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Home » Affiliate Marketing » 23 Top Online Jobs For College Students: Learn How to Get Started

23 Top Online Jobs For College Students: Learn How to Get Started

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Home » Affiliate Marketing » 23 Top Online Jobs For College Students: Learn How to Get Started

This article is all about Top Online Jobs For College Students From Home. It is about how to get and find online jobs for college students.

Are you a student looking for a profitable job online?


There are several ways on how to make money online for a college student. You have come to the right place.

Finding the time to have a job in between your school commitments, social life, and extracurricular activities can be tough, and sometimes it can seem impossible.

You just have to open your mind and have a passion for whatever you want.

Below are various ways to get and find online jobs for college students.

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Online Jobs For College Students

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Make Money Selling Website

You can make a lot of money flipping websites online, this is a serious money-making venture online.

You can make a margin of more than $2,000 per sale.

The challenge is that you have to learn how to do it, learning how to become a website property merchant online is made easy and accessible online.

Read this very useful article on how to buy a website and a domain name online.

You can acquire a domain name for $13 and resell for #60 within an hour; imagine doing like 100 of such transactions monthly, what would that earn you online?

quick ways make money online Get Paid To Draw

You can make a lot of money-drawing for a living both online and offline.

Online wise you can draw and upload your pictures to sales online.

A lot of people are looking and searching for great artists daily online.

You can also build a great empire by drawing great pictures.

If you can do a realistic pencil portrait or learn to draw animals, cars, or Caricatures. Learn how to make a living getting paid daily for drawing online

Other Ways To Become a Great Artist

  1. Fast and Easy Way To Draw Car
  2. Learn How To Draw People And Figures Perfectly
  3. 6 To 8 Steps Of How To Draw More Than 200 Animals
  4. Learn Fast Way To Draw Caricatures

==> Top 29 Highest Paying Jobs Ever

Get Paid To Teach Online

Do you have any special business or academic strengths, or even just a strong grasp of the English language?

Why not turn your knowledge into an online tutoring business.

Offer to tutor to fellow college students around the country via Skype or G Chat and charge anywhere from 13 to 20 dollars an hour.

You can name your own price! You don’t purely have to teach academic subjects either. Perhaps you excel in things like music or nutrition.

Utilize all of your talents, start by signing up for a tutoring service online at sites like Wyzant (ShareASale) or and simply fill in your information and wait for students to seek out your services!

Check this, you can get paid for any Academic Teaching/Tutor Jobs here. 

You can decide to start on any training of your choice; do you have any hobbies or passion for something, you can turn your passion to making money online by offering to start teaching people on what you know.

It can be Dog Training, Music Training; Dancing e.t.c. You can start any training online and you will be paid heavily for it.

Get Paid Using Your Smart Phone

As a student, you can get paid online using your Smartphone or tablet online.

There are many vendors out there that are ready to pay you for using your smartphone to test various apps and reviewing them after.

You get paid when and after your reviewed apps have been bought via your reviewing page.

So as a student, you can always get paid to test apps. See AppCoiner to learn how you can use your smartphone to earn enough money online as a student.

Data Entry

These types of jobs are numerous and easy to find.

They don’t pay a huge amount of money but people have been known to make up to 15 dollars an hour and usually, all you need is a computer and wireless internet.

You can find tons of data entry jobs on sites like Virtual Bee and Click-worker.

Make Money Selling Pictures Online

This is an easy job online, it entails you getting a good Camera or using your Smartphone or Tablet to take great pictures; uploading these pictures for money will earn you some profits.

You may not be able to get rich doing this, but you can make ends meet and earn money by the side while in school.

You can also take this to another level and start drawing for upload for sales online.

There are several websites that are looking for great pictures or drawing online. Read more on how to Get Paid Drawing Online

==> How to Transform Your Hobby Into a Business

Become A Freelance Writer

This is one of the best jobs that a college student can take on because you can work remotely and make your own hours.

That means that you can be on spring break in Cabo and still be making money writing articles for blogs or companies.

We have a lot of students making huge money on Fiverr around the world from there various locations.

All they will need to do is to create their gig and identify the niche they plan to play.

Really Fiverr is a global marketplace for any students that really want to make money online.

The best of site for me is iWriter,  but we have several alternatives to iWriter; Check out my best alternatives to iWriter here. 

You can make up to 50 dollars within an hour by simply writing articles for people, pretty cool! We have quite a lot of sites that will pay you good dollars for quality write up. Decide on any of them here.

Make Powerpoint Presentations For People

If you know how to use PowerPoint then people need you.

A lot of older people struggle to learn current technology and PowerPoint is something that they need help with.

When people or businesses don’t have time to put together PowerPoint presentations for events then you can be paid to do it for them.

If you are good at it then it is easy to work you can do while watching TV!

==> 11 Six Figures Top Paying Programming Jobs Ever

Become a Virtual Assistant

A lot of people have certain aspects of their job that they don’t want to deal with every day and that can range from returning e-mails to fulfilling orders for an online e-commerce website.

Get train on how to be an effective virtual assistant here

The virtual assistant will help you achieve the following:

  • It will help you make money from the comfort of your home
  • You will save money on transportation e.g. Fueling
  • You can schedule your jobs and time of doing them
  • It will help you to do whatever you want with clients all over the world
  • You will have enough time to spend with your family
  • You will enjoy and love what you are doing because you will have a lot of choices

==> Top 23 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes 

Start Transcribing

The quickest way to earn a lot of money online is to provide great service online. Programmers, Writers, Graphic artists, and web designers e.t.c.

Transcription requires little to no experience and the work is very easy. Listen to an audio recording and write out what you hear.

It is flexible work that fits around your academic schedule and the pay is relatively good and you can earn up to 25 dollars for general transcription.

You can learn the tricks and logic of transcription in the Transcription Crash Course; this course is your fast track to a home business, it gives you all you need to get started in online transcription quickly and fast.

No special skills are required as long as you have a computer and an internet connection; you are okay to go.  Sign on to get started if you are ready now.

Write Resumes Or Cover Letters For People

If you consider yourself to be a good writer and like writing pitches to businesses then consider helping people online write resumes and cover letters for jobs they are applying to.

Plenty of sites like Resumeedge and Writer Bay can help you find people in need of resume writing. You can make up to 25 dollars an hour

Take Online Surveys

You can make extra cash through paid surveys; a lot of people are making full-time earnings in paid surveys; though you will need to be efficient and utilize every site correctly; then you can make a good amount of money or earn gift cards to places like Supermarkets or

Amazon for simply answering surveys about certain products or giving your opinion. It can pay to be opinionated.

I recommend these top survey sites,  See Top 5 Legit Highest Paying Survey Sites 2016 And Beyond.

Be A Search Engine Evaluator

Even places like Google can make mistakes and they are willing to pay people to clean up search engines and rely on the eyes and minds of real people rather than computers alone to find these errors and point them out.

You can make up to 15 dollars an hour and all you need is a computer.

==> 11 Critical Steps to Starting an Online Business

Become A Social Media Manager

Whether or not you are in college this is an amazing online job for college students if not the best online job for college students because you can make a lot of money and work from your dorm.

You can help a business to manage their social media accounts like their Twitter Facebook, or Instagram page. See how you can earn a lot of  money on Facebook here

Post-Ads Online

Ad posting work can be pretty lucrative and some companies will pay for you to post ads on various classified sites quickly and with no errors.

Make Money Through Clixsense

This is a website that has various tasks you can complete in exchange for money and you can make up to 200 dollars a month just by doing things like completing surveys or signing up for various free services.

  • Start A YouTube Chanel

YouTube really is the gateway to a lot of wells and if you want to make money I recommend creating a YouTube channel and gaining a following.

From there you can market products that make you money. See how to generate regular income and earn a living  from YouTube

Earn Money Play Games

Did you know that companies would pay for you to test out some of their new games and give them feedback?

Game developers are always looking for game enthusiasts to try out new games and help them to promote them.

Become A Freelance Photographer

Do Like Photography, then you can become a freelance photographer.

If you are good at taking photos then why not make some extra cash by photographing engagement photos, baby showers, birthday parties, or weddings!

Design Logos For Business

Businesses are always looking for help designing logos and banners and if you are good with the graphic design then this could definitely be a good job for you!

Sell Things On eBay

Sometimes you can find something in a bundle like video games and you can buy those games for cheap and then sell them at a higher price individually.

This can be more time-consuming but if you find the right niche to sell things in that it can make you a lot of money.

Sell Your Handmade Items On Etsy

Do you like to draw, make jewelry, or paint? Then sell things on Etsy, which is like Amazon but instead of just selling random things, you sell handmade arts and crafts.

This could be very lucrative if you are good at what you sell.

Write An E-book And Sell It On Amazon

If you love to write and have something worth ready than writing an eBook and market the heck out of it.

You can sell them for up to 10 dollars on Amazon and make a good amount of money.

You can even outsource your work out to a freelance site; iWriter does this very well.

This might sound unrealistic for a college student but a lot of young people have made money through trading on the stock market.

Buy low sell high and make a fortune!

Check out Kindle Money Mastery Product, you will learn how to make money online via Kindle Publishing; you can tell your story and publish your own kindle; you can put your passing into writing and make money with your hobbies by selling eBooks on the Kindle platform, learn how here.

Create Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Blog

The recent mass adoption of Bitcoin has created a lot of interest in cryptocurrency niche business online.

If you decide to create a blog and you start educating people online in various ways they can make money with various crypto coins and Bitcoin itself.

These steps can change your fortune as a student. My regret in life so far is not to have discovered this trade a long time ago.

You can then start referring your audience to various Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges and various Bitcoin wallet manufacturers that are ready to pay for every referred client.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency niche is a multi-million dollars business online. See various ways you can start making money from the cryptocurrency business online.

Learn And Earn With Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is a dedicated program for Affiliate Marketing; this is the best training platform in the world today.

They have over 100 videos and text material that illustrate step-by-step ways to become a complete affiliate marketer online.

You will have access to host 25 websites of your own and you will be trained on how to develop your own website; this will work for you even if you have never been in school before; as long as you can read.

Wealthy Affiliate has a community of affiliates that are online to help you if you need any help at any time. You are encouraged to ask any questions.

The best thing is that you also have direct private access to the owner Kyle in Wealthy Affiliate whenever you need help.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you turn your passion and hobbies to making money online; you will learn how to come up with quality articles. You can also join Wealthy Affiliate free with two websites see how to join here (WA Free).

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet for how to make money online for college students. So What do you think?

Do you know of a better training program that can deliver all that I illustrated here? I love to learn please drop a comment for me in my comment area on this website.

Let share your experience; most especially if you have any question, please feel free to ask.

Online Jobs For College Students

What do you think of my top Online Jobs For College Students? It is so very easy to start making money online this time.

You don’t have any excuses as a student because you can always learn anything you want online today, just Google It!

The ball is now in your court to make the best use of the opportunities you have in life.

what are good side hustles

If you channel your strength to developing yourself and start your own business online.

I can assure you that you may never need to apply for any jobs after your schooling

Top online jobs for college students are yours to be taken.

For me am making money through Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing involves identify a niche you really loved; you need to have a passion for your chosen niche because it involves a lot of work to succeed.

After the identification of your niche, you have to come up with a website and start helping people by coming up with articles that can help you solve a problem for people in your niche.

As you are writing you will be promoting another company’s products that are related to your niche; any product sold will earn you a commission.

For instance, if your niche is children’s education; you will need to come up with articles and write up about Children and Education and you will start reviewing different education material like children’s electronic gadgets.

As people read your article and review it; they visit the company site through the link you provided from your website. If and when they buy; you get paid a commission.

Are you making money already from any of these top 23 online jobs for college students? Or maybe you are not even a student now. Are you making money online?

Do you have any other way students can make money online? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area. I will be glad to read from you


You must know that you can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate, this is my Personal Profile.

Also do well to leave your comment on my review, for any question you might need help with. I will respond to you in no time.

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      The first thing to do is to think of how do you help your audience? Your audience will be determined by your niche choice. You also need to choose a niche that you really love. Note that it is not a must for you to love your niche!

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