necessary expenses to make sales.

Fueling for your car, Feedings, Training, Accommodations, and every needed expense to succeed.

And In the end, there is no salary for you; your salary is the commission earned (50% of the premium paid) from your policy sales proceed and sales representative you referred to the company.

is american income life (AIL) legit or another pyramid scheme scam

AIL Insurance is a Non-Participating Life Insurance Company

When looking to purchase a life insurance policy, it is safer and better to avoid non-participating insurance companies like AIL.

Although they offer a 4.5% guarantee rate they do not offer dividends at all, many other insurance companies offer both dividends and a guaranteed price.

With dividends, your policy will grow faster every year. This alone is one reason why AIL isn’t a good policy choice; it is better to choose a participating company.

Pressuring Clients to Purchase Other Policies

This has been a real issue with AIL.

There have been several instances of customers complaining of how they were pressured into buying a policy they didn’t want to purchase, and how it has been impossible to get the insurance company to cancel the policy.

Terrible Customer Service

The customer is king, and so they are always right. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the AIL.

There have been a series of complaints online about the undesirable behaviors of the company’s sales agents.

Some customers claim that it takes forever to get in touch with a representative of the company when they have questions or need to cancel a policy.

The company seems to be unmoved by this complaint, forgetting that it takes only a few negative online reviews to paint a bad picture of a company.

American Income Life Benefits

Note that some of these AIL benefits may be subsidiaries. You can get clarification from HR within your subsidiary.

Below are various benefits of American Income Life Benefits.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

This is a pre-tax Health Spending Account that is for people that subscribe to the deductible Plan. 

This is an American Income Life Benefits that help you pay for health care expenses; that are not covered or excluded by your medical plan.  

These American Income Life Benefits include co-pays and deductibles. 

The participation for this American Income Life Benefits is based on selection and calendar year basis. 

It is available to all qualified individuals on the first of every month that follows the 30 days of service.

Education Assistance 

This is my favorite American Income Life Benefits. 

Education Assistance helps any company help its employees who have an aspiration to further their education to better their careers.

This American Income Life Benefits will fund every expense that is incurred by any employee in this category. 

The funds are channel towards an approved institution only.  

Also, both International Claim Association – ICA and the Fellow, Life Management Institute – FLMI are offered to the employees after six months of service. 

This education in American Income Life Benefits is at no cost to the employee. 

Flexible Spending Accounts – FSA

The FSA is another excellent American Income Life Benefits.

This benefit is of two-part, i.e., Dependent Care Accounts and Health Care.

The two accounts will help the employees arrange and set aside a part of their earnings (pre-tax). This is to help them take care of those expenses that are dependent care. 

The qualification for this American Income Life Benefits is based on selecting qualified employees every calendar year. 

It is available to all staff on the first month that precedes their completion of 30 days of work. 

Savings and Investment Plan – 401K.

The 401K American Income Life Benefits plan is available to all employees from the day of inception. 

Fitness Reimbursement 

You will get up to 100% compensation due every month for these American Income Life Benefits.

Group Life and Long-Term Disability 

A qualified employee for this benefit may decide to go for this AIL benefits the first of the month after the 30 days at work. 

American Income Life Benefits is long-term disability coverage. 

Vacation and Paid Holidays 

You will be eligible for a vacation after your six months of services; the company will give you an additional eight paid holidays. 

American Income Life (AIL) BBB Reviews Rating Is A+

American Income Life (AIL) Insurance is safe, legit, reputable, and has a BBB reviews ratings of A+ despite negative reports all over the internet.

The BBB or Better Business Bureau ratings are A+ despite a list of over 200 customer complaints and resolution of less than 50% (I don’t know why the BBB ratings of American Income Life is A+).

The major complaint focuses on customer services and refusal to cancel policies as requested by the policyholders:

american income life insurance company review

What do you think of the American Income Life positive BBB review rating with many complaints about this company?

Is American Income Life (AIL) legit, safe, reputable, or another scam and a pyramid scheme insurance company?

Is American Income Life (AIL) Insurance a Pyramid Scheme?

American Income Life (AIL) Insurance is reputable, legit, safe, and not a Pyramid scheme scam. 

AIL is a multi-level marketing company that employs a direct sales business model. 

The challenge with MLM companies is that people mistake them for a pyramid scheme scam.

Why is that? Because 99.7% of MLM members of any company lose their money, only very few people make money with MLM companies.

Findings show that only 0.3% of MLM members will make money, and these are the owners, the special investors, and those members at the top of the compensation plans. 

Why is American Income Life Insurance, not a pyramid scheme? 

The company has products and services that members are selling. 

A pyramid scheme is an illegal business opportunity, and it is a crime in many countries, including the USA. 

Still, the company is into the promotion of various insurance schemes and products for households. 

There is no risk in joining AIL. If you don’t make sales, you will not make money. 

Therefore, American Income Life Insurance (AIL) is legit, reputable, safe, and not a scam pyramid scheme. Can you make money with American Income Life (AIL) Insurance MLM American Income Life Insurance jobs?

What do you think of my American Income Life (AIL) reviews?

Is American Income Life (AIL) Insurance Legit or a Scam?

American Income Life is entirely reputable, legit, safe, and not a scam pyramid scheme. It is an MLM and a direct sales company. The only issue is the direct sales business model that rewards the owners, notable investors, and people at the top of the compensation plan. 99.7% of people that join MLM will lose their money.

American Income Life is a legitimate business and not a scam, but I still don’t buy into the program. It has so many complaints about its training and compensation systems.

Equally for you to make profits from MLM companies such as this, you will need to have a good talent for recruiting people and also lying through your teeth.

AIL practices MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structures; that are not mentioned on their sales page.

They will never reveal to you on the job advert placements.

make money with american income life (ail) insurance MLM jobs

They also have a high turnover rate in terms of staff resignations.

Despite making people pay before getting this job and putting their employees through a difficult time before they can earn is enough to make anyone dump this job.

You will also bear all your expenses to make sales, unlike other sales companies that will give you a transportation allowance or vehicle for that matter.

AIL will not support your effort in terms of the expense you bear to make sales. Can you make money with American Income Life Insurance representative jobs?

Is American Income Life Insurance Reputable?

Yes, American Income Life Insurance is reputable, safe, legit, and not a pyramid scheme scam. The company is into the distribution and selling of various life insurance products and services. The company has been label many with scams, with many people calling them American Income Life Rip Off. You can read many of these American Income Life Horror Stories online.

There are so many company consumers and agents that are not happy.

This is major because the company is an MLM company, and research and investigation have shown that 99.7% of MLM members of any direct sales company will lose their money.

Please read Mr. Jon M Taylor’s report about over 600 MLM companies of years of research that he titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.” What is your take about how reputable American Income Life (AIL) Insurance has become with over 99% of the gents not making money?

AIL Frequently Asked Insurance – FAQs

Who owns American Income Life?

Globe Life is the owner of the American Income Life Insurance Company. Learn more about Globe Life on Wikipedia. 

Can I Borrow Money from my American Income Life Insurance?

Yes and No. You can only borrow towards a whole life insurance policy.  Policy loans are only borrowed against death benefits. Many insurance companies will use the system as a fallback or collateral for any loan. Taken money against your life insurance policy can be a fast way of getting cash when it is required. 

What kind of company is American Income Life?

American Income Life is a subsidiary of Globe Life inc. Globe Life Inc is an S&P 500 Company that sells and distributes supplemental health and life insurance to many middles’ income families via its affiliated companies across the 49 states, District of Columbia in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand

Who is the CEO of American Income Life?

The CEO of the American Income Life insurance is Steven K. Greer (From 1st of Jan 2018 to date). Please read more about Steven K. Greer on LinkedIn.

Is American Income Life in all 50 states?

American Income Life i.e. AIL was established in 1959. The company is its headquarters located in Waco, Texa.  AIL is licensed to practice in 49 states of the USA, District of Columbia, and also present in both Canada and New Zealand. 

Is American Income Life Commission only?

AIL is strictly base on commission. You earn every money from your sales of insurance policy you sold or transaction by your downlines. Things get to change, and you get to the management level where you start building your renewals and make money with American Income Life representative jobs and commission. 

Does the AIL Drug Test?

Is there a drug screen test for AIL agents? No. AIL does not drug test. However, you must be a licensed career and pass the needed examination before selling the company products and services. You are to pass a background check.

what are good side hustles

Is AIL an Excellent Company to Work for?

Yes, the American Income Life Insurance Company is real, legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme. The AIL was BBB accredited since 12/31/1951. The AIL also has a BBB review rating of A+. Below is the physical address of the business location of the company: 3700 S Stonebridge Dr. McKinney, TX 75070-5934. Phone No: (800) 433-3405.

Though you will read many horror stories about American Income Life rips off. This is because the company is using the MLM business models.

Most agents are not making money, which leads to many name callings.

What is ALTIG?

ALTIG is the largest company in the distribution and sales of AIL products and services via its many agents across the state. They distribute and provide insurance program services and supplemental benefits to various companies, including labor unions, associations, credit unions, and private companies. 

What is AIL Plus?

AIL Plus program gives members some good discounts on the following health challenges: 

  • Chiropractic care
  • Diabetic supplies,
  • Telemedicine
  • Prescriptions
  • Vision care and supplies, and 
  • Dental care

Does AIL Pay for Training?

No. AIL will not pay for your training.  But there are also other great training opportunities you will get as soon as you as admitted as an agent.

How I Make Money With This Website

I am making money with the Website as an affiliate marketer.

I review MMO (Make Money Online) programs and point out if it is good or bad, in my opinion, to my audience and let them decide if that is what they want or not.

Affiliate Marketing is reward-based marketing, in which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing and selling another company or person’s products.

You need to promote any product of your choice write about it on your site, rank for it, and get people that like the product to your Website and make them buy it. This is how I earn with this site.

The good thing is that you also can learn how to make money and start promoting anything you want. Many people are making a killing doing this job.

I knew people making over $5,000, $10,000, and even $30,000 monthly doing this.

You can learn this, and it is FREE to join. Learn from the best affiliate marketing training in the world.

Is American Income Life Insurance Worth It?

Thanks for reading my American Income Life review. Can you make money with American Income Life MLM representative jobs?

Is American Income Life legit, safe, reputable, or another pyramid scheme scam?

For me, AIL may have a great sales page, but its training may not get you the kind of money that you want.

Since it’s an MLM, the managers at the top earn more so you might end up desperately trying to con people to join the program.

However, if you are not looking for a way to make legit and passive income without cutting roads, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

I have successfully created a four-figure passive income every month from Wealthy Affiliate, an Internet Marketing Training system that will equip you with the latest techniques in affiliate marketing as well as enable you to learn how to make money.

What do you think of my American Income Life review? Do you think you can make money with American Income Life MLM representative jobs?

Or, do you think that American Income Life is a scam and pyramid scheme or a legitimate business opportunity?

Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment area below.

I will love to hear what you think.

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14 thoughts on “Is American Income Life (AIL) a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. John,

    I just started with American Income Life. I have not paid anyone these fees you are posting to the public. I paid for my own training to left licensed by the state of Mississippi through a legitimate online training course called Xcell Solutions.

    It only cost me $49 through my State Agent that I’m not working for. That is a great savings in my opinion for 40 hours of online course work!!!

    I paid $53 to take the Mississippi’s state insurance licensing exam and I passed the 1st time. It’s my license and I can work with any agent or any insurance company in the state.

    I am currently in class learning about the company and the insurance programs that American Income Life offers.

    I have a great group of trainers that are taking me out into the field and are helping me learn the ropes to helping people get the best insurance for them.

    You mentioned that we have to bring in other agents to make money. That simply is not the case. No one has pressured me to do anything like that.

    I have met several policy owners that have been very happy with their policies and relationship with AIL. If fact, I met a man today that has been a policy owner since 1998. He told me his entire family is with American Income Life.

    He lost the sight in one of his eyes and his AD&D benifits paid out quickly to him. I signed his youngest daughter up for coverage after meeting with him.

    I’m not a kid either. I have a Masters Degree and have been a high school and college teacher for 27 years. If this was a scam or anything close to that I would have noticed that by now.

    What I have found is a very energetic staff that supports its agents.

    Their training regime is exceptional! They give you the tools to be highly successful. We are not trying to scam policy owners. The benifits are genuine.

    You complain about AIL being rated A+ but they don’t just hand that rating to every company out there!

    I believe you should let this go and stop trying to hurt a business that is in the business of helping people. Otherwise you are just throwing stones!!!

    1. Dear SCP,

      Thank you for visiting my website and reading my American Income Life Insurance review.

      I decided to take up this article because of many questions online, and most famous of those questions is this very one:

      Is American Income Life Insurance legitimate?

      Please know that American Income Life Insurance is legitimate, and it is not a scam.

      Though my review of American Income Life Insurance is not a completely positive one.

      The American Income Life Insurance has been around for years, in fact, over 64 years.

      The problem with the American Income Life Insurance is that it is a terrible choice for any insurance buyer that wants to purchase whole life insurance.

      Why was that? American Income Life is not a participating company in whole life insurance, and your money will be a push to somewhere else.

      So why do you now join American Income Life? There are so many excellent insurance companies with whole life and many great insurance products with excellent customer service.

      Let me answer an attempt to take you on about the cost of American Income Life. If you are to enjoy all the benefits of American Income Life insurance and work with this insurance company with full payment, you must cough out the amount stated on my site i.e., $490.

      You have already spent over $102 for an incomplete training via your agent and to secure an insurance licensing exam.

      The amount you paid to the agent was for what? And you claimed you are not working for him? The $49 you paid him was for what?

      Your decision to take your training with another insurance academy company is your choice but will not earn you a company member of the American Income Life company.

      People may not pressure you to bring money or convert anyone. But you can only make good money as an American Income Life insurance agent if you turn to talk to people you know to become an agent.

      You may not know this, but it is the truth. Your agent will continue to earn from every penny you made via American Income Life insurance because the American Income Life insurance company is an MLM company.

      It is essential you also know that the cost of joining American Income Life as an agent or distributor has nothing to do with customers that buy the policy.

      You may not need to buy the policy before you become an agent of American Income Life insurance company.

      The cost of $490 was not directed to people that buy the policy but to policy sellers and agents i.e., American Income Life Insurance contractor or

      Other questions that people are also asking are:

      What does American Income Life do?
      Is American Income Life an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?
      How much do American Income Life Insurance Agents Make?
      Who is the owner of American Income Life? Etc.

      What do you think? Please know that I am not out to bring down the American Income Life insurance company; instead, I am trying to help my audience with facts.

      For every agent that loves to join the American Income Life Insurance company as an insurance salesman and woman, you must pay for the training, and you can only participate via other agents.

      Do you have any other issue or other complaint?


  2. John,
    This was a very informative article. Thank you.
    You hit the nail on the head when you say people will do well at this job if they are a strong sales person and are good liars. I learned more about the different policies by reading this article then I did with the sales reps I sat down with a couple of weeks ago. They contradicted themselves on more than one occasion during the watered down sales pitch. Saw right through them. Very interesting piece about their ultimate goal of recruiting more sales people.

    1. Dear Rose,

      Thanks a lot for reading my article about the review of American Income Life.

      I am so happy that I am adding value to my audience. Many people in my forum are asking a lot of questions about American Income Life. Such questions as following:

      About the American Income Life Benefits, Is American Income Life Insurance Company a Pyramid Scheme, and American Income Life, etc.

      But I am happy that I did a little work in coming with some great information about American Income Life script.

      But did you later sign up for the membership of American Income Life? If you have not, I am offering you an opportunity to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn to become a blogger reviewing MLM products or promoting your MLM programs and ranking them organically in Google.

      With that, you won’t need to be chasing people to sign up to any program. But Google will be driving them to your site That is the way to market MLM products and program in the 21st century.

      Thanks again for your visit. I hope you will visit again?



  3. I just had an interview with AIL and was planning on starting Monday.

    I’ve already been hired by another insurance company, Another place where I had to pay for the training or course online, had to pay for the test to take to become an authorized insurance agent, yet this company made you pay for the leads, and there was no office or any support, it was all done online.

    So, to me this sounded like a great deal, you didn’t have to pay for leads, and from what I was told you didn’t pay for the training, but you did have to pay I believe it was 145 dollars or so for the online training, and the test.

    Actually, he may have given me a figure of what you have reported here of 400 something total, but at least you don’t have to pay for the leads and there was an actual office, where someone was going to actually take me out in the field and “train” me, which was not at all what I was getting at Symmetry Financial, now there you were truly on your own and everything you did you had to pay for out of your own pocket.

    To me, it still seems legit. I mean what other business are you going to be able to start on your own and not have to incur expenses? The insurance business is one of the most regulated and longstanding in the country.

    I don’t understand how you can claim it is an MLM scam when I have seen MLM scam’s and you don’t make any money, you are basically paying to get other people to pay the company. That is not the case with AIL.

    You even noted in your report that they have great compensation. I expect to get paid to do nothing, so I can understand why you aren’t paid for training.

    It gives people who would not otherwise have the opportunity b/c it’s all in who you know and now what you know. It seems that AIL is what you know, and takes the who out of it.

    I was very discouraged when reading this, but I have another company to compare them to. Just my thoughts, I appreciate you putting out your opinion.

    1. Dear John,

      Thanks for reading my American Income Life Insurance review. And for your long comments. I really appreciate your visit my site. I hope you will visit again?



  4. Seems like an interesting company, I’ve been aware of insurance agencies that offer to bring people into the company, but having to pay $500 for training to get no salary is somewhat crazy.

    I think they’re going a little out of the line to do this; however, it clears everyone out who is not serious about the opportunity.

    Have they always charged this much or just recently?

    Regards Angelia

    1. Dear Angelia,

      Thanks for reading my American Income Life review.

      Yes, this company will require you to pay $500 to attend this training. And it is a prerequisite to getting the sales job.

      It is also an MLM company; my major problem with the American Income Life is not the amount you will pay but your earnings that will be tied to the number of people you recruit to become a sales agent.

      What I don’t understand is why people will even join this kind of organization in the first place. Is it because of lack of information or what?

      Despite all the information in the public domain on the internet; I can not imagine why someone will pay for $500 to get an MLM job?

      What do you think?



  5. It’s very strange that they have an A+ considering the many unsolved complains.

    This company has some very strong benefits but there are also some questions that need answers.

    Right now, I’m not that inclined to work with them – too many bad reviews.

    1. Dear Eric,

      Thanks for reading my American Income Life review.

      I can confirm to you that the American Income Life disadvantage is more than the advantages. One of many of them is that all your work-related expenses must be taken care of by you.

      Your earnings are fully determined by your capacity for conversion and sales.

      It is also not a great place to work because of the pressure to make sales and convert sales consultant.

      I agree with you, I don’t pray to work with them either.



  6. Dear John,

    There was a time when MLM programs got a lot of popularity.

    However, with so many new money earning opportunities and avenues coming up these days, MLM programs have lost their popularity.

    Most of them definitely look like they are scam programs!



    1. Dear Rosies,

      Thank for reading my article on American Income Life Scam.

      I have reviewed over 400 online programs and I can confirm to you that most MLM program is a scam.

      You can easily identify them most especially when they are not adding value to their members rather what they do is to earn from the money the new members are paying to subscribe to become a member of such MLM.

      I did a write up why all MLM program is a scam. Though there is some MLM program that is really adding value to their members definitely we have my junk MLM out there.

      What do you think?



  7. Dear John,
    I thought that if a company was that involved in the economy, it’d be safe to take a job with them.

    This sounds terrible! What other options do you suggest?

    Do they have any regulatory approval in place?



    1. Dear Mari,
      Thanks for reading my American Life insurance review.

      The problem with the American Life Insurance is the MLM structure they employed to run this insurance company.

      Most of the MLM run program always do not submit tobregulstorie body of various companies.

      They usually know that they are not qualified to run those program in their chosen countries.

      Most countries are not in support of MLM programs.

      Thanks again for taken time to drop your comment.



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