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Data Entry Direct Review: Is Data Entry Direct Legit or a Scam?

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Data Entry Direct Review1

You are welcome to my Data Entry Direct  Review. Can you make money with Data Entry Direct? Or, is Data Entry Direct legit or a scam?

I am reviewing this program due to many of my audience in another forum that wants to know if Data Entry Direct is legit or a scam data entry website.


Data Entry Direct is a platform that promised to link you with various companies ‘ required data entries.

They claim to give you the opportunity to work with big organizations and companies that will offer you online data entry jobs.

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Summary Review of Data Entry Direct

Though, this website is promising data entry job seekers data entry work and other simple tasks that will earn them money. But the site has all the indications of fraud.

For instance, the company does not have any physical address, business numbers, or any actual jobs on offer.

The disclaimers on their site negate all the things promised on the front pages, and when all is said and done, all the subscribers will get is an information product guide on how to set up their own data business.

If you are looking for data entry work and other online jobs, Data Entry Work Online should not be on your list of websites to try. I will rather recommend Fiverr instead of Data Entry Direct.

The first indication that should alert you is that the website is not secure (i.e. no HTTPS); so what are you still waiting for?

Data Entry Direct at a Glance

Product Name: Data Entry Direct
Founder: Not Known
Price: $27
Rating: 7%
Recommended: No

What Is Data Entry Direct?

The Data Entry Work Online website is an online platform that sells an information product to its members.

The information product is supposed to guide the members who are interested in doing Data Entry work from home

However, the front pages of the website claim to offer data entry jobs, typing and transcription jobs, data validation jobs, and data input jobs among others.

Data Entry Work Online does not offer any information about the owners, year of establishment, or administrators.

What is clear, though, is that this website is an affiliate marketing site for Click bank.

Clickbank categorically states that even though they are the retailers for Data Entry Work Online products, it is not an endorsement, approval, or review of the products sold on the website.

Anyone can access the services offered on Data Entry Work Online as long as they pay the subscription fee. There are no geo-restrictions whatsoever. Learn more about Data entry on Wikipedia.

 Prices of Joining Data Entry Direct

To register on Data Entry Work Online, you are required to pay $27.

The site says it is a one-time fee for Lifetime Access with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Beware that if you demand reimbursement, the Terms of Service on their site clearly state that the company reserves the right to pursue the member for full payment plus a $35 admin fee for each reversal.

How To Get Paid Working With Data Entry Direct

Data Entry Work Online does not indicate its payment methods.

This is probably because they do not have any actual Data Entry jobs on their website.

They do, however, list the ways through which you can pay their subscription fee which include Visa, American Express, Paypal, Mastercard, and Discover.

Data Entry Direct Support /Customer Service

Data Entry Work Online customer support consists of a single email address,

There are no business numbers, mailing addresses, or even a physical address.

The site does, however, say that email inquiries from customers receive replies within 24 hours.

What is Good About Data Entry Direct?

  • The information product may prove useful to a beginner trying to learn about data entry jobs.

 Issues With Data Entry Direct?

  • It is just another middleman scam website selling information that is freely available on the internet.
  • Their money-back guarantee statement is a sham.
  • The promises made on the front pages do not reflect the services they offer.
  • There is no way to reach this company. There are no business phone numbers or physical addresses.

Public And Online Complaint About Data Entry Direct

Truthfully, there aren’t many reviews on the internet regarding this website. There are one or two positive reviews about Data Entry Work Online.

These reviews mostly talk about the information product sold on the website and how it helps the subscribers learn about data entry, transcribing, and other simple tasks. There is no mention of jobs or earnings from the site.

However, this website has been mentioned several on lists of scam websites that advertise one thing and sell something entirely different.

Also, if you are an interested party, we advise that you read the footnote on their website that clarifies that the site will not offer any employment or jobs, and if you are looking for jobs (including online jobs) you will not find them on the Data Entry Work Online website.

Alternatives to Data Entry Direct

If you are in the market for data entry jobs, there are plenty of legitimate sites that offer these and many other simple online tasks.

For instance, Axion Data Services, Clark Fork Communications, Clickworker, Data Plus+, Gorge Warehouse, and Dion Data Solutions are excellent sources for Data Entry work and other microwork.

Additionally, Aetna Healthcare, AccuTran Global, iDictate, and Scribe are great websites to find transcription jobs.

Is Data Entry Direct Legit or a Scam?

I would advise against it. As earlier stated, the Data Entry Work Online website is purely an informative platform. It is not a working platform, and it will not offer any job opportunities.

If you are looking for online jobs, this is not the platform for you. Also, beware that scam websites such as this one tend to have additional charges.

So once they have your credit card information, you are likely to be charged for other services not specified on the website.

How to Make Money with Data Entry Direct Jobs

Ultimately, there is no way to make money with Data Entry Work Online. The best you can hope for from the site is information to help you set up a data business.

If you are searching for online data entry work, you will not find any on the Data Entry Work Online as stated on their website footnote.

Keep in mind that this site, like all the other similar scam websites, sells information that is freely available on the internet and fronts promises that are never fulfilled even after paying for the subscription.

Is Data Entry Direct Worth It?

What do you think of my Data Entry Direct Review? Is Data Entry Direct legit or a scam? Can you make money with Data Entry Direct?

It is now your decision to decide what you think about Data Entry Direct.

But the obvious is that the owners of this product are unknown, the website is not secure (not having HTTPS://),  no address of the location where the physical office is based.

So, will you recommend such a product to your friends and relative? This is why make money with is not recommended for you. It may make you money, but it is going to be a peanut.

what are good side hustles

Please do well to check out my recommended no 1 online business. It is making money with the Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best affiliate marketing training platform in the world.

Therefore, Data Entry Direct may not be a scam but it will not make you the money you expect to earn from this program.

Thanks for reading my Data Entry Direct review. Do you still you can make money with Data Entry Direct? Is Data Entry Direct legit or a scam?

Have you subscribed to Data Entry Direct before now? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will get back to you in good time.

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11 thoughts on “Data Entry Direct Review: Is Data Entry Direct Legit or a Scam?”

  1. Dear John,

    I just visited the website and they do not explain anything about how the site works, what is the payout, and the potential earnings one can do from this site.

    Their website says that they are an informational resource that explains how to start a data business.

    It is sad to see websites like these who mislead their viewers.



    1. Dear Rosiee,

      You are welcome to my Data Entry Direct ( Review. The use of regular payout methods for cash out (PayPal and other others).

      But you should know that you can not make good money doing data entry work. There is nothing like you having your own business online helping people.

      There can be no platform like your own. When you are entering data, you will be doing data for a company they will be recommending to you. You can be ban, revoked or disengage by any website at any time.

      This is why you need to start your own online business helping people and making money why doing so.

      You can learn what it takes via this FREE training source.

      The first level is free to start and you can start without Card or PayPal.



  2. Hi John,

    Everything that you have listed above makes Data Entry Direct look sketchy. First off, the fact that they don’t have a physical location and an insecure site all look fishy.

    I haven’t tried this service, nor will I ever in the future.

    For those looking into this website, be careful dealing with it as you may never receive any jobs or your money back.

    Good luck,

    1. Dear Brandon,

      Yes, you are right. Data Entry Direct is sketchy and can not make you money. Don’t waste your time inputting data online. You can instead build your own business online helping people.

      You can have a thriving online business without helping people. helping your identified audience is what will help your money.

      Start this affiliate marketing training now. The program is FREE to start and you have nothing to lose.



  3. Hi John,

    This website seems a little too good to be true. As anyone who has been on the internet knows, when something sounds too good it often is.

    Plus the fact that this business does not have a physical location is also somewhat sketchy.

    I would stay away from this site.


    1. Dear Brandon,

      Thanks for reading my Data Entry Direct ( Review. I won’t call this program a scam but it will not help you achieve your aim of financial independence.

      You will make money with Data Entry Direct, but the money will be peanuts.

      This is why you should focus on having a platform you can call your own. Having a profit ready website of your own is what will help you get freedom from your employers.

      You can easily become your own boss. Check out my #1 recommended online business. It is just the way to go.


  4. Thank you for the list of prositive and negative characteristics.Being in the process of looking at jobs on line I find your list of legitimate sites very helpful and definitely will have a look at them.

  5. Dear John,

    For someone who is interested in Data Entry Direct, would you recommend using a program or trying to find a job in data entry instead? What are the benefits of data entry programs?



    1. Dear Karley,

      You are welcome to my Data Entry Direct ( Review. I will be straightforward with you!

      Why will anyone be wasting time and doing data entry online? Why you can make much more doing the same task but with another approach. You can easily become a blogger by specializing in a niche that you love.

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      In the end, he makes a recommendation of which one to buy and he’ll earn commission from every sale. he also reviews game console and equipment and earns commissions.

      What do you think? I can assure you of making over $10,000 monthly after your two years of hard working and seriousness.

      Kindly revert with any question.



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