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How to Quit Your Job and Work From Home: Get Paid to Quit Your Job

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Home » Affiliate Marketing » How to Quit Your Job and Work From Home: Get Paid to Quit Your Job

I am sure you are considering the best way to Quit Your Job and start working from home.

This article is all about how to achieve that objective of becoming your own boss and work for yourself?


Many people are afraid to quit their jobs. But many people wish they can quit that job, but they don’t dare to quit because of fear of failure.

I can assure you that you can easily quit your jobs today and start working for yourself. This article showcase different ways to quit your job and start your online business.

Keep reading.

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Quit Your Job

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Any Valid Reason To Quit Your Job?

As challenging as it may seem, people have enough valid reason for leaving the job these days.

Starting a business is probably the best thing you can do in your entire life; you won’t need a YouTube video to quit your job and be your boss.

I will be showing you why you need to start your own business now and more than 20 lists of activities you can start right away.

*** There Are Four (4) Must Watch YouTube Video That Will Help You Quit Your Jobs Easily on This Page ***

However, it doesn’t come without a challenge; there are a lot of practicalities you need to consider before taking your first step, mainly when you are about to quit your well-paying job.

I can tell you to quit your job and start a business right now, but leaving is not just about taking a plunge, it’s more like entering into a whole new world; the world where every decision you make has an impact on the performance of your business.

Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job

There is a need to reflect and be very sure you are ready to do this. A lot of people depend on you, your family, friends, etc.

You are mainly respected just because you have a job when you don’t have this job again, and you have nothing to offer to your family and community; you will be avoided continuously.

The following are must ask questions:

  • What is frustrating about your current situation?
  • What do you what to do to be happy working for a living?
  • You are moving away from your current job to what?
  • What is the problem you are anticipating when you quit your job?
  • Are you ready to defend your quitting the job?
  • Are you prepared to leave financially?
  • What is the plan after you quit your job?
  • Are you scare to quit your job?
  • Do you have a realistic plan for your next job?
  • Do you have enough money saved for the next 12 months?
  • Are you ready to go the extra mile to succeed in your next job?
  • Do you have the support of your family and friends?
  • Is your next job about your happiness or the money? 

Why You Need to Quit Your Job to Start A Business 

Irrespective of your answer to the above questions, even if you don’t have the right solution to all of them.

Here are a few reasons why you must quit your job and start a business, now!

  • ***For Your Job Security***

When you become your boss, the probability that you will keep your job is very high.

It is unlikely that you will sack yourself on the job.

If and when there is a need to get people laid off, it can’t be you because you decide who gets fired as a boss.

One of the best advantages of been your boss is your job security raised as high as you are ready to work hard.

  • ***You Will Become Your Boss***

Are you sick of your supervisors ordering you around?

Calling you at odd hours and instructed what you must accomplish for the week, your boss reminding you that if you do not meet your budget will affect your appraisal or raise!

Been your boss allows you to test your idea and make it work because you either survive or get buried with every decision made by you on the job.

You decide who gets what because it is your company and you have the final say.

  • ***You Can Bring Your Dream To Reality***

You now have an opportunity to turn a new page in your life; you have the one big privileged to show yourself and everyone around you that you can make things happen by hard work and discipline.

Been your boss will help you implement your idea business in the real world, and you can use this one privilege to showcase to your world that you are not a failure.

It is only you that is the driver of your destiny now.

  • ***You Can Suddenly Become Rich***

You have the chance to translate your dream and years of experience into reality by implementing your idea and start adding value to people until you add value to people; no one will buy your product.

Customer buys worth if your products and services are not adding the necessary amount. No one will patronize you.

If, by any chance, you get it right with your value-added.

It can make you RICH, and you can become the very famous CEO of your company.

It will take a lot of serious work and risk decided to transform from a paid employee to a brilliant, wealthy, financial independent CEO of your own company.

  • ***Opportunity To Stop Working For Life***

If you opt-out to become your boss, and if you can work very hard enough, you can eventually make it happen for your self.

Implementing your idea and start getting paid for having fun. When you are doing work you love, you are no more working.

This is why you have to get involved in what you love.

It is the love you have for your business that will see you through several challenges that you will encounter.

The problem is that what you enjoy doing may not make money for you; you have to identify the need in

your targeted market and provide those needs.

  • ***Have A Mentor And Become One***

You will have an opportunity to meet valuable and significant people that have made it in your industry. You cannot go far without having a great mentor.

An insightful mentor will correct you when you are taken a wrong step, and it is an opportunity to let your mentor know the next big step you are taken to learn from their mistakes.

You will also have a lot of opportunities to mentor people that want to be like you; this is how you will impact your depth of knowledge and experience to everyone that depends on you to point them in the right direction.

If you do well and become very famous in your industry, a lot of newbie in your field will like and patronize you, and you will be their guardian in business.

  • ***Opportunity To Network***

You will have various opportunities to network with other high minds, either in your niche or other business.

This will expand your mind, and you can learn a lot from the mistakes of others.

Networking works, most especially when you are doing great with your business; another business guru will contact you and will like to know you.

Programs And Books For New Business 

Below are various training programs and books of lucrative jobs from an expert in multiple fields that you can learn and start right away.

These opportunities and businesses have been proven to be profitable if you can adhere to the various training guides.

Your Success Factor – Owning Your Own Business

For you to have your life in your hands and be in control of your destiny, you must consider starting your own business right away.

The following is an indication of your readiness to launch out and affect your world.

  • Are You Fearless?

“I want to begin a business, and I have had this great idea for a very long time, but I can’t just quit my job,” Well, you can quit your job, this is just an excuse may be a valid one but driven by fear.

You are afraid of letting go of that safety net, and most likely, you are scared to fail.

One prominent man said that fear is not real; it just a choice, so chose not to fear whatever is ahead; find a way to approach it.

The sooner you quit your job, the sooner you will realize that there are a lot of opportunities out there waiting for you to exploit them.

  • Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mind? 

In one of his well-known books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Richard Kiyosaki explains the difference in mindset between an entrepreneur and an employee.

According to Richard, an entrepreneur is someone who is not only self-motivated but also someone who is determined as not someone who trades his time for money.

If you have those two great qualities, then quitting your job is not an option, because most likely you will succeed in your business.

But, before you plunge in an entrepreneurial opportunity from a full-time job, you need to identify your mindset or how long it will take to adjust employee mindset to a self-entrepreneurship mindset.

It is hardly easy to change, but with help from professional experts, it can be easy.

  • Is Your Business Idea Affordable And Applicable Today?

A while ago, people failed in their ventures long before they started a business; the cost of starting one would take your entire savings.

Without a clear vision, most of them ended up losing everything.

Today, with technological advancement, starting a business is more affordable, not to mention there are tons of options to access finance whenever you want.

There are many programs and resources out there that can help jumpstart a business, in a way that you couldn’t a decade ago.

  • Will Your Business Idea Make Money For You?

Although what is known as P2P (peer to peer) economy almost started a decade ago, it on its early stage, giving countless opportunities to people across the globe.

With such business models, business people are now able to make double profits than a decade ago.

A lot of business-minded people have quit their job, taken this opportunity. They are now witnesses that starting a business from scratch in this era is possible and indeed profitable.

The question is this; do you see your business making money after a long while?

  • Are You Going To Have Sense Of Accomplishment?

Any entrepreneur will tell you that, although challenging, there is no other feeling quite like that of starting your business or creating something that began with your idea.

Any startup is most often difficult to start, and with considerable uncertainty, but throughout the journey, you will have learned a lot about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and your mental fortitude.

  • Are You Going To Be Happy With Your Idea Business?

As previously noted, employee trades their time for money, but that money doesn’t always buy happiness.

Money plays a small role in one’s happiness, so you might think that sticking with your highly paid job will lead to happiness, but that is always not the case.

If you depend on employment, you experience what we call Revolving Door Syndrome, where you go into a job with high expectations only to find yourself in the same place you started, with wasted time and energy.

My Thought. . .

It is no doubt that quitting your job and becoming your boss is probably not the answer to your financial problems, at least at the initial stages, but it is the only way to succeed.

It is the only way to have that feeling of accomplishment, it is the only way to face your fears, and it is the only path to real happiness.

But remember, launching a business requires a great deal of self-assessment, plan and of course, help from professional experts.nergy.

Can You Quit Your Job?

What do you think about how to Quit Your Job and Work From Home?

One of the most lucrative jobs right now (in the 21st century) is to have your online business. There are so many ways you can achieve your dream online business. 

Working online from home is the future! And that future is here. 

I suggest you start why you still have that job so that you can quickly phase your day time job out.  

A lot of people are making residual income online, working either part-time all full time from home.

I was in your shoe some years ago, working in a bank that consumed my days. But now I am FREE working online for myself and doing very high. 

One training platform helps me out. i.e., Wealthy Affiliate.

what are good side hustles

They will train you on how to set up and successfully run your online business. The level-1 of the first ten lessons is FREE. You have nothing to lose. There is no credit card need to join. 

Please check it out; that certification training changed my life forever. I now work from home to earn dollars and waking up at my own time. 

Please check out Wealthy Affiliate; it is a training platform that changed my life forever.

 What is your take on the thought of quitting your job, becoming your boss, and working for yourself?

Do you observe the listed business idea and several books and training programs?

These are several training programs and books that can establish you in that niche choice. 

Please feel free to drop your comment down below if you have any questions or contributions.

I promised to get back to you as soon as possible.

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8 thoughts on “How to Quit Your Job and Work From Home: Get Paid to Quit Your Job”

  1. What an amazing post. Many people who are employed some of them wish to be their own bosses but they don’t know where to begin or even to figure out if it’s worth quiting yet. I believe this article will help a lot of people who have been in that dilemma and also encourage those who have already started working from home on their own.

    1. Dear Jeff, 

      Thanks for reading my article on “how to quit your job and work from home”.

      Thanks for your comments.



  2. My husband has been wanting to quit his job and be able to be his own boss but he doesn’t know where to start. Fear has also been holding him back. I’ll have to show this to him because it’s so helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. An excellent post outlining what to expect leaving your job to become your own boss.

    I think you’re spot on when you say that you need to be ready to fail and start again. It’s so easy to fail and then just give up but I truly believe that the key to online business is to keep on going and see every failure as a learning opportunity.

  4. I agree that quitting your job and starting an online business has  a lot of benefits. At the same time though it’s not something you want to jump into right away without having a plan.

    I would say on average if starting from scratch it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to have your business up and running that in return will bring you good money.

    Although you may have work hard at it, I think it is definitely worth it.

  5. Hi John,
    I’m definetely looking for becoming my own boss and I am willing to earn less money in the first stages. I completly agree that fear can prevent people from starting their own business. I have worked on my fear and actually switched my full time job in part-time to have more time for my projects! Eventhough I’m not earning money yet, I already feel that feeling of accomplishment you are talking about. Your post is giving me additional motivation to persevere and I thank you for that!
    Thank you for your advices. Like you mentioned, I think an important success factor is to network with experienced entrepreneurs! I will recommend your post to people that are still working in 9-5 jobs and are willing to shift their life style!
    I have one question though and you probably seen this question hundred times, how long did you wait for before being able to live from online business?
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Julien,

      Thanks for visiting my webpage. Making money online is a serious business. It involved a lot of investment at inception. Life will give back to you what you throw at it you know. 

      You may not make any money within your first six months most especially if you are building an authority site like this website. 

      So may even takes you a year plus. But , by the time money start coming you will appreciate all the effort you have thrown at it. 

      Hard work pays. It is far better going into University for a fresh course though!

      Sincere Regrads


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