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SigTrack Reviews: Is SigTrack Data Entry Legit or a Scam?

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You are welcome to my SigTrack Inc review. Can you make money with SigTrack remote data entry Careers jobs? Is SigTrack safe, legit, or a scam? How much does SigTrack pay?

It is good you are here to investigate how Sig Track works. It is how to discover legitimate online business, and you will also learn how to avoid online scams. 


Please know that I have no relationship with this platform in any way, therefore expect an unbiased and sincere review of Sig Track.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

sigtrack data entry careers jobs reviews

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SigTrack Inc at a Glance

Product Name: Sig Track
Business Type: Data Entry Jobs
Price: Free to Join (Equipment’s Needed to Start)
Price: Free
Rating: 35
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommended Online Business}

Summary of SigTrack Remote Data Entry Careers Jobs Review

Sig Track is a company that hires people for remote data entry careers jobs online

But is SigTrack Inc safe, legit, or a scam? Can you make money with SigTrack remote data entry careers jobs?

How much does SigTrack pay? Is SigTrack Llc worth it?

SigTrack is legit, safe, and not a scam. You can make money with SigTrack Data Entry work from home jobs.  And, It is also free to join and start with Sig Track.

But it is not that straightforward.

Though the data entry remote jobs with SigTrack net are simple but tedious and boring; hence it does not take a long time.   

The SigTrack Llc payment is based on the amount of data entry jobs you do.

The Sig Track data entry jobs are so tedious that you have to follow a job specification with many rules set according to the election department of the data entry of the state you are handling.

There is the base rate for each of the work units shown for every data entry you are handling. You get paid according to how accurate you are in entering the data.

If you have a high error rate, you will earn nothing. You can hardly make $10 in an hour!

The worst news for you is this; the Sig Track data entry jobs are only for USA residents.

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Can you make money now with SigTrack Llc remote data entry career jobs? 

Do you think Sigtrack remote jobs from home are legit, safe, or another small scam careers job?

How much can you make with SigTrack jobs? What do you take off my SigTrack review so far?

What is SigTrack Inc?

sigtrack legit, safe, or a scam reviews

SigTracker is a data processing company that deals with voter registration information relating to grassroots campaigns.

They handle information as describe to various campaigns organization in the U.S. 

Sig Track helps process various information that is later passed to each candidate related to the election petition and signature verifications.

The company crowdsourced data entry by employing freelancers that they refer to as independent contractors. Most of the information being process by this company has to do with:

  • Petition signatures verifications
  • Voter card registration information, and 
  • Affidavits

Data Entry Jobs and The US Law

Sigtrack careers jobs are almost seasoners and always close to the election campaign period. Sig Track will only employ residents of the U.S.

The SigTrack Llc daily remote jobs involve updating voter registration and verifying with your data processing signature software for different states. 

The company depends on independent contractors as freelancers to execute the Sigtrack remote jobs from home. 

In the United States, access to voter data is restricted by law to the resident and citizens. 

It is why the SigTracker freelance remote jobs are only for U.S. residents. Therefore, you must avail the SigTrack your proof of U.S. residency to finally get this data entry job.

It is illegal to work as an independent contractor in California (there is some exception); this is why you can reside in Massachusetts or California to get this job. 

The new California law started in January 2020. 

The new law has limited some employers’ ability (including SigTracker) to consider and classify freelancers and workers as independent contractors.

Please read more about the new law that affects the independent consultant in California here. 

What do you think of my Sigtrack data entry jobs review?

Can you make money with Sigtrack work from home data entry jobs?

Are Sigtrack remote jobs safe, legit, or a scam? How much do Sigtrack jobs pay? Are the SigTrack Llc data entry jobs worth it?

Continues reading to get answers to these questions.

How to Apply for SigTrack Inc Data Entry Careers Jobs

The first step to join and start making money with Sig Track is to visit the website and click “How do I start?”.

Be ready with your State ID or Driver License. 

You will have to do a three-second video of yourself holding any of the I.D. 

You will have to hold the I.D. card next to your face in the 3-second video, ensure you let your camera focus on the text of your I.D. 

The SigTrack Inc auditors will need to read it for audit and verification purposes. 

Your video file must not exceed 5 M.B. 

That will help you get speedy approval and verification to start working. You can then email the video to

This is the new way of applying for jobs with Sig Track from 2021. 

The email you will be sending your video has changed from to (that email is what you will see in most of the articles online).

As soon as you are approved for this job, you will get the password that will give you access to all the information you need to start your career. 

Note: SigTracker will never ask for money to join the company. There is no interview on Facebook or Skype. 

The only application process is your email to the SigTracker support at

How Long Does It Take for Sig Track to Get Back to You?

It depends on the time you are applying for jobs with the company. 

I have read an application that took over a year to get feedback and get activated for the jobs.

The company will acknowledge your application, but it can take a long while to get feedback on your application. 

The busy period for Sig Track data entry jobs is around October every year and whenever the election campaign starts.

But, they will always get back to you if you are getting the job. What do you think about my review of SigTrack?

Requirements to Join SigTrack Inc Data Entry Careers Jobs

There are both legal, skills, and system requirements to join Sig Track data entry careers jobs.

  • You have to reside in the United States of America with documented proof (U.S. election laws).
  • Must not reside in Massachusetts or the state of California.

Skill Required to Join SigTrack Llc Remote Jobs

  • Writing and reading skills
  • You have to learn to work independently with little or no supervision.
  • You need a PayPal account to cash out your earnings.

Technical Requirements to Join Sig Track Remote Jobs

  • Fast Internet speed (10mbps or faster)
  • Your P.C. should be running either macOS 10.14, MacOS 10.13, Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 10
  • You will also need a dual monitor setup (an iPad is okay for the second monitor)

How Does SigTrack Inc Work?

There is very little information about the working process of SigTrack data entry careers jobs online. 

So, how does it work? 

Yes, SigTrack Inc is a data processing company that employs only a U.S. resident data entry independent consultant. 

What is the work of the Sig Track data entry consultants?

The data entry job involves updating the voter registration for some states. 

It is done with the verification of signatures from petitions using a data-processing signature database that you will be granted access to. 

These are information that is related and connected to various campaigns in those selected states. The different information is later passed on to the candidates. 

Accuracy of SigTrack Data Entry Jobs

Accuracy and the units of data entry you produce is everything about SigTrack jobs. 

There will be a review of your work after having done 1,000 units of data entry jobs. You must maintain a minimum average accuracy of 95% to keep your account active with SigTracker. 

If your unit work’s average accuracy is below 95%, Sigtrack will deactivate your account, and you won’t have access to the system and voter card signature verification.

Your job revolves around typing and entering information on voter registration and verifying signatures from petitions.

You have to be useful in reading a different type of handwriting to do these SigTrack jobs and get pay because you will need to pick out the petitioners’ names and details for appropriate signature verification on the signature database. 

The Sig Track data entry jobs are usually towards Campaign and starting in the month before October of every year. 

There is a new way of doing signature verification that is better and faster than before to increase your work rate and pace. 

There is a need for you to follow the specification for each job. Each position’s specs differ from state to state because it reflects the rules set by each state’s election department.

Note: Your system, equipment, tax payment, and other expenses are your responsibility and not that of the company.  

Is SigTrack data entry jobs worth it? 

Do you still think you can make money with SigTrack data entry careers and jobs? 

Are SigTrack data entry jobs safe, legit, or a scam? What do you think of my review of SigTrack data entry careers jobs? The above is how SigTrack works. What do you think? 

sigtrack remote data entry Careers jobs from home

How to Make Money with SigTrack Data Entry Careers Jobs

The first step to making money with Sigtrack data entry Careers jobs from home is to sign up with the company on their website.

See the requirements and the tools and system wares you’re needed to join Sigtrack data entry jobs in this article’s body.

Yes, you can make money with Sig Track data entry from home jobs. But know that you can not make a full-time income with this company. 

Another problem with this SigTrack Inc data entry job is that it is repetitive work and a tedious job requiring a lot of concentration.

You will earn nothing at the end of the day if the percentage of your work is full of errors and mistakes. 

It will be challenging to take this job as a side hustle because of the above reasons. 

From my research, it will be difficult for you to make $10 in an hour.

But this is how to boost your effort to make more money with SigTrack Inc data entry from home jobs.

You have to treat your first hours of joining the company as a practice, so do not expect to make any serious money at your starting stage.  

The company expects you to tag 100 signatures per hour with some high error rate on day one.

But by day three, the company expects that you should aim for 300 tags for an hour with very few error rates. 

The money you can make with Sigtrack data entry careers jobs is a small piece rate, as it will be indicated in your job terms.  

The addition of the money you will make with the Sigtrack jobs base rate will add up your earnings. 

Your Error Rate Can Erode Your SigTrack llc Pay

Another issue is the error rate that can reduce your earnings.

In Sigtrack data entry jobs, your work will always be review by the originator to view your corrections. 

Some of your corrections will be challenging, and any force correction that gets reversed will cause a reduction in the amount you can make per unit of work.  

SigTrack Inc data entry career jobs from home look repetitive but straightforward work. 

Can you still make money with Sigtrack data entry careers jobs? Is Sigtrack data entry jobs safe, legit, or a scam?

What do you think of my Sigtrack data jobs from the home review? 

How to Calculate SigTrack Payment

These are different stages of how SigTrack pay works.

SigTrack data entry jobs will only pay you for every unit of work done. Accuracy is everything in how much money you make with SigTracker jobs. 

The job accuracy is measured by peer review (i.e., comparing the rate at which others complete the data entry jobs). 

You will only qualify for peer review work only when you have recorded and concluded 10,000 tags of the job at 98% accuracy.  

It is also crucial for you to maintain 95% average accuracy after your 1,000 units of work to prevent your account from been deactivated.

There is a base rate for each work unit, and it is shown next to each company of jobs.

What is the SigTrack base rate? 

The base rate is always split and share between two data entry consultants, i.e., the user who initially does the SigTrack data entry and verifies the entries’ final accuracy.  

The SigTrack pay you will get depends on your error percentage. 

But note that the first user will not get less than half of the share of the money (i.e., the first user that did the initial data entries will earn over 50% of the SigTrack pay according to the SigTrack Inc pay formula). 

Formular to Calculate SigTrack Pay

  • If your accuracy is between 98% and 100%, each of your % error rates is worth 10% of the base rate. 
  • For example, if your accuracy is 98%, your % error rate is 100 – 98 = 2%. Since “% error rate is worth 10% of the base rate “i.e., you will earn a SigTrack pay that is 20% of the base value.
  • But if your accuracy is below 98%, each of your % error rates will worth 5%. 
  • For example, if your accuracy is 90%, the remaining 10% error rate multiply by 5% “since each of your % error rate will worth 5%,” i.e., you will earn a SigTrack pay that is 50% of the base value.
  • Note that the share is calculated per job per day, and you can dispute some selected number of corrections if you are sure that the peer reviewer is wrong. 

Example of How SigTrack Inc Pay Work. 

Suppose you are the inputter and someone else is the verifier. 

If the base value of particular day work is $120, your share of SigTrack pay will be as follows using the above illustrations:

If you attain 90% accuracy as an Inputter, your SigTrack Inc income will be $60 (Min is 50%)

  • 92% accuracy will earn you $60.00
  • 94% accuracy will earn you $72.00
  • 96% accuracy will earn you $84.00
  • 98% accuracy will earn you $96.00
  • While 99% accuracy will make you a SigTrack pay of $108.00

It is the amount of money you can make with SigTrack on a unit of work. But, how long does it take to conclude a SigTrack unit of work?

Can you make money with SigTrack data entry career jobs? 

Is SigTrack jobs safe, legit, or a scam?

How much does Sigtrack pay? With all the technicalities, is Sigtrack data entry careers jobs worth it? 

How Much Can You Make with SigTrack Careers Jobs? 

How much does SigTrack pay? It is a frequently asked question on Reddit.

SigTrack is a data entry careers job for freelancers. The SigTrack data entry jobs seem simple but exceedingly tricky. 

It is tough to make up to $10 an hour. 

Why is the SigTracker pay so low? 

SigTrack Pay is based on two factors:

  • Your work base rate, and 
  • Accuracy of your data entries  

If you work smart and better your performance and base rate and avoid making mistakes, you will increase your earnings.

Another problem is that you have to share the pay for each work unit. The work unit is share between the inputter and the verifiers.

What dictates the SigTrack pay you get per work unit is your error rate. 

Data entry work at home jobs requires good accuracy.

If your error rate is high, you lose most of your earnings,

You have to maintain 95% average accuracy after your first level of 1,000 work units to prevent your account and profile from been deactivated.

It will be tough, though, for any SigTrack Inc member to make over $10 in one hour from my various research online.

Read more about how SigTrack Llc Pay works below.

Payment Method for SigTrack 

How do you get paid on the SigTrack platform? As of the time of this review, the only payment method on the Sigtrack platform is PayPal.

You can link your bank account with PayPal to get your account credited.

All freelancers and data entry consultants must have a PayPal to receive their earnings.

The Payment Day for SigTrack llc Career Jobs

SigTrack llc will pay its data entry consultants every Friday at the end of the previous calendar week.

Who Is the Owner of SigTrack Inc?

The owner of SigTrack Inc is not stated on their website. 

I could not come up with anything from my online digging too. 

Also, SigTrack LLC is not accredited and rated by the BBB website. 

If you check out the website via “,” you will discover that it is based in the USA. 

Why do you need to care about the owner of Sigtrack?

Because of your data that the company will collect and since you will be working with them, it is ket to know who your employers are. 

So, what do you think of my review of SigTrack Inc data entry careers jobs?

Can you make money with Sigtrack jobs from home?

Is Sigtrack data entry jobs safe, legit, or a scam? 

Does Sigtrack payout? Since you don’t know who is the owners of Sigtrack, do you feel safe working with Sigtrack? 

Benefits of SigTrack Inc Careers Jobs

SigTrack Is Reliable, Safe, and Legitimate.

You should know that 90% of data entry careers jobs online are a scam. 

But, Sigtrack work from home data entry jobs is safe, legit, reliable, and not a scam.

You will not make a lot of money, but SigTrack Inc is a legit, safe online data entry career from jobs and not a scam. 

No Experience Required for SigTracker Jobs

SigTracker is all about entering data and confirming signatures on the voter registration database.

As long as you can use a computer system and hold a mouse, you can do SigTrack data entry jobs. 

If my grandma can do this job, then you can!

Flexible Working Hours

You can do data entry jobs from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Hence, Sigtrack jobs is a job you can do at your choosing hours, night, morning, evening, etc. 

Sigtrack Data Entry Careers Jobs Complaints

SigTrack Pay is Not Okay

This has nothing to do with SigTracker as a company. 

Generally, compensation for online data entry jobs from home is terrible. You can only earn extra money with Sigtrack data entry jobs from home.

If your error rate is high, it can erode your earnings. 

This is why SigTrack LLC data entry jobs are NO for me. 

You can be making over $3,000 monthly with your affiliate website. And it is easy to start. Level-1 with ten lessons is FREE to join. Learn more here. 

SigTrack Data Entry Jobs Is Not a Career

Sigtrack Data entry jobs can never be a career job for anyone. You can be deactivated at any time because you don’t have the rights.

Why is that? Because you are an independent consultant. 

That is why they don’t want anyone living in California because of the law that favors independent consultants. 

There is no growth, and your error rate can eliminate your earnings in no time. 

SigTrack Job Is Boring and Repetitive

Data entry jobs are about doing the same thing over and over again. 

You can not grow on the job because nothing is challenging about it. It is like a loser’s job. 

You can challenge yourself and dictate what you earn by owning your own business. You can be making money while you are sleeping.

See how I became financially independent online. Learn more here.  

The Pennies Your Earn Is Not Consistent Income

Yes, the money you will be making with Sigtrack career jobs is a penny. And the worst news for you is that it is not consistent.

It is a seasonal job; the Sigtrack data entry jobs from home are all about the U.S. election, Campaign, voter registration card, and signature verification.

You only get jobs during the Campaign and election time.

You Have to Pay Your Taxes From Your SigTrack Inc Pay. 

Don’t forget that you are an independent contractor of SigTrack Llc. That implies that you will cater for taxes from the pennies the company will pay you.

You have to file your taxes on your own. 

When you are fully employed and are not an independent contractor, your employer will take care of your taxes for you.

SigTrack Llc Data Entry Jobs Is US Only 

The Sigtrack jobs are for U.S. residents only. It is not a job for any other person in the world. 

Sorry for you!

And you must prove that you reside in the U.S. before you get this job. 

The expense for Extra Equipment for Sigtrack Jobs 

One of the conditions for working with Sigtrack is the need for an extra monitor screen to verify signatures. 

It is an extra expense for many people who have gone to get a good P.C. that meets the requirements. 

Many people even qualified for the jobs but did not have the extra monitors screen for the job. It is an issue for many data entry job seekers. 

What do you think of my SigTrack review?

Jobs Like Sigtrack

Below are great other jobs like Sigtrack that you can join and make money fast: 

  • Lionbridge 
  • Appen 
  • Working Solutions 
  • Amazon mTurk 
  • Microworkers 
  • The Smart Crowd 
  • DionData Solutions 
  • Clickworker 
  • Axion Data Entry Services
  • AccuTran Global 

SigTrack Better Business Bureau Review Rating

SigTrack review rating is not of the file as at the time of writing this review. 

What does that imply? 

It means that Better Business Bureau has not rated SigTrack LLC as a company. Nor is the SigTrack accredited by BBB.

The implication is vast for the SigTracker and the independent contractors that do the data entry jobs.

It implies that SigTrack does not care about customer feedback and dispute resolutions. 

If you have an issue with SigTrack, there is nowhere you can go to lay your complaint. 

We often check if a company is legit, safe, reliable, or scammed using the Better Business Bureau platform. 

SigTrack LLC’s owners are not known, and the company is not on the BBB file. That is a lousy signal. 

You should be worry if you are working for such a company.

Do you think SigTrack is legit, safe, reliable, or another scam data entry online job?

Can you make money with SigTrack jobs? Does SigTrack payout? 

Do SigTrack worth it? What do you think of my SigTrack review? 

Is Sigtrack Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Sigtrack is safe, legit, and not another scam data entry careers jobs. 

Why is Sigtrack safe and legitimate? 

I am yet to see any complaint that Sigtrack did not pay an independent state consultant. 

Though Sigtrack is safe, legit, and not a scam, it is not a job for me.

Why is that? Because you can not make a full-time income with Sigtrack jobs.

You can only earn pennies as a SigTrack LLC independent consultant. Many cannot make $10 an hour with Sigtrack.

Is that a job for you?

It is also not a passive income. 

Like my job with my website, I am making money as you are reading this article. 

I work once, and I continue to make money with Sigtrack even while I am sleeping, and I am not even directly promoting this company.

I am an affiliate marketer. 

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The same training changed my life in 2016. And it helped me to stop my full-time banking jobs. I am now working from home and traveling the world. 

I am in Kenya with my family while writing this article while on holiday and still working but making money online daily

What do you think of my Sigtrack data entry career jobs from the home review? 

Can you still make money with Sigtrack? Is Sigtrack legit, safe, or a scam? What do you think of SigTrack Better Business Bureau?

How much does Sigtrack pay that can make you okay? 

Is Sigtrack Data Entry Careers Jobs Worth It? 

Thanks for reading my Sigtrack jobs review. Can you now make money with Sigtrack careers jobs?

Is Sigtrack legit, safe, or a scam? You also now know that Sigtrack does pay its independent consultants.

My take is this. 

You can not make a full-time income with Sigtrack jobs. I will not recommend SigTrack LLC to you. No, not because it is a scam; it is a safe and legit data entry job. But you can only earn pennies. It is a job that is very time-consuming with many technicalities of voter registration signature verifications. It is a job for U.S. residents only.  I am yet to see anyone online that could make $10 an hour doing this Sigtrack job.

And the SigTrack jobs required expensive equipment to start even if you get approval to join. 

The SigTrack pay payment calculation is very complicated, and you can erode all the money you earn with many errors.

What do you think of my review of Sigtrack career jobs? 

Can you make money with Sigtrack Jobs? Is Sigtrack safe, legit, or a scam? 

What do you think of the Sigtrack Pay? 

Please let me hear from you.  

SigTrack Data Entry Jobs Review – Video