Is American Income Life a Scam or Real Sales Jobs Opportunity?

You are welcome to my American Income Life review.

I am sure you are here because you want to know if American Income Life is a Scam or a real job opportunity that can make you money.

This article is all about why I am not recommending the American Income Life program to any job seekers or anyone for that matter.

American Income Life is an MLM program disguised to be offering you job opportunities; you will not discover this in their job placement adverts.

You will only be hired at the end of the day as an independent contractor.

American Income Life will be required and demand you to pay for their training program.

How will you pay for training to function for any job?

Any good and legitimate jobs will not demand money from you as an employee or an applicant before you can start working.

This is why we will be reviewing American Income Life Insurance to unravel this insurance product.

What American Income Life is all about? Is it legal and does it worth your time and your hard earned money?

Join me as we carefully unwrap this product, to see what it indeed contains and entails.


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American Income Life Insurance at a Glance

american income life scam fraudWebsite:

Name: American Income Life Insurance Company

Founder: Bernard Rapoport

Price: $490

Rating: 25%

Recommended: No


Summary of Review

American Income Life is a legitimate company with a sales job opportunity. But, will this sales job opportunity worth your time and money? Can you make money with American Income Life?

American Income Life Insurance Company is a company that provides whole life insurance coverage to its users.

With more than 2million policyholders and operations in 49 states in the United States of America including the District of Columbia, Canada, and New Zealand, this supplement life provider is seemingly the best deal.

They recruit sales representatives to make insurance sales for the company.

However, you will notice a red flag as soon as you start with them. You are required to pay for the training program which is not supposed to be if it is a legitimate job.

Income Life Insurance is a Multi-Level Marketing job opportunity and not sales representative as advertised on their website.

You will not get regular salary payment because your income and earnings will be tied to your commission.

You will be made to recruit for sales representative and also make insurance sales, but more income is tied to hiring as many sales representative as possible.


What is American Income Life Insurance About Exactly?

The American Income Life Insurance company was established in 1951 by Bernard Rapoport with a borrowed capital of $25,000.

Presently, the company is one of the largest providers of life insurance to a member of the labor unions, credit unions, and other association and is based in Waco, Texas currently.

The company has over 2 million policyholders and about $130 million in insurance product sales every year.

American Income Life Insurance has grown over the years via innovative programs, customer referrals, and an excellent compensation program. Since it has been around for quite a while, it is easy for people to lean towards this product.

The AIL isn't just an insurance company; it is an MLM company that offers users commissions to recruit other users as well as sell insurance packages.

This means to sell the insurance packages it employed independent contractors.

So is the insurance policy it claims to sell a smoke screen? Very likely.

So, what the company does is push its compensation model which is triggered by recruiting and offering free training to more insurance agents which makes it a pyramid scheme of Managers, hired sales agents and the whole lot.

However, the American Income Life Insurance Company has two main products:

  • The Whole Life Insurance

The whole life insurance provides coverage for a person throughout his entire life.

Premiums are usually constant throughout the length of this policy; it also builds cash and loans.

  • The Term Life Insurance

The term life insurance provides coverage for a specified period. After this specific period, policyholders will have to pay increased premiums.

In general, term life insurance usually less expensive whole life insurance policies.

American Income Life Insurance Policy Coverages

American Income Life has several coverages according to different needs.

Listed below are selected life insurance products line and blankets as required by clients and customers:

Final Expenses Insurance Policy

This policy covers expense that has to do with financial difficulties experienced by family members after the passing of their loved one.

People grieve and struggle when their ward pass away. This insurance is coverage against such expense that may be incurred during this time.

Whole Life Insurance Policy

This product provides cover for your entire life, and it is based on your premium payments.

Your premium will not increase during the whole life policy coverage period.

Cancer Protection

This policy covers medical expense as related to cancer treatment and diagnosis.

Term Life Insurance Policy

This is less expensive compared to whole life coverage. This coverage is for a limited period.

You are expected to increase your premium payment to continue the coverage after the expiration of your limited time.

Children Protection and Insurance

The insurance plan will help you protect your children or your grandchildren in the events of tragedies. American Income Life insurance has different of such policies:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Head Start Program

Hospital Indemnity

This policy will cover your expenses as if you stay longer in the hospital which could be as a result of Injury or any related illness.

Freedom of Choice Program

This American Income Life insurance policy will help your beneficiary allocate a specific benefit amount to a particular funeral home after your death.

Accident & Hospital Insurance

This is an Accident and Hospital plan of the American Income Life insurance.

It covers accidental death, hospital confinement, dismemberment, and intensive care treatment if it has to do with the accident.

The owner can also receive benefits if the owner has emergency room treatment.

Terminal Illness Rider

Every of this policyholder gets an accelerated payout of half of their policy value if:

  1. You are diagnosed and came up with a terminal illness and,
  2. If the diagnose is within a year.


American Income Life Sales Representative Jobs

The first impression you will get is that you are securing a real job with an excellent salary. No, getting this job is very easy because they need you badly and it is not a real job.

On investigation, I found out that young people (mainly fresh high school graduates) are approached and pitched the sugar-coated idea of becoming a sales representative or insurance agent?

The cost of the training is $490.

Your pay and salary are based on Commission you earned from insurance policy you sell and from sales representative you can convert.

You will also run the day to day activities from your purse. Expenses that relate to your movement to get sales lead as compared to your customers will be bored with you.

The company is not responsible for your daily activities, and you are on your own.

You must have to pay to be trained to become a sales representative, and the fees are over $400. After you must have made your payment, you will then be required to attend interviews, signing necessary documents and go for your training.

The training is focused on the necessary tricks you need to win and convert sales as relate to their several products and insurance policies.

american income for life scam

american income life insurance company scam

You will then realize that Sale representative at American Income Life is not a real job. No basic salary, you earn nothing if you do nothing. Your earnings are the commission tied to your sales of the insurance policy and the number of sales representative you can convert.

You are encouraged to concentrate on the conversion of a sales representative because that is where you earn more commissions.

You are referred to as an independent contractor because you only get paid a commission when you make sales. And your commission is tied to your conversions.


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Do American Income Life Insurance Settle Filed Claims?

From my several searches online, American Income Life has a negative perception from the public.

There are many complaints online of customers that bought policies that experience poor customer service and support from the company.

american income life insurance scam

A lot of cancellations request from customers that were not adhered nor obeyed by the company.

Also because of the high turn over rate of staff, those sales representatives that sell policies are always nowhere to be found or located by the customers they sell to.

This is because they abandon the jobs because of a lot of stress and complaint as regards the management.

Compensation Plan of American Income Life

American Income Life operates a Multi-Level Marketing Structure in compensation. As an insurance agent, your primary goal is to sell overpriced life insurance or their infamous 10-year term (which is a ticking time bomb).

The company’s compensation model is based on recruiting as many people as possible in an elaborate pyramid scheme. You make money from your downline sales as well as their recruits.

  • Insurance Policy Sales Commissions Payout

As a sales representative of American Income Life. You only earn a commission from every sale you made. The percentage and breakdown are as shown below:

  1. 50% commission for each policy sold
  2. You get credited only the 65% of the commission earned while the remaining 35% will be held for six months ( this is to reduce the rate at which people resign from this job)
  • Commission Earned Via Sales Rep Referrer

Every sales representative are expected to convert more sales rep. This task is considered to weigh more critical than making insurance policy sales.

It is said that the more sales rep you refer, the more commission you ‘ll take home.

The problem is this; I could not get any fact on the actual percentage of the commission earned on every referred sales representative of American Income Life.

American Income Life Insurance Customer Service/Support

American Income Life Insurance has a customer service and support system. But from the complaint online, they have horrible customer support.

Customers are allowed to reach out directly to their sales agent via phone calls or emails.

Though, the homepage contains a contact number; (800) 433-3405 and also stated that users could contact their customer care representatives from Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST.

The feedback from various customer complaint online is that the customer service at American Income Life Insurance is very terrible and not pleasant at all.

This is one of many reasons why this program is no for me; believe me, I have reviewed many of such programs, they are all the same:


What is Good About American Income Life Insurance Company?

Positive BBB And Financial Ratings

American Income Life Insurance has great ratings despite negative report all over the internet.

The BBB or Better Business Bureau ratings are A+ despite a list of over 200 customer complaint and resolution of less than 50% (I don’t know why the BBB ratings of American Income Life is A+).

The major complaint focuses on customer services and refusal to cancel policies as requested by the policyholders:


american income life insurance company review


 American Income Life Insurance Can Make You Money

As stated above, there is no salary for any sales representative of the American Income Life Insurance Company. You can only earn a commission from the sales of insurance policies and referrer of the new sales rep.

This can be a tough one for you if you don’t have a sales characteristic. But if you have determination and determination that it deserves you will make big money with American Income Life Insurance.

You will continue to make money with 50% commission of every sale and every premium except the policyholder cancel.

Strong Financial Ratings

American Income Life Insurance has been known to have a robust financial rank over the years. This is one area other insurance companies fall short of.

The company started in 1951 on a borrowed capital of $25,000 but now covers over 2 million people, with about $130 million in insurance product sales every year.

Considering the following ratings, you may find it safe to buy a policy hoping that they are will be around for a long while.

The ratings are:

  • A.M. Best (A+)
  • Fitch (A+)
  • Standard & Poor's (AA-)
  • Comdex (92)

Sound and Reliable Customer Base

It is no news that the American Income Life insurance company started much smaller than most of the other insurance companies available.

Irrespective of this fact, the company has grown to a very high height, having more than two million policyholders in the United States of American and also in Canada.

When you put into consideration the fact that it has $59 billion of life insurance, you get a company that has a stable and reliable customer base. The company knows what customers want and gives it to them.

For example, instead of selling whole life insurance, the company decides to set up term life policies, which is now very popular.


Issues with American Income Life Insurance Company?

Not A Great Place to Work

With so many testimonials online. American Income Life Insurance is not a right place to work.

The company has a very high turnover of staff because they were employed as a sale representative not knowing that the job is not a real job but Multi-Level Marketing.

People resign with ease in American Income Life Insurance. See below comments:

american income life scam bbb

Read Robbin D.‘s review of American Income Life Insurance Company on Yelp

You'II Incur A Lot of Sales Expense

American Income Life Insurance Company will make you bear all the necessary expense to make sales.

Fueling for your car, Feedings, Training, Accommodations, and every needed expense to succeed.

And at the end there is no salary for you; your salary is commission earned (50% of premium paid) from your policy sales proceed and sales representative you referred to the company.

is american income life a scam

AIL Insurance is a Non-Participating Life Insurance Company

When looking to purchase a life insurance policy, it is safer and better to avoid non-participating insurance company like AIL.

Although they offer a 4.5% guarantee rate they do not offer dividends at all, many other insurance companies offer both dividends and a guaranteed price.

With dividends, your policy will grow faster every year. This alone is one reason why AIL isn't a good policy choice; it is better to choose a participating company.

Pressuring Clients to Purchase Other Policies

This has been a real issue with American Income Life Insurance Company.

There have been several instances of customers complaining of how they were pressured into buying a policy they didn’t want to purchase, and how it has been impossible to get the insurance company to cancel the policy.

Terrible Customer Service

The customer is king, and so they are always right. This doesn't seem to be the case with the American Income Life Insurance Company.

There have been a series of complaints online about the undesirable behaviors of the company's sales agents. Some customer claim that it takes forever to get in touch with a representative of the company when they have questions or need to cancel a policy.

The company seems to be unmoved by this complains, forgetting that it takes only a few negative online reviews to paint a bad picture of a company.


Is American Income Life Insurance Legit or a Scam

American Income Life cannot be categorized as a scam, but I still don't buy into the program. It has so many complaints about its training and compensation systems.

Equally for you to make profits from MLM companies such as this, you will need to have a good talent for recruiting people and also lying through your teeth.

American Income Life practice MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structure that is not disclosed nor mention on their sales page. They will never reveal to you on the job advert placements.


american income life insurance company scam


They also have a high turnover rate in term of staff resignations. Despite making people pay before getting this job and putting their employee through a difficult time before they can earn is enough to make anyone dump this job.

You will also bear all your expense to make sales, unlike other sales companies that will give you a transportation allowance or vehicle for that matter.

American Income Life will not support your effort in term of the expense you bear to make sales.


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My Final Opinion on American Income Life Insurance

What do you think? Is American Income Life a Scam or Real Sales Jobs Opportunity? Can you make money with American Income Life? For me, American Income Life Insurance may have a great sales page, but its training may not get you the kind of money that you want.

Since it's an MLM, the managers at the top earn more so you might end up desperately trying to con people to join the program.

However, if you are not looking for a way to make legit and passive income without cutting roads, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

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Let me know what you think about my Review. Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment area below. I will love to hear what you think.

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